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Shahid Afridi

Misbah on front-foot against critics of his captaincy
On Thursday he led Pakistan to victory over the No.1-rated T20 team in world cricket and afterwards vented his frustration at the media - and the Pakistan media in particular - who seem to want Shahid Afridi restored as captain.

Pakistan v England third ODI: England set target of 222 after half-centuries ...
England needed to better 222 all out to seal a one-day international series victory against Pakistan after half-centuries from Shahid Afridi and Umar Akmal aided a revival from 97 for five. England had to withstand an early onslaught at the Dubai ...

Shahid Khan Afridi to lead Team Pakistan in Asia Cup
A final sigh of relief for Pakistani fans as PCB chairman Zaka Ashraf has approved Shahid Afridi's name to lead the side in Asia Cup. It was reported by a local TV channel that most of the senior players will be left out from the event scheduled in ...

Pakistan searches for Australia ODIs venue
By AFP Pakistan's Shahid Afridi (R) celebrates with his teammates after he dismissed England's Kevin Pietersen (unseen) during the first Twenty20 match between Pakistan and England at the Dubai International cricket Stadium in the Gulf emirate's Sports ...

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M_Tarar RT @OmarWaraich: What's the point of Shahid Afridi? Pricey bowler who scores one run

masadaslam Why Awais Zia looks like Left Handed Shahid Afridi? #PakvEng

123_shahid England 150/7 (20/20 ov) Pakistan 7/2 (2.1/20 ov) Pakistan require another 144 runs with 8 wickets and 17.5 overs... http://t.co/UJ9CcFD9

sindhyar But Does it with "panache" RT @OmarWaraich: What's the point of Shahid Afridi? Pricey bowler who scores one run

Umerr "@OmarWaraich: What's the point of Shahid Afridi? Pricey bowler who scores one run" exactly no point #fb

Ali_J786 @RakebKasem1 let Misbah, Shahid Afridi and U Akmal come on..

Aliza_Alyy RT @OmarWaraich: What's the point of Shahid Afridi? Pricey bowler who scores one run

RumarOon RT @OmarWaraich: What's the point of Shahid Afridi? Pricey bowler who scores one run

ammaryasir +1 RT @OmarWaraich What's the point of Shahid Afridi? Pricey bowler who scores one run

M_Tarar oh no you didn't. all the 12 yr olds will lynch you now RT @OmarWaraich What's the point of Shahid Afridi? Pricey bowler who scores one run


Can anyone tell me the phone number of Umar Gul and Shahid afridi (Pakistani Cricketers) please? by ? Q:

A: Who is Shahid Afridi?

its true shahid afridi score 30 half centuries in one day internationals? by Q:

A: Yes but that was a long time ago, he has only scored one 50 in the last 2 years

does any1 know which bat shahid afridi has been using since the just after the icc chapions trophy? by boomboomtyme Q: u know the 1 that has boom boom on the sides

A: Yes, email me & I will show you.

Shahid afridi daughters? by Q: I really love shahid afridi's eldest daughter and I really want to marry her. Plus I will be shahid afridi's relative. Please tell me step by step how can I because I really want to marry her.

A: His daughter is too small to marry.only 5-6 years,so I would suggest you to wait for a decade and then ask.

which australian advertisement has shahid afridi in it, dissing him for ball biting ? by yjvd Q: shahid afridi mocked after ball tampering

A: I haven't seen any,and I watch a lot of television.

Shahid Afridi has a very good Test record but still he is not in the team? by MooN Q:

A: he has retired. but the other reason why i feel that he would still not be in the team for test cricket is because his attitude against the opposition, if you have seen his matches, you will see at least 2 or 3 times he would be either saying something bad to the opposition side or he would be over confident.

What do you think about Shahid Afridi ? by Wall Stands Tall Q: As a player As a person As a Leader. Honest comments only.No nonsense.

A: As a player 1)))He was a star when Pakistan won the T20 wc. )http://newsnidea.com/1688/shahid-afridi-shines-in-pakistan-win/ http://www.cricinfo.com/wt202009/content/current/story/410042.html He was player of the Tournament in T20 wc 2008 3))He made world record scoring fastest century 4))He is a most famouse cricketer (--) ((-))((--))As a personr))(((--)) http://www.pakpassion.net/ppforum/archive/index.php/t-81319.html (((--)) As a leader((((---)))) He has captained Pakistan in Four T20(according to my knowledge)And he has won all of them. edit (((((------)))))) Arsalaan Kashi I know for sure You will answer this Q and that's why i searched Google for facts and now you can sleep with open eyes becoz these are facts.

