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Shane Battier

Miami Heat's Shane Battier surprisingly offensive
He was in double figures seven times in 65 regular-season games and has 10 or more points in six playoff games, including three in a row.

Ethan J. Skolnick: Shane Battier may not be making friends along ...
Shane Battier has lived what anyone would label a basketball life, even if basketball hardly seems to dominate his existence. He has admitted that, as a kid, ...

Plan B: Chris Bosh and Shane Battier change Finals equation for Heat
MIAMI - Even as LeBron James and Dwyane Wade were tag-teaming their way past the Indiana Pacers in the second round of the playoffs and then the Boston ...

Shane Battier finds his shot, helps Heat make the most of theirs
It's the middle of June, and Shane Battier is still playing NBA basketball. ... Miami's decision to sign Shane Battier has paid off—Battier is providing defense, ...

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R_Souza14 When I hear stone cold killer 3 people come to mind. Rich Salve, Shane Battier and Jimmy Furyk #stonecoldkillers @cfurtado010 @white_rhino63

MrAllen623 RT @NBA: The @MiamiHEAT's Shane Battier is managing to do the unexpected in the #Finals (via @Powell2daPeople). http://t.co/JsoErP3g

SmacTok Lopresti: Semantics say Shane Battier is Heat's star - USA TODAY http://t.co/tf4i3v8I #smactok

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Dempsey2292 @Mackingainteasy @the_shop12 @leipold4 @hurttj11 Shane Battier doe?

iwannahaveone RT Shane Battier http://t.co/rAO0vc0f

4omocom4 RT Shane Battier http://t.co/YT2ehUuN

PTjess RT @USATSportsFeed: Miami Heat's Shane Battier a surprising scorer in Finals http://t.co/TM0YPtxh

k_almeshal Miami Heat's Shane Battier surprisingly offensive http://t.co/owgi6J0P #basketball #FF #Heat #HEATv #Mia #kingjames #Miami

Tristo2014 (sigh) Shane Battier. Our little adopted son has grown up. Him in the finals= A high school boy going to prom. Lol. #exRocketPower #HEAT

TodayHotNews1 Miami Heat's Shane Battier surprisingly offensive http://t.co/VG3n5AZS #shane_battier

hardtimesof_ME Shane Battier really working wonders for this Heat team

So_astounding RT @brownskingirl00: Lebron James Dwayne Wade Chris Bosh Shane Battier Mario Chalmers Udonis Haslem #HEATGANG

kenmanbataclan RT @NBA: The @MiamiHEAT's Shane Battier is managing to do the unexpected in the #Finals (via @Powell2daPeople). http://t.co/JsoErP3g


I was just watching Shane Battier on PTI and? by The Sophisticated One Q: This guys definetly got a job waiting for him at ESPN if he wants it right? I mean he's got the look, he's got the talk....... and if Jalen Rose could do it, Shane should have no problem. What do you think?

A: yes definitely he did a great job as an analyst in Houston last year or the year before when he hurt his knee pretty bad i think he could have a career as an analyst later on i also think he could even be a memphis politician if he knew enough about politics they love the guy there

Did Shane Battier really get traded to the Houston Rockets? by Q: I heard that Shane was traded to Houston in exchange for 19-year-old, Gay. If so, I'm really disappointed. I loved the Grizz partially because it was Battier that played for them....

A: The trade has not been official because the NBA moratorium (or the waiting period, as I like to call it) doesn't end until mid-july (Battier is a base year compensation player, which means he doesn't alway get the same salary on a year by year basis, therefore his salary needs to be reset on July 1 for this trade to happen). As of right now, Battier is still a player in the Grizzlies organization, pending a physical and the moratorium to end. The reason for this trade is that the Rockets need a defensive stopper that can score, which Battier posses, while also having a insurance player if Tracy McGrady goes down again, because the Rockets never had a reliable backup for McGrady last season. The Grizzlies didn't want to pay big money for Battier in the near future and with the Grizzlies having so much depth on their bench, Battier was expendable and trade him for the rights of the 8th pick, which was forward Rudy Gay of Conneticut, who happens to be a cheaper source for scoring and defense (the Grizzlies didn't want to lose Battier for nothing and Gay is more athletic than Battier). The result of this trade is: 1) The Rockets get a season veteran in Battier, who is likely going to be the "defensive stopper" for the team (assign to stop guys like Kobe Bryant, Dwayne Wade and others), something the Rockets lack last season, instead of relying on a rookie like Gay, who wasn't going to get playing time under Jeff Van Gundy. 2) Gay goes from little playing time to big opportunities by going to the Grizziles, where he will be part of the rotation in a deep Grizzlies bench, while playing the same type of defense that Battier plays (except, he much younger and more athletic). As a bonus, they don't have to worry about contract situation (Battier contract was about to end soon, while Gay has a guarenteed 3-year contract with an option for the fourth).

