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A Soggy Return to 'The Home of Motor Sport.' Why?
SILVERSTONE, England — The Silverstone circuit in the English midlands may be considered “the home of motor sport.” It may be the home race to the largest number of Formula One teams. But, on days like Friday, it is hard to imagine why or how.

Silverstone offers 'unreserved apology'
Silverstone managing director Richard Phillips has offered an.

Motor racing-Hamilton fastest at wet Silverstone
Thousands of fans struggle to arrive in heavy rain* Kobayashi and Schumacher second and third quickest* Senna crashes into barriers on wet track but unhurt (Adds quotes)By Alan BaldwinSILVERSTONE,

Hamilton fastest at wet Silverstone
SILVERSTONE, England (Reuters) - Rain and traffic chaos put a dampener on practice for the British Grand Prix on Friday with McLaren's Lewis Hamilton doing his best to raise the spirits of drenched home.

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RaulTikiTaka Buenos dias!, ahora a ver los entrenamientos de Silverstone!

Homerdjw RT @sniffpetrol: BREAKING NEWS: "Do not try to attend qualifying, it's not worth it" - Silverstone's stark message to the HRT team. #F1

F1Superswede [email protected]: Good morning from the Scuderia Ferrari garage at SIlverstone” Buongiorno!

stevenroy27 RT @miltonkeynetaxi: ONE STOP TAXI LINE FOR SILVERSTONE tel 01908 263263 NO other numbers needed plenty o drivers plenty o cars http://t.co/F43RigHA #F1

shandiyusa RT @InsideFerrari: Good morning from the Scuderia Ferrari garage at SIlverstone

JhinxShenoi @espn_star why silverstone qualifyin is not telecasted on HD?. Pl telecast the same #BritishGP #F1 #india

idenyeverything Exited for soggy Silverstone this weekend. Maybe they can do a scrapheap challenge instead, each team turns their car into a boat, sail 100m

PabloBermudez17 Pues yo quiero que llueva en Silverstone...

the_rebbi Dry running at #silverstone for FP3 #F1

YoDannyBeck @danimalswainger @joeytrot DJing at Silverstone all weekend. Got here about 7AM. Trying to resist the free bar til midday

bbvivien Nincs nagy meleg Silverstone-ban :o

PeriodistasAnon RT @InsideFerrari: Good morning from the Scuderia Ferrari garage at SIlverstone

berk_sarioglu silverstone'da ilk defa kuru bi zemin var bu haftasonu

JoWarner01 RT @jamiesont: F1 organisers say the best way to get to Silverstone today is backstroke.

KizzyP86 Looks like we’re in for a wild & wet wkd at Silverstone for this British GP. Rain in Sunday’s forecast. 200mph thru a puddle would be fun!


Why hasnt Alicia silverstone gotten pregnant? by KA Q: I know not everybody does, but is she infertal, because I am a vegetarian and I hope that does not cause infertility. However, I am not vegan as I eat eggs, diary and fish.

A: What you eat has nothing to do with being infertile unless you're drinking carosine or something.

Have you seen Alicia Silverstone's New vegetarian advert? by george_curtiss Q: I say new, because I just read the little bit in a british news paper today. If you haven't seen it here it is: http://www.peta.org/feat/alicia_psa/index.asp Can you belive the vegetarian comunity are useing naked women to sell there views. Is there no one who won't sink to this low? Also, What a great advert, she almost had me sold, but all I fancy now is her, and a nice bacon sandwitch.

A: nice video... thanks for the link. but no bacon sandwich for me.... veggie stir-fry tonight.

