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'Charmer': Dhalla poses for a snap with Alison at her mother's wedding
Alison remained untroubled about the relationship and in July they took a week-long holiday to the Greek island of Skiathos. They took a boat trip to an idyllic beach and swam in clear seas – and during the trip Dhalla buried a ring in the sand, ...

Top tips for travelling with your pet - Yahoo! Travel UK
"Eva was the first dog to fly from Skiathos Airport and the pilot even mentioned the special guest travelling with us and all the passengers were very excited in the departure lounge. The flight was fine, but Eva was very scared afterwards – perhaps it ...

Greece is the Word… And here's why
For something a little more traditional, try the resorts of Kefalonia, Zante (which featured in the Cosmos top 10 holiday destinations) or Skiathos with a mix of stunning beaches, laidback lifestyle and ancient history. The island of Corfu lies north ...

Yorgo Papanderou Skiathos adasında kano molası verdi
Yunanistan'da durmadan devam eden siyasî gelişmelerden sıyrılmayı başaran PASOK Partisi Genel Başkanı Yorgo Papandreou soluğu Skiathos adasında aldı. Azınlıkça Online ekibinin Türkçeye çevirdiği habere göre, PASOK partisindeki ortam parti tarihinde ...

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black_no_sugar 20 July: Kalimera, Skiathos!! :)

Angie_Polonia @neneeke ja tak samo :D to wyróżnia też właśnie wyspe Skiathos

photopassport Aerial view of Skiathos island Greece: http://t.co/wutNVwEa http://t.co/9aXeDHUd

rosewhiff @Angie_Polonia byłas na Skiathos?

lisaOzz @skiathostom me? Not skiathos no nibbles and no wine #meh #COYS

skiathostom @lisaOzz Skiathos, glass of red wine and some nibbles, really looking forward to it, you??

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where to go on holiday??? by OLLIE&JOESMUM Q: I'm looking to book a holiday in september for my husband, myself and our three year old little boy. I would ideally like somewhere in europe with white sandy beaches (not heaving) and calm shallow waters. I also like traditional eating places, not burger bars or macdonalds!! I have been to skiathos in greece in the past and loved it but I want to go somewhere different. Please can anybody reccommend somewhere pretty and not too busy.

A: Malta, Tenerife, Cornwall

Just how HOT will it be??......also some tips please!? by Chloe M Q: Im going on holiday to Skiathos (an island off of Greece) on June 17th for 2 weeks. What will the weather be like at that time of year? Also if its very hot i can be prone to sunburn and sunstroke! Whats the best way to avoid both of these? All of the websites i have looked at say stay out of the sun! But then whats the point in going somewhere sunny....i still want a tan.

A: Hi, i would assume that the temperature at the end of June is usually not boiling so i would say between 26-32 C. My advice is to try and go to the beach between say 9-12 then stay in the shade (under an umbrella/tree/in a taverna) between 1-3.30 and then go back out in the sun. Between 1 and 3.30 the sun is the hotest! Good luck and enjoy Greece :-)

Greece - Quiet, Historic, With Beach, Not Too Many Kids - HELP!? by Kate B Q: I've been looking for a week's holiday in Greece for the past couple of months, and I still don't have a clue where to go! Everywhere has such conflicting reports. First I thought Skiathos would be nice, but then I heard it's rowdy and bland. Then I thought about Halkidiki, but apparently that's even busier. Now I'm thinking Crete, but there are so many different options! What I'm looking for is somewhere not too tacky, not crowded, with some nice sandy beaches and a bit of history - I don't mind popping on a bus or walking to somewhere interesting. I preferably don't want to worry about a long transfer from the airport to the area either - anything under an hour would be good. I'm travelling with my boyfriend. We're both in our mid twenties. We're not a big fan of rowdy families or the clubbing generation. Just want something nice! HELP! Also, if anyone could provide links so I know who to book with, that would be fantastic. Thanks.

A: Greece is crowded with tourists by definition. Crete is a great choice, though. So is Rhodes, if you want some history. Anyway..... if you want to run from the crowds, I'd advise some beautiful, nice, quiet island in the northern part of the Aegean. Have a nice vacation you two!

