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LijpeChickLanda RT @LisaLampanelli: In GQ, Snooki says The Situation is broke. Hey, no biggie! He always has that lucrative ROASTING career to fall back on! #notfunny #nomoney

chrisisk @MadebyMint "teenybops"?? That's you and your mates goin to find Snooki isn't it??

samaaugusone Jersey Shore's Snooki Gets Serious (Cough, Cough) With GQ - http://t.co/p0bqZZVS http://t.co/maoea5f4

GKelly123 @JZALKIND ask snooki/nicole why she hasnt visited me yet lol


PaulaBelieberss RT @Martaa_B: ¿El camerino de Bieber está enfrente de el de Snooki? Mm.. interesante Jajajaja.

clairemullen1 @NastyGreg i need to meet snooki. Its my dream haha

Lin_JB Justin's dressing room is opposite of Snooki & JWOWWs' dressing room. :D Cool!

VladimirVidovic @0skinny0 or snooki, :p

Martaa_B @Cuban_Lisandra Hahaha, vamos es Snooki ¿crees que no lo hará? aun que puede que espere hasta el final de los premios #Lol.

AmericanAnDerTU RT @rayway82: @AmericanAnDerTU that is, unless, Mr. Lagerfeld is a closeted Snooki-fan...

rayway82 @AmericanAnDerTU that is, unless, Mr. Lagerfeld is a closeted Snooki-fan...

kennyboyboy @zypockett cos u can identify with snooki


How can I do the Snooki bump without hairspray? by Zara Q: It's crazy hair day for my school and I'm Snook because my friends dared me and i thought it would be fubi. I have allergies that react to hairspray. How can I do the Snooki bump WITHOUT HAIRSPRAY?

A: Its gonna be hard but you have to tease the heck out of it and clip it in place with snappies or bobby pins. The more you tease it the higher it will be.

What's your opinion Snooki becoming a best selling author? by Iamxoable Q: Like, seriously, Snooki ?? What do you think about that ?

A: Must have been a ghost writer. I mean, if they can't even pronounce words properly on the TV show, what makes me think they know how to spell, or to even convey their thoughts properly? Did you read on Yahoo the other day that she said, "If I can't be tan, I'd rather be dead!" or something like that? Give me a break! Girlfriend needs a good dose of reality. They think a broken nail is something to cry over. I'd like to see them live through some real heartache and see how they deal with it.

What is the name of the song that played on Jersey Shore when snooki broke up with her boyfriend? by iLoveHim(: Q: There is a song that played when snooki broke up with her boyfriend and i wanted to know what the name of it is.

A: If you go to Mtv.com they list the songs there. Here is a direct link to the songs from that episode-http://www.mtv.com/shows/jersey_shore/season_2/episode_music.jhtml?episodeID=171232

Where can buy the diamond glasses that snooki wears on jersey shore ? by Claire Q: I'm dressing up as snooki for halloween and really want the diamond glasses that she wears, does anyone know a uk website or shop i can purchase them at ?

A: you can always buy a pair, and then stud them yourself. so atleast theyre customized but here are some that are similar http://www.retrocitysunglasses.com/aviatorsunglassesdiamoniqueembellishedblingrhinestonecrystal.html

Do Snooki and Bristol Palin hold the same political views? Were they separated at birth? by Andy Colter Q: I take most of my guidance from Bristol, whenever our Sarah is indisposed, and am wondering if the wisdom and guidance offered by Bristol, Sarah and Snooki are interchangeable? I am an overweight, sedentary and too-often flatulent republican teapartier and I only get up from my barcolounger during Fox breaking news intermissions!

A: Looks like it, neither of them have actually said anything remotely intelligent, can't dance, have the dress sense of a traffic accident and if they are the best representatives of young Republican thought there is a strong impression that they are going to hit a singularity of the level of pure ignorance very soon and implode. This may explain why there are so many pretenders to lead the Republican party as they go into the four year feeding / mating frenzy. Still have you ever noticed that Bristol and Snooki have never been in the same room together? It might be due to the fact that would hijack the buffet and eat anyone else in the room too.

What things do I need to be Snooki for Halloween ? by Ashley Q: Please do not say get a tan or something like that. Like what shirt to wear and where can I get it. The makeup accessories And stuff like that. Btw I don't want to wear a dress. I already bought the Snooki wig , those shades that she likes to wear , a shirt. But I don't want to wear that shirt anymore . So I espicelly need help with the clothing though . Please do not give stupid answers like snooki is ugly or just dress like a fattie or something like that. Thanks!

