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mirentxu3 SMC Sapphire Motors Company solicita Ing, mecanico industrial o administradores con experiencia en ventas, en Puerto Ordaz. Contactarme

MariahCanada @LesFleurrrr "the sip"hahaha. But laurel,ms. & no I'm just here visiting until december. I'm going back to smc then transfer to be a doctor

ClaudioParreira RT @Chico_Arruda: Atenção, dica quentíssima de ocupação Literária no Rio amanhã. "Trem Literário" http://t.co/74EmDRY2 #letras365

Alkhabbazzz RT @Abu_Haider: English/Pls Follow- Campaign after 9 PM: Read Facts abt sectarian actions of Head of Dept of Ophthalmology in SMC –Dr.Noora Kobaisi #Bahrain

viannBrickeer @The_Totti_R & y yo a ti Sisternito #SMC jajajaja

rememberjloobz @refridgeraptor cos' i'm a hermit crab these days (x smc, goodtimes<3

youngandpearled @YoungTeeee smc.

SuperStarKev @JaeFelecia i work at the SMC Campus Center for the University of Maryland at Baltimore

vmdoan RT @alixbabic: Good luck Jr. Knights!! #SMC

SMCo71 @ChannPopp better . Almost back 2 SMC

unicalari RT @Bruubs06: Hihi q fofis *-* to me sentindo mt gay smc [email protected]

SMCPantherNews #SMCFball: SMC @ Doniphan West (Sectional Playoff) next Friday (11/11). Gametime = 6:00 pm. Map to FB Field: http://t.co/LJ0fHUlI

DaReal_Rufio @Phazze_Music @maxiavelli I said no mo smc

Bruubs06 Hihi q fofis *-* to me sentindo mt gay smc [email protected]

NumquamCede #OFSAAxc Team: 1st Churchill 2nd Belle River 3rd Birchmount 4th Courtice 5th McLaughlin 6th TISS 7th SMC


How do I transfer from smc to ucla? by Danni Q: Right now im taking couple of classes, but i want to see the whole picture. what classes i need to transfer. so i know when im qualified to apply for universities. I've taken looks at igetc forms and etc, but they seem to complicating. is there a site for smc that simply tells students what they need and what they dont?

A: Make an appointment with a guidance counselor @ 'SMC' and he will lay it all out for you. It's easier to transfer from a community college to UCLA than from High School. My friend did this and it only took her two semesters and one summer session.

I need to convert a massive load of images from one ext to smc? by Bri Q: Ive got like 1000 images I need to convert to smc... Is there a free app out there that will do it?

A: I assume you wish to convert the files to "SmartMaster LOTUS Freelance Graphics 9x Scene Files." It's a very unusual file format. I haven't been able to locate any utility to convert to this format. There is also a game file format called .smc. Photoscape, mentioned above, does not appear to have any connection to the SMC format. http://www.photoscape.org/ps/main/index.php

Whay is a better site than SMC to get direct marketing? by j bone Q: SMC mails the merchandise for you to your buyers. are there anymore out there like that?

A: The best site for this kind of information is linked below.

Has anyone here had good experiences running an SMC business? by snapessxy Q: I was just reading some information about SMC and it's intriguing.

A: I thought so too. I called them to see if they would send me a catalog with their products and they said they can't unless I join so I did. They have fantastic items for sell at great prices. But only if you want to open a store somewhere. Every single item in their catalog is listed on Ebay by people like you and me, who thought we could make a killing at this. Some items are listed close to 100 times by different SMC members, all competing to sell the same item. You can however hand the catalogs which you have to buy if you want more than one to your friends and family and hope that will bring in some orders. If you have the time watch the presentation at: http://www.thefortunedvd.com after my dissapointment with SMC my wife and I joined this company and it's by far the best thing we have ever done. If it sounds interesting to you email me at [email protected] and we can talk. Goodluck! Sincerely, Val

Why is the SMC Fall 09 parking decal so damned expensive? by ledzeppelin489 Q: Anyone notice that it used to be only 20 bux? What happened SMC? Don't you care about us anymore?

A: http://www.smc.edu/transportation/parking.htm And yes, it's $85 this year. But telephone calls used to be 5 cents, cigarettes a quarter, and gasoline 23 cents a gallon. If you don't mind doing the shuttle bus routine, you can still park free. See the link.

Does the home based business SMC really work? by Sb19 Q: I want to work form home but can't seem tyo find anything that really works. If you have tried anything or SMC did it work.

A: I haven't done SMC. So I can't tell you if it's easy to do or difficult. If it's a business, it would work depending on what YOU do. If you do nothing, then it won't work. You can work any business as long as you put the effort that's required for it to succeed! If they have a product that is in high demand (meaning something people use and pay for on a monthly bases) then it will make it an easier business to succeed in. If it's not a necessity, then it creates a challenge. If you don't mind challenges and can work harder for it and believe in the product, then you can succeed. I think the best type of business economically speaking is a home based business. Home based "jobs" your lucky to make minimum wage. Not enough income for survival. They're easier to maintain and they have less overhead. They're a lot less expensive to start too. most home based business cost under $500, the income opportunity is just as good as a traditional business. Their are many different industries that involve home based businesses.I can give you some examples and refer you over to different people to take a look at what they're doing for some ideas. I created a blog on my 360 page on home based businesses. Your more then welcome to take a look at it. I can also tell you about the business that my husband got involved in over six years ago. It's been very profitable for our family of six. We have four children. We partnered up with a 15 year old world wide company in the telecommunications industry. They offer services that people use every day and pay for anyway. Services such as local and long distance telephone services, Internet, VOIP, digital, video phones, Satallite TV, and all the major cellular phones like Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-mobile, Alltell, Nextell etc work with them as well. How many people do you know, or know of around the world that use one or more of these services? How would you like to save people money on services that they are already using and paying for each month, and make a percentage of all these people's bills? There is a lot of money in this industry. It well supports our family. If you'd like more information, feel free to email me and I'll be happy to point you out in the right direction. Tiffany

What settings should i use for my smc router? by e.mart2010 Q: I have an smc barricade router, and i was curious as to what settings i should use? I have 3 laptops, many other wireless devices, and a home computer running windows xp. I'm computer stupid so, the easiest way of explaining this would be great. Thank you!

A: Without knowing what ISP you use there is no good answer. Generally the automatic settings work. If you have DSL you may have to setup the PPPoE connection for your ISP. Tell us what ISP or simply call your ISP (or SMC) for help setting up the router to match the system.

How could I reconfigure a SMC modem so that I can connect it with another modem and have them both work? by namee Q: I have a SMC modem, and a modem from Bell. I want to be able to have one set up in my living room an d the other in my bed room and have them both connected so I can have internet in the other one.

Is the SMC online business legit and a great business to get into? by xboxplaycube Q: was wondering if the SMC online business a great business to get into...i am thinking in investing money into it but kind of skeptical. I hope someone out there has had some experience with SMC and can give me some good info. thanks!

A: no its bad. all products suck.

How do I disconnect my SMC Comcast wireless router, in order to install a new Netgear wireless router? by Saltwatertaffy Q: I have a Motorola modem and the SMC wireless router. Can I simply disconnect the cable and then install the Netgear with the enclosed CD.

A: That should be all you need to do, you may not need to install any software either. Most routers are preconfigured and work as soon as they are plugged in. Plug in, all cables and power up and after a few minutes it should work, but do check the instructions if the router has been supplied by an ISP as they often provide special services which require extra drivers or software.

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