What are your 5 fav. Greek islands? by Q: BQ: Which ones have you been to? I only been to Skiathos. It was nice.

A: There isn't a Greek island I've been to that I didn't like. If I had to pick 5 faves, they would be: Kefalonia Crete Skiathos Thassos Mytilini But then I also love Tinos, Paros, Lemnos, Corfu and Syros.

Where would the best place in Greece be............? by lucky paws Q: ............for running. I have read that the roads are quite dangerous and would like to know which island (excluding crete and rhodes and athens) would be the best to keep up with my running? Ideally it would be a choice between Santorini, Skiathos and Lesbos.

A: Corfu has an extensive kilo-metric road system and some excellent roads for running and there are many people who do it . Also it has two very convenient coves, of almost a mile long stretch, for walking too. One in Garitsa bay and the other in Ipsos bay.

Best place to go in Greece in October? by letsbronze Q: Hi i have been to skiathos in greece when i was quite young. me and my partner are looking to go this october. Ideally we are looking for an area quite close but not in an busy town, nice beaches/views, quite quiet (not full of college students etc) but with good shops and connections to possibly explore other parts of the island. we recently went to tunisia and it was way too quiet keeping us busy for only 2 out of the 7 days and went we went to spain the area Salou was WAY too touristy!! Can anyone help :)

A: santorini, corfu, athens, halkidiki

Is this hot enough to tan? by Chloe M Q: Im going to Skiathos in Greece for 2 weeks in june and have found out the average temparature in 28c-31c is this hot enough to sit out in and tan as i dont have a clue?

A: Oooh sh*t yeah ... I'm from Australia so that seems pretty normal to me. But if you're from a place with a colder climate, you're gonna cook =S You'll definitely tan though.

Why no holidays to Mykonos ? by granville54 Q: All previous years brochures have gone to Mykonos. What has Mykonos done wrong to be excluded? Has the contract departments of such as Thomson & Thomas Cook taken leave of their senses? Other Greek islands such as Skiathos are available from the UK. So what has gone wrong?

A: Apparently Myconos has reached capacity and wants no more tourism. Just like Disneyland. When 60.000 people walk in, they close the gates!

Which is/are your favorite beach/beaches in Greece? by Q: We all know that Greece has the best beaches probably worldwide but which one is your favorite or favorites? Mine are: - Agrari beach in Mykonos - Platys Gialos in Sifnos - Assos and Myrtos in Kefalonia - All the beaches in Milos (man, its like a paradise on earth) - Banana beach in Skiathos - Pounta beach in Paros - Chiliadou in Evoia and many more ...

A: I know a small beach somewhere no more than 10m across, left and right salty rocks and pine trees. Fine white powdery sand, deep emerald crystal clear waters. Where is it? Not for all the Cigars of the world I wont tell you. There are no more than a dozen people that know the secret !

I'm going to athens, greece this week and want to know where i should spend the five days i'm not in athens. by travelchatter Q: I will be in Athens for 5 days then have 5 more days to do whatever and trying to figure out where to go. I have been to mykonos and skiathos. Looking for beach and adventure sports, if possible.

A: Yes, Corfu is beautiful and out of the world. You should try it though it may be a bit cold in this weather... Santorini is another where you might try and go. It was the top destination last year.

Whats your favorite beach in Greece? by hard_n_tender26 Q: I have several ones, one of them is Hrisopigi in Sifnos, Paradise in Mykonos, Banana beach in Skiathos and another one in Milos (i dont recall the name,boh!) . Goodmorning Ms.Lady ;)

A: Kavourotripes - Sithonia Chalkidiki Banana - Skiathos Porto Katsiki - Lefkada Antipaxos Kolimbithres - Paros Aliko - Naxos Antiparos (no name secluded beach) But on top of all are: Maganari - Ios Pori - Koufonisia Greece is full of paradise beaches, my friends...

I'm Going To Greece For 10 Days, Any Chance I Might Get To See Some Protests? by Q: I'm staying the hell out of Athens, but I've never seen a protest before! Any chance I could see one anywhere else? I'm gonna be visiting, Meteora, Mt. Olympus, Sakolini, Skiathos, and Delphi.