Ron Artest and Shane Battier by Q: With the latest addition of Ron Artest, how will this effect Shane Battier. Since they basically play the same kind of game. Will they trade him or will Shane be coming of the beach for the Rockets? Mr. yahoo sucks (Kobe>MJ), I don’t recall asking you for your own personal opinion. So yea…

A: shane will come off the bench, but i think that theyll run artest at pf sometimes because of his size and strength, and ahve battier at the 3. they might also go big and have artest at the 2 and shane at the 3, either way the defensive assignments will change depending on the opponents. i believe they both will get plenty of minutes, theyll probably both be playing when tmac is out.

Was Shane Battier yelling at the refs to stop the game because he was bleeding in Game 1 vs. the Lakers? by Keith Q: It looked like when Battier was bleeding that he was screaming at the refs to stop the game but there weren't paying attention to him or notice that he was covered in blood. Am I wrong? Also, I thought it was funny when one of the Lakers (i don't remember which one) was pointing out the guy cleaning the floor where all the blood was. Yea, unbelievable. How could they not see all that blood?!

A: Pau is a class act and is the one player I like on the Lakers. I got a chill up my spine when I saw Shane's face covered with blood. I mean I've seen bleeding in the NBA but never THAT much, it's as if he got hit with a hockey stick. I think the refs probably really didn't see it as they looked at the other side of the court. I commend Gasol for showing sportsmanship by yelling to the refs too and standing by Battier's side.

With Mario Chalmers, Haslem, and Shane Battier playing so good, how is it possible to beat the Heat? by Q: The Celtics doubled Wade and Lebron and Chalmers would tear them up.

A: Heat will 100peat.

Who had better college career? Shane Battier or Dwyane Wade? by Go Q: I'm not asking about who is the better player or who has better career in NBA. only COLLEGE only. BQ: Who is better defender overall? Prince or Battier?

A: Battier had a better college career, he played 4 years to Wade's one and ended up winning a national title. Simple as that. Battier is the best defender in the NBA, his footwork is amazing, he gets a hand in the face and doesn't try to block shots. He takes charges much better than Prince. Just asked Kobe Bryant who is better. That is why Kobe has 10 for 30 nights against Battier. Battier is the real deal when it comes to defense.

What is Shane Battier's rating in NBA 2K9? by Jake S Q: What is Shane Battier's rating in NBA 2K9?

A: 81

Who is a better perimeter defender Shane Battier or Ron Artest? by OKC thunder fan Q:

A: Ron Artest, I'd have to say, is just a better all around player than Battier. Although both are good defenders on the perimider i have to go with Artest.

Fantasy Hoops: Drop Shane Battier for Kyle Korver? by JD Q: Should I drop Shane Battier for Kyle Korver? I just think Shane Battier has regressed to the point that he has become sort of a Bruce Bowen in Fantasy Basketball. He gets starter's minutes but doesn't do much at all. Please tell me who's the better pick up. Thank you!

A: Ya know I would do it. Korver is the second scorer on the Sixers. Battier has to play with Mac, Yao, and Francis when he gets healthy. Just looking at his stats alone for each game Battier gets Points Rebounds Assists FG% 8.4 5.1 1.3 .387 Now on the other hand Korver plays with the younger AI. Also he is a good 3 pt shooter, and does occassionaly get a board. He is mostly a shooter though. His stats are Points Rebounds Assists FG% 10.3 3.0 1.7 .395 The last game he played he had 20 pts and 4 boards. Its mostly his 3 point shooting that is the best factor. I would dump Battier for Korver. Good luck!!

Is Shane Battier an overrated defender? by Q: I mean he hustles and all but he's no enforcer.

Is Shane Battier putting da team on his back right now? by Q: He has made 3 straight 3 pointers.

A: Battier is finally doing something, sheesh. But yeah Battier is going ham.

