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susievalbaby @STAYDIRTY Shane ): I'm sorrrrrry. You were gonna what?

winstonvassel likes Model by Shane O - Ignite Riddim on Ping http://t.co/HfxY3Mai #iTunes

Lizzard89 RT @philaphillies: Shane Victorino to appear on Extreme Makeover Veterans Day Special ... http://t.co/BViaWnsG

shanegibson Shane Gibson's Guerrilla Marketing Daily is out! http://t.co/IRnSJ79W ▸ Top stories today via @ebfennell @ormigadesign @drangerh @sethsblog

BossLadyAC I think Shane is the last person Nika will block . Lol

kayysweetie @JussShane lol whatever you say shane

ej_moreno @shanedessa kadati daw ni shane.. :) i saw some of our works, nice nice.. :)

Gabiaurora1995 Good night everyone night @shanedawson love u all!!! Mwa :* even though Shane won't notice this tweet u all will so night <3

Alex_DMS Shane o'neill http://t.co/kbbt6Bqo

So_LoveableRee Smh shane is such a freak lol her mind stay in the gutter…imean im not innocent but damn I thought we was talkin bout music lmao

Mrs_Feehily @ifarizty capture-an ap aunty?yg td cm capture-an yg ka Dinda blg kita pas jd girlband!aku=Mark,aunty=Nico,Unie Fitrah=Kian,Ka Dinda=Shane:p

maddiemay567 @zanewilder1 @shanedawson shane, i wish u would follow me :) im going to bed though! I would love to wake up and see u following me <3

FishyCrackerzzz @DaCrunchyBieber AWH why? You don't like Shane Dawson *tear* :(

nikhiltait The Big Bash League recalls Aussie greats, Shane Warne included: http://t.co/4GMHuDGj

ellymeagher I just beat Shane by 87 points! Think you can beat me? #GamesWithFriends http://t.co/BIWv0e9Y


Is this a possible explanation to why Shane McMahon left WWE? by The Best in The World (3.280)™ Q: It is said that it took everybody by suprise at why he left. I have seen it on spoiler sites as well. Is it possible Shane left to re-launch WCW since he owns one half of the company. Does this seem possible to you?

A: Honestly If You Think About It, The Chances Of It Actually Happening Are Very Possible. We Have Seen A Kayfabe Feud Between Vince Mcmahon And Shane Mcmahon In The Past During The Monday Night Wars, And Who Knows? Maybe This Could Simply Be A Publicity Stunt? But In All Honesty, I Think That Shane Did Resign But I Don't Think That He Will Just Leave A Job Where He Makes A Couple Million Dollars A Year, That Would Be Hard To Turn Down. It Would Be Pretty Interesting To See The Ressurection Of WCW, Maybe That Would Bring Ratings Up Again. I Can Also See Shane Getting Involved In An ROH Purchase. Great Question.

What is more effective in rugby? The Shane Williams sidestep or Benji Marshall sidestep? by Ben Middleton Q: I am great at the shane williams sidestep, but I have noticed it only works for people one on one. What bout Benji arshall?

A: Well if you think it only works one on one...search on youtube for Shane Williams and you'll see him sometimes beating 5 or 6 players. I don't think It's just the sidestep, but the complete unpredictability of where you're going to go, or what you're going to do. It must be combined with lightning pace, and a natural sense of awareness of what your opponent is going to do as well. I think there's very few players who have genuinely possess this trait - Shane Williams, Jason Robinson, Gerald Davies, Bryan Habana and a few others. Jonah Lomu was a one-in-a-million for a winger, he didn't need to sidestep. At 6 feet 5 and 19 1/2 stone...he could do whatever he wanted really, with the speed he had as well.

Is Shane McMahon too dumb to run the WWE? or did he just simply choose a different career? by KiNG J Q: Coz naturally he should be the 1 to inherit the company, iv always wondered but have never asked, what is Shane up to?