A: Spectacular spectacular! Now Greece aside from Ancient monuments and dazzling beaches offers you the chance of a lifetime to live the life of a protester for some hours maybe even for a whole day! Oh my god. There will be no protests where you're going unfortunately. But there are protests outside Athens good god, whoever said else has no living idea of Greece. In Thessaloniki there are protests almost every time there is one in Athens or in Greece in general, also Cretans are very active, but you won't be in Crete. People in Epirus such as Ioannina do protest and occupy buildings everytime there is a call for protest all around Greece and many other places that are considered 'towns' or cities. You won't get to see protests on archeological spots such as Delphi you won't see protests in islands of touristic importance and you will definately not come accross any protests in the mountain Olympus or in the rocks of Meteora.

What to see from the Athens Airport? by Q: I have an 8 hour lay over in Athens (catching a flight to skiathos in the evening). What can i see in Athens during that time? What would be easy to get to using public transportation?

A: Not much I'm afraid. To go to the center is an hours trip each way. So that leaves very limited time to do anything. Most likely you will have to spend that time in the airport. Only possible off the airport grounds visit you can do is the mega stores just on the other side of the road, but even that is a bit too far to walk to. IKEA, Le Roy Marlin, an electrical appliances and a clothes outlet are there and up until mid August there are sales on. So you may make an interesting buy.

How to get a really nice tan !? by Q: I'm going to skiathos on holiday at the end of july for 2 weeks, and really want to get a great tan ! I always tan but are there any good oils I could use to increase it! I dont usually burn so I use low factors already. Any suggestions would be great :) ! Paulaa x

A: Go to a tanning bed or get a real one from the sun. Try not to use lotions or sprays. To me, the are noticeably fake.

Which one is better ? Corfu or skiathos? by Da Devil Princess Q:

A: Depend on how old are you and what you want to do. For us the greeks skiathos is ideal for family holidays, for young people who want fun i believe corfu is better. Skiathos has a small scale of tourism yet has a lot to offer. But i you just want to party like crasy corfu is the place to be with mass tourism scale. both of the island are crowded during august so be carefull. Both of them are different but both of them are beutifull. I will go to skiathos at 13/07 so when i return you can ask me whatever you want. I have been in corfu but not during summer. I know that corfu is sea, sun, sights, sand and sex. Choose what you like best.

Lalaria Beach, Skiathos? by soccergirl07 Q: I used to have this really beautiful picture of Lalaria Beach as my desktop background but I accidentally deleted it. It was of Lalaria beach it was a zoomed out picture that had a hill and a tree in the foreground and the beach and that rock formation in the background. I've searched weeks to find it but I can't. If anyone knows of a picture that sounds similar please send me a link or something because I really want that picture back. Please HELP!

A: I LOVE THAT BEACH!!!! But I don't have a picture of it, sorry. :( Try looking here....http://images.google.com.my/images?hl=en&rlz=1T4ADBR_enMY325MY327&um=1&sa=1&q=lalaria+skiathos&aq=f&oq=&start=0

Are there sharks in Skiathos waters? by HappyChick Q:

A: None that you should worry about. The real worries should be the sharks on land. You know the ones who go up to good looking girls at the beach and flex their muscles. "Check out these pecs baby. Yeah, see how I made it twitch? That's precise muscle control. This body is a temple, do you want to be a temple priestess and worship my body?" Watch out for those sharks.

Summer Sun... Skiathos?? here we come....HELP!!? by XprincessX Q: Hi guys, Me and my boyfriend are looking to book a holiday for June/July this year. It will be our first holiday together and also both of our first holidays without parents. Were looking to go to Skiathos in Greece as many people have recomended it to us, and after looking on the net it looks beautiful. However there are so many places to stay and so many beaches in Skiathos that it is difficult to know exactly where to go. Has anyone been or know anything about Skiathos??....For example the best apartments/Hotels.... Which of the beaches is the best. Any help anyone can give would be great!!

A: I've been to Thessaloniki, but I can't help you with Skiathos... sorry...

