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tranquildepths "@SLATERaddicts: Di ako makaget-over. May task si #SLATE. :)) Galingan mooooo. @DeeAmeli @slater_young @SlaterTin_Offi" @caressing. :)

honkarmanbra HP replaces the Slate 500 with the Slate 2, adds Swype and cuts the ...

iammarchesa OMG!! Goodluck Slater! @SLATERaddicts Di ako makaget-over. May task si #SLATE. :)) Galingan mooooo. @DeeAmeli @slater_young @SlaterTin_Offi

Marwen RT @Papiillon: Slate Afrique a du récupérer tout les suceurs de bites de Jeune Afrique de la belle époque, le ton est identique.

RobYellow46 @MattD_46 oh, I do slate them constantly, jus not always on twitter! Hahah

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SLATERaddicts Di ako makaget-over. May task si #SLATE. :)) Galingan mooooo. @DeeAmeli @slater_young @SlaterTin_Offi

1492blog «Citizen Kane» comme vous ne l'avez jamais vu | Slate: http://t.co/fdoK3lAq

aldurdivin http://t.co/wTKqokhI via @slatefr

Suzypaty Epidémie d'overdose aux antidouleurs aux Etats-Unis | Slate http://t.co/CJVCLR3G via @slatefr

MattD_46 @RobYellow46 Oui oui! Steve and Charlie really aren't the best... but I don't how some people (not you) just slate them constantly....

Royep27 L'islam interdit-il les images de Mahomet? | Slate - http://t.co/ljFog1ap

SigmaSights HP、Windows 7タブレット「Slate 2」を発表 - ITmedia ニュース http://t.co/nLem7k8y タブレットってスペック云々で買っても好みで買っても結局変わらん気がしてきた

Papiillon Slate Afrique a du récupérer tout les suceurs de bites de Jeune Afrique de la belle époque, le ton est identique.

Suzypaty RT @Slatefr: Ce que le New Deal a apporté aux Etats-Unis http://t.co/bCQFX6qO


With what durable material can I replace slate on my pool deck? by Arlene Q: We had our pool deck replaced 8 years ago. Part of it is slate. Unfortunately, although we sealed the slate, it has weather terribly and is now peeling off in sheets.

A: I hate to ask but is your pool a salt pool?? If it is, then I am truly sorry for you. You would be one of the multitudes that used sedimentary rock (salt causes it to spall or delaminate) around salt pool who have watched it disappear before their eyes! You're welcome!!

What is the best way to clean slate tiling? by Jeffrey D Q: I have a fireplace with slate tiling. It has lost some of its 'shine'. What is the best way to restore slate?

A: For floors with an old finish, apply wax stripper to the floor and let it stand for three to five minutes, then break up the wax with a nylon bristled brush. Remove all the old wax with a mop, and then thoroughly cleanse floor with clean water, then seal it as indicated above. Resealing floors regularly is the best prevention of early wear and set in stains. :) This site offers some great tips.

Pro bakers, are Slate quarry tiles good for a substitute pizza stone? by James W Q: Do they work? Did you live to tell about it? Did they crack or explode? Do they have lead in them or anything else I should worry about? I wanna save a buck and already have untreated, unglazed, slate tiles. Pro bakers, I'd love to hear from you.

A: james you are good to go ,just make sure they are good and clean. you might season them with a little veg or olive oil and stick them in the oven for an hour or so to get then so nothing will stick to them, then a little corn meal when you stick your pizza or bread in, to keep it from sticking, i am just presuming you are baking on them. good luck and good baking, and put lots of cheese on mine, o by the way if wanting a good crust get a spray bottle, and mist your bread a couple of times during the frist few minutes, bacondebaker.

How can I tell if my slate tiles have been sealed? by bernie0805 Q: Just bought a home with new slate floors and slate bathtub walls. How can I tell if they have been sealed? If they have not, do they have to be sealed? And if they have to be sealed, where can I buy sealer at? Also- there are marble or granite tile counter tops in the kitchen and bathroom. Do they have to be sealed? Obviously I've never dealt with natural stone tiles before. Thank you for your help!

A: check with your Realtor, look closely at the tiles, do they have a shine or any open seams,? put a drop of water on an area, if it rolls up it,s sealed

How do you clean a slate tiled shower? by email.michelle Q: The walls are glass tile, and the floor is slate. How do we clean the slate floor?

A: Vinegar works great, and should leave a streak free shine. just mix it will warm water.

What's the best for cleaning slate, as our porch has a slate floor? by Richard G Q: Our house is almost 70 years old, and I've tried using cleaning products like Lestoil, Pine Sol,and other all-purpose cleaning solutions, but the slate always dries looking dull and dingey. How can I get it to look clean and lustrous and bring out the colors of the stone more? I can't afford to replace the entire slate floor of our screened-in back porch.

A: 225ml (1 cup) of vinegar 30g (1/4 cup) of washing soda tablespoon of vegetable oil-based liquid soap 8ltrs (2 gallons) hot water Combine all ingredient, stirring well to ensure that the washing soda is dissolved. Mop your floor as usual.

What kind of granite countertops would look good with slate flooring tile? by Pamela H Q: Doing a new construction house and have China Multi Color slate tiles going down on the floor, and dark espresso cabinets going in. I want granite countertops but I want it to complement the slate floor but not over power the slate since the slate already has a lot of variation. I don't like granites that are heavy on the speckles and look "busy", but I have no clue what will work. I'm open to suggestions. Thanks!

A: Black

How do you get paint off slate floors? by Q: we have slate floors and when we were painting we accidently got paint all over the SLATE floors. if you know how to get paint off slate floors please help!

A: Painters Helper,in most do it yourself or paint stores

Can slate slabs be used effectively to build a wood burning oven for baking bread? by jtkirk1337 Q: Looking to build a non-permenant wood burning oven for baking bread. I would use bricks, but I have none. I do have lots of slate slabs, though. Would these work?

A: There is a site for this but, if it's going to be non-permanent, I can't see all the effort, then it should be O.K. I'm wondering about the moisture in the brick itself.

Can I repurpose slate roof tiles as floor tiles for my kitchen and bath? by eabood Q: I am renovating a 1900's home with a slate roof that needs replaced. There's too much damage to repair but still have hundreds of square feet of perfectly good slate roof tiles. I am not an artist that wants to paint a million little tiles but I do have a kitchen and bath that need to be remodeled. Can I use the slate roof tiles as floor tiles? If so, what extra steps do I need to take to make them suitable for the floor?

A: Thickness doesn't matter, as they would be laid in concrete anyway...I would think that too thick would almost be worse as it would raise up your floors too much...the only way you could reuse the tiles is if you cut off the end where the 2 holes are from attached to the roof. You also do not want to paint them, but they will need a good cleaning... & sealed after installation. I applaud you for thinking about repurposing & recycling, & therefore, saving money as a result!!! Not only that, but you're incorporating the history of the house to the interior. I think that's pretty cool!!! I hope you give it a serious shot at this, & get the advice of a tile expert in how to make this a successful project!!! Best of luck!!!

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