Shahid Afridi Turns 30 Today -- How Long Would He Play INTL Cricket? by PakArab Q: What Would You Like To Say/ Wish Him?

A: A hearty wishes from me to Shahid Afridi for his 30th birthday.His 36 ball 100 was one of the special knock I will never forget. ParArabRocker,I know you like him and play in his style which you mentioned once.So Iam saying this to him for you and all other fans. 1)"Please stay from all kinds of controversies and don't do anything disgraceful for your nation". 2)"You have to forget whatever happened in the past and all the batting woes he had and from now on should look to win matches for Pakistan with your batting and bowling" 3)"You have to be more consistent with your batting and play with responsibility as a senior player" I think he may play till 34 years of age.It's depends upon him and his form too.

How did Shahid khan Afridi to put a brave face & gave counter attack in Deadly Dhambulla pitch? by ♥SMARNY♥ Q:

A: Really should give credit to Boom Afridi! Only batman stood still and hit sixes without any sort of trouble while all the others blaming on the pitch. Great display of cricket.

Should Shahid Afridi return to the Test Team? by Haneef Q: Pakistan Are Desperately In Need For an All Rounder Whoc an bat or bowl Maybey Afridi can fill the Spot This Question Is Not Open for Arsaln Trapper John : are all Pakistanis terrorists ?

A: I see no reason he shouldn't be: if not for his batting, at least for the excellent bowling he'd be in the team, and if he gets cracking with the bat, that'd be a bonus.

why Shahid Afridi acting a girl crying over indian media discussion on semifinal? by Q:

A: Ahaa i can smell what you are cooking. A typical MTBt way of asking his Questions! he usually uses the words "cry" and "girls" And he is rich too.

Do you know that Shahid Afridi also saw Tendulkar's legs shaking with fear,whilst facing S.Akhtar, where was-? by Q: he earlier and both Akhtar & Afridi are talking about a man who is sitting atop most batting records. Do you really believe what is being said, they are really talking like the street cricket they both have appeared from & any test cricket worth his salt would face these pacers on daily basis, let alone one of the best in business, pl share. ---would appreciate non insulting answers pl--

A: Its a load of rubbish designed to sell copies of his book. If Ahktar makes a fair bit from this book then he should pay Tendulkar royalties, otherwise no one would care about his book. Does anyone really think that Tendulkar would be shaking with fear when as a 16 year old Tendulkar took on Younis and managed to make 50 odd with a blood nose from a short sharp delivery?

Why Shahid Afridi is not playing in Pakistan vs Srilanka test series? by Malik N Q:

A: He is taking a break after the T20 World Cup. Needs to have some quality family time. He'll be back for the ODIS.

How you will define SHAHID AFRIDI ? by Q: Ur ans cud b in one word or a sentence.

A: insane, careless, not responsible...and one of the best stupid captain in the world.

Did Shahid Afridi have an amnesia attack today and thought he was still in a T20 series ? by Crimson (silly mid off) Q:

A: haha.. he was going great wasn't he :) Just got mad and got out. That's what he has been though throughout his career, nothing new. Expectations from him are just useless

Who is better cricketer for his respective team ? Shahid Afridi or Ian bell? by Wall Stands Tall Q: Genuine answers and reasons.

A: england needs a player like afridi and pakistan needs someone like bell.

Is Shahid Afridi the best all rounder at present in World Cricket? by Wild Cat Killer Q:

A: Yea Afridi is one of the best All rounders in the game at the moment , his bowling is deadly , he is one of the best fielders , and there ain't a bowler in world cricket who isn't afraid of Afridi. Afridi rocks.

How much cricket is left in Shahid Afridi..? by Q:

A: 100 ml

Who is better - Virendra Sehwag or Shahid Afridi? by Q: Better fast run maker out of the two? As Always, Avgs don't always matters. LEGEND KILLER, If you look at the strike rate, also look at the averages of the two player. As Was Always, Bradman played far fewer cricket than the present players do, though not that few to get rusty. This always kept him fresh and focused. That is why he scored so many runs (in my opinion). Though he is a good cricketer. But I believe his avg. would have been significantly lower than what he has if he played in today's era of 'liquefying' cricket. *he 'was' a good cricketer.