Help (London-Skiathos)? by Lily L Q: Please can someone help? Does anyone know how long it takes to get from London to Skiathos, it would help if it wasn't just a guess. Thank You xx =)

A: from London Gatwick three and a half hours great place you will enjoy the island Skiathos the landing is a bit of fun the pilot is braking before he lands the plane, its a short landing watch the you tube vid http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XGN9iHWyGdA

What was the best cultural experience you had? by Q: Mine would deffinately have to be in Greece! We were returning back from Skiathos, and the captain had AMAZING Greek music playing, and he was on deck doing a Zorba demonstration, and then he started pulling people in, and before you knew it, almost everyone on deck was dancing the Zorba! It was truely an incredible experience! I cry everytime I watch it! I've traveled to a lot of places, and I've never been so emerersed in the culture, as I was at that moment! It was truely a life chaning experience!

A: I experience this festival where most in the are silent for a day and all even the tourists participate to the festival. It happens yearly in Bali as their culture.

What is the average cost to fly to Greece in June? by Q: I'm going to Greece Island of Skiathos, what is the cheapest way to get there?

A: From where ? Try http://www.expedia.com that should give you a clue.

Spending money for Skiathos Greece??? by Chloe M Q: Helppppp! How much spending money am i going to need for 2 weeks in Skiathos Greece. I only plan on relaxin by the pool however haver got to buy all my meals, breakfast and lunch will be something simple that i make myself in the apartment. But i will eat out every night, but i dont drink alcholic drinks! My money will be spent on Evening meals, food to keep in the apartment, bottled water and thats about it!! How much do i need to save in british pounds or euros?

A: you will need about 500 euro... Skiathos is kinda expensive~

Eating out in Skiathos Greece...hmmmmmmm? by Chloe M Q: Please help! Im going away to Skiathos in Greece for 2 weeks in June. How much will an average evening meal in a reasturant cost me? Excluding alcohol as i dont drink?

A: it depends on how close is that restaurant to the beach,it can be very expensive,it can cost you from 20 euro to 40 euro maybe more.. i would suggest you to go to the centre of Skiathos ,there is a nice tavern in the highest spot of skiathos,you can see all skiathos from there and is much cheaper.... PS:Always ask for the menu catalog(prices)~

review please of paramount hotel in skiathos? by Georgiie;08 Q:

A: have a look on trip ad visor, put in place then search hotel, you will get honest reviews on there

Athens, Skiathos and Ios? by Q: I'm going to Greece for 2 weeks in July. Going to Athens (just a few days to see the sights), Skiathos (meeting up with a group of friends) then ios. After that i'm heading to Italy for 2 weeks. Any advice for getting around these places in Greece? What is Skiathos like?

A: Yes.

All the rooms booked out in Skiathos, Greece?? by Ms_S Q: My very good friend is going to Skiathos very soon. I dont know the dates but its within the next week or so. She needs a room just for one night whilst she is in transit. She could only find one for over 400 euros. She most definately cant afford that. Even half that is a bit much for her but atleast it would be better than 400. Anybody have any connections in Skiathos?? A favour for me who lives in the Dodecanese...? I'll return the favour if you come down my way? ;) lol I think the 400 euro one was like a really good hotel, fancy, which was the only one she found available. Skiathos is just for one night whilst she is in transit, she is going for a tour of north Greece I think, or around Athens or something...

A: Why in Skiathos with so high prices? In the Dodecanese there are islands like Rodos, Symi, Nisiros, Tilos, which are really fantastic the the people there do not expect to get rich overnight. 400 Euros? Dear god!

Skiathos, July 2009 information needed :)? by Q: I am going to the greek island of skiathos at the end of July this year, and I was wondering if anybody knew roughly what the temperatures will be like, and what clothing would be suitable to take? Also, any activities recommended to do/see in skiathos would be appreciated !

A: It will me nice and warm 90 plus degrees Fahrenheit, not sure what that converts to in Celsius, but bring shorts and a swimsuit!

Skiathos to Athens boat trip? by scouserglen Q: I am going to the Champions Leauge final in Athens later this month but i am staying in Skiathos. I need as much information as possible on the boat trips that run to Athens. Thankyou

A: I think you have to drive or take a bus to Ag. Konstantinos or Volos (3-4 hours drive) and from there you take the ferry to Skiathos).

