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Smart Clothes

Smart fashion choices at work make you smarter
But what about the message our clothing sends to us? What we choose to wear to the office or factory can actually make us smarter or dumber, found one recent study. And that's bad news for employees who think it's casual Friday every day.

Smart Washer Knows the Clothes
A wide range of smart, connected appliances may not be available at your local white-goods store just yet. But the day may come when many of the appliances available for purchase feature not only connectivity, but other intelligence designed to make ...

Study: Smart clothes make you smarter
Researchers think a person's perception of their clothes changes their attitude, so someone who thinks his or her outfit is commanding, like a suit, will act more assertive and attentive. A person who thinks his or her outfit is comfortable may have a ...

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minahbinah312 @HeSaidJAS_MINE ctfu way to go smart guy. I still have my clothes on...I'm too tired to move

_BiggestFlirt_ @OBEYmy_ yea , don't get a sleeve , that wouldn't be smart . I'm going to have a lot but not noticeable with clothes on .

SedonaSpringsRM Smart Idea: Throw-away shower cap keeps clothes clean when traveling with those dirty shoes! Brilliant! http://t.co/CJwZEUyr via @pinterest

ashhlynnn88 @AyyyyDavis okay maybe not your clothes. You always have to like out smart me hahaah

DanielJoj Some Smart Tips Choosing Clothes for Teenagers

ToryLuster Some Smart Tips Choosing Clothes for Teenagers

RolandEdwarz Some Smart Tips Choosing Clothes for Teenagers

nyjasuh Funky baby clothes the cool and smart style statement! Mul: .HMm http://t.co/T4Ce71CL

I_amBarboza Washer broke had to hand wash my clothes! Man was that a work out! Thank you smart people who invented the washer!!

NiaAmor_ @b3anz omg I know a clothes lady now !!!! Does the smart fashion shopping for you and you but it off her !!! The things she buys r on IG

navamitzado Smart Dryer Clothes Pins: http://t.co/Kq13UD0t

ItsMrsMajestiB Clean clothes on and a decent lil job ain't basic. That's smart progessive trying. These hoes that thank shoes and bags and all that shit

Electr1c_Womyn RT @LiNDSEY_NiC0LE: i wish i had a smart closet that knew all my clothes in my closet and would tell me what to wear depending on my mood ...#sigh

LiNDSEY_NiC0LE i wish i had a smart closet that knew all my clothes in my closet and would tell me what to wear depending on my mood ...#sigh

lil_tim_ [email protected]: Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.” smart man.


GTA IV: What clothes are you supposed to wear when first meeting Jimmy Pegorino? by srveiddesrv Q: I've had to drive back and forth from my safehouse to Jimmy's house wearing different "smart" clothes and apparently, none of them are "smart" enough to get inside this guy's house. I've tried just about everything, so is there a certain shirt, pants, and shoes that you MUST wear to meet this guy. Any help is much appreciated.

A: Persus has some pricey suits get pants, suit top and don't forget the matching shoes that is what most forget. If you miss any of the items you won't get the mission remember suit top tie, pants matching shoes.

What smart clothing shops online are there for boys? by Q: Smart/Casual style for boys online shops please.

A: www.oldnavy.com/ www.gap.com/ http://us.levi.com/home/index.jsp http://www.hollisterco.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/HomePage?langId=-1&storeId=11205&catalogId=10201 http://www.abercrombie.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/HomePage?langId=-1&storeId=11203&catalogId=10901 http://www.ae.com/web/international/index_portugal.jsp?_requestid=542367 http://www.topman.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/TopCategoriesDisplay?storeId=12555&catalogId=17551 http://www.urbanoutfitters.com/urban/index.jsp http://manoffashion.com/ http://www.laredoute.pt/PT/pt/compra-homem.aspx?categoryid=46379071&parentcategoryid=2529508&categorytitle=homem http://www.debenhams.com/men

