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Shashi tharoor

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rajanmorbbia Shashi Tharoor with a very good speech . . Interesting to listen!!

aparnashenoy Kill me..but I love the way Shashi Tharoor flicks his hair back#hot#LokSabha

AdityaRajKaul Shashi Tharoor can be a good news anchor for BBC Hard Talk. Not a politician.

sureshnakhua RT @viratbharat: Ha ha.. RT @mediacrooks Damn! Hearing Shashi Tharoor after Yashwant Sinha is like being forced to watch SRK after a Rajnikanth movie! Sucks!

manutdeepak RT @thecomicproject: Shashi Tharoor will probably get to 100 headflicks before Tendulkar gets to his 100th hundred #TharoorHeadFlickCount

ashrita_atluri Blah Blah Blah! RT @BABURAO_: Shashi Tharoor: blah blah blah % blah blah blah % blah blah blah % blah blah blah %

ndtv Shashi Tharoor: We must not create a situation in which bureaucrats are compelled to do nothing. #Lokpal

sassySups Not that i m complaining but Shashi Tharoor is all over my timeline. Hail Lokpal :D

ShinyHappyShah HAHAH. Shashi Tharoor and his mane. *so* funny seeing him flick it. Or something like that!

sureshnakhua Faking News : Shashi Tharoor suffers a neck sprain while speaking on Darbari Rokpal

jpereira1993 "@ndtv: Shashi Tharoor: #Lokpal is an idea whose time has come."

khannask #Lokpal shashi tharoor refreshing speech compared to majority of speakers today and to the point !!

Vanane RT @thecomicproject: Shashi Tharoor will probably get to 100 headflicks before Tendulkar gets to his 100th hundred #TharoorHeadFlickCount

Shahid_Sayed Its a sheer delight to listen to Shashi Tharoor....he takes debates to a higher level.....awesome!

rajudasonline RT @nirpa: Here comes Shashi Tharoor w/ his accented English!Well,he was thrown out by d govt on the charges of corruption,cong's scraping the bottom!


Do i ask for too much if i want elaborate haired men off my television screen ? by novembrresident Q: Rajeev 'Suzal' Khandelwal AND Shashi 'Moo' Tharoor....

A: We feel the same way about Donald Trump.

indian authors, tried them yet? what do you think? by scout Q: i have been reading a lot of books by indian authors in the recent past. one factor might be that i can relate better to the Indian setting but beyond that, some are really so good. some of my favorites are amitav ghosh (the hungry tide) arundhati roy (the god of small things) shashi tharoor (bookless in bagdhad), vikram seth (two lives) rohinton mistry (family matters) well there are also some that i really dislike like chetan bhagat (i have no clue why indians are reading his works but then they are at least reading) aravind adiga- white tiger (booker for that? really?) what is your say? shashi tharoor sure is a pompous windbag. he is more of a stage one gets through. bookless in Baghdad sure is an exceptions.

A: This is the third question about Indian authors I'm answering today :D I'm an Indian myself, and usually make it a practice to stay quite clear of Indian authors. This may seem strange, but in their books there's usually something - even if a tiny but typically Indian error which hasn't been made deliberately - which makes me want to scream and run away and hide under my blanket hugging an old, battle-worn copy of The Bourne Identity. I'm quite disgusted by the way everyone here raves about Chetan Bhagat. I didn't like One Night at the Call Centre and could barely finish Five Point Someone. And I don't even quite like Ruskin Bond. For the reasons I've mentioned above, I haven't read many other Indian authors. Vikram Seth's Beastly Tales from Here and There are quite good, though; haven't tried his prose and am not sure I'd be very keen to. I've also heard people praise Shashi Tharoor, though from what I've seen and heard of him he's a pompous windbag. Ah well. Edit: If Bookless in Baghdad is an exception, maybe I'll try it one of these days :)

