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slow shutter speed on camera and the image is coming out white? by Kate K Q: I am trying to take some images of water using a slow shutter speed and they are coming out completely white. I have tried different apertures and can't seem to make it work. My iso is 100, which im told is the best to have it on. I am taking the images in overcast weather so quite bright, but i can't understand what im doing wrong, and no i dont know a lot about photography im more into moving image, can anyone help?

A: Your shots are overexposed. If you are at your maximum aperture (say f/22) and ISO 100, the only thing you can adjust is shutter speed. I take it you are trying to get the "mist" effect of flowing water? You don't need 30 second exposures to do this... 2 seconds is usually more than enough. That may still be too slow on a bright overcast day. The way around this is a filter over the lens. What you need is called a neutral density filter. This is a gray colored filter that is essentially "sunglasses" for your lens. It does not affect color, only the amount of light entering the camera. They are sold with various designations, all of which mean stops of light. A 2 or 3 stop ND filter should solve your problem. Any real camera store can help you with this item. You can also stack filters, using 2 or more if necessary.

What is a better choice for inside plantation shutters Wood or the composite material shutter? by Ginny JS Q: I want to replace my shutters in Florida. I do not know whether the wood shutter would be better due to the Florida sun. I worry that the composite shutter might yellow from the sun.

A: I agree, the sun may yellow the composite - though it depends on what kind of composite. If it is the type that composite boards are made from for decks, for instance, that is made to be durable enough not to yellow from the sun for a looooong time. If it's the type like vinyl siding, that yellows fairly quickly (still years, but sooner). And if you go with wood and stain it, keep in mind that the polyurethane you use (depending on oil or water based and brand) can also cause it to yellow in sunlight over many years. From a design standpoint, I prefer wood - to me, it just looks better, and if you change your mind on how you want the room decorated, you can lighten or darken the stain, paint it, etc. Generally there are less options with composite, and less times you can redo it. For an indoor application though where you just have to deal with the sun and not stormy weather etc., you will probably be fine with either. Good luck! (:

What is the difference between shutter speed and shutter angle? by Artisan Q: I've tried to read up and research it, but I still can't get a grasp on the difference. Angle is the actual size of the shutter "plate", speed governs its rotation? And, if you change the shutter speed, are you in turn changing the angle? Or can they both be changed independently?

A: Shutter angle only applies to rotary type shutters; it does not apply to focal plane shutters used in a typical film SLR or digital SLR. Adjusting the shutter angle changes the shutter speed. A wider angle is equivalent to having a slow shutter speed because it creates a longer exposure. A narrow angle is like having a fast shutter speed, because the film is exposed only for a short time. Notice that the rotation can be constant--it doesn't have to change speeds. Only the "slice of the pie" the angle controls the actual exposure time (shutter speed).

How do you adjust the shutter speed on a camera? by Q: I'm searching for a camera that will allow me to keep the shutter open for large amounts of time. I have a Pentax K100D but I don't think I am able to really adjust the shutter speed. So what is the trick of taking a photo with the shutter open all day?

A: i have the camera in manual mode and turn a dial to change the shutter speed, i dont think you will want the shutter open all day.......for long exposures get a cable release and learn how to use the bulb shutter function, goto youtube and look up adjusting the shutter on a pentax k100d, or camera control changing the shutter speed or camera control how to do long exposures

What shutter speed on a digital camera is considered fast.? by browneyegirl Q: I would like a camera to take pictures fast, so you can catch a photo quick. What camera has a fast shutter speed? What is considered a fast shutter speed?

