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Single Ladies

Single Ladies – Episode 11 – Love In An Elevator
Single Ladies – Episode 11 – Love In An Elevator. by Elizabeth Black. All this tantric sex business is wiping Raquel out. The hours-long sex sessions with Charles, the making out with full eye contact. Keisha starts noticing that not only is all that ...

Single Working Women's Day: 5 Celebs Who Got Back To Work After Divorce
Happy Single Working Women's Day! Yes, according to the Single Working Women's Affiliate Network, August 4 is a day to pay homage to all the single ladies out there who work hard for the money. In celebration, we present a slideshow of five famous ...

Olympic Crush: Australian diver Matthew Mitcham
You gotta love a guy whose cover of Beyonce's “Single Ladies” shows him rocking it on the ukelele. But the adorable Australian diver Matthew Mitcham isn't only a talented musician, he's also one of the cutest athletes at these Games. [ Related: South ...

Matthew Mitcham Sings 'Single Ladies': Gay Aussie Diver Covers Beyonce On ...
Just how exactly does Matthew Mitcham kill time in the Olympics Village? By performing a spirited cover of "Single Ladies," of course. Mitcham released this video on his official YouTube page, which shows the Australian diver crooning Beyonce's hit ...

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_leshaaaa I missed single ladies.

RollingBlunts_ I havent watched BGC Love&HipHop Single Ladies.. #FML !!

lowwKEE_ Sooo,I still have not saw Love&Hip Hop,single ladies,teen wolf,or all of BGC!

Tweedletina Single ladies is on point tonight 👌

kiz_bby RT @WLW_ITALIA: NUEVO VIDEO --> William Levy @willylevy29 Unforgettable Antonio in Single Ladies – WLW ITALIA: http://t.co/BixxMiPK

I_Eat_Sammiches RT @MyParentsBeatMe: ii swear Single Ladies is my shit.

FvCKSexEatLex Single Ladies then Love & Hip Hop >>>> (:

_uhmsonia Single Ladies is on it tonight >>>>>>

muahh_itsASHLEY I can't take the shows like single ladies and Love & Hip-hop. Everything's so fake and corny.

LindsayMariex0o Dang , I Gotta Watch Single Ladies First .

raquelboose We indulge like two single ladies who have just been dumped. It's okay though. @chrislynbabbby http://t.co/RZdfmY4O

Da_Single_Nigga Ladies Stay Classy Not Trashy Please, That Turns Alot Of People Off!

JSparks19 RT @lilduval: I'd rather listen to joseline talk than watch single ladies


What do you think of the song Beyoncé - Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) for a school talent show? by Bree Q: I was thinking of learning the dance to Beyoncé - Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) for my school talent show in the spring. Do you think this is a good idea , does anyone have any steps/videos to help me learn this dance? ( I am thirteen and have been taking dance classes for many yrs so i guess i could pick up the stepes pretty fast ) Tell me your opinions! THANKS!! No no, it not supposed to be sexy. i jsut like the song! and im not going to wear those outfits that they wear lol!! Does anyone know a cute outfit that i could wear for the preformance? *-^SCHOOL APROPRIATE^-*

A: I'm 15 & a dancer and I wanted to learn the steps to it too. But I think some of the dance is a little too sexy for a school talent show. You can keep some of the cool moves in, but change the choreography to the parts where its promiscuous ? :P

SINGLE LADIES: Valentine's Day is coming up. What are your ways of coping when you're living solo? by ♥Lily♥ Q: I'm single and only have been for a month. Don't get me wrong, I'm pretty content and I enjoy my single status most of the time. Valentines Day is coming up and I must admit, this is my first Valentines as a solo artist! What do you do when girls around you are getting affection and roses while you're the observant?

A: Get your single girl friends and go out for the night. Or treat yourself to something special. Rent your favorite movie, order a pizza, eat ice cream, take a bubble bath, and relax at home. Just because it's Valentines Day and you're single doesn't mean it has to be painful.

Single Ladies - Do you have an age range for guys? by jaeladarling Q: I just wondered if any of you single ladies out there search for a guy within a certain age range? If so, is there a reason for it? I have a rough range that I look for, just because of the commonality factor. I wondered if other single women also had an ideal age range.