Did you know Hillary Clinton, John McCain, and Barack Obama posted questions on Y!A? by Q: Special guests Several celebrities and notables have appeared on Yahoo! Answers to ask questions. These users have an "official" badge below their avatar and on their profile page. During the 2008 U.S. Presidential campaign Hillary Clinton, John McCain, Barack Obama, and Mitt Romney posted questions on Yahoo! Answers in addition to YouTube.[28] In an awareness campaign, "UNICEF Up Close 2007", nine UNICEF ambassadors asked questions.[29][30] The launch of Answers on Yahoo! India included a question from A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, the President of India at that time.[31] Other guests have included international leaders (Queen Rania of Jordan [1], candidate for United Nations Secretary-General, Shashi Tharoor [2]), Nobel Peace Prize laureates (Al Gore[32][33], Muhammad Yunus [3]) and other international activists (Bono[32], Jean-Michel Cousteau [4]), intellectuals (Stephen Hawking[32], Marilyn vos Savant[33]), and numerous other celebrities. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yahoo!_Answers#Special_guests

A: I answered Obama's one lol.

I Love you guys at the Y!A but didnot understand Y Yahoo! struck off my Account twice in the last one month? by Anil K Q: Am I the chosen one? I know atleast 3 relegions and dont know of a Super Computing Wizkid(i am sorry to say so I am 37 today!) for my age,having started the hunt to make my brain a Super Computer,to get a Engg seat in '89 and failed and pained my really though not virtually illterate Mom,whose only wish is to see her Son realize his dreams and take care of her daughterinlaw and grandson! This is making me crazy,my Super Computer dreams and the associated perversion is crucifying my parents,who would have been just happy to see in some job,however ordinary it would be and been waiting for the result for the last 19 years or more! Can God evit out of this mess here in the United States? FYI Let me tell you that even Shashi Tharoor the Indian high level executive at the United Nations also,appreciates my writings!

A: Well with a name like Anil....there is not much left to be chosen for.

Is Indian philosophy same as Hindu philosophy? In that case where do Christians and Muslims in India stand? by Katlin Q: Shashi Tharoor's much publicised question can also be answered by this question.

A: Indian philosophy means Hindu philosophy. Those who or whose forefathers got converted to Christianity or Islam have by circumstances been deviated from the mainstream so far as way of living is concerned and their cultural identity is neither western nor Indian. Indian Muslims feel stranger to the Indian philosophy. What Mr. Sashi Tharoor has understood by the cultural plurality could at best be his personal opinion with out any intellectual basis.

How exactly can having "too much history" affect a country or society's present-day scenario? by Abhy Abe Q: In a novel "Riot" set in Indian background written by Mr. Shashi Tharoor, one of the characters, an American businessman says to Indians- "You have too much history. Far more than you can use peacefully. So you end up wielding history like a battleaxe, against each other." http://www.shashitharoor.com/articles/nyt/indiaspast.html I did not actually read the novel, and my question is not based on the novel either. It is just a follow-up to my last question- http://answers.yahoo.com/question/?qid=20070309223513AAci98X I hope you enjoy answering!

A: Obviously, at a highly simplistic level, all countries have histories dependent on their date of foundation. Using such an interpretation countries which have maintained their historical structure the longest - Egypt, Greece, China - can be said to have the most history. However, this is of course not the point. I will answer your question with an obvious example - that of Serbia. Serbia has had one hell of a history. Invasion and occupation by the Ottomans, subjugation by the Austro-Hungarian empire, leading directly to the trauma of World-War I, and then violence of World II. And of course the whitewashing of its identity under Tito and the subsequent rise of militant nationalism under Milosevic. It is not that Serbia has had too much history. It is that Serbia has had too much of the WRONG KIND of history. It is the history of oppression and violence - exactly the kind of history that stays in the collective memory. The kind of history that creates a victim complex that can (and in Serbia's case, has) produce a violent reaction. Serbia's bizarre continuing attempts to hold onto Kosovo are due in large part to a strong emotional attachment dating back to Ottoman times. The nation's overdose of "bad" history has impacted very directly on its present. Israel is another excellent example of this state of affairs. A people persecuted, and horribly so, throughout much of history see themselves as victims even when the boot is actually now on their own foot. India's history is an even more complex case - a nation which has had such flux in populations, such a variety of rulers, and consequently so much "bad" history will clearly be weighed down by it. India suffers even more from, in any meaningful sense of the word, not actually being a nation but a willing association of Nations. Indeed to a great extent the various Indian states (let alone those many ethnicities without their own state) have much less in common with each other than the many nations of Europe. Yet they have been bonded together by those selfsame nations of Europe. It is unsurprising that Indians often end up wielding this battleaxe of history against each other. The history of India is not a history of India, but a history of the various peoples and religions of India. India is united and divided by its various histories. And that history continues to make itself very much felt in its present.

