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jwalksonwater RT @4BeyonceNet: Vote for @Beyoncé’s “Party” in this Sirius XM: The Heat poll! http://t.co/5gEDgjWisent RT

4BeyonceNet Vote for @Beyoncé’s “Party” in this Sirius XM: The Heat poll! http://t.co/5gEDgjWisent RT

marketsurveys1 Sirius XM Profit Grows, but Subscription Growth Fails to Meet Expectations - http://t.co/1Of4HIBd

ZowyWendFor Sirius XM (NASDAQ:SIRI): RBC Capital Markets Analyst David Bank Maintains ... - Satellite Radio Playground http://t.co/BlvMCfto

TPardue11 @PaulGrecoRadio @TheTonyCincotta @SiriusXMFantasy BEST show, best hosts on Sirius XM! Fantasy Pros 911 bangin it out as always!

web_radio Sirius XM: A Case Of Missing Identity: http://t.co/5HXkiSc7


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Ike4Freese Sirius XM: A Case Of Missing Identity http://t.co/ajyDmOO9

Bella0123698745 Sirius-Xm_Browning Br-X-Mag Xm & Sirius Combo Magnet Antenna (Car Audio Xm Radio ): SIRIUS-XM_BROWNING BR-X-MAG ... http://t.co/EoWAlnwX

igordrago thx to DJ Johnny Budz for dropping my Strobe Changes Flash Bodyshine Booty in "The Hit Factory" Show on Sirius XM... http://t.co/uHuwLwX9

dailydoseofrock Except for a genre specific Sirius/XM channel and PBS fundraising specials, Doo Wop tends to go unexplored and... http://t.co/XLf8AAgb


Will a Sirius XM Mirge radio work with a universal Sirius radio boombox? by .::NiC::. =]] Q: I currently have a Sportster 5 playing on a Sirius universal boombox. If I get a mirge radio, will I be able to use it with the equipment I already have? I was also wondering if I would need to buy a new home antenna to pick up a signal from both Sirius and XM satellites.

A: Your current boombox will not work with the Sirius XM Mirge. You will need the Mirge Compact Audio System. http://shop.xmradio.com/xm/ctl10600/cp49... The Sirius Store is running a special on the Mirge radio right now. 129 if you are a current sub. http://shop.sirius.com/edealinv/servlet/ExecMacro?nurl=control/StoreItem.vm&ctl_nbr=2640&siId=3820441&catParentID=7875&scId=7875&oldParentID=7870 I believe your current home antenna will pick up the signal if used with the boombox. There is a new style car antenna that is included with the Mirge.

can i currently download an app to listen to sirius xm radio with an active account? by Brian Q: I have an Ipod touch and a sirius xm radio account. I know that there was talk of an ipod app coming out that would allow streaming of sirius radio through the ipod. Does anyone know if this is currently working? and if so what is the name of the app that i need?

A: its still "coming" try Pandora App in the mean time - its free and Very cool

Are you able to pick up Sirius XM Radio with an Ipod touch on the road with the skydock? by Dante S Q: Since I know the Ipod touch is wifi compatible, does the Sirius XM app for the ipod touch mixed with the skydock allow you to listen to the radio on the road over the internet, similar to a 3G or 4G connection on an iphone or any other smartphone?

A: You can listen to sirius/xm on your iTouch... But you'll need a new or additional service for the skybox!!! You can't just use the internet service over the skybox. If you want to use internet... just plug in an Auxiliary line, however, the sound will fade in and out a bit especially on the highway.

Can you get XM subscription if you have a SIRIUS receiver? by MAD DOG Q: I'm just curious. Is it possible to get XM subscriptions on my SIRIUS radio, regardless of the facts that it's SIRIUS/XM? I have a SIRIUS Stratus 5 receiver if that matters. Thank you! Common Sense - True, but the pricing is different. I'm amazed at how more expensive SIRIUS is than XM.

A: Yes and no. The music channels are the same now.

What website can I listen to sirius xm radio BPM and Area on? by J011 Q: Is there any website that I can listen to sirius xm radio's BPM and Area on for free. Since it no longer airs on Direct tv :(

A: Sorry, you'll have to subscribe to XM/Sirius to listen online.

On Outlaw Country Sirius XM what song did they play? by Graham Monteith Q: On Outlaw Country on Sirius XM they played a song. They were talking to Hank III and they played a song that I believe was his. It sounded sort of like metal and the lyrics sounded like an auctioneer. Can someone help me out?

A: Um, your radio has a screen that shows that. Didn't you look?

How will the Sirius-XM merger affect the stocks? by Little Hulk Q: I read approx. 4 share of Sirius will replace XM. And if Sirius is around $2.25 now, what is the range that Sirius's stock COULD move up? I know usually the company acquiring the other company, there stock goes up. Does anyone have a clue?

A: I am a shareholder in Sirius so right now I am estimating that the shares will go to $3.00 a share. This is based on information I heard. It could go to maybe $4.00, but that could be a while before it gets there. Then again it might. I believe that 2009 will be a good year for Sirius stock to rise.

Can you have a Sirius XM subscription without buying an actual headset? by Justin F Q: I'm thinking of getting the Iphone which has a Sirius XM app and don't have any use or desire for a receiver, not to mention the good ones are ridiculusly priced. So, just wondering if there's any way to purchase an account on it's own.

A: Yeap. You can subscribe to Sirius XM without buy a receiver. There are two things you need to be aware of. Concerning the Sirius App for the ipod touch or iphone, all talk shows such as Howard Stern, Martha Stewart or any other talk shows will not be appear on the listing due to licensing restrictions, You will see only the music stations channels. You also have the option of listening online without buying a receiver as well. The entire listing of channels is the same as you would get from buying a receiver, but your listening online on the internet. It will cost 12.95 a month. Here is the link. http://www.sirius.com/siriusinternetradio If you have any question you can contact Sirius at 1-888-539-7474

Do you get the fantasy sports channel on the sirius xm a la carte+howard stern+sports package? by bobgeorge Q: The package is supposed to include Sirius channel 211, which is the fantasy sports channel. I ask 'cause I keep hearing it's only on the best of xm.

A: There are a variety of A La Carte options, offering both basic and premium channel selection. http://www.siriusretail.com/ALaCarte_Insert_052208.pdf or http://www.sirius.com/packages/alacarte It looks like you don't have the package to see that program. But first contact the maker to be sure. Maybe they need to adjust something, or the unit you have is faulty. Never know. And better to know first before adding more to your bill! Take care, and good luck. :) aa

How can I listen to sirius xm in home? by ET Q: I have a delphi Skyfi2 unit in my car. What would I need to connect the sirius xm to my inside home stereo?

A: Go to sirius.com or xmradio.com and there's an internet radio if you pay extra, alternatively, you could smash your car through your wall and play the music really really loud

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