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Today on Sky Sports.com
Sky Sports customers can get exclusive 2-for-1 tickets for the Gillette Soccer Saturday live tour. Sky Sports Scout is where we scour the globe looking for the best talent, next up is Younes Belhanda. Sky Sports Events Centre gives you complete control ...

Sky Formula One channel hits the ground running in Australia
Sky Sports F1, the broadcaster's bespoke Formula One channel, has been promoted relentlessly over the past month. The visual elements of the campaign have been stunning, from the time-lapse car construction films to the billboard shots on either side ...

Sky Sports' creed that there is always more to say about sport being tested by ...
When the offer to join Sky Sports' dedicated F1 channel arrived, Natalie Pinkham might have thought she was onto a career breakthrough. Then she arrived in Melbourne, and found herself buttonholing Michael Schumacher after free practice.

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MsNatEdgar @MissPyt1588 I've jus herd on sky sports news that his unfortunately in critical condition n in intensive care!! I'm praying he pulls thru

bazza_beee RT @1MickyHazard: Fabrice Critically ill in intensive care, Sky Sports News, Come on Fabrice Fight Fight Fight the FOOTBALL world is with YOU.

SLL25 @Bale_Official it's aweful!! I been watching sky sports news all evening for updates!! I hope he pulls thro #sad

yousufaahmed @DavidCoolledge it said he's critically ill in intensive care on sky sports news, was saying he was stable earlier :(

FOXSoccerTrax Please join us now on Sky Sports News, live on Fox Soccer for the latest from White Hart Lane on Fabric Muamba.

SsamanthaB RT @FootballRamble: Sky Sports News reporting that Fabrice Muamba is now in stable condition in hospital. Excellent news. Still in our thoughts.

lioneldudee RT @detiksport: Menurut Sky Sports News, kondisi Fabrice Muamba saat ini mulai stabil, di London Chest Hospital.

CKM11 RT @SkySportsMobile: Sky News reports that Fabrice Muamba is in a "stable" condition in a north London hospital. http://t.co/TxOjwmAq

Lildanuk @maximumbbk sky sports news says he's in a stable condition

D7NEO @LFC1URCHIN says on sky sports news he's critically ill in intensive care

Neilby70 Can't take myself away from sky sports news :-(

UtsavGajjar RT @SkySportsMobile: Sky News reports that Fabrice Muamba is in a "stable" condition in a north London hospital. http://t.co/TxOjwmAq

George_Clowes RT @TheBearPitSCFC: On Sky Sports News now: Muamba is critically ill and in intensive care.

budYEAH RT @MikelArteta08: Fantastic news, Sky Sports News are reporting that Fabrice Muamba is in a stable condition. So happy for him and his family.


Who is the female presenter on sky sports news right now (2:45)? by Here Today, Here Forever Q:

A: theres. Chloe Everton Georgie Thompson (hottest one lol) im pretty sure you talking about Georgie. shes super fine ;]

Is Georgie thompson leaving Sky Sports News? by Q: Video on skysports.com today called Georgies last shift with Simon Thomas.

A: yes she is leaving so her final shift is today and from the 2012 Season she will present a Formula One Magazine Show with pit lane Ted Kravitz

What is the name of the song in the short ford commercial in sky sport news channel? by duffman23 Q: What is the name of the song in the short ford commercial in sky sport news channel something with na na na na na na? I'm sure its kasabian but not 100%

A: Na na na nna nanan nannanan nananna annannannan nan na na na na na na na

can you watch sky sports news on your mobile if so how? by Q: i saw someone watching it on there phone and wondered if i could get it on mine my phone is the nokia n97 mini many thanks

A: Watching sports on the go has never been easier. Watch all the big games, match highlights and player interviews live on any computer! http://watch-live-sportsonline.com

Do you get up especially early just to watch Millie Clode on Sky Sports News ?? by Smarty Q:

A: She is pretty nice isn't she - can't say that I swet my alarm for her though.

how old is Olivia Godfrey from sky sports news? by Q:

A: 25

does anyone else think sky sports news is the best there is out there? by princesslouey Q: what's your favourite thing about it?