Smart clothes??? advice needed please...? by www.Chetanmadaan.com Q: Hi, Thanks in advance. I am a 17 boy, a student... willing to develop some personality at this time... i am not much healty... like a normal one.. some told me to wear shirts with jeans... which will match my body structure as well.. i am good enough with spykes hair style.. please let me know what kind of things would be good for my body and age as well. Thanks

A: If you mean thin, by unhealthy, then skinny jeans will work for you. Graphic tee's are cool and comfortable, the most comfortable shoes for me are sneakers, Vans, Etnies, Element, anything. Just be original...Anything you like, you should wear. =]

Guys: Is it better to wear smart clothing? by Shadow Q: What's better: Smart or casual clothes?

A: You mean clothing that makes you look smart? You can change up both looks, depending on how you feel that day. That's what I do. Sometimes I feel happy, so I'll wear yellow or really bright colors, other times I'll wear balck if I'm feeling not in my best mood, I dress up when I feel good and confident, smart when I feel smart,and casual when I'm feeling relaxed.

what exactly means "smart business look" in matter of clothing and colors? by Anca Ecaterina P Q: I just got a job as a flight attendant and I am required to wear "smart business" clothing. I am not sure about what it means in matter of colors and clothes ie. what lind of trousers - material, skirts, tops etc. I am waiting for an answer ASAP. Thank you very much for your help. I just got a job as a flight attendant and I am required to wear "smart business" clothing. I am not sure about what it means in matter of colors and clothes ie. what kind of trousers - material, skirts, tops etc. This "smart business" look I have to have it in my civilian life, not as uniform, which I get from them. I am waiting for an answer ASAP. Thank you very much for your help.

A: Generally, this means conservative clothing. For example, no denim, skirts to the knee or lower, tailored jackets, suits, button up shirts, closed in shoes - not sneakers - maybe shoes with a small heel. Anything that looks like something a business lady would wear, or something a little dressy. if you dont wanna spend tonnes on a new wardrobe, you can cheat by buying some plain shirts to wear under a suit jacket, or the same style of pants in two different neutral colours to mix and match outfits. Makeup is polished looking but not overdone, using natural or brown based tones (which suits most complexions. Jewellery is understated. Think small pendants, afew rings and stud earrings, or small drop earrings. Hair is styled or can be tied back in a bun or ponytail.

how do i be smart with my money to buy expensive clothes like Ed Hardy,CA,Smet and Gucci? by Q: a friend of mine told me that a person with a low-income like 25-30K a year would buy expensive gangsta clothes like 400 dollars for a hoody called Ed Hardy if there smart with there money $$$

A: I disagree with this. While it's smart to get value for your money, paying for designer clothes isn't smart, it's snob appeal. You pay far more for names like this than the clothing is worth. A person earning $25k - $30k a year needs to spend their money on clothes that wear well and don't go out of style is 6 weeks. It sounds like your friend is trying to justify their own splurges on fancy clothes.

"Smart" Sixth form clothes? by nesselphie Q: OK so i'm starting in a new school on Monday, and I'm in the sixth form :O I've been told i need to dress in "smart" clothes. I live in the UK, and i'm 16, and i don't want to be wearing black every day because it's BORING! I want to look sensible, stylish but not showing much skin. Can i wear jeans? What shops do you recommend (I don't really want to spend a huge amount)? Any ideas for mixing and matching? What are your basic "must have" office-wear items? I'm 5ft4in and a UK size 14.... ummmm help!

A: heya! i feel for you. im from uk and in our sixth form and we have a smart dress code too and we can only wear black skinny jeans if we choose to wear jeans its really annoying because all my other friends schools have smart/casual and they get to wear jeans we cant. i think its easier with jeans because you can just grab any top and wear trainers and the outfit works a little thought has to go into a smart outfit. its my first day back tomorrow and im going to wear black pinstripe trousers, a shocking pink top, pink wedges, a grey long cardigan and a grey bag ill probably wear some pink bangles to match the top new look do great smart clothes and shopping at primark doesn't hurt just buy the basics first 1. black trousers 2. grey trousers 3. brown trousers we can wear skirts as long as the hem is below our knees no shorts you can wear any top except for t-shirts or tops with slogans etc its annoying but you get used to it good luck!

i recently purchased clothes online and i couldnt fit some of them so i returned them using the smart label? by Q: and my invoice. But now i want to return another item but i dont have my invoice since i mailed it out to them , and on the website it say they will send out another smart label but it says nothing about a invoice. Will they send me out another invoice if i request it?