I have not paid much attention to the rockets in the past, but have you noticed Shane Battier has no hops? by hitmeagaindude Q: He seems like a good player and shoots well from the outside, yet is only a 41% shooter overall. He always sticks his hand in the shooter's face, but should be long enough to actually block some shots. On top of that, he only gets about 5 rebounds a game and is 6' 8" with long arms.

A: I have not paid much attention to your Q's in the past, but I have noticed you have no idea how to write coherent questions.

Devin Harris and Tim Duncan for Kevin Garnett, Shane Battier, and Raymond Felton? by Aamir S Q: Should I trade Devin Harris and Tim Duncan for Kevin Garnett, Shane Battier, and Raymond Felton?? I have KG, Battier, and Felton.

A: Keep KG, Bettier and Felton. 1. Duncan must turn down after Parker and Ginobili come back. 2. Harris is excellent recently but not stable. Too early to tell 3. Battier will boost up because Tmac out for 3 weeks. (I guess Tmac will out for the whole season 4. Felton's STL is a rare asset 5. KG is suck, but just similar to Duncan in near future

Can anybody stop shane battier? by Q: Shane battier is on fire do you guys think he will keep it up through out the game?

Should i trade Shane battier and Andris biedrins for AL Jefferson and Wilson chandler? by champ wade Q:

A: yes sir, al jefferson is a monster and dropped 31 pounds eating subway sandwiches so he is in great shape right now and will have a really good season and my pick in the entire league to have a break out season is wilson chandler, he is really talented and donnie walsh and the knicks are all over him, do the trade u wont loose!!

should i get shane battier over monta ellis in fantasy basketball? by nick! Q: i accidentally picked monta ellis overshane battier during the draft tonight and now im thinking if i should keep him or not

A: Go get shane battier, he would definitly play more games than monta ellis because monta suffered an injury in the preseason. It's even inn doubt if he can play for the season opener.

Buy or Sell : Shane Battier is the current MVP of this series(for the Heat)? by Q: This guy may not put up 30 a night, but hes scoring more efficient and out hussling everyone else on the floor. Congratulations Shane Battier, you are the first ever Heat role Player to be on my avatar, only Wade, Shaq, Lebron, Bosh, have ever gotten that honor. Lets go Heat!!!

Who would win in a street fight shane battier or grant hill ? by madddness Q:

A: niqqa what the f**k? that's the most random thing I've heard

Why did Shane Battier not play tonight? by Baby Esh Q: I was watching the Houston game and saw him suited up, and then heard the commentator say something about him lying to the team or something. What's all that about?

A: injured

How come shane battier didnt make first defensive team? by Rockets 2008/09 CHAMPS!!! Q:

A: Definitely. I hadn't thought about it until I read this question but I did know of Battier's defensive abilities. I remember when they won the 22nd in the row or something he was able to slow down Kobe Bryant. He's definitely a better defender than Chris Paul. Partially he was injured and obviously he is not as well known as some of the other players on the first team. Those are possible reasons but you could say he was snubbed. But the 2nd team is still a really good honor. Interesting. I disagree with Nick personally Stern likes big market teams that can help the league. I doubt he has anything to do with the selections themselves I think it's just like the MVP and is selected by members of the media. And Bowen definitely deserves first team honors in my opinion. He's probably one of the last remaining players that can just shut down an opposing player. For instance look at the Spurs Hornets series. First two games Peja has big games, Pop makes an adjustment and Bowen has since shut him out of the game. However Chris Paul has not been able to slow Tony Parker so how can that be considered a good defensive effort. Maybe they needed a guard and I think Battier plays small forward might've been a factor. Many small forwards have become defensive specialists. Correction: It's the head coaches that choose this award. But same difference concerning the commissioner's role in choosing awards or showing favoritism.

Ask Shane Battier why LeBron is better than Durant? by Q: Durant can score like no other. But to see the difference between LeBron and Durant, you need to look at LeBron's last 2 passes.

How come Shane Battier can barely hit anything these playoffs? by Q: .288 FG .333 from 3pt range playoff stats

A: Agree, he did have 1 good game yesterday shooting 4/5 from the 3. I only like Battier for his defense, he can shoot 3's but he seems to miss many open 3's.