A: Well, i like older men, just because it seems weird to date a younger guy. And i don't know. I guess not too older when you're young, but then age stops mattering when you become older.

What is so special about the music video for Single Ladies by Beyonce? by JasBoi Q: I have heard this video clip being called iconic. I don't see what is so special about it. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x72atb_beyonce-single-ladies-put-a-ring-on_music

A: Beyonce's butt.

married women: do you feel that single ladies are after your husband? by TeddyJ Q: had dinner with some friends the other night. One was telling us about how someone was always being mean to her in all their contact with each other. Another one then said it's probably because she is single, and therefore the other thinks she wants her husband. So women, is that really true? Do you think that all single ladies are after your husbands? or does it depend on the single person or circumstance?

A: no, i don't think all single ladies are after my husband. that's really paranoid lol. and on the occasions that i see other women check him out i find it amusing, if anything, and proud also because he chose to be with me despite being attractive to lots of different people.

Is it wrong to dance to single ladies (beyonce) when ur not single? by Mrs.Qb Q: i was at a party this weekend with my friends and my boyfriend and his friends were there as well.. beyonce's songs r our anthems and single ladies came on and we ran to the dance floor.. he got upset and said so ur single now?

A: no way!!Your boyfriend shouldn't be upset because it's just a song.I was watching Tyra the other day and Beyonce was a guest on the show.Tyra was talking to Beyonce about the song single ladies and was telling her how much she loved it.In the interview they mention that the song isn't really about Beyonce telling people she's single.The song is telling woman that if they like the ring beyonce's got on her finger they better go find a man to put one on them.

Single Ladies: have you ever pretended to have a boyfriend to get ridiculous men hitting on you off your back? by Kenley3000 Q: Being single is great and I wouldn't give it up right now for anything, but there are moments, many of them, when guys come on to me and just don't get that I am not and will never be interested in them. So..I pretend that I have a boyfriend, sometimes a male friend who's around. I feel like this saves feelings and time all around. Do any other single women do this, or just me?

A: Yes. Before I got married I actually wore a wedding band at work (I'm a bartender) just to get rid of the all the riff raff. Sadly even that doesn't deter most of them.

why do married men chase after single ladies? by Q: cant understand why a man who is married cannot keep his eyes off the bodies of single ladies when he has a gorgeous wife all to himself.

A: girls are so much beautiful. and life is too short !

Whats a song that has a dance to it ? like single ladies? by hayyyy Q: i want to learn a dance i know single ladies and thriller can you give me songs that have dances like that?

A: All the pussycat dolls' songs especially Jai ho and lady gaga songs

Where is the best place to meet single ladies? by Speedyalex85 Q: Im 23, and do go to clubs and pubs sometimes in bedfordshire but the ladies there are always seem to be drunk and fooling around. Where can I meet some respectable and nice ladies any ideas anyone?

A: She will meet you, just wait for her :D

Is there a difference between a married and a single ladies dress in the Regency Period? by Smirko Girl Q: I am about to start doing reenactments about the 1809 period. My character is married and mother of two at this point in time. In all the research I have done I cannot find a guild line for the way the ladies dress after their marriage status changed. Any thoughts? Thanks.

A: Married women in this period always wore some kind of cap or head covering in the daytime. They would also wear more "sensible" dresses. It depends what your social class is, because it really depends - if you are a poorer or working-class woman, you won't be wearing the fashionable dresses in the books, but would be more likely to wear something that was roughly 10 years out of date, clean and in practical fabrics like sturdy cotton and linen, wool cloaks, but not super-fashionable or flimsy. Aprons would definitely be worn, and everyday dresses would be likely to be quite simple and untrimmed - practical rather than fashionable. Many women did have a nice dress "for best" and Sundays which was more fashionable, and made from the best fabric they could afford. (the fine muslins were very expensive, so firmer cottons were more typical) If you're middle-class or aristocratic, you would be more likely to wear fashionable clothes. You'd wear very smart caps to indicate you were a married woman now, and your dresses could be richer in colour. If unmarried girls wore colours, they were usually delicate pinks and blues and pastel colours. Outerwear, such as spencers (short jackets) and pelisses (long dress-styled coats), could be in stronger/darker colours. Once they got married, they would be likely to wear more "grown up" clothes that were sensible and ladylike - fashionable silhouettes, tastefully trimmed, but not really frivolous unless you want to be a "goose" as Jane Austen described frivolous/silly women.