A: they should, however you should have a confirmation email of you placing your order, which will list everything you purchased so print that out if they say no. But normally they will be more than happy supply/email you additional documents. Please answer mine: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AjoQRWjgmsvChOeZRq761tXsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20111027072909AA5Bi61

I'm going to this party, and i need to wear smart clothes, what shall i wear? by Q: Im thinking of wearing this black dress with a shiny belt

A: what about a high waisted skirt, cute top to tuck in, tights , stilletos, and a nice necklace, and curl your hair ?

what are smart clothes and shoes in gta iv? by nathandwyer3 Q:

A: I believe you need to have one of the suits with a tie. To get in I had a suit/tie and shoes from Perseus which is just across the street from the mission point. What I found to be a problem is that it appears that you cannot have any accessories on. In my case the problem was that I had glasses on. I'll assume you also cannot wear a hat.

Whats a smart way to pack a lot of clothes with a limited amount of space? by x*sunshine,;* Q:

A: I kid you not - laundry/lingerie bags! These bags are really cheap, I usually get them from discount stores for $1 to $2 - asian stores always have them. They come in a variety of sizes and have a fine or coarse net with a zipper. Usually you would put a sweater or underwear in it to throw in the wash. Plus a reinforced waterproof zippered bag - or replaced with strong ziploc. They are MUCH cheaper than the luggage cubes from eagle Creek - those are $10+ each. I now have heaps of laundry bags in a variety of styles and mesh weaves. Tight weave, small bag - underwear, socks. Open mesh (can see inside for content) - sweaters, electronic cables or anything that doesn't crease. Large bag - dirty laundry. Since you are not capturing air you can just sqeeze it in to available space. I backpacked for months like this. My roomie would ditch her whole bag out to find one thing. After a few days I could reach in and find just the right bag by touch. Socks and underwear are smaller and usually you need more of these items, bags keep them from getting lost/separated. T-shirt you can roll individually to save space - group them together. Keep all electronics together in one bag, easier to find stuff - camera cables, phone chargers. Shoes - get proper shoe bags (ziplocs only fit one pair of shoes) - they will fit 2 pairs in one bag (fit heel of one shoe into toe of the other). Toiletries go into the waterproof bag...NEVER put them in just any bag. Invariably you will end up with shampoo or shaving cream in ALL your stuff. If it is in the waterproof bag you can just rinse of the bottles and go.

Smart-casual clothes? by Caramelfrapp Q: I start sixth form in September (the last two years of school) and our school doesn't have a set uniform, though we have to be fairly smart, so no jeans or miniskirts. They kind of expect us to dress how you would for a smart-casual workplace dresscode. What kind of clothes could I get? And where could I get some inspiration from like fashion designers/shows, blogs, movies, celebrities, stores etc.?

A: rachel from friends or victoria beckham they always look smart the pencil skirt look

What type of clothes do i wear for an assesment? by Glenn H Q: Ive applied for an engineering apprenticeship and now ive been invited to a testing session to assess my abilities. Do i have to wear smart clothing or can i just turn up in whatever i want eg jeans and a t-shirt. Thanks

A: I would dress as you would for an interview. It is important to demonstrate how you would represent the company once employeed.

Does anyone want to buy real designer clothes in big quantities to make £££? by Luke S Q: From shoes or trainers, to jeans, suits, jumpers and polo shirts. You may own a market stall, a business or may just want to sell some to a few mates profit or you may just want a few smart clothes.

A: Nope. .

hii i am thin and lean but i have a great hieght. in what clothes can i look smart? by sillu Q: I have curly and short hair>> dark colour. Sharp features.