NBA: Should the Heat start LeBron at the Point and bring in Grant Hill or Shane Battier? by Who Would Win™ Q:

A: that is considerable for the heat

I think Rick Adelman should start Carl Landry instead of Shane Battier and Aaron Brooks instead of Rafer? by Moore55 Q: Alston. what do you think? a starting lineup of: Brooks, McGrady, Yao, Landry, Scola. Give Landry and Brooks 35+ minutes each per game. Alston has been a joke for awhile and Battier gets 35 minutes a game to play his specialty defense but doesn't do much else, doesn't even touch 10 points a game anymore...... what do you think of these 2 changes?

A: It's important to have a defensive stopper in the starting line up. It's also important to have some firepower coming off the bench. I think he has the right starters.

Will Mike Miller be the starting shooting guard or benched for Shane Battier? by Q: @Eat up. What, Mike Miller can shoot three's like nobody can on the Heat, in fact, that's the reson they got him.

A: Mike Miller will probably be the starter based on his salary. Shane Battier will get the crunch time minutes.

What skills do Bruce Bowen and Shane Battier have defensively that Shawn Marion doesn't have? by Andy Q: I don't know how the coaches have overlooked him for so many years. He's a great on the ball and off the ball defender and has gotten at least 100 steals and 100 blocks every year except for his rookie season. I know stats aren't everything when it comes to defense but that's impressive

A: Shawn Marion is an excellent defensive player. He has long arms, excellent quickness, and his second jump (after he lands) is the quickest in the league. Bruce Bowen is a good defender, but not nearly as athletic as the Matrix (and not nearly as sportsmanlike). Battier makes up for his lack in athleticism with pure hustle and knowledge of the game. I agree with you, though, Marion's defense is very underrated; I don't think he's ever even been voted onto an all-defensive team!

Buy or Sell: Shane Battier is an overrated defender? by NONAME Q: When LeBron is guarding Carmelo, he gives him a hard time. When Shane Battier, "one of the best defenders in the league", guards him, Melo drains shot after shot. The only thing Shane is good at as a defender is taking charges, that's it.

A: Sell. He's a good defender Melo is just shooting well now.

Would you rather have Shane Battier defending Kobe than Michael Jordan in his prime? by ♫ Cowboy Neal At The Wheel™ Q: Thats what the ESPN color commentator said. Is he an idiot?

A: I'll happily take Lebron Kobe matchup in the finals

Proof that Shane Battier is an overrated defender? by NONAME Q: He can't do anything to stop Carmelo. Coach Spo is an idiot.

A: If LeBron guarded Melo the last 2 minutes of the game, than the Knicks wouldn't have won. Battier is a good defender, but Melo clearly abused him the whole game. In fact, the whole series. Melo was only sh*t when LeBron was guarding him.

When healthy, which player is better Shane Battier or Lamar Odom? by Respect The Big Man Code!!! Q: Last year, I probably would have said Odom, but right now we see Odom's true abilities when his minutes are limited like Battier's are. So I want to know you guy's thoughts.

A: For your value, Shane Battier. Odom's contract is terrible and doesn't live up to it. No doubt Odom is the better player but he doesn't show the passion, and the hustle. Which fits Battier's character perfectly.

What, is Tony Allen now the Grizzlies best perimeter defender and not Shane Battier? by fanofthegame(ofbasketball) Q: they just said that on ESPN. Obviously Shane defends Kobe better than Tony would. Since shane is longer and alos have a BOOK HOW TO GUARD Kobe....

Who is better Ron Artest or Shane Battier? by videogamer Q: who is better and why. Also Ariza and Shane are both SF so will they move Ariza's position? I can think of two bench players that Lakers can and should get rid of.

A: Artest has more offensive ability, but Battier doesn't take all the questionable shots that Artest does. As the star off the team, I'd rather have Artest. As a complimentary player, I'd rather have Battier. I don't think that either "moves." They will just play them both at basically the same position. Battier will probably guard the best player, and they will allow Ariza to have more offensive flexibility. The Lakers should get rid of Farmar and Vujajcic. I don't know if they can move Sasha's contract though.

Since the Heat will most likely acquire Shane Battier do you think they should try to move Mike Miller for a C? by Q: I would like the Heat do a sign and trade by trading Miller, Joel Anthony, and maybe an insignificant piece for Nene.

A: Nene on the heat is gonna be epic. Championship run for sure.