What is the general value of a silverstone guitar from early 70's ? by Q: Give me a general number

A: A used guitar is really only worth what the buyer is willing to pay for it. In the case of a Silvertone, which has never been a very good guitar to begin with, my best guess would be not very much at all. If the guitar has a signature on it from a famous rock star, then it might be worth something. This is what the asking prices are at eBay - http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_nkw=silvertone+guitar+vintage I payed $4.00 for a used Silvertone guitar in the 1960s. I replaced it 2-years later with a new custom made Gretsch. Used guitars that are in demand are the really well known brands like Fender, Gibson, Gretsch, Ibanez, Schrecter, BC Rich, Yamaha, Taylor and others. Silvertone is one of those brands that people purchased because it was cheap or convenient but, never because that was there first choice in guitars.

Does anyone know where I can view a seating plan for the becketts grandstand at the silverstone this year? by Q: I need to see whereabouts I am sitting in the grandstand if possible. Thanks in advance

A: Here's their official web site http://www.silverstone.co.uk/events/2011-Formula-1-Santander-British-Grand-Prix1/?tab=spectator-information

A picture of 16-year-old Alicia Silverstone to show the hairdresser? by mlemck53 Q: I love her hair and how even if her part is messed up it looks good! I need to find a picture where she parts her hair on the left (the right when you look at her straight on) so that I can get my hair cut like that. Her hair is kinda angled and it looks really good! Her hair also has to be straight or close to straight in the picture, no curls! THX!

A: A still from Clueless. If you tell her you want Chers hair in clueless it should be pretty easy.

Is silverstone gray or red a better everyday car color for the Ferrari California? by azdy Q:

A: Frankly, if it is a Ferrari it should be any color, so long as it is Rosso Rubino (factory paint name for Ferrari red). *Apologies to Henry Ford; "The customer can have any color he wants, so long as it is black."

How much is the 88 bus from Northampton to silverstone? by Q: Single or return I just have no idea how much to take with me - cheers guys

A: e-mail the Operations Manager on [email protected]

What do you guys/girls thirnk of Alicia Silverstone's looks? by Mike A Q: okay so my roomate and i are having a disagreement. He thinks Alicia Silverstone is very hot and I personally think she looks ugly. First off she has a forehead so large she looks like she can communicate with doliphins. Please guys tell me if you think she is attractive and women tell me if you would want to look like her or think she's attractive?

A: shes ok shes not hot nor ugly just avarage sometimes i wonder y people make such big deals out of celebs some of them arnt that great looking anyways

How dangerous is it for a white person to walk through Mout Olive Silverstone Jamestown? by Lois M Q:

A: Any time you are in a big city, you should take precautions....however, you are not less safe because of the colour of your skin.

Where is the best place to sit at Formula F1 Silverstone GP? by FabioTozzi1605 Q: I know this has been asked before but not had a good answer from it I sat at luffield this year and it was great! saw the cars for the longest amount of time! but is there anything better The seats were you sit on a straight, are they any good!! they just seem dull as you only see them whiz past! any advice would be great!

A: I'd have to say Luffield, I've watched from Stowe, Luffield, Farm Enclosure, Copse, Pit Straight and I have to say Luffield was the best, Copse is ace for the start but for the race luffield.

What exactly made Alicia Silverstone become a vegan? by Anne Q: I know she 'witnessed an animal being killed' ? What exactly did she see? Ok no gory details please! i love animals too and would rather not hear TOO much Thanks! :)

A: she was treated to a tour of a slaughterhouse. they showed the uterus of a pig being stuffed with innards to make sausages. they also showed theyre intestines, liver, bladder, cervix, fallopian tube, all that good stuff. pork for lunch?

Is there any way to get a part time job at Silverstone? by Q: I'm a fifteen year old girl, and I LOVE Formula 1 so much. Is there any way that I can do some kind of job over the course of the Silverstone GP? When I've been on the website, they only really talk about jobs to do with security or silver-service dining (which I'm guessing with no background in, I'm too young to do). I'd be willing to do whatever :) Thanks in advance!

A: My sister works on selling merchandise, I was going to do it this year but they won't let me cus' we have to be atleast 16. (I'm 15) I can give you a number to do it next year, you also need to be 16 to waitress!