A: Honestly I hate posers. Be who you are, don't act like who you wanna be. But...anyways Tips: 1. anyplace original not to pricy shows that you don't care about what others think. As long as it's cute you'll buy it. 2. Switch your style weekly...One week light preppy, next week kinda skater surfer chic (Zumiez, PacSun), next week sporty. You know it shows that you are not a follower which will make people think that you really are smart, not a poser who follows others. 3. And last just be yourself !

Were any dinosaurs smart enough to design clothes and have fashion shows? by Linnea Quigley Q:

A: Of course not. Haven't you ever seen an episode of the Flintstones? They could be used as gas pumps, showers, airplanes, industrial equipment and even as pets but they couldn't be clothing designers.

im doing my work experience next week and have been asked to wear smart casual clothes i need some help? by ashlea jayne Q: im working for 2 week in a primary school working with kids aged 10-11 an iv been asked 2 wear smart casual clothes, but im not allowed 2 wear jeans, soooo what could i wear? i really havn't got a clue :D

A: You would want to wear dress clothing but not to dressy I'll post a few things that can work. Best of luck to you! Top: http://www.lulusfashionlounge.com/products/Scarlett+White+Blouse/6037.html Bottoms: http://www.lulusfashionlounge.com/products/Must+Have+Black+Slacks+by+Hot+Kiss/4736.html Top and Bottom: http://www2.victoriassecret.com/commerce/application/prodDisplay/?namespace=productDisplay&origin=onlineProductDisplay.jsp&event=display&prnbr=ZP-202837&page=3&cgname=OSCLOBLOVIL&rfnbr=3204 Top: http://store.delias.com/item.do?categoryID=1484&itemID=47234&sizeFilter=&colorFilter=&brandFilter= Wear some dress shoes, no tennis shoes,not a lot of jewlery I would wear mabey a little knecklace and couple rings if you must but nothing over the top. wear your hair nice straight down or a up but not to much. The key is simple yet sophisticated.

Smart Clothes for work experience? by Know it all... Q: I've got my work experience coming up soon, and i need some ideas for what to wear (smart clothes). I've got one idea - 3/4 sleeve white blouse, with a black sleeveless v-neck sweater on top. Black skirt, with tights. Flat black dolly shoes. Bracelets, earrings, headband, watch! BUT... I can't find a v-neck black sleeveless sweater ANYWHERE. by the way i'm in UK... so don't give me aeropostale etc. Could someone please find me one..and give me a link.. THANK YOU!!!

where can i buy smart clothing for women in london for a resonable price.? by A Q: like how victoria beckham wears her smart clothes, also size 6 please. designer is not neccessary, high street will do too. (no primark, tesco, asda please)

A: You could Mark & Spences. They have upgraded their products so its not too bad now. But if you could afford it, plenty of place to try such as Harrods. I could spend whole day in harrods alone. Or you could take some time off and walk around Regent street or Oxford street or Kensington High street. Hope this helps and happy shopping.

What smart clothes can I wear for work experience??? help!? by *♥*Mystery Kitty*♥* Q: :] ok normally i wear wotever i like but for my skl work experience i'm gona have to wear smart clothes. & i suck at wen it comes to wearing smart clothes especially hwen I have to wear it for 2 weeks! :s can you guys pweez give me smart outfit ideas, lot's of them so i have an idea of what to wear for two weeks. links, pics, views, anyfin gd :S no jeanz allowed :( boohoo I'm in London can you give me black and white contrast colours and other smart different colour clothes... since im in uk tell me what i'll knw like argile sweaters? not a clue i can tfind dat in uk