A: I adore it, especially the witty commentary.

Is Alex Hammond (sky sports news) a good horse racing tipster? by Michael Q: or is there someone better?

A: She's alright but i wouldn't put my house on something she said, She tends to only pick favourites and hasn't really got inside knowledge of horse racing

whos the sexiest female presenter on sky sports news? by Butsy Q: i still cant decide..they're all animal. charlotte jackson is looking peachy 2day

A: Millie & Georgie

whats sky sports news soccer saturday intro music? by M4rky d Q: do u know the theme i mean? what is the song called?

A: I think its Moloko, time is now!

Where can I watch sky sports news online? by Q: Just a link please

A: yeah mate its http://www.everythingon.tv/channel/view/sky-sports-1-1

sky sports news music track? by creeper Q: does any body know what the name of the song is that they play on the sky sports news channel just before an avert comes on and just before the program comes on again.

A: You don't know, do ya!!!

Is Chloe Everton, the Sky Sports News Presenter a lesbian? by phamhai288 Q:

A: In my experiences, no.

Who is the dark-haired young Irishman who presents on Sky Sports News from time to time? by PSears Q:

A: i found a site that help you a lot of information http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sky_News_Australia#Sport_Presenters

Sky Sports News on Ronaldo? by Storms Destiny Q: I was reading this on Sky Sports News http://www.skysports.com/story/0,19528,11096_3663047,00.html that said Ronaldo was on "top form again" yesterday. Is it just me or is this article totally biased? I thought Ronaldo played very average. Was it just me?

A: Wouldnt say he played average but he didnt look 'great.' Didnt stand out much at all. so you're right

will virgin media get sky sports news back? by Billie173 Q: virgin media stopped showing sky sports news will they bring it back

A: they could but maybe not

Should ITV launch a tv sports news channel that is equvalent to Sky Sports News? by James W Q:

A: James: Wrong forum! This is for technical questions, regarding TV operational and electronic problems. Try the "Entertainment & Music-TV" forum, where they discuss TV programing and related non-technical issues and you'll probably get a dozen "spiffy" answers!

SKY SPORTS NEWS... SPORTS OR NEWS? by James R Q: When taking out a sports package with SKY, why do I not get SKY SPORTS NEWS? I have recently bought a subscription with Sky. I purposely asked for the Sports package hoping that I would be able to watch Sky Sports News. But after questioning it with Sky they told me that in order to watch that channel I would have to add the News package to enable Sky Sports News. So this leads me to... Why is Sky Sports news classed as News?

A: Because it's a news channel for sports. The News Package on Sky is strictly for News (Sky News, BBC News, CNBC, Fox News, EuroNews and CNN). The Sports Package is for sports channel that show sports (Sky Sports, Eurosport, Setanta) You might have to get both packages (Sports and News) to get what you want

Why did Dan Lobb leave Sky Sports News? by amutt369 Q: i heard he made his last appearance on Dec. 30th or something, what happened? did he get a new job or something? haha, yes everton fan; coincidentially i was eating lobster when i thought of him and how i hadn't seen him for about a week or so.

A: He's lobbed off hasn't he! I was wondering where he went. . . Ah, he was a legend.

Sky Sports News Soundtrack? by kkormi2 Q: There is a soundtrack that plays on Sky Sports News on Fox Soccer Channel. Anybody knows what the name of the soundtrack and artist or composer is???

A: The bit of soundtrack with a female singing is from a Song called The time is now by the band Moloko.

what is the music to the new sky sports news hd advert called? by Q:

A: who cares, the music will be shite.

Who is that hot Sky Sports News presenter? by Q: Haha got to love Chris Kamara - "I don't know Jeff" lol. But I'm not gay. Who's that hot bird on sky sports??