What's the tagline for Bridgestone and Silverstone in bahasa Malaysia? by GiGi Q: Tagline for Bridgestone in English is "Passion for Excellence", for Silverstone I don't know. Do you know the tagline in BM for both company? The taglines can't be translate just like that, I remember have the word "keunggulan" but I really have no idea about the whole thing. The taglines can't be translate just like that, I remember have the word "keunggulan" but I really have no idea about the whole thing. Oh Prince Bean... It's for Polis DiRaja Malaysia...

A: for bridgestone, i just translate it ok?? Keghairahan mencari Kecemerlangan..

Im going to F1 Silverstone this year and planning to camp where is the best place to park the car ? by Laura M Q: Hoping to stay at litchlake or there abouts where is it safe to leave the car ? may be a really ovibous question but this is my 1st year.

A: right next to your tent. we are camping at litchlake again this year. we try to use our cars as wind breaks:)

Have Alicia Silverstone and Ray Liotta ever been in a movie together? by Claudia C Q: I saw an Aerosmith video and it had both of them in it. or I think it was Ray Liotta. is it? anyways what movie is that from?

A: According to IMDb, they have never been in a movie together.

Is Alicia Silverstone and Liv Tyler still friends? by Beautiful Failure Q: I've been listening to Aerosmith video's and I've watched a lot of them with Liv Tyler and Alicia Silverstone in them, and together, so are they friends? :] I hope they are!

A: I'm not really sure. Those Aerosmith videos were made over 10 years ago, I hope they keep in contact and I think they should make a movie together someday, playing best friends or something.

In the 1993 movie The Crush with Alicia Silverstone did Adrienne and Nick have sex? by Q: I'm just not sure, like, they obviously wouldn't show it, but I feel like it was kind of implied, but they kissed too? Thanks!

A: No they didn t have sex I am sure of that, they only kissed each other. I ve watched it recently, and there wasn t sex between them I hope it helps you a bit Bye

What's the most powerful system I could fit in a Silverstone SG05 case? by Prizm Q: It comes with a 450w PSU. EDIT: It's for ITX motherboards.

A: A good mini-ITX motherboard, fast processor, and good RAM? Consider: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813131727 ASUS P8H61-I mITX http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16819115074 Core i5-2400 quadcore http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820231404 2x4GB G.Skill ECO DDR3 1600MHz / 1.35v

How much should I sell an old Silverstone acoustic guitar for? It's missing 1 string.? by Dunbar Q: I'm selling it in a garage sale, and I also have a beginners electric guitar. It has a small amp and everything is in good condition on it.

A: If you are really curious take it to a local music store and ask them to appraise it for you. They can replace the string for about a buck. Those guitars were not that expensive new so you should not ask more than $40 if that. You do mean silvertone don't you?

Does anyone know the name of the piano piece alicia silverstone is playing in "The Crush"? by JD Q: She's playing a piano in the beginning of the movie, need the title of that song. Help!

A: It's been awhile since I've seen the film, so the music doesn't come to mind. However, this classical piece is listed for the soundtrack: "LA CAMPANELLA" a variation based on the 3rd of the Grandes Etudes de Paganini Written by Franz Liszt Here's a performance of it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w9BzuW-UQDc

A good picture of 16-year-old Alicia Silverstone to show the hairdresser? by mlemck53 Q: I love her hair and how even if her part is messed up it looks good! I need to find a picture where she parts her hair on the left (the right when you look at her straight on) so that I can get my hair cut like that. Her hair is kinda angled and it looks really good! Her hair also has to be straight or close to straight in the picture, no curls! THX!

A: google it

Where is the best place to view BTCC at Silverstone? by Jona Q: Hi...I'm off to see the touring car race at Silverstone. Any suggestions as to the best location to watch from. At the F1 I generally go to Becketts. Ideally I'd like a covered grandstand. Thanks for any help Jonathan

A: Here is their website. They have a breakdown of the track and viewing areas there.