A: Stephanie has always been Vince's favorite. Shane would have been much better to run the company, but he knew he wasn't going to get that chance. He is working in China, building and internet cable business.

How much does it cost to get a ring sized at The Shane Company? by Colton B Q: I Got a ring for my girlfriend that needs to be sized down from a five to a four. I did not purchase the ring from the Shane Company, and I was wondering how much it would cost to have it sized there.

A: Ask the original seller for resizing it, if they give you a ring at wrong size, resizing will be free; if not, about $30 for resizing a ring. Is your ring in silver or K gold? If the ring is in other metal, it is hard to resize it. Or you can take it to a local jeweler for help. The costs would also be the same, not need to big name stores, the charge will higher.

What kind of storyline do you think begun when Stephanie macmahon slapped shane? by The Rock Says This... Q: Like what iim think will happen is that after a couple of weeks shane will go to smackdown(or ecw cuz they suk) and have a feud with stephanie just like vice and shane did with wcw. but of course it won't be as epic.

A: shane goes to ecw because he goes to SD! but steph and vickie boot him out of smack down. the ecw with shane as the leader will invade raw and try to ruin the raw show and then steph and shane get in a HUGE feud.later on SD! gets in on the rating war. the 3 brands fight and start a World War over brand supremes. then mr. Macmahon comes back and fires vickie and then tells shane and steph to stop fighting and he gets new GMS for SD! , RAW , and ECW. this will last quite a long time

How long Shane McMahon will be out of action because of his broken ankle? by str8 edge™ Q: 1. Will he return or its over for him? They just let Triple H to do all the fight for the family now. 2. Is there any possibility that Shane might return as new GM of RAW? No one expecting that so it could be a good surprise.

A: My guess is that the broken ankle was utilized as a means for Shane to take a break from appearing on WWE television programming. Keep in mind that he also does a lot of work behind the scenes too - so maybe he wanted a break from working in the ring to focus more on his backstage duties. He might come back later on, when he is needed for a story line in the future.

Who else thought WWE did a poor job of writing Shane McMahon off of TV? by Juelz Q: If you recall, last year he and Randy Orton had a match that ended in Orton "breaking" Shane's ankle with the steel steps and a steel chair. Shane McMahon was brought out in a stretcher and he hasn't been on TV since, and probably won't ever appear on TV. Do you think they should've done something bigger than that to write him off of TV? And if so, how should they have done it?

A: Honestly, it's just a huge coincidence that he got written off TV and never got on-screen revenge because he left the company. But since you asked, he should lost a "loser leave the WWE" match against Orton. In a PERFECT world, he's lose a "Loser leaves the WWE" match against Sting only because Sting won the last official WCW match ever.

What is the name of the Shane dawson video where they are in the hospial? by Rachael Q: What is the name of the Shane Dawson video where they are in the hospital and Shanaynay says have fun playing with your pussy?

A: No,dont listen to that other person, i am 100% sure it is NOT , witha capital N-"IM BRITTNEY SPEARS GYNO!?" -its "LADY GAGA TRIED TO KILL ME!", because he talks about things that scare him, and he says "when doctors mess up."... "IM BRITTENY SPEARS GYNO!?" was about what horrible jobs shane had. Best Answer? Plz?

Shane Mcmahon should start his own pro wrestling company with Paul Heyman, what do you think? by ArmbarProdigy Q: Shane was a huge fan of the ECW, Paul Heyman is the genius that created the ECW. They're also good business men. They also love MMA so they can bring some good aspect to it too. Not only that with Paul Heyman booking skills and Shane's business and financial skills and I think they're willing to work with each other and make a great team it would make an awesome wrestling company. What do you think?

A: Shane is working with the mma right now

Shane.....? by King Chrissy Q: http://heykelley.com/twitch/foto/misc/shane.jpg no that's katherine moennig, she is female.

A: No....her face photoshopped onto someone else's body....or Someone elses hands/arms torso photoshopped on Kate Moennig's upper body... Is it REALLY her....wow

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