A: We all know that Afridi made 100 runs in 32 balls but that is not important since he is not going to do that in every match.The reason that people think of him as a good player is only because he can hit big shots in small grounds.By looking at any statistics, Afridi's statistics are no where near to Sehwag. Even though Sehwag cant hit big sixes like Afiridi, he makes consistence runs in all formats of cricket. So if you think that hitting big shots makes player better, then go ahead and pick Afiridi. But remember," no matter how far is the ball gonna go, its still '6' runs". Twenty20:BoomBoom Afridi :78 matches 3 (50s) 18.68 Avg. (Even worse than MS Dhoni) Twenty20:Virender Sehwag :66 matches 11 (50s) 26.37Avg.

What was Shahid Afridi's apology about? by Patrick Bateman Q: "I think on behalf of these players – I know they are not in this series – but on behalf of these boys, I want to say sorry." - The Pakistan skipper, Shahid Afridi If he apologized then does that mean Pakistan has accepted the truth ? I mean why else would they be sorry for?

A: That's typical Afridi for you. Always trying to attract attention. He is worried that he was not getting attention due to the spot-fixing scandal, so he is trying get himself back into the spotlight. Any publicity is good publicity.

Shahid afridi 2005= Main batsman, Shahid afridi 2011= main bowler, do u agree? by Q: Shahid afridi is now performing well as a bowler. He is economical as well as wicket taker. He can divert the match toward Pakistan everytime. Do you think that he should also concentrate on batting, because Pakistan will need that in the semi finals. Bonus question- which is more aggresive captain- Sangakara or Afridi?

A: I think he should concentrate a little more on his batting but I think he justifies his role as a bowler. Afridi by a mile is more aggresive!

Do you think that when Shahid Afridi arrives at the crease the opposition skipper gets nervous? by i was here Q:

A: If it was Netherlands they would...!! I suppose now captains long to see Afridi on the crease so that they can get a wicket and build up pressure on the opponents

Do you think that when Shahid Afridi arrives at the crease the popposition skipper gets nervous? by i was here Q:

A: When he get to crease paki captain get nervous and start thinking about the following players and the next player standing just behind the boundary line for his turn.. he s the worst player of cricket ever produce

What Kind Of Player of You Think Shahid Afridi Would Have Been If He Was Consistent? by Haneef Q: this question is open for everyone except Arsalan Arsalan :) lol! yeah thanks ! everyone knows what ur answer will be

A: Well of course he would be in the Viv Richards and Adam Gilchrist...actually probably not! He would be in the Andrew Symonds and Lance Klusener mould. I'm not sure even if Afridi was consistent that he would be compared to Richards and Gilchrist. The reason I even used those 2 players, is because they were consistently smashing bowlers around their whole career, Afridi tries to do the same, but he doesn't have the same class or shot selection as Gilchrist and Richards. So he would be like Symonds and Klusener, he would probably bat 6, and finish the innings off with a bang. This would suit Afridi best because he doesn't have the compact technique to open an innings but he does have the skill and timing to hit a big ball. He would probably be regarded as a great finisher who can hit a big ball, like Andrew Symonds.

What goes through your mind when batsman like Shahid Afridi lifts the ball in the air? by я.и Q:

A: catch or 6

What is the one thing you like about Shahid Afridi? by ▐▀▀▼▀▀▌ |thE-paK araB-roCker| Q: the question emphasizes on ' like' and not 'dislike', so please try not to use offensive words in your answers. hide and seek::::: yeah, I feel the fake one is no more around Bhejafry:::::: Use 'head & shoulder' . I saw Afridi in its commercial! kashi........ I was waiting for your answer, and yeah I like your idea.

A: He has zero thing for likeness as a player.. but he has one thing as a human which i like about him that.. he is the father of Two daughters

Is Pakistani Player shahid Afridi is back in international circket? by Q:

A: Let him play club cricket and earn some bucks for his livelihood. PCB pays them so less that nobody wants to play for nation.

Is Shahid Afridi a world class all rounder? by Zubair Khan Q: He has proved it more than once though but what do you think?

A: 1st of all he is not part of test team. and most consistent inconsistent player who played 14 year of cricket and still he have no idea about anything.. hes the most worst player of cricket ever produce.. Dedicate to afridi "every performance of afridi consider as FLUKE ! cause hes the worst player of cricket ever produce"

Why does ian chappell repeatedly call Shahid Afridi a hyper and fanatic captain? by Q:

A: That is his opinion . cheers~

What would happen to Pakistan if Shahid Afridi was captain? by X-plode Q: give me ur thoughts asdf i agree, i am pakistani and a big fan of afridi(i have his picture) but he doesn't learn from his mistakes

A: so its mean that pak will play with 10 men :D .. and hes just concentrate on his hair style more in the field.. so u can imagine the result and hes the most worst player cricket ever produce.... sorry hasaan

Is it true that Shahid Afridi will lead the Paki team today? by Q: What do you think of that? I've never seen him use his brains, this would be interesting!!

