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Shaolin soccer

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RizkyGendud89 No! Shaolin soccer RT @Metro_TV: Marcello Lippi: Barcelona Tim Terhebat Sepanjang Sejarah http://t.co/VcafSEIa

natGIOtv I wanna watch Shaolin Soccer :( #imissthatmovie .

RifqiAlamMR RT @ikadanewsonline: Shaolin Soccer Memang Nyata Lihat sendiri gan ajib http://t.co/2crQB3PK

HaryTjombo RT @ikadanewsonline: Shaolin Soccer Memang Nyata Lihat sendiri gan ajib http://t.co/2crQB3PK

ernanndo RT @ikadanewsonline: Shaolin Soccer Memang Nyata Lihat sendiri gan ajib http://t.co/fQoFHdq7

ikadanewsonline Shaolin Soccer Memang Nyata Lihat sendiri gan ajib http://t.co/2crQB3PK

ku_Berkata Shaolin Soccer Memang Nyata Lihat sendiri gan ajib http://t.co/tJeVOQih

fastbet991 Shaolin Soccer Memang Nyata Lihat sendiri gan ajib http://t.co/1w8qyReJ

adibkhld @EanIsaaac ahah. :P btw, that film kinda shaolin soccer wannabe. :D

petotsquad Nahh gpp boy itu sensasi nya hahah.. Maen jeung saha ca ?? RT @Kertapatii: @petotsquad jangan boy, jd shaolin soccer ntar. Hahaha

Kertapatii @petotsquad jangan boy, jd shaolin soccer ntar. Hahaha

wrki Shaolin Soccer on #Hulu is pretty entertaining. Leg is propped up. Ready for Morpheus to bring the sleep on. #Health

HypnotizeTv This is a legendary movie! Shaolin soccer

fellipenaka hahahahah parece shaolin soccer http://t.co/nHJPny5P

richardfcg I uploaded a @YouTube video http://t.co/MXoPtQ7q Shaolin Soccer 2011


Shaolin soccer compare/contrast? by pengwin06 Q: What is a good film to compare/contrast essentials with the film shaolin soccer? And what is a good basic thesis for it?

A: Shaolin SOCCER! Haha, one of my favourite films. One should compare this movie to either a sports film or a martial arts film or a comedy because those are the three genres that the movie incorporates.

Is the dubbing in Shaolin Soccer real? by Lizzie Curtis Q: the english dubbing doesn't really make sense with what is happening in the movie all of the time, and i was wondering if the dubbing is the actual translation or if it is a joke.

A: I think it is done for comedic effect! Sort of like a throwback to the old kung fu films.

What is the name of the song that is the theme tune to the film Shaolin Soccer? by dtwazere Q: The films theme tune is actually a real song, which is played during the ending credits. Does any one know the name of the song and who it is sung by? Thanks in advance!

A: everybody was kongfu fighting? idk

What are some movies like Shaolin Soccer, Kungfu Dunk, and Kungfu Hustle? by ||-Poppiex-|| Q: Movies with exaggerated actions.


Where can i download Kung fu hustle and shaolin soccer? by Barely Q: so i can put them on my ipod. where is a good site to download movies

A: You can try http://www.stagevu.com. You don't have to join but you do need to download DivX software if you don't already have it. But it's the best website I've found. You can change the settings so it can save the movie after it finishes streaming, so in other words you can watch it while it downloads. Just watch out for camera copies (R5 is the best camera copy quality), look for DVD rips.

Movies like Shaolin Soccer and Kung Fu Hustle? by SteelerNation Q: Movies like Shaolin Soccer and Kung Fu hustle? What are some more?

A: Kung Pow Dragon Tiger Gate

where can i download shaolin soccer dubbed in french or english? by akshay187 Q: Rapidshare or any other links please answer if you have an answer!! 10 points for the correct answer! no torrent download please!!!

A: Dude, you can't. Support the artists and buy the DVD.

Where can i download the movie Shaolin Soccer for free? by xChk3nDev1Lx Q: I need a website that can download the movie Shaolin Soccer. It cant be a thing that you have to download then find the movie and download like Limewire, Bearshare, etc...

A: no such thing exists because it's illegal. hosting a movie you dont own the rights to on the internet is illegal.

Where can i find a movie called Shaolin Soccer but dubbed in Vietnamese? ? by Cr4zyChimp4 Q: Where can i find a movie called Shaolin Soccer but dubbed in Vietnamese?

A: try ovguide.com an go into the Asia section...

Shaolin Soccer? by dr_biotox Q: Does is realy posible to use Shaolin Kung Fu to play football, like in the movie Shaolin Soccer? I try some moves from Shaolin Kung Fu and they look preaty powerfull.

A: i dont know but what a kicka$$ movie that was!!! but like that part where he was kicking the ball into the brick wall and making dents - im pretty sure the ball would bust if somebody kicked it that hard

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