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Shoshana Hebshi

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holyjoerock replied to NWO has the control's comment: Wow Lou 500,000 Hits? http://t.co/JWNnWCrN


Can you please tell me how this is political? EASY POINTS!! thanks? by Anna Bee Q: I have to write why this summary has to do with social, political, interacting, or economic. I think It's political, but I can't quite put into words what to say. here's the summary: On the 10th anniversy of 9/11, a middle eastern looking woman goes on a plane, expecting a peaceful flight, later ends up being questioned for four hours all because of her apperance. Shoshana Hebshi is a 35 year old married mother with two 6 year old twins. She was sitting next to a man who felt ill, and he left his seat to go to the bathroom. Him and another man in the same row were both in the bathroom for a long amount of time. The FBI said the two men and Hebshi didn't know each other at all, but that didn't stop the police from violating their privacy. Hebshi was stripped down, and fingerprinted, but was later let go. The police also didn't find anything suspicous from the other two men. Shoshana Hebshi said she felt violated but she understood their actions. "They were just doing their job," she said. The FBI also apologized to Hebshi for the incident. thanks!

How much time should a passenger spend in an airplane bathroom? by nightowl1517 Q: Shoshana Hebshi, 35, told The Associated Press she was one of three people removed from a Denver-to-Detroit Frontier Airlines flight after landing Sunday afternoon. Authorities say fighter jets escorted the plane after its crew reported that two people were spending a long time in a bathroom http://news.yahoo.com/passenger-cuffed-searched-over-appearance-003800344.html

A: If you look like a potential bomber, you should not be allowed to go to the bathroom at all. As a matter of fact, you shouldn't be allowed to fly at all.

Don't Fly on 9/11 if You're Dark Skinned Judged by color of your skin
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