Is there any way I can run the Silverstone Half Marathon at 16? by Now or Never Q: I thought I could; I have been training for about a month now when I went to sign up it says that you've gotta be 18.. Can I go with somebody over the age of 18 or something?

A: Did they say go with somebody over the age of 18 or something? Find another 1/2 marathon. High school kids as young as 14 run the LA marathon.

How can I get from Silverstone Drive in Etobicoke to Central Toronto by public transportation? Which bus line? by Killer Chick Q: and Subway? Is there a webpage I can enter a place I want to go to and show me how I can get there by public trans. I tried the TTC page but I didn't see any. Maybe I'm not looking properly. Yep, Steeles / Martingrove is the intersection. Anywere downtown Toronto, I just want to see how far it is to get from here to downtown..time estimation will be nice.

A: You mean silverstone in the martingrove - albion area? If so take the Martingrove bus south it goes to the subway (kipling station) Take a subway train to the area you want. You said central toronto but really where??? Yonge and Bloor?? If so get off at Yonge station and walk upstairs to the street. Form there you can walk down Yonge to all the stores and such or go north on Yonge to Yorkville and go west to the shops there. If the Royal Ontario Museum, then get off at St. George (I think), the one stop before Bay (or two before Yonge).

will my weekend tickets for silverstone allow me to go in each day? by Q: I have bought weekend general admission tickets for the 2012motogp. Will these tickets allow me to watch practice,qualifying and the race on the same ticket?

A: Yes, if they are full weekend passes, they should allow full access.

What movie is this called with Alicia Silverstone in it? by Jock Geek Artzy Tree Hugger Q: its an old movie, its like where her friend is doing a funny strip dance and alicia is just sitting there smiling and watching while she is wearing a white (guyish) looking dress shirt. possibly lesbian? dont know?' wuts the movie called?

A: Could it be silence becomes you

Would a SilverStone 650W PSU and Nvidia GTS 250 be a good addition to my computer to play games? by Beware of the lamb! Q: Current computer components: AMD X4 2.6ghz quad. 4gig DDR3 7200 Sata hard drives. Cost vs performance is definitely important to me. I can get the PSU for about $60 and the GTS 250 for about $100. Is this still worth it?

A: A 750 watt PSU with your current setup could run an HD5870, that is WAY too big. You could do it with 550 watts easy. I would recommend another card, since that one is a little overpriced. Look at the HD5770 like this one, it's a little more expensive but noticeably more powerful, is DX11 compatible, and has lower heat output/power consumption. You might be able later Crossfire if your motherboard can handle it, it's close. It's about $170, here's a link to one: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814102864&cm_re=hd_5770-_-14-102-864-_-Product Hope this helps, good luck!

What do you rate Alicia Silverstone 1-10 in terms of looks? by brandon fogarty Q: 1 being ugly, 10 being perfect beauty, what do you rate her in terms of looks?

A: 7 or 8 somewhere between that

Where can you find a seating plan for the Silverstone GP 2008? by Natalie H Q: I've bought tickets for the pit straight and know the seat numbers, I just want to know where the seats are, thanks.

A: Cant you just wait till the Silverstone GP 2008 and then you can find out where you are going to sit. Its all the same anyway, it wont make a difference where you are sitting, you get to see the same things.

What do you think of what Alicia Silverstone named her baby boy? by lucky Q: Bear Blu... Bear Blu Jarecki! LOL omg celebs ideas of "baby names" keep getting worse and worse, what will they think of next?

why did alicia silverstone replace rachel blanchard? by LSM Q: Why couldn't they just use Rachel Blanchard in the movie Clueless, why did they hire Alicia Silverstone. There the same age, and they look identical, and they even sound alike. Why change?

