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deadcon8 @ForeverVicki the smurfs, transformers, TMNT, Inspector Gadget, GI JOE, the real ghostbusters. i've seen them all sis, & all were AWESOME.

SwiftieTweets @MyAutumnFirefly Recently I've seen The Smurfs, Despicable Me, Gulliver's Travel, things like that! I actually feel like watching another..

doohpaiva Lalalalala (8 . by: os smurfs

MickieKluss #nowwatching The #smurfs...such a cute movie! #mothersontime http://t.co/TifxComN

MickieKluss SOMEONE TELL ME WHY twitter is so addicting, the cookie monster is blue, #smurfs have tails and there are only 1... http://t.co/NipzO6ne

MickieKluss A laptop according to the #smurfs: what is this magic searching device and magic window machine? http://t.co/rZp0a3wm

MickieKluss wow #smurfs is really bad movie http://t.co/CQ8a7Fa4

MickieKluss Avatars are just fully grown #smurfs. http://t.co/c0iSAXsu

endsh0ck @xJamieMD @GH0ST217 @xChrisPyyx I'd put use all to shame use little smurfs.

blaccpearl28 #nowwatching The Smurfs...such a cute movie! #mothersontime

DNEGHERBON @maaykulig Lógico ai agente podia dizer que conhecia um Smurfs!Ai agente levava ele para trabalhar no circo e faturava mó grana

ahmsterways SOMEONE TELL ME WHY twitter is so addicting, the cookie monster is blue, smurfs have tails and there are only 140 characters...

chaianeheck RT @TrechoDeFilme: ♑ Filme em #Capricórnio: "Eu te smarfo muito" (Os Smurfs)

caarolvenetillo Vamos ver Os Smurfs, adios

shereen510 @AtabaniM the smurfs akeed


What do you think they will do with the smurfs after the movie? by Thad Q: Hello! I recently saw the smurfs' movie, what do you think they will do after the movie? I think they will start a new cartoon series or movie.

A: i'm with you there and wish they would start up a new smurfs cartoon series. i miss watching the smurfs on tv and have to resort to watching their dvd's.

Has anyone heard about walking smurfs caught on camera in a Toys R Us? by Leo Q: This happened a couple years ago, I heard from someone that it once came on the news. Walking smurfs where trashing Toys R Us. Does anyone know any details or even this smurf video is online.

A: Representatives of Toys r Us have sought to squash these rumors on the basis that they do not want to be associated with that segment of the toy buying public that indulge in class A drugs. The smurfs in question have been arrested but were released into various care in the community projects. Many people criticize these projects but last year the campaign to release more smurfs into the community was given a huge boost when a graduate of the programme was selected to run for public office and may yet become president.

How can I get more gold coins and smurfberries from smurfs' village? by PJ Q: I have searched for best ways to get more gold coins and smurfberries. I do not want to purchase them. I've tried to change the date and time but caught by the app itself and warned me that my smurfs will leave if I over worked them. I would like to know other strategies aside from leveling up.

A: you can only earn money by changing time with the old versions, but you cant get free smurfburries unless you jailbarck you device (I assume iphone of iPad). But make sure if you jailbrak it you will loose the warranty of the device :(.

What are the pop songs that appear on the Smurfs 2011 movie? by Cassie Q: There is this song I really like but I can't seem to find the name of it and it appears in the Smurfs 2011 movie. It's driving me crazy, please help!

A: Could it be "Walk this Way" by Aerosmith ??

Who thinks Katy Perry sounds different in the new Smurfs movie coming out than when she sings? by Brittany Miller Q: I mean, I like her music and all but, if you go on the Smurfs movie website and go to the games and then click on the quote thing and listen to Smurfette ( aka Katy Perry ), you'll see she sounds a whole lot different. Is it just me or not?

A: Yeah! I actually noticed that too. haha

Why are smurfs so much more superior than the dumb average wrestling fan? by McSmurf [T] Q: Why do smurfs have more intelligence than you inbred hicks who watch wrestling everyday? All wrestling fans are a disgrace to this earth and they are what's wrong with this world today.

A: pathetic troll your pathetic life means nothing. you hate your life and that no one likes you and you fit in with no one. you cling to your mother because ur afraid of the outside world. but your mom wont be alive forever and you have to grow up. Rest In Peace and have a nice day.

Whats the difference between god and smurfs? by Edward Sharp Q: Smurfs have super powers, talk to me, and preform miracles also. In response to Jamie, god is not a rainbow because he is a homophobic and rainbows are the sign for homosexuals!

A: Smurf's are real.

What is papa smurfs second riddle in level 24? by lilkaykay Q: I am playing smurfs village on my ipod touch and I can not seem to figure out papa smurfs second riddle. I am on level 24. The riddle says:This is a room that has no floor, no walls, no windows, and also no door. What is it? (Place the item mentioned in the riddle). Now I can't seem to figure out what the riddle means.

A: is mushroom, all you need to know about smurfs village game would be this website http://www.mysmurfsvillage.com/smurfs-village-guide/papa-smurfs-riddles/papa-smurfs-riddles/

smurfs???? by ....... Q: are they still on air?? if so what channel can i find them on! what channel is boomerang

A: Duh !!!

Smurfs.......................................? by Ryan Q: How many smurfs can you kill with one shotgun blast?

A: haven't tested it yet xD

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