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Sexually transmitted diseases

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karen_w_brown What are the symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)? http://t.co/OTBXUrw5

AParentsChoice "Circumcised males have less chance of developing sexually transmitted diseases than uncircumcised males."

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Why should you know about sexually-transmitted diseases or infections? by IaskYouanswer Q: Why should you know about sexually-transmitted diseases or infections? What all apply? A. Some STDs are passed on through genetics B. Some STDs cause cancer C. If you have an STD you won't be able to date anyone D. Some STDs can make women unable to have children

A: all accept for C plus condoms are not always 100% effective for stds that take genital to gential contact for transmission. always make sure that u get tested regularally if u are having sex a lot. for C u can date some one if u have an std but u have to be responsable and let your partner know specially if u plan on being in a serious relationship with them. never trust a guy when they say they are clean and give u some excuse not to use a condom. 1 in 5 have genital herpes and 80% of the population has the oral type.

Waiting period for accurate sexually transmitted diseases or aids test results? by Robert M Q: If you have unprotected sex with someone you thought was monogomous, but turns out was not, how long is the aids testing waiting period and also for other sexually transmitted diseases?

A: STDs have different rates depending on the STD/ HIV has a 3 month window period. But I would suggest testing for HIV now and again in 90 days, for your peace of mind.

Can dogs get sexually transmitted diseases? by E D Q: I know that they can get other diseases that people can like testicular cancer and uterine infections and such but can they get sexually transmitted diseases from each other? I know this sounds dumb but i'm just curious. :|

A: Don't ask the masses of people here at YA this question. We're not trained vets, etc. And some who claim to have expertise are simply trolls. Ask your vet. OR go to Marvistavet.com and email their vet who is happy to answer questions. -!-

Why do they teach about sexually transmitted diseases so much in high school? by Yeah Q: I mean, if you're going to sleep with someone, you're going to know if that person has a sexually transmitted disease. In that case, you'll know to take precaution, or to not sleep with that person at all.

Does an hiv test cover all kind of sexually transmitted diseases? by Loloy G Q: i've had an hiv test done last year, the result is negative/non-reactive. i'm paranoid since i'm sexually active again. i want to the test again. if i'll go to the doctor where i did the test before, will i only do the hiv test? i want to check all possible test which is connected with sex. do i need to do another test for all sexually transmitted diseases? thanks.

A: A HIV test only tests specifically for HIV antibodies. If you would like to check for other diseases, just let your health-care professional know and they will arrange for the other tests to be done. btw, do remember that HIV has a 3-6 month window period where it can hide in your body and be undetectable to tests. Always remember to go back for a second test to confirm your status.

what laws does oregon have for partner notification that has HIV, AIDS, Or other sexually transmitted diseases? by Chris Q: Is it against the law to not notify your partner that you are HIV positive? Are there laws for notifying your partner that you have HIV, AIDS, or other sexually transmitted diseases?

How do I ask a guy if he has any sexually transmitted diseases? by Silly Girl :P Q: This guy, I'm not sure how many girls he's done things with. And I wanna make sure he doesn't have any sexually transmitted diseases before I do anything with him. How do I ask him without him getting offended? And without him feeling uncomfortable?

A: just be str8 up with him.. 'Hey um.. Im big on being safe during sex.. whens the last time you have been cleared for all stds?' no biggie. its ur life and ur safety it shouldnt be hard.. save your LIFE

What should be done about the increasing rates of sexually transmitted diseases in young people? by bubblesburp1988 Q: With the number of new episodes of sexually transmitted diseases seen in GUM clinics doubling between 1991 and 2001 and still increasing what should be done about this issue?

A: Its the forms of media. They are bombarded with ideas left and right from all forms of it. They make it look like its all cool and okay. Parent's have to just do the best they can in raising there children and teaching them about life. Then hope for the best.

Why do humans get so many types of sexually transmitted diseases whereas animals get none? by cannonball Q: When you think about it, humans are absolutely filthy when it comes to sex. The percentages of folks with herpes are so very high. And then you have all of the others: gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphilis, genital warts, crabs, AIDS, Hepatitis C, etc, etc, etc. Why do humans get so many sexually transmitted diseases whereas animals get none? What is it with humans? Why does nature punish humans for having sex whereas animals can have as many sexual partners as they want and not get a disease?

A: Humans are the only species that do not go into heat, they are sexually active all the time.

Can men be dormant carriers of sexually transmitted diseases? by BIG Rob Q: Can a man be a dormant carrier of sexually transmitted diseases? In other words, can a STD surface, go away and resurface?

A: yes

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