A: and here when cricket differs the chess game !!! Shahid is always good at field while encouraging the players, lets see what he can do being a leader ! he should be given his chance !!

IF Sachin tendulkar is Fire , Shahid Afridi is lava - do u agrees? by boom boom fan Q: Shahid afridi will ruin everyone in Asia cup.

A: if sachin is fire than afridi is mother f..... and all will agree about this......

will shahid afridi be a perfect candidate for Big Brother cos he is totally unaware 20 cameras are on him? by newfy_newfy Q: . . hel probably have to now because i think his cricket career is finished after the ball biting thing . .

A: He might soon get a call from Indian version of this show known as "Big Brother". He will not have language problem in this show. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bigg_Boss_(Indian_TV_series)

Do you agree that Shahid Afridi is a chucker? by Mera Rang De Basanti Chola Q: He looks chucker to me. He sometime bowls around 130 Km/hr. His bowling action also clear that he is a chucker.

A: Hehehhe, Few of the guys above have taken it personal and offensive calling Afridi a "chucker", guys give me a break, what difference would it make if he's a chucker or not, cause the guys a certified cheat for ball tampering............. Finally ball tampering or chucking, the guys a cheat, So eazy guys, no need to explode.............lol

Who do you consider the better all rounder in the ODIs: Shahid Afridi or Sanath Jayasuriya? by Run Silent Run Deep Q: The choice is between these two only. Please don't come up with answers like Watson, Kallis, Flintoff or Collingwood. Reasons would be appreciated. Please don't provide stats. I already know that.

A: Jayasurya: More Reliable and Consistent. Reason is Afridi cant bat as per situation demands but Jayasurya could. Nalayak is funny here. Isn't? "there are 44 International centuries" And the man cant see 99 centuries. Whoa Whoa Whoa.

How many of you hate Mr. Shahid Afridi? by Kane Q: And why exactly do you hate him ? Don't you think he is the 'Pakistani hero'? I think he should be knighted for his services to cricket. Sir shahid Afridi .The pakistani legend, who won the world cup for pakistan Wow! Read the few last lines of his cricinfo profile "he had ensured that no matter how he might have frittered his early career, his contribution to Pakistan cricket would now never be forgotten. And it was done in a style that no one will match. " Boom boom Afridi . XD

A: how he won the world cup? by the way his innings helped pakistan to win the cup (finest flukes of his career) but what about razzaq, his inclusion changed the fate of Pakistan team, his opening bowling spells made the difference. my answer is .............................. hahahhahah knighted? yah for his consistent inconsistent performance but i think that PCB should awarded that recognition to keep afridi in the team with below below average performances.

Would it be easy for Shahid Afridi and his men to defend their title? by Naz Ann Q: I don't think so because this team is not as strong as the one that won the world cup last year. What do you think?

A: We can hope and agree with you this team is not strong but has talent likes of Shahid Afridi,Umer Akmal,Aamirm and Razzak.

Is shahid afridi the only person who can save pakistan cricket? by Pacboi Q: I mean is he the only person or will is this out of his control? can he get the cricket team back on its feets if this allegation are found to be true?

A: No its a step backwards, person who gave up captaincy after one match doesn't have guts but unfortunately problem with Pakistan cricket is-- captain becomes sacrificial goat the moment he is appointed, so hard to assume this role & nobody would be ready to captain lest he becomes the next fall guy. Since bookie has given Afridi the clean chit, PCB must have thought of him as good guy & recent captain too so he got the chance again & honestly wish both team Pakistan & captain Shahid all the best to take his team out of this trying period, despite not being the best man to do the job !!

Who is Best Imran Nazir or Shahid Afridi? by Q: Who is Best Imran Nazir or Shahid Afridi?

A: Imran Nazir

Pakistan fans, Shahid Afridi said he might come back into the Test team. Will you be happy about this? by Q: cuz one single captain in all formats, this itself will bring stability and order in the Team. And Afridi is the right man in present circumstances to keep the team integrated cuz he is tough, composed, and has more integrity and leadership charisma than any other team mate at present. Do you want him to be back in the Test team ?