A: I found it difficult to dress properly for work experience. Try a nice skirt, no shorter than knee length, with tights. You can wear it with a blouse or smart top. Then you can wear heels (not too high, only if its a smarter workplace) or flats. Flats are probably the better idea. Get yourself a nice jacket, a trench or short-style trench always look good. You'll probably need a nice cardigan too. I'll just have a look and will edit some links in soon. I've tried to choose reasonably priced clothing as you'll probably have to end up buying completely new clothes for the whole two weeks, many of which you'll never wear again. But it is important to dress well as this creates a good impression, and who knows, you may be offered a part-time job if you do well. Look at this skirt http://www.newlook.co.uk/1652849/165284904/ProductDetails.aspx One of these cardigans would be good http://www.newlook.co.uk/teens/915_knitwear/ProductList.aspx If you wear it tucked in with a high-waisted skirt, this shirt would look nice http://www.topshop.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?beginIndex=0&viewAllFlag=&catalogId=19551&storeId=12556&categoryId=93615&parent_category_rn=42325&productId=1229506&langId=-1 This top would look good with a pair of dressy pants or a skirt, tucked in or not http://www.topshop.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?beginIndex=20&viewAllFlag=false&catalogId=19551&storeId=12556&categoryId=167003&parent_category_rn=42325&productId=1133012&langId=-1 This is another good top http://www.next.co.uk/shot.asp?extra=sch&b=G34&p=10202&s=1&n=Women&pid=450-570&exclude=00AG00|00A00&returnurl=http%3a%2f%2fsearch.next.co.uk%2fshop%2fgattgender%2fwomen%2fcat%2ftops%2f0%3fnxti%3d0%26nxtv%3d0%26isort%3dglobalpop&bct=%26quot%3bShop%20By%20Product%26quot%3b%26nbsp%3b%26gt%3b%26nbsp%3bWomen%26nbsp%3b%26gt%3b%26nbsp%3bTops (This will go nicely with a skirt below) Some of the jackets here are good http://search.next.co.uk/shop/gattgender/women/cat/coatsjackets/0?x=1?nxti=0?nxtv=0?format=cat?&nxti=0&nxtv=0&ts=v7 This skirt is nice, good length too http://www.dorothyperkins.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?beginIndex=0&viewAllFlag=&catalogId=20552&storeId=12552&categoryId=168591&parent_category_rn=88651&productId=1240896&langId=-1 This skirt is simple and would go with virtually anything http://www.dorothyperkins.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?beginIndex=0&viewAllFlag=&catalogId=20552&storeId=12552&categoryId=168591&parent_category_rn=88651&productId=1202327&langId=-1 (This skirt would go with the patterned top from Next above) For shoes, I'd suggest some of these http://www.dorothyperkins.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/CategoryDisplay?catalogId=20552&storeId=12552&categoryId=51584&parent_category_rn=51581&langId=-1&top=Y This sort of heel is more suitable http://www.dorothyperkins.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?beginIndex=0&viewAllFlag=&catalogId=20552&storeId=12552&categoryId=155425&parent_category_rn=51581&productId=1079171&langId=-1 Some dressy trousers here: http://www.newlook.co.uk/teens/915_trousers/915_smart_trousers/ProductList.aspx

Smart Clothes for Teenage Girl? by Beth Q: In February I'm doing work experience at a bank - just simple things, running errands and answering phones and things like that. I'm fine with it, apart from two things. One, having the confidence to actually speak to people as I'm very shy. Two - what to wear. It says on the form that I need to wear smart clothes, and if I was a boy it has to be shirt and tie. I'm a girl though , and other than smart and no trainers it doesn't say what I should wear. My mums trying to kit me out in full suits like she wears for work, but they really look stupid on me because of my age (14). So can anyone suggest what I should wear / where I can get some smart clothes, suitable for work experience and cheapish, but still would look nice on me? (I'm a size 6/8 if that helps with would look good on me?) Thanks!

A: wear a white shirt with a black sleeveless top over the top then black trouser (like school trousers) and black shoes with a small heel that are comfortable to walk in. hope this helps and good luck with the work experience.

How much should i sell a smart parts sion, emipre b loader with rip drive, and clothes and tank? by Q: I have a Smart parts ion with virtue eye and all new internals, a empire b loader with rip drive and a virtue crown. v force mask profile, and 2 jerseys and pants. and a pack and like 7 toobs?