A: Kris Kamara, oh how his weird accent and curly hair turn me on. There are many hot chicks. Georgie Thompson, Natalie Sawyer, Kirsty Gallagher and Millie Clode.

How many of the Man United fans coming back from Lille being interviewed on Sky Sports news are Cockneys ? by FRANK D Q: lol, virtually every single supporter is from London, support your local team, doesnt matter if your from London just be a glory hunter, they probably all followed Chelsea last year.

A: a lot of people who "support" the reds are bandwagoners.

Is Georgie Thompson the nicest presenter on sky sports news? by Q: the space cowboy i know what your saying but i can't decide between her and Kirsty Gallacher

A: Charlotte Jackson does it for me, but i can see where you're coming from lol.

Who is the male presenter on sky sports news in the evening? by mashduck Q: He's young, with dark gelled hair

A: Sky Sports News (SSN) is a 24-hour sports news channel in the United Kingdom. It is run by BSkyB whose sports channels include Sky Sports 1, 2, 3, and Xtra, as well as Sky Sports HD1 and HD2. One hour of live feed (weekdays at 5pm BST) and one hour of delayed feed (daily at 11pm BST) are picked up Fox Soccer Channel in the United States and Fox Sports World Canada; both FSC and Sky are News Corporation companies, and the company has a minority stake in FSW Canada. Current presenters are: Paul Boardman David Bobin Dave Clark Millie Clode Ed Chamberlin Vicky Gomersall David Jones Graham Little Dan Lobb Lee McKenzie Sam Matterface Alex Payne Ian Payne (Soccer Special) Alex Quinn Natalie Sawyer Andy Steggall Jeff Stelling (Soccer Saturday) Simon Thomas Georgie Thompson Claire Tomlinson Julian Warren Julian Waters Mike Wedderburn Jim White Alec Wilkinson Rob Wotton Tony Wrighton

What do you make of King Cantona's comments made in a Sky Sports News interview ?? by Smarty Q: 1, The only club in world football he would consider managing is Man Utd 2, He'd like to be England National Manager one day 3, He feels more like an Englishman than a Frenchman ?? I had the guy down as a legend anyway - but he's just elevated himself to another level with these words .. What a guy!!!!

A: 1. He can't manage us without any experience. SAF always said that he was the hardest trier in training. Perhaps a coaching role first. 2. Won't happen. Same reasons as Clough. 3. He was rejected by the French national side, and at a disciplinary hearing he told each person there, all members of the French FA, that they were an idiot. Individually, that was. One at a time. He was welcomed, nay loved, in England.

Does any one know why channel sky sports news in united kingdom which is a part of wwitv doesnt work? by Aint nothing but a peanut Q: any answers.that was the only channel that broadcast cricket world cup 2007.

A: i think cause its sky sports news, not sky sports 1

Do you agree with the sky sports news top 100 moments of the Naughties? by Ally Boyce Q: http://www.skysports.com/story/0,19528,1… I personally think that Northern Ireland Beating England 1-0 and/or Spain 3-2 should be in there somewhere. I also think if David Healy was English his all time top goalscoring record for a European qualification campaign would be in it. What do you think and what else should be in it? McFadden goal against France in Paris as well

A: yes i liked it!

Did you hear on Sky Sports News that RANGER got done for drink driving? by AL BUNDY Q: ....i wanted Georgie Thompson to deliver that news! i like a bit of irony. "i was expecting a pun" i hear you cry. Ranger says he doesn't have a drink problem, but i think he is in deNile......

A: The lad is starting to annoy me. fighting, drink driving late for training, does't listen when he IS at training. Wouldn't be surprised if he turned out to be the footballer caught taking coke...