Skiathos Forest Fires? by BoBBob Q: Does anyone know how bad the forest fires are/were in Skiathos? I'm booked to fly out there in August for two weeks for my holidays. We went last year and we're not sure if we should go back as it would upset us. Our holiday company has said that the hotel is ok In Troulos - but could they be saying this so they still get their money out of us?! We're just slightly worried. Can anyone tell us where the burnt land starts/stops, or any other destinations that are like Skiathos where we can possibly go to if its bad in Skiathos? I'm at the Hermes Apartments. Trying to get in touch with the owner Christos but not having much luck!

A: Hi. Me, my wife and my 9 year old daughter came back from Troulos on Friday 13th July a day after the fires. The worst hit area was the next resort of Aghia Paraskevi ( Platanias) although it did make it to the edge of Troulos ( between bus stops 17 and 18) with the vast majority of the resort escaping any damage. I do not know where your apartments are but as far as we were made aware there were no apartments damaged in Troulos and on walking around on the morning after this did appear to be the case. We had to get off at bus stop 20 for our accomodation which is by the Frog Bar (and road to the beach. Here you would not even know there had been a fire unless you looked up towards bus stop 18 and beyond. It only seemed to be the pine forest that sustained the damage although you will only see this as you leave Troulos and head towards Skiathos town which will also take you through the worst hit resort. The roads were undamaged and so you can still get around as normal. I would very much doubt your holiday company would lie about your hotel as I would have thought by law they would have to advise you that your accomodation was to be changed and giving reasons why. You will still be able to have a great holiday it is just unfortunate that some of the surrounding pine forests have been severly damaged. We would go back tomorrow as we loved our first visit to this island. Go and enjoy I am sure you will have a fab time

What is Skiathos like in May? by Q: I'm going to Skiathos on Holiday in May. And just wondered what it's like? What's the best beach? (sandiest, and with preferably with a bar haha) Is Skiathos busy during May or fairly quiet? What's the weather like? (I'm guessing hot and sunny? haha) Best place for watersports? (Banana boats etc) Thank you in advance :)

A: Generally speaking May is not one of the hot months in Greece. Apart from that, the tourist season starts for some places around that time. Also not all amenities are available in full. So, be prepared to be in quieter surroundings, sunny but not hot.

Katsarou and Rache Vasilias in Skiathos. Can anybody tell me some resort information on these.? by gary h Q:

A: Do you mean Koutsouri? I know Vasillias Beach area it isn't too far from the main town area approx 30mins walk. The beach of Vasillias has a taverna and it is children friendly.

Hotel Esperides Skiathos Greece? by tropical_starlight Q: I'm thinking about staying at the Esperides hotel in Skiathos Greece. Is it a good hotel?

A: Hi, http://www.tripadvisor.com/Hotel_Review-g189499-d290705-Reviews-Hotel_Esperides_Achladies_Bay-Skiathos_Sporades.html

Where in skiathos are the Achladies Apartments? by john smith Q:

A: http://www.freewebs.com/achladies-apartments/ hope this helps you

Have you been to Skiathos Island? by Nick K Q: Have you been to Skiathos Island and If you have what was your favorite thing about it?

A: I have been there with my parents when I was a little kid. Anyway it is more of a party island for young people than an island for family vacations like Alonissos, Skopelos, Lesvos or Syros.

Skiathos island (Greece) to Venice , Fly or Train or Ship? by kia_science Q: We ,a 3 person family, want to travel from Skiathos island to Venice on 29th August , What is the best way to do this? we don't want to get into trouble at the same time money is important for us.

A: usually what comes to mind if someone wants to travel cheaper is to take the long uncomfortable way. that is taking a boat or the flying dolphin to go to the port of Volos or Agios Konstantinos,or the boat to Pireas,afterward a bus to take you to Athens, to catch another bus to take you to Patras and hop on a ship to travel to Italy. and not all ships end up in Venice most of them actually go to Brintizi or Ancona, so you may have to take another bus to take you to Venice. i would check the rates on planes if i were you and compare them with with all the travel expenses of the longest route, and of course the longest route is also time consuming, so i would put that also on my list. http://www.in2greece.com/english/places/summer/islands/skiathos.htm http://www.cemepe.prd.uth.gr/Bus%20Athens-Volos.pdf http://www.athensinfoguide.com/buslineswinter/busTT3.htm http://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowTopic-g189398-i192-k289216-From_Athens_airport_to_Agios_Constantinos_port-Greece.html http://www.ferries.gr/gaferries/ http://thalis.math.upatras.gr/~panos/EnglVersion/Webpage/HowtoreachPatras.html http://www.ferries.gr/minoan/VenMain.htm http://www.aia.gr/flight_schedule/domestic_en.htm http://www.aia.gr/flight_schedule/european_en.htm

