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SrbuXada Eitah... quem vai participar do SORTEIO??? CD Solo de Sócrates Gonçalves ( @socratesgonca ) - Atemporal http://t.co/aW7qlKN1

FC_NeymarRN RT @NeyFans: Casagrande elogia Neymar: 'Mesmo nível de Zico, Falcão e Sócrates' http://t.co/gbdO9eCp 6

FilintoM RT @rasparg: Hahaha RT @luis_grave É lindo o amor do @cmjornal pelo Sócrates

Toledo_Pablito Yo me cago en la filosofia, en socrates, en platon y en toas sus putas madres

Juliarrai Sócrates dice que el placer y el dolor están muy unidos, aunque no se dan a la vez nunca, sino que uno le sigue al otro.

ehn777 RT @philo_quotes: Nothing is to be preferred before justice. ~ Socrates

PlantaoFutebol ""TEM BAMBI SUFICIENTE EM CASA"" Foi a justificativa de Sócrates por não jogar no São Paulo. http://t.co/wCEZ7pYS

RadioPlantaoFut ""TEM BAMBI SUFICIENTE EM CASA"" Foi a justificativa de Sócrates por não jogar no São Paulo.: Ídolo no Corinthia... http://t.co/w3Nt1cjD

ZecarlosCRF \"\"TEM BAMBI SUFICIENTE EM CASA\"\" Foi a justificativa de Sócrates por não jogar no São Paulo.: Ídolo no Corin... http://t.co/U1skwoye

marcos_senaa ""TEM BAMBI SUFICIENTE EM CASA"" Foi a justificativa de Sócrates por não jogar no São Paulo.: Ídolo no Corinthia... http://t.co/Gybs9cB2

PlantaoFutebol ""TEM BAMBI SUFICIENTE EM CASA"" Foi a justificativa de Sócrates por não jogar no São Paulo.: Ídolo no Corinthia... http://t.co/jNTauMFG

mlamimartha Be slow to fall into friendship; but when thou art in, continue firm & constant. -Socrates

domingosmiguel RT @luis_grave: É lindo o amor do @cmjornal pelo Sócrates

jaescoriza @ColinoA Buuu, bueno, ánimo que verás qué pronto llegas a Sócrates! :D

Crisarri RT @philo_quotes: Nothing is to be preferred before justice. ~ Socrates


What would Socrates likely say about the necessity of rulers in the kallipolis? by Brad G Q: Socrates doesn't explicitly explain the need for rulers in the Republic. Without him directly explaining why, what could be thought of for reasons Socrates would say rulers were necessary.

A: to measure things? It's nice not having to guess at how long something is. Does he talk about yardsticks or metersticks? What about tape measures? Or does he limit it to just the standard 1 foot ruler? I think they're all important

Why does Socrates think ‘Philosophy’ is worth dying for? What exactly is he dying for? by B Q: I have to write an essay for my philosophy class and this is the question, Why does Socrates think ‘Philosophy’ is worth dying for? What exactly is he dying for? We have been reading "Plato's Apology of Socrates" Translated by James Redfield. Hope someone can help me atleast brainstorm ideas to plan my essay.

A: Look for the answer in the Socratic doctrine that "it is better to suffer than to do injustice". He tells Crito that he will escape as his friend urges him to do if Crito can show him that he can do so without committing an injustice. Socrates argues that it can never be right to return injustice for injustice. Since he has lived his life in Athens and under her laws, he has tacitly agreed to a contract with her. If he were to escape he would be, in as much as it was in his power, harming his city. This he says would be unjust. Thus he argues that even though he has been unjustly condemned to die, it would be unjust for him to escape. It would be returning an injustice for an injustice. Write the paper with this focus and then ask, Could it possibly be the duty of an innocent man to go to his death when he might escape the unjust sentence?

What were the reasons to convict Socrates in the his trial? by S111 Q: We are doing a mock trial of Socrates's trial. I am with the prosecution. Does any one have any ideas or any models of the trial I could use as an example/model? I need help getting started with my prosecution opening statement (hence, I need reasons to prosecute/attack Socrates). Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

A: He was charged with impiety and corrupting the youth of Athens.