Was Beyonces backup dancers in single ladies men? by Q: Not the Justin Timberlake version, I mean the real, proper single ladies, I was told that they were both men.

A: No, the ones in the actual Single Ladies video were women

who is the choreographer for the 7 year-olds dancing to single ladies? by Q: OMG i just saw this amazing vid of these 7 year-olds dancing to single ladies by beyonce on Youtube and I really wanna know who their choreograpgher is. Can someone get me some info please because I can't find any. Please help, Thanks! :)

A: It would help if you offered a link to the video! GOOD LUCK! :) <3

Does anyone else think the dance to Pet me Papa loooks kinda like the single ladies dance? by Q: I was watching guys and dolls on t.v and there's this song called pet me papa and the beginning looked almost exactly like the single ladies dance! Does anyone else think this?

A: Yea

what would a girl think if a guy knew how to dance to single ladies? by Q: what would a girl think if a guy knew how to dance to single ladies?

A: it depends wat kind of girl she is. i would laugh so hard if a guy did that

Are the two dancers Men in beyonce's single ladies video? by Raji's here 4/3/10 Q: I was looking at the video wondering if i was right if the two dancers are men in the single ladies video with beyonce. If so, they tore her out the frame with her dancing. I guess her pregnancy is catching up on her.

A: YES! They are both men dressed up dancing their behinds off. Beyonce has a Trans-gender Fan that's her look alike. His name is Shane you can find some videos of him on youtube.

How do you dance to the song Single Ladies? ? by Selena Q: I want to know the choreography for Beyonces song Single Ladies.

A: clap at the beginning, standing feet apart, tap your left foot, then right, then cross right in front of left. and cross your arms at the same time. move your right foot from behind your left and move your hand at your side (you are where you started) place your left fingertips at the top of your shoulder (so it makes a wing) turn your body 90 degrees to the side with the wing, slide to the right 4 steps (with attitude in the shoulders!) turn facing forward again raise your arms above your head to make an O then take a step back with your RIGHT foot only (with your arms flopping down, then make a pushing up motion with your arms) then take a step back with your LEFT foot only (with your arms flopping down, then make a pushing up motion with your arms) put your feet close together move your right foot out, and then back in then pick your right foot up like you are about to stomp on something and at the same time move your left arm up at a 90 degree angle turn 90 degrees to the left, walk in a tip-toe way, following the beat dun, dun dundun dun. (with your booty out, and hands following the rythym in a pushing and pulling motion towards the ground) do a twirl when you finish and land on feet. throw both hands up and then down and then turn your down hands so your palms are showing repeat until the end of the song hope this helps!

how do i get a copy of Beyonce's single ladies song the instrumental version? by Natali O Q: how do i download single ladies instrumental version?

A: You can download the instrumental version of Single Ladies at the following links: http://www.gigacrate.com/Music/MusicDetails.php?id=19572 http://beemp3.com/index.php?q=single+ladies+instrumental&st=all This site also has the instrumental version but with backing vocals: http://www.truveo.com/beyonce-single-ladies-instrumental-background/id/911848744 Hope this helps :)

Why does Kurt do the Single Ladies Dance? by zq22 Q: I am a devout Gleek, but I joined the phenomenon a little late in the game. I just have one question that I could not find the answer to anywhere else: Why exactly does Kurt do the Single Ladies dance? It is absolutely my favorite scene in the entire show, but I don't the story behind it. If anyone does know, I would love to hear. Thank you very much! I mean in the very beginning. Not on the football field but with Britney and Tina. Why is he doing that in the first place?