Keralites (Malayalees from India) have the presence in all over the world? Any other community like them? by Jolly George Q: Mr.Shashi Tharoor is a malayalee. Malayalees (Keralite from India) have presence in all over the world? How they achieved this? Any other community can we find like them?

A: Hindustanis, Tamils, Punjabis, Sinhalas, Bojpuris.... BOLLYSTAN EVERYWHERE.....

Whom do you support in this interesting contest? by Røģεɾṡ Q: Shashi Tharoor or Lalit Modi?? Now, what I feel is.....What was the important need for Tharoor to poke his nose between an area not of his concern?? Politics and politicians must be banned from cricket. Do you agree??

A: Both are gone but Tharoor wasn't hard nosed politician, as a Pawar is & being India, its virtually impossible to remove politicians from sport, like IPL, as even now, Modi is being projected as a small fish, with real sharks in the back-ground, minting money, unfortunately all the dirty money is with Indian politicians, don't need to segregate them, they are all one & the same, so you can take out a pawn but to get to the Kings, you need to cross various defense lines, which would never happen in India, as here everyone is hand in glove & saving each others arses !!!!

why has Siddharh Basu been excluded from the greenathon? by Anton Q: so to with Ashish Ray and Shashi Tharoor?

A: http://www.shashitharoor.com/ for you.

Is it improper for Minister Tharoor to be involved with an IPL team? by The "BULL" Q: Union Minister of State for External Affairs Shashi Tharoor is in a fresh controversy around the Kochi IPL team he “helped” set up that has pitted him and its owners against IPL Commissioner Lalit Modi. Modi has not only publicly disclosed the names of some of the owners of the consortium that bought the franchisee for $333 million but has also alleged that he was told by Tharoor not to ask who these shareholders were. This startling claim assumes significance since at the heart of the controversy is the reported 19% stake owned by Sunanda Pushkar in the 25% free equity owned by Rendezvous Sports World Pvt Ltd, the company that led the consortium that finally won the team. The value of Pushkar’s stake is $15.82 million (about Rs 70 crore). Pushkar is known to be close to Tharoor who, in fact, has been seen introducing her in social circles as his “fiancée.” Currently married — and in the process of separation — Tharoor had earlier said he only offered encouragement, blessings and expert advice to the Kochi bidders. Source : An English Daily The Indian Express dated 13 Apr 2010 MS Believe in IK OANKAAR(Now on Vacation)::So far I thought you are a vehement supporter of congress, but I am surprised to see that you suppport with the same "viagara" all those in that party!!!!

