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tyoung1110 They already tried to warn us about Siri but we just wouldn't listen. #iphone #siri #mac http://t.co/NtceEhrb

philigomez RT @FanPomme: Apple testerait Siri sur iPhone 4 en interne - iPhoneAddict http://t.co/2q1NNLYr

Maybellls9 Fully Functional Siri Ported to iPhone 4, iPod Touch PC Magazine

MatthewTaylorr_ RT @jackiecas1: Are the Siri servers down because dis B doesn't understand anything I've been saying!

suuum54 siriすげー

iMikeBeas @Jackoplane i never said it was a siri port. i outright CLAIMED it was just the UI hack.

JoleneSnow RT @JunpingT: Siri very dumb. 

t8ta そうか、日本版のSiriはコレだったのか(違   「スマホの「一休さん」話しかけるれば数百の答え表示」:イザ! http://t.co/cwqLbuZV

TheoJayAguilar Fucking around with my cousins Siri this shit is legit!

familysimpson Siri vs. Furby: When Two Worlds Collide [VIRAL VIDEO] http://t.co/alWHzrN9

gonoverdrive voiceoverとかSiriなど音声入力はテルミンっぽい

Enriquetah04 Fully Functional Siri Ported to iPhone 4, iPod Touch PC Magazine

sanisanisani @thebryanstate thankss dude. Yea well.. Im thinking of getting the singlish Siri one.. Lol

lovelyasicanbe I love my Siri...I always thank her after every request.

Brandik15 Fully Functional Siri Ported to iPhone 4, iPod Touch PC Magazine


Is there any way to download siri to iphone 3gs? by Tashley Dooroff Q: I really want Siri to my iphone and I heard you can get it from the app store but I cannot find it anywhere many thx!

A: Siri is an iPhone 4S application. You will not be able to download it from the app store for your 3, 3gs or 4.

Is Siri going to be available as an update for the iPad 2 later on? by Louis Q: The Siri software for the IPhone 4S which is mainly voice control, do u think it would be available for the iPad 2 too?

A: It could possibly be made into an app, but I'm not sure. It will probably be on ipad 3 though. I hope!

Is it possible to active siri on a singaporean iPhone 4S? by Chinmay P Q: It is only available in Australian UK and US English alongside German and French. But can any of these languages be activated outside of those countries on an iPhone 4S made in those countries? For example singapore recently got the iPhone 4S, can Siri with English US be activated on it?

A: Yes, you can choose the accent of Siri, e.g. American or English. I like the American Lady's voice because it sounds clearer to me.

can the siri app know to remind you to get milk when in a store? by lauren s Q: Im just curious because I may buy the iphone if it will remind to pick up certain items when it knows Im in a store. for expample can I say? "siri remind me I need milk' will it tell me when I am in a store don't forget milk?

A: No, the 'Reminder' app does that.

How do you use Siri on the iPhone 4? by Genus Gooberfatfacetwinkletoes Q: So I got a new iPhone last night, but it's only the 4 nit the 4s. I hold down the home button for about 3 seconds and it takes me to voice control, how do I get to Siri?

What happens when you ask a Siri unit on an iPhone4s, a paradox? by Dennis C Q: i.e - What happens when you say trippy things to Siri like: Complete this order: reject this order Does a set of all sets contain itself? Can you drown in a fountain of eternal life? What happens when a car going at the speed of light, turns its headlights on? A bullet can pierce through any barrier. A barrier can block any bullet. What happens when they meet? Does Siri lag or anything? Additional Questions: What is twice as cold as 0 degrees? Will the next word you say be no?

A: I think you're confusing Siri with some sort of science fiction robot. And by the way, 1 - Although nothing can travel the speed of light, if a car were traveling the speed of light Einstein's postulate dictates it would still travel the speed of light away from the car. 2 - 0 degrees is still a finite temperature, since the Fahrenheit system is not based on absolute zero.

How do I turn on the Siri on my iPhone 4s? by Jasmine Q: I got it Sunday & the man did something to it! I tried going to General but I don't see anything about Siri in there ! It might already be turned on but how do I start using it?

A: Long-press the home button.

Siri type artificial intelligence for Android or Mac computers? by Cody Dykstra Q: I know the new iPhone 4S is getting a new artificial intelligence program called Siri, im was wondering if there is the same type of technology available for Android devices or Mac computers. If so, what is the software called?

A: yes I have it on my galaxy s2, its exactly like siri, it even talks back. its called "voice talk"

If Siri is not available in a certain country, does that mean Siri is not usable at all? by Hayzen Q: Apple's page says Siri may not be available in all areas. So, does that mean that all Siri features are not available in that area or only some?

How do I set up Siri to tell me the weather? by boyd4447 Q: I have been trying for several days now to get Siri on my new iPhone 4S to tell me about the weather. I have set several locations in the native weather app, as well as weather+ and the Weather Channel App. Every time I ask her about the weather, she says that she cannot access the weather at this time and to try back later. She works flawlessly for everything else.

A: Just saying "What's the weather like in ...." works for me. I'm not sure why yours doesn't work. It used the built in weather app so no need for any new ones. Maybe yours just doesnt like the weather?!

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