When will Shane Battier be back for the Houston Rockets? by 777 Q: Cause Houston has a terrible offense, and Rafer Alston isn't helping. They should start Brooks who had 20 points against the Lakers yesterday. Alston is shooting about 30% FG. Dat is terrible. Rockets need some scorers fast!

A: A statement was made yesterday and his status is still uncertain. He was supposed to make his debut mid November but Adelman said this... "He's really a key guy, he knows how to play," Adelman said. "He's doing more and more. We don't want to rush him back. He'll let us know when he can actually go out and practice." Since he haven't practiced yet, I wouldn't hold my breath.

Shane battier was smart when he defended Kobe last night do you agree or not? by Amer G Q: I' m a Laker Fan but i got worried last night when i saw shane defend kobe by putting his hand straight in his face/ eye blocking the view of the rim. If everyone was to defend kobe like that it would be impossible for him to get a shot in the basket because he won' t be able to see the rim. It seemed like a good tactic because Kobe played ok but shot poorly....What is the solution for this crisis Laker fans...

A: what? he was knocking down jumpers in Battier's face.... the only reason he had alot of misses was because he was shooting threes to get his team back in it and most of the time they were rushed.... Battier cannot stop Kobe. Did u see him cross him over? He dropped Battier! That was hilarious!

Is that knucklehead Shane Battier to blame in Grizzlies loss for missing the free throw in regulation? by Q:

A: I don't think you can blame the loss on anyone. The Spurs just got lucky. They were outplayed and they still won the game.

I have to do my lineups weekly and I need blocks: Should I start Shane Battier over Lamar Odom? They have 2 gm by Melen Q: 2 gms each this week

A: If you need blocks, then I'd start Battier. He's the better choice if you need blocks. He had a bunch of blocks last week, so hopefully he'll continue that trend. Hope I helped!

do you consider tayshawn prince and shane battier a top 10 defender in the league? by jcriss86 Q: they're both underrated and both very good on ball defenders and both have good reputations in their career since entering the league do you consider them top 10 defenders in the league today?

A: Definitely

What's the deal with Stephen Jackson and Shane Battier suddenly making big three point shoots against OKC? by Axel Q: Non of them really has a reputation of being a good three point shooter. So what's the deal? Just Luck or something else?

If you leave Shane Battier in a gym overnight, how many threes will he make? by Q: Because he sure as hell can't hit anything in the Pacers series.

A: I don't care how big of a slump he's in, you leave ANYONE open like the Pacers did and they will eventually start hitting. The Pacers are lucky this isn't a done series with them down 4-0 the way they have played. I hope the Pacers win, but Game 4 was only an example of what's to come if they play shitty defense like that.

How did Kobe Bryant get into the all defense team over Shane Battier? by cap&trad3 is a rent seeking scam Q: Shane Battier is the best man to man defender in the NBA....no doubt about it. It's not all in the stats. Even Kobe Bryant gets frustrated when Shane Battier guards him: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0PsPATt5_DA

A: it's all about name recognition, kobe is a joke compared to battier when it comes to defense there's no doubt about it but because his name is kobe and nobody knows who shane battier is, kobe gets it by default, yeah it sucks but that's how sports work.

Is Shane Battier the unsung hero for the Miami Heat? by Q: I think he has been the biggest difference for this team, and why they will win the championship this year. Because he is the most clutch player on their team, and brings a defensive toughness, to the table, that every great championship team needs.

A: If you look at the stats he scored almost as many as wade with a lot less shots in both games, and bosh has been dissapointing on offense. But defensively he's been better than the two, so yes I would say so.

Thoughts on Shane Battier contributing good for the Memphis Grizzlies? by Q: congrats to Shane for a victory in San Antonio Lake show, worry about the Hornets since they are beating the Lakers now my clone is upset at the Hornets? why? I don't control how the Hornets handle the Lakers

A: The Grizz never should've gotten rid of him in the first place. They really started a downhill slide at that point. Glad to see him back playing for them.

what team would you like shane battier to play for this season? by Zeno B Q: lots of teams are interested in his services, for obvious reasons, but where would you like to see him go? personally, i'd like him to sign with the thunder. they're a young team that could use a veteran defensive presence.