A: Kurt tries out for the football team in order to impress his dad and the team dances to single ladies cause finn asks Will to teach the team to dance hoping to improve their performance at the game. If they win it will improve his chance of receiving a football scholarship. I guess kurt took center stage cause he was the best at it.

What would be the male equivalent of Beyonce's "Single Ladies"? by Q: I'm looking for a song that resembles what Single Ladies is like, but for guys to relate to.

A: Hi, I've actually have the same questions myself and I have to say that I have the same problem. I found the solutions... Here's a website about Beyonce... Hope This Helps! GoodLuck!

Is today the worst day that they could play Single Ladies by Beyonce? by Q: I went Lazer Tagging and they were playing that song on the radio when I was on my way there. I'm like "Valentines Day is probably not the best day to be saying 'All the single ladies! You should have put a ring on it!"

A: yea i know and i hate it when people say "happy singles day" like its something to celebrate. i have no man to "hold me tighter than my dereon jeans" screw valentines day. lol

How can I be Beyonce for Halloween but not the 'Single Ladies' costume? by Diva Q: I'm so sick of the 'Single Ladies' costume. What else could I wear to be Beyonce that isn't super revealing?

A: The "Freakum Dress" video would be a good start. Beyonces loves short and backless dresses. Pumps and Crazy beautiful hair. She also looks like she tunes down her make up so dont go too crazy on your face... but make sure people no you are Beyonce and not Tina Turner lol.

how can i learn the single ladies dance? by dancelikeme Q: i really love the song single ladies by beyonce and im a dance but i just can learn the steps from the video.. help please!

A: Hello, there is a website called wonderhowto.com it can show you step by step on how to do the single ladies dance. Hope this helps

Is it wierd that a guy likes Single Ladies by Beyonce? by Robert C Q: Im a straight male only 19, but I LOVE the song Single Ladies by Beyonce. I like the dance, the rhythm, the beat, the whole thing. Is it wierd though that I like it so much? I can sit literally for about 3 hours and just have it on repeat.

A: No, it is no weird. Everyone has their own distinct taste in music!

What is the thing on beyonce's hand in single ladies? Fergie too? by :) Q: If the little metallic robotic looking claw on beyonces hand in single ladies is suppose to represent Sasha fierce then why does fergie also wear one in black eyed peas Ima be? What is it? Noticed that many artist have worn robotic suits such as Rihanna, beyonce and more.Illuminati?

A: yeah on beyonce's is metallic glove. she said she got inspired from Michael's glove but her metallic way. i don't know about fergie though.

Single Ladies????????????? by chrisgarner08 Q: I want to be committed to someone and i would like to know if anyone would be interested in getting to know me

Where can I go in Northern Virginia to meet single ladies? by Robert M Q: I live in Remington, VA and I am looking for somewhere to go to meet single ladies who is looking for companionship, possibly long term.

A: Clarendon, Roslyn, and Ballston in Arlington. Whitlow on Wilson always seems to be hopping. Also there is Old Town Alexandria. Although i do not think that is what you meant. For something more serious, I would try meeting through friends, work, church, take a class.

what is the name of the music video where 3 girls dance to the "single ladies" dance in the background? by Q: All I can remember is that the song was a rap/hip-hop song. The ones imitating the 'single ladies' dance only appeared for a little while (in the background while the rapper was doing his thing in the front), like about 30 seconds or less. Any guesses?

A: "single ladies music video"

Is anal sex just for married couples or do single ladies do it too? by ne14funstuff Q: I'm just curious if single ladies engage in anal sex or if it just married women trying to please their husbands?

A: All sorts of people do it- gay men, straight men who like anal play and get penetrated by their wives, lesbians, and married and single women. I'm single at the moment, and not really dating, but I still enjoy some anal masturbation every now and again.