A: You have it backwards. Alicia Silverstone was first cast in the movie Clueless (1995) and then Rachel Blanchard was cast on the series (1996). I heard that Alicia didn't want to be mostly known as Cher in Clueless, so she turned down the part in the series. I actually thought that Alicia was A LOT better than Rachel as Cher.

Where is the best place to watch the British Grand Prix at Silverstone from? by chippyminton91 Q: I've been to the race twice before, and watched from between the Abbey Chicane and Bridge (it was brilliant!) but with the new circuit layout, that part of the track is no more. Where do you think I should go this year?

A: On one of the new corners.

Why doesnt hill allow the sell of silverstone? by Cavallino Silver Q: Isnt he the one to blame for the GP being possibly lost? He has been approached many times by people who have a lot of money, want to buy the circuit, develop it, build a ton of hotels around it and promote the GP better. But no they want to keep it for themselves even tho they have no money to develop it. Why do people blame Ecclestone for something that is Hill's fault?

A: Without knowing a great deal about what goes on in The B.R.D.C. I'd say the main reason could be to make sure it's always a race circuit. Suppose those developers lose the race anyway, chances are they'll redevelop the land as something else. As long as the circuit is owned by people who's primary interest lies in racing and not money then the circuit always has a future. Looking at the way some tracks have been treated in the past, the chances are that Silverstone could be lost anyway. Remember what happened to Hokenheim? I'd much rather this county lose it's GP that have some maniac totally destroy the place just to keep Bernie satisfied.

How do you think Hamilton will fare this weekend at the Silverstone GP? by wolfgirl Q: Fair/justified comments, please. No ranters or bashers just coming here to mouth him off.

A: He'll make the podium but i doubt he'll come in first. I still don't think he's 100% focused. Unlike Kimi, Massa and Kubica, Hamilton still seems like he's still worried about what the media and the fans think of him. He needs to stop adressing the fans in all his interviews and focus on what is important if he wants to beat Kimi this sunday.

Is that movie the crush with Alicia Silverstone scary? by Kathy Q: i want to see The Crush with Alicia Silverstone since i like Fear with Mark Wahlberg.I was wondering is it very scary,just a little,or not at all?

A: I've seen both, both are good. There is some suspense like Fear and Alicia Silverstone plays a bit of a stalker like Mark Wahlberg but not as scary. Definitely, worth watching though if you liked Fear Crush also has the girl who played Tara on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Cary Elwes who has been in a lot but my favorite role was Robin Hood in Robin Hood: Men In Tights.

How can you get hospitality or promotional work at Silverstone race circuit? by Q:

A: Or contact the circuit direct http://www.silverstone.co.uk/ use the contact us link

Where is best to sit for the moto gp 2010 at silverstone? by Lj Q: I'd prefer the gold seats, but I don't know which seats to choose from the selection as I do not know Silverstone. The options are :Arena A, Becketts, Club, Abbey and Vale Thanks L

A: Tough to say now with the new track layout. Becketts was also a good enough place, but to be honest, Silverstone was alway boring compared to Donny / Brands / Oulton & even Cadwell. I did see on youtube a VR sim of Silverpeddle, so that might be worth having a search to see that to find your viewing spot. Although, I for one, I thought it best to move around the track. Good luck.

Where is the best place for me to sell my Silverstone F1 tickets? by jade08 Q: i have to sell my pair of formula 1 tickets for silverstone as i can no longer make it. They are great seats becketts outside gold and for all 3 days !! am gutted i cant make it but where is the best place for me to sell them ??? not including Ebay

A: sorry for you mate..how much are you selling them for?? I live in Japan and will go to Fuji ,but i have a mate that lives in London and would love to go to see the brit gp

How can I open the trunk of my Jaguar (silverstone convertible) if the battery is dead? by Clauz Q: I need to charge the battery but since the trunk only opens with an electric button, I can't open it. Help!