Accomodation with pool in Skiathos? by Man on the moon Q: I've booked a flight from Uk to Skiathos at start of July but have not booked a hotel or apartment. Is there plenty of availability if I just turn up with the family or shouild I have somewhere sorted before arrival? Thanks.

A: Many of the hotels and apartments in Skiathos have pools, but I certainly wouldn't wait until you arrive before looking for something that suits. Do you really want to waste time going around with luggage searching for and comparing accommodation? And how would you know where to look & what is a reasonable price? It must be far better to have a look at a number of properties, in the comfort of your home, where you can see who has availability, the price charged and the area & facilities on offer. You can also get the views of others that have used the accommodation. http://www.alpharooms.com/guide/greece/skiathos/default.aspx http://www.skiathosapartments.com/

There is a new pool at troulos bay hotel in skiathos - where can i find a picture? by jess_xx_2001 Q:

A: Try typing in on google, "troulos bay hotel new pool". I have never stayed there myself, but I go to Troulos every year and I am going back at the end of july this year. I stay in the Victoria Complex apartments which I would definitely recommend! Have a great holiday :) x

Skopelos or Skiathos greek Island? Which one is better? reccommend? by Giorgio Q: I am about to travel to Sporades (greece) this June and I haven't decided yet if I should visit Skopelos or Skiathos. Please someone which has visited any of these islands, recommend the best place for partying and great food. Thanks

A: Both are great! But I think I prefer Skopelos,if you go there finally don't forget to swim in Stafilos beach! Scopelos has fabulous landscape and great beaches (as in all the Sporades).I really like this island.....Have fun in Greece

what is the age limit in greece, skiathos to buy alcohol? also to go clubbin? by Q: im going to greece next week im 16 and i wondered what the age limit to buy alcohol is? so if i went to a shop near my hotel will they serve me alcohol? without ID? im 16 but i think i look about 17-18 when im dressed up, also could i get into a night club?

A: Well the legal age to buy alcohol and clubs is 18 like everywhere in Greece. It's unlikely for them to card anyone unless they look really underage. So I'd advice you to be careful, I mean don't drink to much and take care of yourself. Since you are a young girl, it would be a pity to see some nasty older man take advantage of you. Stay with your friends. .or whoever you go to Greece with and have fun.

Holiday on the island of Skiathos GREECE! Any tips? by Chloe M Q: Me and my boyfriend have just booked two weeks in June to go to the Greek island of Skiathos. Just a few questions... Has anyone ever been to Skiathos? If so do you have any advice? What is it like? Any good places/beaches to visit? Where to eat? How hot is it? How much spending money etc etc! However if no one has been to Skiathos what is Greece like in general? In terms of food? Is it expensive?

A: The only sharks I found were in a Tex-Mex place. Basically, gyros pita at four times the price. Otherwise no more expensive really than anywhere else in Greece. Fantastic beaches and loads of them. Old town is really nice. Airport is, um, interesting. Only one real road so car hire isn't too necessary and there's a great bus service, bus stops are numbered to make it really easy. Take a cruise to Skopelos and Alonnisos, see the dolphins. Nice island, you'll have loads of fun.

Is Skiathos airport still working this summer? by an_jee12 Q: Last year I tried to organize a trip to Sporades Islands, but couldn't make it in the end, anyway I knew for sure that the airport in Skiathos was working, There were daily flights from and to Athens (with Olympic airlines). This year I'm trying to do the same, but it seems like no flights athens.-skiathos can be booked anywhere. There are no infos about what may have happened to the airport.. being a scary landing I thought it could have been closed, or maybe it only works in summer... anybody knows for sure?