Sky Sports News goes HD tomorrow you excited? by Q: Awesome @ last! After Sky News is in HD now Sky Sports News will follow GREAT! Get to see Chloe Everton in HD mmmm she is nice and Vicky Gomersall they're super nice - don't speak to me about Georgie Thompson she is an overrated air head! Walking around with this stupid smile on her face with these stupid facial expressions! I wouldn't even let that t4rt get on her knees to suck my hosepipe! But great that Sky Sports News is now in HD! woo Big match in South West London today hey! @ artemis - I agree!!!! cos my TV in my room no SSN ='( but I don't mind if it means that I will get HD in the front room in front of the 50inch Plasma Panasonic HD ready TV =D

A: i will now talk to you about Georgie Thompson..lol... lmfao at your hosepipe hahah..class mate....

sky sports news say its official rafa has been sacked by inter milan ? by Deano™ Q: anyone else heard anything or is old deano behind the times yet again .. merry xmas and all my love to you and yours delbert .. infact merry xmas and all my love to you all on the footie section ,,

A: He was sacked on Monday Deano , the official line is that it was only announced today while they sorted out his pay off . He should be embarrassed to take a penny from them but the man has no shame ! Nice to see you on here Deano , I wish you and yours a very happy Christmas , you deserve one .

Does anyone else desperately miss Sky Sports news on freeview? by siRyan ★★★ Q: I feel somewhat less informed these days @Geordie. I've got sky mate.. Just not in my bedroom @Blue. Nice to see you back in my Qs

A: Feel your pain mate..

Did Sky sports news employ Georgie Thompson to get their viewings up ? by Hola' Hovito ™ Q: Shes a hottie

A: you would think they would know we are gonna watch it for the football anyway, but they put Georgie on aswell, she really is hot alright!

How can i watch live sky sports, geo news tv, and all sport and news channels online for free? by noname Q: Hellow. can someone please tell me where i can watch live news and sport channels? please send me the links thank you.

A: go to google and type in TVU player.

Who just seen The Miz live on sky sports news, he was AWESOME!? by Q: This guy is genuinely funny and full of charisma, he just made it to number 2 in my fav 5 after Barrett. If you missed it check out youtube in a day or 2 or the sky sports news website.

A: Jim White got SCF'd :)

how much do you reckon sky sports news presenters get paid? by bill904 Q: Just wondering if anyone knows or would take a rough guess at how much they earn

A: 100 K It's just a guess.

Who was the footballer Barry Silkman was talking about on Sky Sports News that wanted an Adidas sponsorship? by Will B Q: i think its hilarious that he went and got him stuff and told him it was from adidas hahaha

A: Yeh i remember on SSN when he said about the player who wanted the sponsorship, then he sent him 3 pairs of boots "out of his own pocket" and then the player rang him and said that he wanted tracksuit as well, sorry but i cant remeber his name

Should ITV launch a sports news channel, which is eqivalent to Sky Sports News? by James W Q: It can show football news as well.

A: I guess this would be useful if it was on ordinary tv for people who don't have sky, but if it was going to be on Sky, it would seem pointless for another exact same show when Sky Sports is already established and very efficient.

Did you notice Sky Sports News is biased and favors Manchester United? by All Chelsea h8ers leave now!!! Q: I mean every weak they show United first even, if on that day Chelsea played a better game. Or even if another game is more exciting. Or is it just me?

A: Did any1 notice SSN being biased and favoring Liverpool yesterday aswell Charlie Nicholas shouting 'Yesssssssssssss Goaaaaaaaal' when liverpool equalised Not that i'm bitter or anything but Liverpool were lucky yesterday. Took a sending off to help them get two goals.

where can i watch sky sports news abroad? by Q: I am going to Portugal and am interested in the football transfer window, is there anywhere I can watch SSN online for free? Ive tried sky player but that is not supported abroad. Thanks for the help

A: In english, right? Sportnews maybe.. but in the Portugese hotels you will be able to watch at least BBC and CNN, so if there is any major transfer, you will be able to know.. plus there are many english newspapers..