A: If it's a new jag? You could go through the back seat. Also You can hook up one of your friends car's battery to yours and open it like that. By that I mean, like your getting a jump start. Also check your drivers manual for a release button on, either the outside or the inside of your car.

What was this movie called with Alicia Silverstone? by Miriam M Q: My mom saw this movie yesterday but can't remember the name. She says she remebers two characters: Rose and Hal, I think. Alicia Silverstone plays Rose's daughter and she doesn't think this movie is so old. It also has something to do with Rose getting a divorce because her husband left her for someone else, I think. Please help. Thanks

A: closest i could find was candles on bay street similar to your sinopsis and with characters calles ross and val

how to find year of silverstone acoustic guitar? by Q: My father died and left me his antique silverstone acoustic guitar to me. How do I find out the year it was made? Im sure my father has had it since before the 1950s. Also, does anyone know around about what it could be worth? It is in almost perfect condition.

A: Serial Numbers All Danelectro, Silvertones, and Coral use basically the same serial number scheme, with some exceptions. But for the most part you can date your Danelectro from the serial number. The usual serial number location is in the neck pocket. But occassionally you'll find it hidden on other parts of the body along with other random scribbling. Most Dano serial numbers are 3 or 4 digits, and decode like this: 1st, 2nd digit: week of the year. Note: if a 3 digit serial number than only the 1st digit is the week (1-9). 3rd digit: unknown. 4th digit: last digit of the year. The serial number "1065" on the neck butt of a 1965 Stan & Dan model. The "10" is the 10th week, "6" is the unknown digit, "5" is the year (1965). For example, a serial number of 4286 would be the 42nd week of either 1956 or 1966. Check the model to see when it was produced to figure out which decade it is. A serial number of 576 would be the 5th week of 1956 or 1966. Exceptions: in the latter part of 1967, new models used a 3 digit serial number where the first digit is the year, and the 2nd and 3rd digit was the week. This was for new (Coral) models only. Original Dano models like the Longhorns, Bellzouki, Guitarlin, Double-neck, and the Convertible retain the older 4 (or sometimes 3) digit system. Another exception: in 1968 the Dano Convertible received the new Dane peghead and is offered in red, white, blue or natural. At this time the Convertible changed to the newer 3 digit serial number system. In the fall of 1954, Daniel started production of solidbody guitars for Sears, under the Silvertone name.

General Admission at Silverstone. What time should I turn up and where should I stand to watch it on Sunday? by mickiemoo Q: Is there a time by when the views become blocked e.t.c? If you have any experience of Silverstone, what times do the traffic jams start on Sunday morning? Also do you have any recommendations for where I should watch it from? Thanks

A: Have a look at www.f1fanatic.co.uk There's a list of advice for fans going to Silverstone, including what time to get there. ps be prepared for an early start! and have a great day.

Best tickets for MotoGP at Silverstone 2011? by seventhsister Q: We're planning to go to Silverstone to see MotoGP in 2011. Never been there before and the range of tickets for the full weekend is a bit bewildering. I want to get the most out of the weekend. Any suggestions for the best tickets, or experiences from anyone who went this year? Thanks!

A: You can buy Silverstone 2011 tickets online at TicketFront.com. They have best seats at the most reasonable price.

Can I defer my entry for the Silverstone Half Marathon? by Q: Hi. Abit of a long shot but can I defer my entry for the Silverstone Half Marathon this year? I can't run due to injury and its this sunday so don't know if i've left it too late anyway? I can't seem to find any info about doing this anywhere? Cheers hope you can help!