A: He should be the captain of all formats of cricket because he is one of the most senior players and will guide in the upbringing of new stars in test cricket.

Are you glad as a cricket fan that the Shahid Afridi case is resolved?:D? by Q: Shahid Afridi has agreed to withdraw case from the court against PCB. He is also ready to appear in-front of Disciplinary committee. Afridi can play T-20 national cup… Moreover, PCB agree to grant him NOC to play for Hampshire and in SLPL. *Cheers* :D @Joeblow- To some extent, I agree with you. But really, I'm happy because Afridi atleast saved his future, by this decision.

A: Yeah i am a great fan of Afridi and his boom boom big hitting. it is a great entertainment. I always knew that his retirement will be temporary. Similar to Abdul Razzaq who also retired couple of years ago but came back again. I am really sick and tired of this issues between Pakistani Players and PCB. So it's good to see at least one issue has been solved here. Hope that Pakistan can be the formidable side they used to be honey.

How can I talk to shahid afridi? by Q: I am 13 years old boy and shahid is my favourite cricketer of all time. I really want to talk to him because I want to become a good cricketer as him.

A: that's my dream too ... one of my friend is living in the same area where Afridi 's house is there. She got me his Autograph and picture ...

How do you slog like Shahid Afridi? by rip Q: Hi, I want to know how to slog like shahid Afridi. I am not good at slogging and I want to hit some sixes.


Which milestone did Shahid khan Afridi passed in last aussies match? by NALAKA Faiяly100% Q: How many wicket Shahid Afridi would take in Aussies SERIES ?

A: 250 wickets eh? Well done

Who is the great in between these two?Shahid Afridi or sachin Tendulkar? by Q: Shahid Afridi or sachin Tendulkar? Give me reason also?

A: Afridi is the best

How do you feel of Shahid "Boom Boom" Afridi having a new Cricket record of most 6's currenlty 2010? by Furioso Lion88 Q: Shahid Afridi after smacking and trashing Bangladesh for 124 off 60 balls have now passed Old time Veteran Sanath Jayasuriya by a lead of two 6's. Thoughts? Afridi has 272 6's and Jayapura has 270 6's.

A: Congrats to Afridi,good record.

On what basis Shahid Afridi is supected to have taken drugs ? what are the result of the dope test ? by nikamahero Q: This has reference to Shahid Afridi latest case.

A: Lol! answered tht one b4. Umm... no one is quite sure on what "exact" basis.But most probably because of his good performance. or maybe because he is a Paki player.They always suspect Paki's :S or maybe just a random one. But anyhow the result is nothing anyone should worry about bcuz there is no "BREAKING NEWS" yet saying he was on drugs.. :)

How many brothers has Shahid Afridi got and what are their names ? by Chinny Q: Hey guys plz i wanna know how many brothers cricketer Shahid Afridi has got and what are their names. i know two of his brothers are called Mustaq Afridi and Shoaib Afridi.

A: well, I just have met one of his brother named 'Mushtaq Afridi'.

is Shahid Afridi the most unpredictable Cricketer among the Cricket fans all over the world? by *ѕнινα* crυiѕe тнroυgн Q: Sometimes he performs exceptionally well with batting or bowling while sometimes he shows big inconsistency. He is very strange sometimes yet very popular among the Cricket fans all over the world whether it's for right reasons or for wrong reasons. Many fans here likes him while that many fans like arsalan also hates him. How would you describe Shahid Afridi in one sentence?

A: I am personally not a big fan of Afridi, but yes I believe he could have achived much more with potential he has. Thus he is biggest under-achiever IMO. Playing your first innings, and making a century on 37 balls, he surely has something, " Mercurial, dangerous and stylish "

Shahid Afridi? by xtreme_feline Q: Does anyone know of Afridi's true birthplace? I know its somewhere in the NWFP or Khyber area, is it Mardan?