Where can I watch sky sports news for free online? by Connor H Q: Ever since it was taken off freeview I cant watch it anymore :( any sites have it 24/7? This is not an invitation for spammers, I specifically emphasized the word FREE!!!! Also they sites you have posted don't have sky sports news on it

A: Sky posts 24 hours after all games have finished an you can see for free almost everywhere,.

Where can i watch Sky Sports News Free online? by mike m Q: I Can watch Sky Sports 1,2 and 3 + Both Eurosports Channels and ESPN on MyPremium.tv But where can you watch Sky Sports News. Any Takers

A: Try justintv,not always of high quality but is for free,.

City are really spending, Sky Sports news said Adebayor offered double his wage? by UC BLUES -Shim/ Shem.. everyone knows the truth Q: Are they going to be able to win anything or get in the top four? Will Hughes still be manager by Xmas? Any other shock signings you can foresee for City?

A: i heard an arsenal fan on the radio saying he would give adebayor a lift to manchester! top four - NO win anything - NO will hughes be manager by xmas - NO he might make november though. shock signings JT maybe?. im sure they have lost their heads, or have the EPL changed the rules for next season, you can only still field 11 players can't you? what formation are they gonna play? 1-2-7?

Who is the sexiest female presenter on Sky Sports News? by Q: Do you like Charlotte Jackson, Hayley McQueen, Georgie Thompson or Millie Clode? Awww, i'd have to go with Hayley McQueen she's the fittest, but it's quite a hard choice tbf lol.

A: Millie Clode

What's the best site to watch Sky Sports News (UK) live? by The Good, The Bad and the Blue Q: Thankss. By the way it has to be free. Hello again XY. Was in London on holiday and couldn't take my eyes of Sky Sport News. It's a f antastic channel and there's nothing of it s quality back in Aus.

A: Hi mate, long time no see... I am not 100% sure but you can try sky player, although i think it may be only for subscribers....otherwise you may have to search for streaming maybe... Hmm yes it is very good, i didn't know you guys didn't get it, i think even in USA they have it don't they? Check this link: http://skyplayer.sky.com/vod/content/SKYSPORTS/content/default/promoPage.do I think you can watch the headlines for free after creating an account, but whether it's live or not is another story, but it's still up to date and updated frequently i am sure. I am a subscriber to sky sports so i don't actually know if i can get it online for free because i haven't been a non-subscriber if you know what i mean. There are various free services on sky player, but as for live matches they charge for them but you must have live footy over there anyway. Hope this helps.

What do you think of the new sky sports news studio? by AL BUNDY Q: no sir. i don't like it. what's with that huge scrolling info bar in the background?

A: It seems too bright and i prefer the old one

How do you know if a score is half time on Sky Sports News? by AndyY Q: The scores on the right hand side of the screen seem to always look the same, regardless of whether they are in play or half time. Is there a way of telling the difference between them? They change colour at full time, but during half time they don't seem to.


Was sky sports news showing the carling cup final? by M4rky d Q: or are they just showing the presentation celebrations? lol i just turned it over there and seeing sky sports news live and seeing the man utd player goin up the step. just wondering.

A: Just the presentation straight after the game ;p then the usual news followed up

Why didn't Sky Sports News Mention Anything About Calzaghe? by CelticAlliance Q: Sky Sports News should be giving us the news in the world of sport not whats coming up on Sky. I've noticed how much they are now talking about Calzaghe. Sky Sports News is like a propaganda programme for Sky, they're just trying to promote their own shows not give sports news.

A: He's a boxer, and I don't know it's weird.

What has happened to Sky Sports News on SKY? by Q: I have Sky TV at home. Its a standard subscription with the Children's pack. I do not have the Sky Sports package, however the Sky Sports News channel has been available to view freely for everyone with this Until today, It has disappeared, it now has the box with a number to buy channel packages! Does Anyone know why it has happened!?

A: Yeah they have started to charge for that as well. UNBELIEVABLE.

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