What happens in the Single Ladies Gone wrong video? by Q: Hey there, Y'know that video on youtube "All the Single Ladies gone wrong?" With the dancing clown? I know something happens but what exactly I hate those pop up things so can you please tell me what exactly happens? Thanks

A: A little after halfway through, she does a dance move and hits her head on the TV. The rest of the video is her stumbling around in pain

Where to find Single ladies. What do you think women and men? Any idea? by Q: I know this is a tough question, and I know there maybe no real answers. However, I was wondering if single ladies hangout at certain places in hopes of finding a relationship ( not just for a one night stand). I was just wondering if they attend certain events ( other than bars, weddings, speed dating) more often then women that are in a relationship? Any suggestions/places that might be more likely then others? Thank you for your suggestions/guesses.

A: Forget the speed dating, forget the bars. There is one silver bullet to meeting single women. Learn how to dance. At any dance, there are always some really great looking women standing around because there are not enough men to dance with. Men in the USA don't know how to dance, but it is not hard. And when I learned how to dance, I met more women and got more women's phone numbers than I had time to call. They voluntarily gave me their contact info once I danced with them a couple of times. I am not making this up. And I am not a great dancer, just an average dancer. Look up dancing on-line in your hometown, and don't go to one of those dance schools where you have to sign a contract. Go to dance classes where you can pay-as-you-go at a very budget-friendly rate. I live in Birmingham, Alabama and here is an example of two dance teachers and their website. I do ballroom, Argentine tango, country western, and a couple of others. But this website below is just to give you an idea of what dance classes are like. Check it out. Hope you meet lots of single women. God bless. www.curtnwendy.com is the dance class website and I'll bet your hometown has several dance classes available and some give student rates, but you can find dance classes for as low as $5 per dance class.

Where can I find a website where I can learn the single ladies dance step by step? by Netta H Q: I'm trying to learn the single ladies dance steps but no one does it step by step for example the hoedown throw down dance steps... I need something like that but for the single ladies dance...please help!!!!! other than youtube plz cuz i searched nd searched ther already

A: you can always go on youtube and probably find it

What is Beyonce trying to say in Single Ladies? by Mrs. E Q: Like I'm thinking she's trying to say shove it to single ladies or if you're a single lady than get a guy.

A: she's talkin about her boyfriend breaking up with her and then gettin mad when he sees another guy dancin with her at the club. she's saying that if he liked her then he should've put a ring on her finger. talkin bout when boys break up with their girlfriends then get mad when they have fun and move on with their lives. "IF YOU LIKE IT THEN YOU SHOULDA PUT A RING ON IT!"

How to design the bracelet the that Beyonce Knowles wore in All the Single Ladies? by catwomanmtb Q: Like most americans I have watched the music video called All the Single Ladies by Beyonce Knowles. and I notices the she has a brace on her left hand. I was hoping that someone could help me with Ideas on how to make that Brace for my hand.

A: its probably designed by her label "house of dere'on" you'll probably notice that they will start selling them in stores

Ladies, I am a single man on valentines day just wondering what you single ladies will be doing for VD? by Colt H Q: As a single guy, I am wishing I could cook a candlelit dinner for a girl tomorrow, give her roses, and cuddle by the fireplace...but since life sucks and I am single, what are you single ladies going to be doing to pass the day tomorrow?

A: WOOW..... dats soo sweet of you...i wish my boyfriend would think that way!!! hes a j*******. hes been acting really weird and if he doesnt call me today for vd then im breaking up with him by the end of the night..he needs to learn how to treat me right that a** h***.neways well if he doesnt call me im just gonna hang out with my best friend ( aaaaw i luv her sooo much!!) and were gonna watch movies and eat ice cream cuz yeah if my bf doesnt call ill be very depressed cuz i still have feelings for him.

What is Beyonce wearing in Single Ladies? by adultviewer109 Q: Hi everyone, I want to dress up exactly like Beyonce in Single Ladies, but I don't know all what she wears. Can you guys help me out with each piece I need and what they are called? I want to look just like her! Thanks!

A: well... im not sure exactly what she is wearing but it looks like a black leotard with heels. here is a picture.... http://celeb.wohoo.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2008/10/beyonce-single-ladies.gif i mean.. i dont think you could buy something like that unless it was specially made

What kind of glove Beyonce wore on Single Ladies? by Q: Beyonce wore this glove on her Single Ladies Music Video. It's not just a glove it seems to look like mechanical.