A: No one knows his true age or birthplace or anything.. everything in papers(legal certificates) of afridi are false... coz at the age when he claims he is just 19, he looks like 25 year young man.... dont trust any official info abt afridi... only God knows the truth

Score 24 Jan 2012 (Shahid Afridi) Shahid Afridi 5 Wickets Pakistan vs Sri Lanka 2011 Sharjah Shahid Afridi 'The Match Winner' 51 & 2-16 vs South Africa 2009 T20 World Cup Semi Final shahid afridi batting 80 off 42 hampshire vs somerset semi final 27th aug 2011 Shahid Afridi's cameo innings of 22 vs Sri Lanka Twenty20 (includes 2 massive sixes) Shahid Afridi 5 Wickets For 36 Vs Afghanistan 1st Ever ODI Of Afghanistan 2012 Sharjah Cool Shahid Afridi Spin Tricks In Table Tennis. Must Watch! Shahid Afridi 51 Runs And Umar Akmal 50 Runs Vs England 3rd ODI 2012 Star Cricketer Shahid Afridi Slams America - Slap On Pakistani Politicians & Intellectuals Shahid Afridi 25 (12) Balls vs India 2004 ICC Champions Trophy Shahid Afridi 28 Of 10 Balls First Inning In T20 International Vs England 2006 Shahid Afridi 77 off 34 balls vs South Africa Shahid Afridi 3 Wickets For 35 And 26 Runs Of 14 Balls In KFC Big Bash Geo Pakistan with Shahid Afridi Part 1 Shahid Afridi Wicket Overs vs Sussex RARE VIDEO : Shahid Afridi's Amazing Spin tricks in Table tennis || A must Watch Shahid Khan Afridi in Jalalia, Hazro, Attock on visit Shahid Afridi Innings vs Islamabad Leopards Part 1 Bolain Kya Baat Hai Shahid Afridi Special - 7 Nov 2011 *RARE* SHAHID AFRIDI 5/52 ON TEST DEBUT vs AUSTRALIA 1998 3RD TEST Shahid Afridi: I saw Tendulkar's legs shaking facing Shoaib Akhtar Shahid Afridi 5 Wickets For 36 Vs Afghanistan 1st Ever ODI Of Afghanistan 2012 Sharjah SHAHID 'BOOM BOOM' AFRIDI QUICKFIRE 28 VS ENGLAND T20 2006 Shahid Afridi 5 Wickets, Pakistan v Sri Lanka 2011 Sharjah Imran Khan & Shahid Afridi - A Special Tribute *HOW TO BOWL LIKE SHAHID AFRIDI* WITH TREVOR BYERS! Shahid Afridi 2 Sixes On 3 Balls To Dilhara Fernando Geo Pakistan with Shahid Afridi Part 2 ‭SHAHID AFRIDI interview to BBC Urdu‬ - ‮‬6 feb 2012 *RARE* SHAHID AFRIDI FIRST WICKET IN TEST CRICKET - WHAT A CATCH!!!!!!!!!!! Shahid Afridi 5 Wickets For 36 Runs Vs Afghanistan 10 Feb 2012 AT Sharja HD Video Shahid Afridi 75 From 65 Ball Pakistan Vs Sri Lanka 4th ODI 2011 Full Inning Shahid Afridi 28 runs of 22 balls include 4 fours - 1st ODI Pakistan vs England 2012 (HD) Shahid 'BOOM BOOM' Afridi 75 vs Sri Lanka 4th ODI 2011 - Full Highlights *RARE* SHAHID AFRIDI ON TEST DEBUT HITS FIRST BALL FOR FOUR RUNS!!!!! *RARE* SHAHID AFRIDI - FIRST BALL BOWLED IN TEST CRICKET Pakistan vs Bangladesh 2nd ODI 2011 - Shahid Afridi 42 from 27 balls Shahid Afridi 75 From 65 Ball Pakistan Vs Sri Lanka 4th ODI 2011 Shahid Afridi Big Six To Srilanka T20 Match -25th November 2011 Shahid Afridi Bowled Ganguly And Sangakara With The Same Delivery Shahid Afridi 48 vs Australia 2009/10 HD Shahid Afridi 2 Wickets And 28 Runs Vs England ( Pak Vs Eng 1st ODI 13 Feb 2012 At Dhabi ) SHAHID 'BOOM BOOM' AFRIDI - THE KING OF SIXES - 9 VS INDIA 2005 Geo Pakistan with Shahid Afridi Part 3 Fight over Sachin Tendulkar & Shahid Afridi - Bol Shahid Afridi 22 runs in 5 balls Against Csk Shahid Afridi 'eXclusive Interview' before 'only T20' game vs Sri Lanka - Nov 25th 2011 Shahid Afridi 6 For 38 Against Autralia 2009 Shahid Afridi 51 Runs And U.Akmal 50 Runs Vs England 3rd ODI At Dubai Shahid Afridi is straight as an arrow and replies: Its all about Money! Haha!
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