A: Try for 150 bucks,.

Is it smart to buy clothes from an online wholesale store? by Q: Okay, So. I am an online shopper, and I LOVE it when I find name brands for cheep! And today I found a website called AF wholesale. It tells you that the items are not real name brands, but knock off. If you look at them they look identical for a great price! Any ideas on if I should buy thinks from this place? Oh, and it is http://www.afwholesaler.com

A: try it, free shipping and price cheap, i think you can choose your favorites http://www.nike2nike.com

need smart clothes for suit day!!?!!? by Charlii Q: hey,, need some serious help!!! iv got this suit day at school and i need to wear like smart clothes, like business clothes but i dont want to wear a suit or anything like that iv got the same kind of style as kristen stewart so if you've got any ideas of wat i could wear i wuld really appreciate it. and if you can could the clothes be from a shop in the UK please thankyouu so much!!! xxx

On Grand Theft 4 how do I do the mission where it says I need to have smart clothes? What does this mean? by catchiamigo Q:

hey girls. what clothes would look attractive on a male. army clothes , smart clothes ? by Q: men wearing military/army clothes apparently are quite sexy for girls. Am I right ?

A: http://www.99sshop.com/ try it .they have many brand new clothes, I buy from it many times , I am satisfied with the quality and the price, maybe you can find what you want from that.

Smart home clothes help ideas? by Q: I have an event to go to and it suggests smart home clothes any ideas? no jeans obvs.

So..... in GTA 4 how can you get smart clothes?? I need it to meet a guy on the 3d island.? by Paresh P Q: The guy's name is like Jimmy something so.... he's a guy u work for and u can only meet him if u hav smart clothes i tried so many shops and none of them work please tell me anyone who answers i will vote best answer to the 1st person to answer it correctly. THANX

A: The Persues (Spelling?) store should sell smart clothing. Get a top with a tie there and almost any shoe there.

Formal dinner, smart clothes + gown? by bahdeeman Q: hi. at oxford university there is a formal dinner and it says to wear the gown and smart clothes. can you tell me what smart clothes means? i only have some white blouses and black trousers. is that ok or is that too form? i don't know what smart clothes means! i don't know what other people are wearing. help.

A: "smart clothes" is like business attire. my school uses "smart clothes" all the time. try a suit, like the white blouse, and pant-blazer/jacket suit set or something. formal shoes, hair, jewelry etc. too you could just wear like a formal dress too. just not like, a prom dress xD hope i helped

What kind of clothes is deemed smart dress code? by Q: Anyone?

A: Conservative clothing (nothing too low cut or short), minimal & contemporary jewelry (nothing too sparkly or colorful), and nothing too flashy. No freaky bold patterns, no sequins, no 6 inch heels, no black nail polish, etc.

smart clothes for a 13 yr old girl? by candle757 Q: basically there is this event coming in our high school. "Womens day". and u have to wear smart clothes. no jeans, hoodies etc. so can u plz tell me a few outfits which i can wear on that day. thankyou pictures would be preferable. thx god bless u

Suggest some smart-casual clothes for me to buy...? by claireybearyfairy Q: I'm starting 6th form (college) in a few days and the uniform is anything smart casual. No jeans, no trainers, no skirts above the knee, no low cut tops, no shorts, no t-shirts, no leggings.... I think I covered it all! It's quite strict but then again it is a roman-catholic school which is all boys exept for the sixth form! So far I have a few pairs of trousers (a few plain black, 2 grey, 1 pinstriple) and 2 short sleve white shirts, a few long sleve white shirts, them jumper things with a white colar/sleves underneath thing in a few different colours, a black jumper, a waistcoat and a few pairs of shoes. I'm going 5 days a week and I want lots of variety so what other clothes could you suggest? Has to be avalible in stores in the UK!

A: I would go to Banana Republic. They have classy smart-casual clothes. They are pricey, but you can always find good sales and their clothes will last you for years and years.