A: But Shashi Tharoor denies to have asking not to disclose the names of the shareholders. If you are to believe Modi then why not Shashi Tharoor? Remember, you are comparing a person, who was convicted for drug doping, and assault for kidnapping and sentenced that is Lalit Modi and a Minister in Union Government of India. On all the grounds Modi is a controversial person, he tried to win Rajasthan Cricket Board elections by muscle power, he misbehaved with franchisee in IPL3, stealing taxes in all the IPLs. And here is Tharoor, who is not only a Union minister but world known and respected personality. Though his some of his statements are controversial, but his character is crystal clear. http://www.hindustantimes.com/special-news-report/IPL2008/Drug-rap-returns-to-haunt-IPL-boss-Modi/Article3-313632.aspx Why was Modi quite for all these days? Why all of a sudden he comes up with these statements? This lady, who is Tharoor's friend and may be "would be", and as projected by "BJP and some of the Media", may be Proxy, for Kochi franchisee, that should be probed, and the case has been filed in Supreme court regarding the same. I don't think you and I can decide better than Supreme court. So let Supreme Court decide what should be done regarding this. http://beta.thehindu.com/news/national/article396286.ece Edit: ==== Dear Mr. Bull Sir, With all due respect. There is basic difference between you and me, you OPPOSE not only UPA government but also every government individual. Anyone says anything against government or any government individual is right for you. But I don't do that. At times, I have even appreciated, Narendra Modi, Lal Krishnachanda Advani. I am a great fan of MM Joshi and Shyama Prasad Mukharjee. I have my half family belonging to RSS, and they are on national level positions. In my opinion, the best CM of India are Shiv Raj Singh Chouhan, Dr. Raman Singh, Nitish Kumar and Sheila Dixkit. Mind you, 3 non congress, and out of that 2 BJP chief ministers. Let me write something in CAPS to draw some attention. IS IT WRONG THAT LALIT MODI IS CONVICTED CRIMINAL, AND WAS FOUND GUILTY IN DRUGS CASE AND ASSAULT TO KIDNAPPING? IS IT WRONG THAT HE USED MUSCLE POWER TO OBTAIN POSITION IN RCB? IS IT WRONG THAT HE TRIED STEELING TAXES IN IPL 1? IS IT WRONG THAT OTHER THAN SOME CONTROVERSIAL STATEMENTS, SHASHI THAROOR IS A CLEAN PERSON. What is wrong, if Shashi Tharoor brought everyone together to bid for Tricky Franchisee? As far as the current alleged misuse of power is concerned, that is the question of prob, and writ is filed in supreme court. On what account Lalit Modi is better than Shashi Tharoor? What wrong did I say? What wrong did you see in my answer? If you find that my answers are not worth your question, sorry, I would refrain from answering your. I answer what I think is correct, not to please anyone. I do not answer according to the wish of the asker. That is not my style. And I have very high regards for you, and I do not want to spoil that relation. Thus, this time onwards I would not answer any politics related answers to you. Let only UPA bashers answer your those question. I will still answer your other questions, because I like you and respect you, because you are a nice person.

I think India's Shashi Tharoor should become next UN Secretary General..what do you think? by ajai Q:

A: I think Shashi Tharoor would be a fabulous choice as the next UN Secretary General. He has been involved in the UN for awhile now, and appears to be a remarkably intelligent person.

Do u support Shashi Tharoor? by Care Q:

Who is Shashi Tharoor ? by Allen P Q:

who is shashi tharoor? by rozylily Q:

A: Dr. Shashi Tharoor was the official candidate of India for the succession to UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan in 2006, and came a close second out of seven contenders in the race. Dr. Tharoor is also the award-winning author of nine books, as well as hundreds of articles, op-eds and book reviews in a wide range of publications, including the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, the International Herald Tribune, Time, Newsweek and The Times of India. He has served for two years as a Contributing Editor and occasional columnist for Newsweek International. Since April 2001 he has authored a fortnightly column in The Hindu and since January 2007 in The Times of India. In January 1998, Dr. Tharoor was named a "Global Leader of Tomorrow" by the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. He is the recipient of several awards, including a Commonwealth Writers’ Prize, and was named to India’s highest honour for Overseas Indians, the Pravasi Bharatiya Samman, in 2004. He serves on the Board of Overseers of the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, the board of trustees of the Aspen Institute India, and the Advisory Boards of the World Policy Journal, the Virtue Foundation and the human rights organization Breakthrough. He is also a Fellow of the New York Institute of the Humanities.

what is the current occupation of Shashi Tharoor in U.N. ? by lillyput Q: iNDIAN BY ORIGIN..

A: I give-up Bolton's page-boy.

why did shashi tharoor lose the election in the uno? by dheemanth r Q:

A: there is a black hand behind it

what is the post currently held by Shashi Tharoor ,India's candidate for the General Secretary of the United N by marathepa Q:

A: Well, on June 15, 2006, the Government of India announced its backing for Tharoor's candidature as Kofi Annan's successor for the post of UN Secretary General. But I guess you already knew that. He's kinda cute. Like Sponge Bob. Quote: "India is not, as people keep calling it, an underdeveloped country, but rather, in the context of its history and cultural heritage, a highly developed one in an advanced state of decay."

shashi tharoor for the next UN secretary general? by acdc Q: he is currently the under secretary general at un. he is of indian origin. liberal guy, i think i asked u a simple question.do u brag like this all the time.