A: Well, many point and shoot cameras have slow response times, completely independent of the shutter speed. So, there's many issues to consider here. It sounds to me like you might be asking which camera has the quickest response time when you trip the shutter. To keep this answer simple and short, the cameras with both the fastest response times and fastest shutter speeds would be digital SLRs. They can be expensive though. For responsive point and shoots, many of the newest cameras are much better than cameras of just a few years ago. I would try them in the store to see how it feels in terms of responsiveness for each camera. If you want a brand to try out first, try the Casio Exilims. Now, as for what's a fast shutter speed---generally anything from 1/500 and above is usually considered a "fast" shutter speed. 1/1000 will usually stop most normal action. In dim lighting, a flash will act like a shutter because it has such a short, bright burst of of light. Those speeds can be as short as 1/10,000 of a second!

What shutter speed range would be practical to capture water drops? by AGK Q: Basically I like to take pictures of water drops. I want to know what the official range of shutter speeds for this sort of work, or better yet, what shutter speed you use.

A: For best results here, you will need to get into something called "high speed photography," which uses strobes (flashes) to freeze motion rather than shutter speed. Look up high speed photography on google, and myriads of water-drop images will splash out to greet you. Think of it this way: if I take a picture of you from a long way off, and you move a little bit during the exposure, the blurring will be a lot less noticeable than if you are very close up. The appearance of motion blur is determined by how much the object moves IN YOUR FRAME during the duration of exposure. When you are looking at droplets close-up, even a miniscule amount of movement can translate to a less than sharp result, so VERY short exposure durations are needed for spectacular results. Flashes, on the other hand (even the inexpensive variety like the Vivitar 283... available cheap on ebay) can get into flash durations in the 1/30,000 second club. MUCH faster than you could set as a shutter speed and get a reasonable exposure using natural light, even IF you had a camera capable of it (which you don't). So with the use of flash, the shutter speed becomes almost irrelevant: you may even use a bulb exposure in a dark room (with low ISO and relatively small aperture, which you'll want anyway for macro DOF), and trigger the flash manually to "pop" the shot. Then release the bulb when you are done. Cooler triggers exist: I'm just illustrating a point. This is the same effect that means that when I'm in the studio shooting at f/11 under strobes, I COULD shoot at 1/50 or 1/160, and it has no noticeable impact on exposure (not to mention I could shoot my 135mm handheld and not worry about shake). If all of my exposure is coming from the strobes, then shutter speed is irrelevant so long as its not slow enough to make ambient matter, nor so long that it hits the camera's X-sync (the fastest speed the camera can synchronize with the flash).

What shutter speeds are good for stopping motion in childrens portraits? by Kristan Q: I am typically taking photos of my infant daughter posed, however she often makes sudden and unpredictable movements and I would like to have the image sharp, without blur. So I wondered what shutter speed is good for slight movement. Also, does flash typically always help to stop motion/blur with slow shutter speeds or is there a particular shutter speed which even with flash and the subject is moving they would appear blurred.

A: 1/125 upwards with no flash. With flash you can use slower speeds. The initial flash will "freeze" the motion but you could get ghosting if you use a slow speed (i.e. any movement after the flash has gone of will record as blur).

How can shutter speed have any meaning for a video camera? by Austin Q: The shutter speed, as I understand, is how long the shutter is open, exposing a piece of film in a camera. In a still camera, I understand how all this works, but I don't see how a shutter can work in a film camera that shoots video. Isn't the shutter speed 1/24? Why have a shutter, why not just have the film run and the exposure will be 1/24 since the frame rate is 24 fps?

A: You are partially correct. Since a camera operates at 24fps, the shutter speed has to be at least 1/24th of a second, but there is nothing that prevents it from being faster. Also, there has to be a shutter, because if there wasn't the film would just be a blur as it ran through the camera.

shutter?????? by allieebabeee.(: Q: is it a good movie? is it scary?

A: I thought it was good! Just like The Ring/Grudge...still pretty scary, though, and a great ending...

Shutter??!???? by Q: What was your opinion on the movie? Did you find it hard to follow? Personally I thought it was hard to follow. Was I the only one?

A: I don't think it was hard to follow... but it was a bit predictable. In my opinion took a little long to get to the point.

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