A: It is probably too late to defer with 2 days to go. If you contacted to organisers earlier in the week then they would let you defer until next week (most big races realise the bad publicity of injured runners, so allow you to defer). You have to give them time to organise things for you and there is a cut off. It might however be worth an e-mail to the organisers and check their website too, but sooner is best

Where can I find the photos from the Silverstone Half Marathon 2011? by Q: My brother ran in the half marathon at Silverstone today and I would like to look up his official race photos. I can't find the magazine which tells you where to look. Please can someone help as I've forgotten the website. Thanks

A: Hiya Well done to your brother! I ran it myself this year (was my first ever race!) www.marathonfoto.com is where you need to go. They're not up until around wednesday. You can type in his bib number and his surname and they will pop up. You can register yiour email address and they will tell you when the pics are uploaded onto the site.

should i buy the silverstone RV02 or wait for the RV03? by Q: im planning to get a new PC chassis.. and i got my eye on the silverstone raven RV02 but the store manager said that i should wait for the RV03.. should i wait or not?

A: I like the RV01 and would buy it right now if I didn't need cash for other bills. The rotated mobo orientation is a surprisingly good idea that most people haven't considered. If you google "silverstone rv03" you can get a few pictures of it. The thing looks horrendous. I wouldn't be caught dead even looking at that thing in a store.

What is the best time to get to the Silverstone Grand Prix (2009) on race day? by Q: We have tickets to the 2009 Silverstone Grand Prix and are wondering when we should leave our house and arrive at the raceway. We are coming from the Cambridge area, so we are also considering a coach for transit. We have seats in a grandstand, so fighting for a spot to see the race shouldn't be an issue. Thanks!

A: there is plenty to see and do before the race starts,seeing that you have your seats already i would get there about 9am,that will give you plenty of time to walk round,see the red arrows(usually 12midday) and see the gp2 races which are quite good. hope this helps have a great day, i always do and will miss silverstone!:( :(

What is the best way to get to Silverstone on Race day? by Fiona R Q: I have been given a corporate ticket within vale Terrace at Silverstone on Race day this year. I am not sure whether to drive or catch the Train. Will they both be really bad?

A: there is not a train station that close to the track so you would have to get a taxi. this would be roughly £25-35. If I were you I would drive, but set off mega early. you will get caught in traffic but that is only to be expected. they actually operate a good one way system into Silverstone on Race day, so in effect there are 4 lanes of traffic all going in the same direction. Have you got a Parking Permit with that ticket? If not then take the taxi option. Enjoy Edit: if you were thinking of taking a train I would suggest Banbury station. you could get a taxi over the top then via Brackley way.

Is the general admission ticket for Silverstone any good? by wickchick Q: Thinking of taking my boyfriend to Silverstone for his birthday. Could really only afford the general admission as opposed to the grandstand tickets. Do you still get decent views etc with these tickets? Not a grand prix fan myself so don't know how it works or how the venue is set up! Also,how easy is it to travel to and from the venue? Live in Scotland so have to take accommodation and public transport into account! Thanks in advance.

A: you can still get great views by going general admission. i take it you will be getting a weekend ticket. use the Friday when they are practising as a recon mission. walk round the track and see where you will get the best view for you. i would recommend up by hanger (bit of a trek though). on race day you will have to be up mega early to get the best places. take a fold up chair or a blanket to sit on and make sure you are near the toilets and food stalls. we went general admission a few years ago and we were trackside at 6 am. we were right next to the fence at the first corner. your best bet would be to camp at litchlake. it is right opposite the track which is ideal for general admission early Sunday start. you don't book up, just turn up and pitch up. you could catch a train to Banbury then a taxi to the circuit would be about £25. one of our party had to leave this year for an family emergency, she got a taxi to banbury then the train and it was pretty straight forward. i would also recommend travelling on the Thursday as it tends to be a bit manic on the roads Friday onwards. you will be tired but it will have been worth it. for us girls there are loads of shops so you can have fun too. they also put on air displays and there are other races going on too.

When is the US release of the Silverstone Raven RV01? by Tarnation Q: The Silverstone Raven RV01 computer chassis is supposed to have been released in China last month, but they have said nothing about a possible US release date. Nor can I find any information that it did or did not launch in China.

A: It is supposed to be released in the US sometime around Christmas.

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