A: , Under-Secretary-General for Communications and Public Information and has led the Department of Public Information (DPI) since January 2001. In this capacity, he is in charge of the Organization's communications strategy, with particular responsibility for ensuring the coherence and effectiveness of the United Nations' external message. Prior to joining DPI, Mr. Tharoor served as Director of Communications and Special Projects in the Office of the Secretary-General and as Executive Assistant to the Secretary-General (1997-2001). As Special Assistant to the Under-Secretary-General for Peacekeeping Operations (1989-1996), he assisted two successive heads of United Nations peacekeeping operations in managing the challenges of unprecedented growth and evolution in peacekeeping at the end of the cold war. From 1991 to 1996, he led the team in the Department of Peacekeeping Operations responsible for the United Nations peacekeeping operations in the former Yugoslavia. In 2003, the Secretary-General appointed him United Nations Coordinator for Multilingualism. Mr. Tharoor's United Nations career began in 1978 on the staff of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Geneva. He was Head of the UNHCR office in Singapore (1981-1984) during the peak of the Vietnamese "boat people" crisis. Mr. Tharoor is also the author of eight books, as well as numerous articles, op-eds and literary reviews in a wide range of publications. He is also the recipient of several journalism and literary awards, including a Commonwealth Writers' Prize. In January 1998, Mr. Tharoor was named by the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, as a "Global Leader of Tomorrow". Mr. Tharoor is an elected Fellow of the New York Institute of the Humanities and a member of the Advisory Board of the Indo-American Arts Council. Born in London in 1956, Mr. Tharoor was educated in India and the United States, completing a Ph.D in 1978 at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University, where he also earned two Master's degrees. He was awarded the honorary degree of Doctor of Letters in International Affairs by the University of Puget Sound, United States. Shashi Tharoor is a national of India. He is the father of twin sons.

What is Shashi Tharoor??? by Huppyfluppy Q:

A: he is a diplomat and writer from India As an author, Shashi Tharoor has written many editorials, commentaries, and short stories in Indian and Western publications (SAJA). In addition, he is the winner of several journalism and literary awards, including a Commonwealth Writers' Prize (SAJA). He is Under-Secretary-General for Communications and Public Information and has led the Department of Public Information (DPI) since January 2001. In this capacity, he is in charge of the Organization's communications strategy, with particular responsibility for ensuring the coherence and effectiveness of the United Nations' external message.

Who do you think would make a better Indian PM: Shashi Tharoor or Rahul Baba? by larry Q:

A: Shashi Tharoor.

Will Shashi Tharoor become the Un Secretary General? by motorockr:luv the thump Q: India has nominated Shashi Tharoor for the top job.What is your opinion of this nomination?Do you think he will make it?

A: Shashi Tharoor has a good chance of becoming the Un Secretary General.However there is a possibility that he could be vetoed by one of the countries.Fro his interviews he seems to be a good choice and knows what he has to do.I hope Us and the other countries support him.No doubt he will face tough competition .He has a 70 % chance of winning And note:He has NO criminal background and has worke dwith the UN for many years.

Is Shashi Tharoor’s role suspect in the Kochi IPL team deal? by The "BULL" Q:


Namste:What are you thoughts of IPL allegations against Shashi Tharoor for creation of new IPL team of Kerala? by Furioso Lion88 Q: Regardless of party BJP or any party. Cricket sport is a passion and it should never be a supreme issue of poltics. Has Lalit Modi forgotten "Lagaan" i say let these allegations against Shashi Tharoor is disgusting and IPL is not the passion where people can enjoy cricket ka. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3xQIo4ix9Yw

A: New teams will be a great addition to IPL, there will be a lot more action.

Should Shashi Tharoor be sacked in the wake of Twitter and IPL controversies? by The "BULL" Q:

A: It is the general view of general public. i go with public view. A minister should behave like a minister. if not don't show lienience, sack and pack and save india.