A: ed hardy type of clothing and like the fluffy slippers or boots

How does Snooki from Jersey Shore feel about being made fun of on SNL? by LSM Q: So Bobby Moynanihan does this hilarious skit of Snooki from Jersey Shore on the weekend update. Does anyone know how Snooki feels about being ridiculed by him. Just wanted to know, if you have any links of an interview where it comes up send the URL please....

A: She probably doesn't care because she doesn't let stuff like that phase her. Anyway jokes on SNL because she's famous and is making lots of money for just partying and being herself.

What is the hair clip Snooki uses to make the poof in her hair? by ❄☃ӼСՏҠіЄГ☃ ❄ ت Q: In jersey shore Snooki always wears like a poof. And she wears a little white clip to hold it. where can i find themm?

A: its called a butterfly clip, she calls it her "tramp clamp" I don't know where you can get it, I've looked for it too, I guess check on ebay or something since I had trouble finding it in most grocery stores and walmart in the beauty sections

What was the drink Snooki and Ryder were drinking tonight? by Emily Martin Q: On Jersey Shore tonight, Snooki and her friend Ryder were drinking a big frozen drink with two Corona bottles sticking out of the glass. Does anyone know what this drink is?

A: It's called a Mexican Bulldog. It's basically a Corona, upside down in a lime margarita. So delicious!!

How to dress like Snooki for Jersey Shore Day for spirit week? by AdryNycole Q: So I'm going to be Snooki for Jersey Shore day for my school's spirit week. I already have a shirt (blue animal print), and I have the hair and makeup down. What pants can I wear?(no skirts) What kind of shoe?(not heels though, I'm already 5'9".) I have green slippers like hers, will that work? Should I bring pickles with me? Any other tips would be appreciated! Thanks!

A: wear denim shorts or hotpants with flip flops or giant slippers OR long boots (up to the knee or slightly shorter) look a bit scruffy because it always looks like she is messy :p yes take pickles with you! :)

WARNING: mild nudity (ha ha ha....just self-tanning) Snooki 'GMA' Interview: Jersey Shore's Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi on Marriage, Romance with Situation? How To: Keep Your Summer Glow/Tan All Year Chelsea Lately: Snooki and Pauly D Snooki Starts the Year 'The Snooki Song' (Parody of Tik Tok by Ke$ha) Snooki Gets 'Drunk' Getting Her Hair Fixed Snooki Hits Italian Police Car; 'Jersey Shore' Rattles Italy Five Questions for Snooki Snooki Shows Us How to Get Her Pouf! Snooki's Love Pendant Snooki on WWE! Snooki Takes Anderson Cooper Spray Tanning (SHIRTLESS ANDERSON) WWE WrestleMania XXVII Press Conference: Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi Bruised and Bloodied: Oprah Narrates Snooki Getting Punched Grandma Reads Snooki's Tweets Snooki Want Smoosh Smoosh Jersey Shore's Snooki Falls From Bike Drunk - Arrested David Letterman - Snooki Top Ten List Snooki Dancing with the Stars - Another Jersey Shore Star Set to 'Dance' Snooki Halloween Tutorial! Makeup, Hair, Costume, and Rhinestone Sunglasses! Snooki's Confessions Jersey Shore: Snooki Dancing 'Jersey Shore' in Italy Interview: Snooki on Car Accident, The Situation on 'Smoosh Rooms' Snooki's Twin Sister Joins Cast of Jersey Shore 'Jersey Shore' Cast Reacts to Snooki Getting Punched in the Face. Snooki with Beavis and Butthead on Jimmy Kimmel Live David Letterman - The Snooki Slippers SNOOKI SLIPPERS Snooki Book Signing FAIL Snooki Does The Weather Best Snooki Quotes Snooki gets punched Funny Snooki Animation Snooki Humps a Tree - Jersey Shore Drunk Moment Snookie Gets Punched (OFFICIAL VIDEO) Snooki Jersey Shore Punched In The Face.m4v Snooki in the news Snooki Makeup Tutorial Snooki Interviews Jackass Star Wee-Man SNOOKI SPEAKS!! Mashterpiece Theatre Returns Snooki Slammed By New York Times Tater the Pig Eating! M∙A∙C Halloween Face Off with Snooki Episode 1 Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi on Jimmy Kimmel Live PART 1 Chelsea Lately: Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi Snooki Reveals How She Lost 15 Pounds! Snookie on the GRAMMY Red Carpet Snooki Taken Into Custody in Italy Snooki Pissed Over Obama Tanning Tax
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