What article did Socrates talk about if it is good for philosophers to die or look forward to death? by NONE Q: The real question is, Did Socrates think that it was acceptable for everyone to die or just philosophers and why? I just want to know where I can find the answer.

A: What??!! Everyone dies! What Socrates was saying about death is that he did not fear it. For him it was a way of separating further his soul from the entrapings of the flesh and the illusions brought about by the human sensory experience.

What did Socrates consider the role of the philosopher to be? by joey Q: What did Socrates claim to know, and how did his own way of life differ from the Sophists' way of thinking? Please add your source!

A: I learned about him in class 9(last year,lol),and as far as I remember he was an orthologist and separated mythological from historical fact...:)

How does Socrates address Meno's paradox with his theory of recollection? by Rhoden B Q: In the Platonic dialogue, Meno, how is Meno's paradox addressed by Socrates' theory of recollection? For example, how does the theory of recollection address the question, "Why inquire about something if you already know it?" Also, how does the theory address the other side of the paradox: If you do not know something, how will you inquire about it? Thanks!

A: Epistemic Paradoxes: http://plato.stanford.edu/entries/epistemic-paradoxes/ -one cannot learn anything by asking Qs?- -inquirer being partially ignorant is the solution to the paradox- -"he knows enough to recognize a correct answer but not enough to answer on his own"- --"knowledge of the conditional, is conditional knowledge"-- .

Is there evidence Socrates was a humble person? by clophad Q: Socrates did not publish or write about Socrates. Plato did, and entertainingly so. I am saying that Socrates sought truth instead of a winner or loser in a debate/argument. Did Plato ever make note of the humility of his teacher, Socrates? Is the Senate's betrayal, and the disappointment of Socrates, available in a theatrical drama that we can all "chew" on as food for thought?

A: for one youv'e picked an amazing question. I have often wondered this myself. And i dont think Plato wrote anything very kind about sacrates. Plato didnt want sacrates to have success and his writing was a way of preventing him from being know for good reasons. I dont think there is evidence of his humbleness(is that a word) but i believe that he was.

How can I defend Socrates in the charge of corrupting the youth? by . Q: The Trials of Socrates is the source. I know Socrates is charged with corrupting the youth and profits as a result. How can I defend that Socrates is an innocent man?

A: Have a look at: www.law.umkc.edu/faculty/projects/ftrials/socrates/socratesaccount.html - 31k -

socrates??? by baby Q: how did socrates came to adopt his idea, to knowledge, or the socrates method (also his early influences), and why did he? i've got some early influences like the Greek priestess Diotima,Anaxagoras, and Parmenides is there anymore?

A: The best information on him you can get is from the book, Socrates Cafe, by Christopher Phillips. It centers around philosophy, but at the heart of it is Socrates. It's a pretty interesting read, too, if you have the time.

Socrates !!!!!!!!!!? by HubbyMarines Q: what does socrates mean in the apology when he says that it it wicked and shameful to do wrong? how does this connect with his claim that justice is good - in-itself, and how does the Ring of Gyges parable challenge that claim?

A: It is wicked maybe because it is a thinking error to be wrong. For instance, when you make a common error in a mathematical equation, it could be a shameful event if you were a very suave mathematician. Justice is good in itself is because it is not a thinking error when justice is served, it is entirely correct. The Ring of Gyges parable states that at the most, justice is a moral construct and when he is set free from his bonds, he becomes a truant. However, when viewing from the angle that Socrates makes clear, from the angle of a thinking error, and from the angle of justice being served because of suave thinking, it is clearly shameful because it ends up as an mistake in the calculation, and no man, who is worth his salt would want to commit such gross thinking errors, for it would mean that he was morally bankrupt as well as mathematically, from the point of view of ethical equative thought. Ethics are more or less mathematical processes that evolved in man, in which he makes likely choices based on a delibrative processes which resemble mathematical equations to a certain extent. When making ethical decisions, man thinks about fairness and justice and correctness, and an ethical decision means that the man is indeed a good mathematician, or of good background and gene.

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