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SummitHomes Removing old shingles this morning on a job North of Weatherford. http://t.co/kzcWxX5O http://t.co/KGUQqXEm

_MissAuNaturale Never thought I could climb a roof and redo the shingles but I can , go me lol .

philli049 Bubba's Got Shingles : http://t.co/NmLsobu2 #Humor

C_Parto LOL, they got my mom up on the roof to help them with the shingles.

UNISHIELD Call us and say u saw us on twitter for a 12% discount on our #roof #coating specialty products! Now avail in #CLEAR FOR #ASPHALT #SHINGLES

EthanPennock Fast Shingles Cure: Incredible Product W/ Amazing sions: Updated Oct 1/2011: Su High ting Shingles Cure Product With... http://t.co/X0KvbwuB

sourmansour Oh snap this mojo was saying chingles (shingles) and I thought he was saying chingos lol

vzvbee Spotting Shingles: What To Watch Out For - http://t.co/G9R26JTP http://t.co/3LJcmc4e

makuyumd Pheasant escape in wake of storm may affect hunting stock in Warren http://t.co/RzevKb0Q

iply_nt2_bplyd @banksboi84 lmao did she have the hat on? You know the Extravagant colorful ones with the pearl shingles lol

jasmine5644 Shingle Froe: This is the tool used by colonial settlers to split shingles, shakes, and lumber for homes in earl... http://t.co/ygyk5DEv

YuujiHyakuroBOT @RicKman_bot My mom says that you shouldn't jump off our roof anymore. You're ruining the shingles e-e

LumberX1pa http://t.co/gHIB1Kuo Is there a metal roof available yet that looks similar to architecural ...

Jangleton Fuck YOU, shingles! I'm going to watch the fucking fireworks down my park and YOU CAN'T STOP ME..what time are they? 8? Uuuummm...

ya_boy_remy Took a lil break from school work to help dad unload 60 things of shingles


How do you figure how many bundles of shingles you need to cover your roof? by T P Q: What is the formula to figure the amount of shingles you need to cover your roof? Since you have to have ridge cap shingles and regular shingles I need to know the formula to buy my supplies.Insurance didn't cover it all,so doing it ourselves.

A: Here is the link to another thread on the same issue. Some good answers there. Hope this helps. http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20060701170119AAgID6P

What should one do after being exposed to shingles? by Paranormal Princess Q: A few days ago, I visited my grandparents, then I found out that my grandma has shingles, yesterday. While I did not touch her, I am an amateur magician and did a coin trick for her and she DID touch my coin that I brought with me to do the magic trick with. Could I get shingles from that and if so, what would the symptoms be? As of right now, I'm feeling okay, so is there a chance that I won't come down with shingles at all?

A: Shingles is caused by the same virus that causes chicken pox, so if you've already had chicken pox and are otherwise in good health, you are unlikely to get shingles. http://familydoctor.org/574.xml

What color shingles would look good with unpainted cypress siding? by spenserstl Q: I'm renovating my house and trying to decide what color dimensional shingles would look good on the house once I reside it with cypress siding. I will leave the wood it's natural color and just finish it with a clear protective coat.

A: red

How many shingles will it take to roof my house? by Curtai_34 Q: I want to purchase my own materials and as such, I need to know how many shingles to buy.

A: Hire a good roofer. Check Angie's List and ask your city Bldng. Dept. who is good. If you have never done a roof, you are going to learn the hard way what real work really is. Have you ever seen a fat man on top of a roof working for a professional roofing company? If you did, that was the boss, who quit roofing years ago but is just checking the work. They're all very very thin. It is VERY dangerous work as well. If you're not confident walking a roof, forget it. Have you been up there yet and tried walking it? If it has a sharp pitch, it's harder.

What causes 16 year old asphalt shingles that have a 20 year warranty to curl up on their ends? by skahhh Q: Is there a temperature that makes these shingles curl? It is weird because I have an addition on my house that is 30 years old and had shingles put on it and they are 30 years old and they have not curled! But the shingles on my original building have. What gives?

A: They say poor attic venting causing heat build up can make them curl. I have noticed that some will curl up within 15 years and other homes with the same venting last 30 years. I think there are different batches made with different quality levels, so it's a crap shoot as to when they curl or not. Some curl up and some curl under, and other never curl. All you can do is replace them.

My wife suffered an extreme case of shingles two years ago. Can she receive the shingles vaccination? by Don W Q: Her bout with shingles occured two years ago, but she still has what is called postheretic neuralga. Is there any reason why she can't be vaccinated against shingles to lower the risk that she'll experience a full-blown shingles attack again?

A: Yes, vaccination may be given after a bout of shingles and may reduce the risk of another attack.

How dangerous is asbestos in outside house shingles? by Bobby Q: I bought an house of the 50s and was not told that its shingles were made from Asbestos. They are in pretty good shape and last year I pained over them. I learned that it is very expensive to remove the Asbestos shingles, thousands of Dollars. Some of my neighbors put new siding over thier old asbestos shingles but the asbestos stays underneath. My question is: how dangerous are these shingles?

A: In your case, not dangerous at all. You have already inspected it and report that it is in good condition. You then painted it, which is also a good thing. So just keep an eye on it over time, and it won't be a problem. For everything you ever wanted to know about asbestos and then some, check the link. Your situation is one of the LEAST problematic. Al

New shingles roof required - what does the work inlcude? what items should be includes in the quote? by Independent_guy Q: I need a new roof – the insurance company told me (it’s an old investment property). What should be include in the quote from the contractor? what does replacing a new shingles roof include? (i.e. is there a layer under the shingles that needs to be replaced?, etc.). THANKS.

A: My roof is being replaced as we speak. These items were on the quote: Remove existing roof surface Replace any damaged decking at an addtiona cost of $xx Install drip edge to rakes and eves (color) Install ice and storm shield to all gutter sections, valleys,and chimneys. Apply #15 felt paper over roof deck. Install new vent pipe collars Install new flashings along wall lines and sides of chimney, where necessary. Install 50 year Lifetime Architectural single. Brand/Color Install ridge vent to peak for proper air flow Remove all job related debris. All workmanship will be guaranteed for a period of x years. You might also ask the contractor to provide you with their liability insurance company's name and policy number (i did this and it was on the quote.)

shingles?????????????????????? by Slug Q: I've been hit by shingles pretty hard, first time I have had them. anyone have any tips on how to ease the pain??

A: capsasian (sp?) cream. I always spell that wrong. I'm pretty sure that's one of the treatments, at least for the pain after you have shingles and it sticks around. You should really talk to a doctor though, and he could give you something for the pain, and to help with the infection. If you know anyone else at risk of getting them you should reccomend they get the vaccine so they dont have to go threw what you are right now

Shingles............? ? by Bree Q: Can you have a shingles outbreak more than once, and where all can you get a shingles outbreak. Can it happen anywhere on your body. And please only for sure answers. I want to know from people who have had it or know people who have. I have already read all the websites so please dont tell me what they say or give me a site... Thanx.

A: shingles, which are caused by the herpes virus can occur anywhere on the body... and while very rare, can occur more than once.

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