A: Titanium and its custom made, so its not available to the public, unless you want a custom made one.

Do you think the Beyonce's Single Ladies dance is inappropriate for school? by anothergirl Q: Two of my friends and I are thinking of recreating the Single Ladies video for our school talent show (the outfits and hairstyles and everything). Do you think this is inappropriate for school? We're 13/14 and in the 8th grade. By the way, we're all serious dancers and in good shape. (:

A: There are some moves that I think are inappropriate, especially with only leotards and stockings on. In particular, the hip movements and split-leg sections. Shorts are a good idea. You may also want to alter some of the movements slightly - nobody will know the difference. You could also check out the original dance that the film clip is referencing, whilst not being current and therefore somewhat boring, it may give you ideas for less sexually-suggestive movements. http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=CUXRdqn8LOM Here's the same clip, but set to Walk It Out. Kind of funny. ttp://au.youtube.com/watch?v=KU3N5c2Kxnw

Where can I find bodysuit from Beyonce Single Ladies video? by Lady-T Q: I plan to be Beyonce from the Single Ladies video. Where can I find the bodysuit?

A: http://www.ardenb.com/catalog/product.jsp?categoryId=133&subCategoryId=147&productId=24353 i think would look great more high quality/music video type than one from a normal dance place i think

is one of the dancers in the single ladies music video really a guy? by Penelope P Q: one of my friends told me that the dancer on the right in the music video for single ladies by beyonce was acutally a guy(the choriographer actually) and they just gave him alot of makeup and hair extentions so that he lookd like a girl, and that is why he dances better then beyonce. is that true? or just a bunch of bull $#!T?

A: This is one hundred percent true. There are certain close ups of his face where you can tell, and even though he is in amazing shape, you can see a bit of difference between his build in his legs/thighs compared to Beyonce and the other female dancer.

Why did Beyonce stop being a lesbian just because single ladies didn't put a ring on it? by Q: What a gold digger! She had millions of dollars but yet she calls out to all the single ladies, tells them a brother is noticing her, then says if you like it then you should've put a ring on it! Don't try to tell me otherwise, I have thoroughly analyzed the lyrics to that song and this is the only rational explanation of the course of events in her life.

A: I like beyoncé to an extent, but I think you may be on to something. Her new overplayed music just cares about money and sex ("it's too big, too wide, too strong, won't fit. Too much, too strong. He walks like this, cuz he can back it up. He has a big. Ego.." she is not singing about an 'ego'.) the difference nowadays between her and other popular 'singers' is she sounds good live. Her lyrics suck, though (who run the world? Girls! Repeated 1 million times). She has sold out IMO. I don't think she is a lesbian, but her songs promote materialism, sometimes. Like, why don't YOU ( the female) put a ring on him?

Why are all these single ladies putting their hands in the air? by blebleble Q: I'm surrounded by single ladies, all of whom have their hands in the air and are shouting "whoa-oh-h". Is this some sort of strange mating call? Should I call animal planet? Could someone please explain this to me?

A: I think you are at a school dance. Sometimes people dance like animals.....maybe that's why you want to call animal planet.

Should I learn the Single Ladies dance with a choreographer or learn by ourselves? by alexis Q: I am graduating from the th grade this year and want to do something big. I wanted me and about 10-15 of my friends to learn the single ladies dance and then perform i in the gym whre everyone gathers. Should I have everyone pay a small fee to get a group choreographer so he/she can make arrangements to the dance routine or should we kinda do it ourselves and learn from youtube videos?

A: Me & a friend learned it from the video, it's not difficult. Don't waste your money on a choreographer, who probably will just use the video or make up their own dance. Learn it yourself, it's not that difficult. & If there is a move you dont like, cant do, etc you can change it more easily.

What is a great place to meet quality single ladies? by Lion Q: I am finally single after a 7-yr dissapointing marriage. I am 28 and not really a drinker nor am I into bar scenery (nor do I think quality women hang out there). Could someone suggest a great place to meet quality single ladies (in mid 20s)?