A: I think so. Athens Airways seems to be flying twice a week to Skiathos. Check it out: http://www.athensairways.com/cgi-bin/airkiosk/I7/191003?100204192025.

I am going to Skiathos on 20 July. Should i book ferry in advance? by Dejan Q: I am afraid there is going to be space if I by tickets at the port. I am going by car.

A: for sure you should as fewer ferries operating this year. Make sure you book onto a ferry that CF beside it - this means Car ferry. Enjoy Skiathos it's a lovely island.

Can anyone advise the approximate distance, and or travel time by hydrofoil from Skiathos island to Athens? by X O Q: We are trying to determine if it would be worth booking a flight to travel back to Athens from Skiathos, or enjoy a nice boat ride, as long as it does not take half a day to get there.

A: Sure, you leave Athens with Bus to Volos, takes around 3 hours, there you get on a ferry. they take betwen 1hr 20min to 2hrs25min

How much does it cost to fly to Skiathos, Greece in June? by Q:

A: From where??

What episode of 'A Place In The Sun' features 'Skiathos/Skopelos'? by Q: What episode of 'A Place In The Sun' features 'Skiathos/Skopelos'? I'd like to know the series and episode number please. Im pretty sure its not in the first 5 series. It may also be on the 'A Place In The Sun - Home or Away Series. Thanks

A: The episode is titled "Skiathos and Skopelos" and hosted by property expert Amanda Lamb. http://www.locatetv.com/tv/place-in-the-sun/208439 But there are conflicting information regarding the episode. MSN TV list the episode as being the 166th episode of "A Place in the Sun". Original Air Date: 02-05-2004 http://tv.msn.com/tv/series-episodes/a-place-in-the-sun.2/?si=21 While the Movie-TV-Database says it is part of Series 1 (Season 1) http://movie-tv-episode-database.com/Travel/A-Place-in-the-Sun-78989/season-1/episode-0/Skiathos-and-Skopelos-712909

Has anyone been to Skiathos in the Greek Islands? by El Pago Q: We're flying from London and need to get a ferry from the Greece mainland to the island of Skiathos but it's proving difficult! Does anyone know the best way to get to the island? Must be by boat

A: Fly to Athens. Cab to Piraeus. Boat to Skiathos. No hassle. Just; anticipation, pleasure, relaxation, and then; even more pleasure. Have a wonderful time.

How can i get from Thessaloniki to Skiathos and how are the prices? by Filip G Q:

A: Have a look here: http://greekferries.forth-crs.gr/english/npgres.exe?PM=BB Choose your destination and your departure port, how many passengers, the day and you'll get the daily ferry schedule.

How do I get to Skiathos from Athens, Greece? by Joanna Q: I do not want to fly there. So, I checked the ferry schedule for beginning June leaving from Volos or Agios Constantinos and its says there are no departures. Help me! Why is this?

A: It is too early in the season. But usually the ferries go around the same time all year. From Volos you can take Hellenic Seaways Flying Cat at 14:30 and get to Skiathos at 16:00 or from Ag. Constantinos, Hellenic Seaways Flying Dolphin 10:30 and get to Skiathos at 12:00. You can book the ticket for sure one month ahead, so don't worry! http://www.hellenicseaways.gr/index.asp?a_id=209

Can anyone recommend anywhere romantic to either eat or drink in skiathos, Greece ? by Q: We will be staying in Koukanaries. I thought maybe somewhere you can watch the sunset.

A: Head for The Windmill which has brilliant views over Skiathos itself. It is a tough old trek up to it, but definitely worth it. Book in advance for a romantic dinner at The Honeymoon Table. It is not cheap, but the setting and food are superb.

How much is it to go to Skiathos for an under 18? by Q: I'm going to Skiathos next year with my family & my friend might be coming, does anybody know how much it is if your under 18? my friend would like to know.

A: emm you didn't mention how long you will plan to stay there.the 2 already answered are trolls ok?you should not take much,only for buing food snacks/drinks & presents[my cousin went there 2 years ago & i can inform you{if you haven't already known} the island became very popular attraction due to the fact ''mamma mia'' movie being filmed there.you are lucky spending your holidays there ;))

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