What exactly are "smart clothes"? by ♥.i.♥ Q: im going to be doing my work experience soon and my clothing is supposed to be "smart" what should i wear?

A: No jeans, flip-flops, tank tops, sleveless, shorts, mini skirts, and big and loose T-shirts Suits, pencil cut skirts, blouse, blazer, ballet flats, heels are ok

Where can i buy young clothes to wear at sixth form that are also smart? by Q: I am starting sixth form this September and i don't know where to buy any clothes to wear. There isn't a uniform, bu the students need to dress smart and fit under the 'office wear title'. I am a size 8 and also under a budget. Please leave suggested outfits/sites that could be useful. :) (UK shops) Thanks.

A: I think most shops on the high street will cater for those rules. Basically in my experience "office wear" is code for no jeans, no hoodies and nothing with logos like GAP or Jack Wills etc. M&S will have some blouses, also Zara is good for smart clothes, maybe River Island and Debenhams. So for example this would be OK: http://www.debenhams.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/prod_10001_10001_120010342964_-1?breadcrumb=Home~Women~Tops This would not:http://www.topshop.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?beginIndex=0&viewAllFlag=&catalogId=33057&storeId=12556&categoryId=209724&parent_category_rn=208524&productId=1896916&langId=-1 Check these out: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/NEW-WOMENS-BLACK-BODY-CON-PENCIL-LADIES-SKIRT-SIZE-8-14-/180500613181?cmd=ViewItem&pt=Women_s_Clothing&var=&hash=item6fc25d16cc http://www.debenhams.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/prod_10001_10001_102010315034_-1?breadcrumb=Home~Women~Tops

should I wear smart clothes when job hunting? by Roger Q: i.e. when I approach shops enquiring about any job vancancies... I will be targeting entry level job positions.

A: Yes, definitely. First impressions are everything. You don't have to be interview ready, but it is a good idea to dress up when job hunting, and you never know what may happen when turning in an application. I have been asked for an interview on the spot or later in the day when turning in applications.

What are some good stores were I can get really cute smart looking teen clothes? by yayx10 Q: I want to know some good (affordable) stores that have really cute professinal clothes for back to school and winter.

A: tj maxx, loehmanns, marshalls. they have great brands such as jucy, ralph lauren, roxy, american eagle, and so many more for such affordable prices. loehmanns will have fmore upper name brand things for somewhat high prices, but marshalls and tj have ralph, ae, roxy for REALLY CHEAP answer mine! http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20080729181427AAg9E9Q&pa=FYd1D2bwHTHzJb1lHOo_R2EyXOiS8GiENubhk8gR534jGQ--&paid=asked&msgr_status=

On GTA IV it says u need smart clothes? by Troy W Q: What do i need to buy for smart clothes for this mission?

A: The game wants you to go to Perseus and get a suit and some nice shoes. You will need it for about 3 missions

where can i get those smart shoes and smart clothes in gta4? by Jonathan I Q: i need it for a mission.

A: Go to the clothing store called "Perseus", (Brucie should have sent you a text message telling you to get better clothes.), the stores are located at the top and bottom of the 2nd island. Make sure you buy a suit for the mission. It will include everything (jacket, pants, tie.) As for the shoes, just pick any of the shoes that are in Perseus, but I went safe with an online guide I found and bought the black dress up shoes that counted as smart shoes. They are the most expensive, but they worked.

what the heck is "smart clothes, and shoes" on GTA IV? by andrethesk8r Q: im trying to work for jimmy pegorino and it says i need smart clothes and smart shoes wtf?

A: i had the same problem in my game. all you have to do is go to the clothes in the middle island near the middle of the map and buy the suit and shoes for $1200 then you should be able to get the work

Where can I get smart/casual clothes from? by Q: I need them for doing work experience at a school in the summer,and I need smart/casual clothes send me a link, or tell me what shop, thanks :)

A: You can do online shopping aswell as shopping outside, some ones i find good are: Primark, River Island, TopShop, Abercrombie and Fitch and Jack Wills. Some of them are quite expecive, but they'regood!

in gta 4 what are smart clothes, where do you get them? by fishin n huntin all day everyday Q: can you keep your cars in agarage? also can you keep your clothes, like you could in san andreas? and is anyone else dissapointed about the fact that you cant fly planes, only helicopters?