A: sorry about your lost. uhm... just go out to places... dont look for love let love find you. best of luck <3

Why do single ladies always claim they will have a high sex drive after marriage? by Caveman Q: You always hear how much of a sexual vixen these single ladies claim they will be after marriage, but you talk to married or divorce men and you hear how its just a lie. Kaia: From my female friends. get a clue. Kaia: The girl who just text me that is 32. Please be quiet.

A: women want it to be true (that they will have a high sex drive after marriage). and most woman really try to make it true. but absence of sex happens to a lot of marriages. it is the sad truth. im sorry

single ladies..? by Answering Machine Q: is it true that you go after single men who are very wealthy, and try to marry them, just so that u can divorce them later and walk away with half of their possessions??? edit: this is a question, which also includes why men fear marriages today

A: I dont "go after" men, I want to find THE guy rich poor what ever that doesnt matter, and mose women today feel that he has to have money or they can make it.

What are some good quotes or sayings about single ladies? by Q: Looking for some good quotes, or sayings referring to single ladies. Just something to add to my journal. I love quotes, anything inspirational, funny, just whatever....I've been single now for 2 1/2 years, and looking for some things to add to my journal. Serious answers only please, no vulgurness.

A: “I like being single. I'm always there when I need me.” - Art Leo “Talk six times with the same single lady and you may get the wedding dress ready” - Lord Byron “I keep getting these extraordinary letters from American sports stars saying: 'I've always thought you were one pretty lady and now you're single I want to meet you for a drink.” - Liz Hurley “Single is each being born, single it dies, single it enjoys ,the reward of its virtue, single ,it suffers the punishment of its sin.” - Guru Nanak “The price of feminism, is being paid by single 35 year old women” - yaron shilat “The reduction of the universe to a single being, the expansion of a single being even to God, this is love.” - Victor Hugo “A single woman with a narrow income must be a ridiculous old maid, the proper sport of boys and girls; but a single woman of good fortune is always respectable, and may be as sensible and pleasant as anybody else.” - Jane Austen

Single ladies? by Derek P Q: Any attractive single women out their with good moral values? They are sure hard to find. I am 28 single, attractive, college educated. I'm not the desperate type you would expect to be posting this question on this site. Man I'm just getting trashed here. Nice!

A: Derek, I'm 21, well educated, and you are not desperate. . . it's getting harder and harder to find the right person, that share your good morals. Don't worry sweetheart. . .you are absolutely gorgeous, and you sound like you have a great heart. . .your girl is just waiting out there for you, right now, and you know what she's fantastic. ( : All my love to you, hope you find eachother soon. . .life will just be so much better when you have somenone to share it with who loves you.

Why did the girls from the single ladies dance switch to Mathers Dance Company? by you dont need to know. Q: Why did the girls from my "boyfriends back" and "single ladies" switch from Dance Precisions to Mather Dance Company? Me and some of my dance friends were just wondering.

A: I believe Shannon Mather was their instructor at dance precisions. They must have really liked her and did well under her instruction so it was worth the switch for them. I hope this helps :) Edit: lol, why the thumbs down? I'm pretty sure this is the reason. Here is the link to a solo of a girl who was at dance precisions prior to the 2011 season when the girls switched, and if you look in the description, it is choreographed by Shannon Mather. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ddqlCTKhG9Q

How many single ladies would take a chance? by Q: Given the following facts, how many ladies would marry this guy if they were good friends with each other but she is 30-35, single and no kids? If the guy was divorced for several years now, no children nice looking, 60 years old, has a new home, new car and is a millionaire. His desire is to marry, have 1-2 children to leave his heritage and property to a family love one. Given the fact that he might not live to 70, would this be something that some ladies might consider if approached? Considering the guy left his wife 20 years ago and he does have many younger friends not because of his money, but because his personality and friendship. All do not know what he is worth. He hides his wealth and does not show it off. A simple man with a simple goal.

A: Ok yes i would take the chance. If he is willing to give up his HERITAGE for her then yes because he probably truly does love her. Also who cares about age. Do you know the say age is just a number? Because yes age is just a number i don't think it matters how old they are. But i would have to get to know the guy first. Hope this helped!!

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