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Shonn greene

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Clarence_Evans Jets' Shonn Greene helps offense get back to the grind in win over Chargers http://t.co/nL3XC61T

teh_squish Shonn Greene is just another in a long list of promising pre-season rbs who decided to fuck both real-life & fantasy owners in the ass.

superscoutken NFL HOT OFF THE WIRE Jets | Shonn Greene was ready to return in Week 11: New York Jets RB Shonn Greene (ribs) sa... http://t.co/xd3iXuSQ

Despinapwkyx RT @AlanErickson: Shonn Greene exits with rib injury http:tco45ipFiit

WesleyNickelson Shonn Greene = LaMont Jordan = not a starting running back #jets

TagsFantasyFB Joe McKnight had 121 total yards last night. Shonn Greene has had that just once in his 39 reg season starts. #fantasyfootball #FF

AmyVargas2 Shonn Greene: Greene tweaked his right foot http://t.co/Ym3xiWxI

RayThornton Shonn Greene: Greene tweaked his right foot http://t.co/1v2p2dk7

Alan_Erickson Shonn Greene exits with rib injury http://t.co/45ipFiit

LarsonTina With NY Jets' Shonn Greene injured, backup RB Bilal Powell finds life as a ... http://t.co/tmiOmYAG

mrwhitney RT @ChrisWesseling: Joe McKnight's 121 scrimmage are more than Shonn Greene has posted in all but one of his 39 career regular-season games. #Jets

nicksinyc RT @JennyVrentas: Jets RB Shonn Greene exits in first quarter with bruised ribs, does not return: http://t.co/C46lxUMv

IMSOJANJUA @MikeAndMike Mike Greene > Shonn Greene

JennyVrentas Jets RB Shonn Greene exits in first quarter with bruised ribs, does not return: http://t.co/C46lxUMv

TtheROP @tnmets Shonn Greene isn't a reliable RB, which means Sanchez has to make plays. People have always known Mark isn't a big game player.....


Jets and Patriots MNF game - start Shonn Greene or Danny Woodhead? by Joey W Q: who will get more yards and/or touchdowns tonight in the Jets and Patriots game? Should I start Shonn Greene or Danny Woodhead?

A: "Patriots run game will maybe pick up 40 yards total against Jets D. Go with Greene he is there bigger back to pound them early and often." You, sir, are an idiot. Greene had 52 yards, a 3.5 yard average and no scores in their first meeting. LT did all the damage running but while he's fallen off a lot since week 2 the Pats run defense has gotten better with the youngsters getting experience. Greene also only has 1 TD this year. Woodhead has scored 3 more TDs then Greene and they are equal on total yards even tho Woodhead has a lot less touches. I'd love for you to explain how the Jets will hold the Pats to 40 yards rushing on a cold, windy day in Foxboro. It makes absolutely no sense.

Should I try and buy low on Shonn Greene by offering Addai straight up for him? by Merch_dawg Q: I have Joseph Addai just sitting on my bench waiting to play during my main bye week. Should I try and buy low on Shonn Greene and hope for a turn around?

A: I would say YES because Greene is going to come alive. Im kind of in the same boat, but if you don't need Addai i would go for it. The Colts Offense is so spread out, so hard to tell who is going to have a big game. Look what happened with Donald Brown last week. That should have been all Addai. Hope this helped. Agc

Do you think that Shonn Greene should be one of the finalist for the Heisman Trophy? by Derek B Q: Shonn Greene is the only running back this season to run 12 100+ yard games in the FBS and also he broke Iowa's single season rushing record and most carries in one season. So I think he should go to New York in December to see if he could win it.

A: He is no doubt the best RB in the nation. Problem is twofold. On e is he is a one year flash. He didn't have the grades to play Div 1 his first two years, and will be going pro after this season. Almost impossible to play one year and win it, regardless how good. Also, most of Heisman is hype. Iowa is terrible at promoting it's player. Main reason Chuck Long and Banks didn't win it.

Should I start Matt Forte or Shonn Greene for fantasy? by Q: Should I start Matt Forte against the Lions D or Shonn Greene against the ravens D?

A: I say Matt Forte. Lion Defense is not good and the Ravens D even though they are getting older are still the Ravens D until the prove otherwise. I think you have a week to week pick on these two unless one comes out on fire. Both should be solid this year though.

Should I start Shonn Greene this week against Miami? by Football Master Q: Ok I can either have 3 WR's Vincent Jackson, Sidney RIce, and Greg Jennings, or 3 Running back between Chris Johnson, Marion Barber, and Shonn Greene. What should I do? Please help.

A: dont play Greene, He will be productive in the upcoming weeks due to the fact that the Jets have the most rushing attempts in the NFL. BUT Miami is 4th against the run, and Greene is splitting carries. You cant start him this week

Should I start Shonn Greene or Felix Jones? by koolandthegang20032003 Q: Shonn Greene vs tough Miami Defense or Felix Jones vs Seattle minus Lofa Tatupu. Please tell me why I should start them. Thanks!

A: Felex Jones because Shonn Greene only had one good game and it was against the Raiders.

Who would you start if you had to choose between Shonn Greene and Felix Jones this week? by Goober Q: Shonn Green against Cowboys Felix Jones against Jets My instincts tell me to start Shonn Greene since the Jets have a good defense.

A: greene all day

Should I start kevin faulk or shonn greene? by bee Q: Neither is that great an option, but it's all I have. Ironically, their teams are facing each other this week. Kevin Faulk got some decent attention last week.Shonn Greene got me negative points and actually caused me to lose the game.

A: Shonn Greene no question. He was up against a tough Baltimore D last week. Should be much better this week and i dont like starting many players against the jets D.

How many combined rushing yards do you think LT and Shonn Greene will get this week against the Steelers? by Dan Q: LT: 39 yards Shonn Greene: 17 yards Looks like 56 total yards and 0 TDs in my book.

A: Here are my predictions: LT - 28 yards Greene - 21 That makes a total of 49 yards. The Steelers will not allow either runner to top 30 or 50 yards for that matter. They still rank 1st in rush yards allowed with 60.1 yards per game. Point being, they don't allow 100 yard rushers. I pegged both backs lower than 50 yards because essnetially LT and Greene are not top 5 NFL backs. Greene has been known to show bursts of speed, but he is too inconsistent. As far as LT goes, his best days are behind him. That being said, the Steelers will win against the Jets, and they will stop the run as they have all season. They have Troy Polomalu one of the fastest safeties in the game, which adds to the run stopping ability, and don't forget that Harrison is still a linebacker that can snuff the run.

Will Shonn Greene get the goal line carries for the NYJ and be a weekly FLEX play for my fantasy team? by Vince Q: I have to drop Marshawn Lynch to pick up Shonn Greene and I like Greene's upside more. Should I drop Lynch to pick up Greene?

A: NOO. Do not drop Lynch. Greene is merely a Leon-Washington replacement. Nonetheless, Thomas Jones is still the top back. With the Jets toying with Oakland last week, Greene saw plenty of opportunities. Look for Greene only to handle 5-10 carries a week. Close games mean less carries for the rookie. Remember, Jones is still a top 10 back in this league. His opportunities certainly will not dwindle as he has done everything for the Jets this season. Marshawn Lynch is in for a few big weeks this year. He is constantly receiving more carries than Fred Jackson. Last week, Lynch had 17 carries to Jackson's 5. Similar numbers the week before that. Also, Lynch is a top receiving threat in the passing game, and if your in a PPR league, Lynch is a no-brainer to have on your bench, and start during nice matchups, including next week against Houston. Lynch should find the end zone.

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