A: thunder, they have all the players just not the experice. by 2014 battier will need to retire tho

What are your thoughts on Shane Battier and Aaron Brooks after watching Game 4? by King Of NJ Q: even without their 7 foot 6 Chinese big man the Rockets still managed to pull a 99-87 win and the final score was closer than the actual game. Aaron Brooks scored 34 points and played big at the Point today making big hustle plays Battier went 5 of 10 from Three and scored 23 points playing solid defense and hustling today. These Rockets showed alot of heart,fight,and toughness today What are your thoughts on Battier,and Brooks after todays game?

A: man im a fan of both but wow when i heard no yao ming then i was like its over i didnt plan to watch the game but i did i just wanted to know how bad are they loosing but up by 10 then 29 arron brooks with 34 points shane hitting his shots i was surprised i think they got more aggresive like luis scola get hard rebounda i think personally they will have momentum to beat the lakers at games 5 cuz rockets are angry and very emotional and they are playing as a team and kobe as usaul ball hogging taking stupid shots and missing no doubt this has been amazing series and rockets are doing very well as expected proving everyone wrong and i dont think lakers will be well in game 5 odom is probably be in pain still playing and kobe will be ball hogging so its gonna be a fantastic game ron artest needs to step up his shots too ... im a fan of both but rockets show me more potential of how good the team wrk plays ... after this game i think rockets can pull it off in game 5 ... kobe cant catch up with shane no more its funny lol best play of this game was alley oop to arron brooks in the last .7sec crzy and that monster dunk by landry rockets has been tramendous this plaoffs year ... i wanna knw what more they do i wanna get surprised by this team ... lakers never surprising always playing dirty... but lakers have a chance if they play dirty again .. that it ...

Who is currently the better overall defender: Shane Battier or Ron Artest? by David Q: Both of them are on the all-defensive second team this year, but which do you think is actually the better defender right now? Some history, in case you're interested: Battier was on the all-defensive second team last year as well. Artest was on the all-defensive first team 3 & 5 years ago, and the second team 6 years ago.

A: Shane Battier is better at on-ball defense, but Ron artest is better at stealing the ball and getting rebounds. I would have to say that Artest is the better defenseive player because he is more of a defensive playmaker.

Why can't James Harden do anything against Shane Battier? by STU Q: He has gotten obliterated ever time he has had to go against Battier. Why don't others play the way shane plays against him?

A: Battier is one of the best perimeter defenders in the NBA, end of story!

Could Shane Battier make it to the HOF because of his lockdown defense? by supdawg66 Q: On ball defense doesn't get you on the stats sheet, doesn't get you promotions or sponsors, nor does it make you a superstar. But could Shane Battier ever be accepted into the Hall of Fame for his incredible on ball defense? He's been able to shut down the best stars in the game for his whole career (or at least slow them down by a considerable amount) including Kobe and LBJ. It might not get on the stats sheet, but it certainly wins games.....

A: Sorry, no chance of that happening. Besides, not only has he not made the all star team, but He's NEVER made 1st team All-Defense either! (he's been 2nd team all defense twice, 2008 and 2009. So he's got his foot in the door of the 1st team once a couple of guys get old or retire). And, since the all-defensive team consists of two forwards, that's not a good case for the HOF. If he was a center, and we had a case of two all-time great defenders doubling up at the center position at the same time, that would be one thing. But he needs to make 1st team all defense a few times. At this point, he has a zero per cent chance of being a HOFer. I expect him to make first team very soon, but he hasn't done it yet. The HOF isn't for guys who's only accomplishment is making 2nd team all-defense.

What are your thoughts on the Lakers getting Chris Paul, the Heat getting Shane Battier? by Feelz™ (Gonorrhea ♥ Rice) Q: And the Knicks getting Tyson Chandler? My thoughts are the Lakers get a great playmaker in Chris Paul, the Heat get a good player in Shane Battier and the Knicks get a big man they needed desperately but but perhaps not the right one as they should have focused on Dwight Howard but then again they didn;t have enough to potentially get him as the Magic are gonna want a lot for him.

A: All good for all 3 teams. Battier will give the Rockets great defense and shooting off of the bench. I would have liked him on the Lakers more. Paul is the best point guard since Magic. The Lakers do lose size now without Gasol and Odom but I think they will get Howard. Chandler will make the Knicks a better defensive team with his defense and rebounder.

shane battier? by Call me Princess!! Q: what is the nationality of SHane Battier? IS he black?

A: hi princess well to answer your question shane battier's father was black and his mother was white.

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