A: there are only like 3 clothing stores in this game (wtf that sucks) and when you get a place to live, there is a yellow outlined parking spot in front of it that fits 2 cars, and 2 cars only. if you take that car somewhere and it gets destroyed, its gone. and no planes does suck, very much. for these reasons, i play saints row 2. WAY more clothes, i can keep almost 200 cars in my garage and access them anywhere. save boats, planes, helicopters, bikes. more places to live, too. some of them even have helipads on the roof. all vehicles can be customized, the houses you buy can be upgraded, and even your gang can be customized. i suggest you put down GTA 4 (being a lackey, cant customize a dam thing) and pick up saints row 2 (you're in command, customize everything)

What type of clothes fit into the category of 'smart casual'? by Q: In a couple of week I'll be going for work experience, and I've been told to wear 'smart casual' clothing, but what is 'smart casual'? I asked for further details and he said anything that's not baggy jeans, and baggy trainers (what are baggy trainers, anyway?), so does that mean I can wear skinny jeans and a smart green t-shirt, or is that too casual?

A: you should wear bootcut jeans with a white blouse ( or any color for that matter) with some heels.

I need help with smart clothes can anybody help me? by Q: I have a smart brown jumper with a white black and brown shirt that my aunt just brought me for my work experience. And I was wondering what I should wear trouser wise and what sort of colour? (Not allowed jeans)

A: baze dress pants

gta 4 smart clothes for Jimmy pegarino missions? by Haz3l Q: It tells me that i need smart shirt and smart shoes in order to see jimmy, what are they talking about? i went to persus' and bought a bunch of clothes and none seem to work.

A: When I played the mission, I also went to Perseus and bought clothes from there and it worked for me. Make sure you buy a full suit! I hope I helped!

What are smart clothes on gta4? by Q: I need to know what Smart Clothes are on gta4 so i can do i mission for J.

A: You need to buy any posh suit with a pair of posh shoes.

Am now allowed to wear whatever I want to school as long as its smart, where can i find cheap smart clothes? by Q: Okay, so i said i can wear whatever i want, there's still a dress code, which goes like this: No stripes, patterns eg flowers, checked, not to tight, not to baggy! Like office wear. So does anyone know where i can get this stuff and quite cheap to?

A: Department stores like Macy's, Dillard, Belk, Sears, and JcPenney should have some of that. JcPenney has a lot of it actually. You can also check out H&M, Forever 21, and Charlotte Russe.

In grand theft auto 4 it says I need to wear smart clothes to meet Jimmy? by yoooo Q: Where do I get the smart clothes so I can meet Jimmy?

A: Persues, its right next to your safehouse in algonquin. just buy a suit and tie and some wing tip shoes.

Don't you hate it when parents/Grandparents buy you really smart and old fashioned clothes? by Mike Q: I'm 17, and my parents always buys me smart clothes. I really hate it lol. I don't want to hurt their feelings but it's really annoying lol. I want clothes like Nike, Adidas lol. Do your parents do it?

A: They Don't. . . .

How to get smart clothes on grand theft auto 4? by kman Q: in order for me to be able to get missions from this "j" guy i have to go and get smart clothes, what are they and how do i get them

A: Get a suit from the clothes shop. for a suit, go to perseus. you had to use a suit in the mission "three leaf clover" so you must already have one in your wardrobe.

What smart clothes are flattering for a pear shaped body? by vikie101 Q: Ive just started college and the dress code is smart. Im also really stuck for hat sort of things to wear as im not stick thin like the other girls. Im just an average size but im unsure what smart clothes are flattering for a pear shaped body.

A: Let me see your body and I'll let you know(-;

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