What are the charges against Modi and who is Shashi Tharoor & how is he involved in IPL cricket? by Tryphon Tournesol Q: Summary please Thanks Rehman

A: I'll first tell about Shashi Tharoor He has recently resigned from the post of Indian Minister of State for External Affairs. Before this he was the vice-president of UNO and United Nations Under-Secretary General for Communications. He was the candidate for the president's post of UNO too. Now I am describing the controversy in brief In April 2010, IPL chief Lalit Modi published the shareholders details of Kochi-IPL team's franchise owners, Rendezvous Sports World (RSW) group in his Twitter account and also mentioned that he was asked by an influential Union Minister to not get into details of Sunanda Pushkar who was given a sweat equity of approximately 4.5 per cent of total equity (estimated worth Rs 70 crore) in Kochi IPL team. In an official statement, Tharoor denied having made any financial gains from the sale or having pressured Modi in any way. He further accused Modi of trying to delay and discredit the new owners so that the franchise can be re-awarded elsewhere. RSW protested Modi's breach of confidentiality agreement. Sunanda Pushkar also issued a statement denying being a proxy for Tharoor. Later amidst demands for his resignation from the Union Cabinet by the opposition parties, Sunanda Pushkar gave up the sweat equity offered to her by RSW. But IT department stated that she will have to pay income tax on her sweat equity in Rendezvous Sports World even after having given it up.Allegations that this was pay back for denying a request to not issue a visa to a South African model close to Lalit Modi have surfaced, and so have death threats to Shashi Tharoor by the Mumbai underworld. Under severe push from Congress chief Sonia Gandhi and Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee combine, the Congress core committee decided to ask for Tharoor's resignation.April 18, 2010 Shashi Tharoor resigned from the post of Minister of State in MEA after being instructed to do so by the Indian Prime Minister. Tharoor purposefully avoided making any statements about his relation with Sunandha or the Kochi IPL team, in his speech in Lok sabha. An internet support site has been set up to collect pledges for the support of Shashi Tharoor on the same day. Lalit holds a silent stake in 3 IPL teams - the Rajasthan Royals, Kolkata Knight Riders and Kings XI Punjab. Furthermore, there are controversies as to whether Modi was involved in match fixing and betting in IPL games. He is also under fire for helping his family and friends buy stakes in IPL teams.

Should Pawar emulate Shashi Tharoor and resign over IPL bid? by The "BULL" Q:

A: Tharoor is a kid, in comparison to Pawar, he might have tried something for the first time,that too for his g/f, got caught, admitted to it and lost his post. Pawar on the other hand, grand-father, who has seen all, done all this --wheeling-dealing, all his life, for him IPL is an investment for his kids, its water off the back-of the duck, even his daughter is more accomplished liar than Tharoor, so don't think Pawar is taking your advice, ever, even Sonia Gandhi is unable to do the same, so he is here to stay, as he intends to die with the make-up on, as any great actor would want to, that of a politician, who epitomized corruption in politics but always came out winner, smiling a la SPS Rathore, hope Pawar also finds some freak person, who would lunge at him, to take his dirty smile away, as his fellow politicians are far too dependent on his might in parliament to save their own backs, so he is here to stay dude !!

Should Shashi Tharoor,Minister of State for External Affairs, stop tweeting to avoid controversies? by The "BULL" Q: Is Tharoor's 'Saudi Arabia as interlocutor' remark an embarrassment to the Indian govt ? ? ?

A: No, he is doing a very good job. Tharoor's political website, www.tharoor.in, and use of new media technologies in his campaign (including emails, voice SMS, and the use of social networking websites Facebook and Twitter) set the benchmark for future political websites and organizing in India. He eventually became the first Indian celebrity to get 100,000 followers on Twitter. He is just setting a different standard by catching young hearts! Many political leaders in left wing and PM's office don't like his tweets because he is exposing the weakness of the Govt. Then my simple answer is fix it! As long as he is tweeting in his personal time, I am ok with it!

Is the SMS threat mess manufactured to divert attention from the IPL controversy involving Shashi Tharoor? by The "BULL" Q:

A: You are right.... hey can trace all terrorist calls to Pakistan, but this call was traced to a fake document... and surprisingly.... no arrest is done. Same phone was used to send filthy SMS to Brinda Karat... so basically this is done by congress .... some of their supportr have brought cell phone with fake documents and creating controversies.... to benefit congress and their members....

shashi tharoor? by di.... Q: why are there no pictures of shashi tharoor and his family online? i wanted to know more about his family life,but could'nt even find a picture....obviously being in the public eye,he should be willing to be scrutinized...!!

A: He loved midgets!

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