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Sesame street

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NakishaDevergni http://t.co/gr2PIdyo Sesame Street AOL Coldplay Civil Law The West Wing Viruses Exercise Honda

ambersmeele #np Chris Brown And Elmo- Sesame Street

JoshBovey011519 http://t.co/b9imX4QB Passion Relationship Types Hummer Sesame Street Architect Chess Pediatrician

Christelebj Sesame Street: Elmo's Magic Cookbook: Studio: Genius Products Inc Release Date: 08/03/2004 Run time: 50 minute... http://t.co/Ei8OSFHg

jaydeebarakat "I grew up on the street. No not the hood, Sesame Street"

Foojish Sesame Street Hello Kitty. Huh. http://t.co/kmewqVxt

pampanilla Vídeo molón de Feist en Sesame Street http://t.co/czku3K8p vía @crevillo

fibu1970 Sesame street - gangsta stylee!!! :0 x http://t.co/TgfLTItE

BrandenAlarm @biglilkim Exactly which Sesame Street muppet is Melo? She certainly sounds and looks like one, but I don't remember her face!

TrevorImmelman RT @HuffingtonPost: Kevin Clash, The Voice And Soul Of Elmo, On The Evolution Of His Iconic Sesame Street Character. http://t.co/TSnKddSF

Arnitapnx New Encore Software Sesame Street Amazing Adventures 15 Activities And Covers Critical Skills: Kids will get to ... http://t.co/2Lcy2lh7

ParodyinBlue I propose that Alan Rickman should play Bert in the inevitable live-action adaptation of Sesame Street.

Cicelyvmp Sesame Street - The Great Numbers Game: 1 to 20 is your aim if you want to play this game. With a push of the st... http://t.co/qaSLQa6E

Jasmine01236958 Sesame Street - 123 Count With Me [VHS]: Join Ernie at The Furry Arms Hotel for a musical lesson in just how us... http://t.co/ZpiFWf83

CapitanAwesome Check this video out -- Sesame Street: G http://t.co/2oFJ7MdW via @youtube


How does Sesame Street have a liberal bias? by Sam Clark Q: Some people have pointed out that Sesame Street has a liberal bias. As an independent I've never really seen what they were talking about. It's just a show with some puppets, I've never actually seen any thought-out claims for one political side. It doesn't seem like a kids show would even have the time or purpose to frankly even mention politics at all. What are some things that have a liberal bias on the show?

A: A little more subtle than this, perhaps, but Socialist indoctrination is still the purpose of most children orientated programming in the US. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yWIFhKYiMqU See goals 17 and 21. http://www.rense.com/general32/americ.htm

How are the muppets and sesame street related? by Nijg Q: I am doing a research project on the muppets for school, and whenever I search for Jim Henson, the creator of the muppets, I get stuff about both the muppets and sesame street. For those of you that know, can you please post a link to a website stating that, because my teacher requires "proof" for everything I say in my research project.

A: They all have the same father, Jim Henson, (well the majority of characters do anyway).

Where can i watch sesame street in japanese? by Violet Q: :3 I was wondering where i could watch (a normal episode) of sesame Street in Japanese?? I dont want any episode where big bird visits japan, just a normal educational episode thats in japanese.

A: Does it have to be Sesame Street? I'm sure there are other educational shows in Japanese. Will you be using it to learn Japanese, and if you are, where do you want to start?

Is there an 80s Sesame Street collection available anywhere? by dznermom Q: Or does anyone know if there's going to be a "Sesame Street Old School" Vol. 3? Vol. 2 only goes up to '79. I'm planning on getting the DVDs for my sisters, but one grew up in the 70s (she's covered) and the other one grew up in the 80s. Any ideas where I could get a DVD of the Sesame Streets from the 80s?

A: no

Any ideas for great Sesame Street songs to use for a preschool graduation? by amy Q: I am a preschool teacher and would love to use Sesame Street as my theme for this years graduation. I need to teach the students the songs now so they are fully prepared (some are special needs and would take a little longer than a few weeks to learn the songs). Any suggestions? Looking for upbeat but sentimental.

A: easy goin day everyone makes mistakes I Wonder About the World Above Up There If I Knew You Were Comin' I'd've Baked a Cake for parents trying again and again take a breath were a family we all sing with one voice

Who is the purple monster from sesame street that was a conjoined twin? by manicnerd Q: there was a monster on sesame street that was purple and a conjoined twin. it would try to walk in different directions and argue with itself. What's it's name and is there a youtube or anything of it?

A: The Two-Headed Monster description: The Two-Headed Monster is a comical, light purple monster on the show. It has two heads that speak with a heavy accent and sometimes talk as if they're speaking another language, though it may just be gibberish. Their primary role is to demonstrate opposites.

who did the sesame street skit of cutting toothpaste tube and others? by Q: There were early Sesame Street skits where 2 morons make a pb&j sandwich backwards and cut the end off a tube of toothpaste and cut a hole in the carpet. where can I find these and who was in them?

A: Sesame Street had several "idiot" teams in its first few seasons. The first was "Buddy and Jim," whose sketches included making a sandwich: http://muppet.wikia.com/wiki/Buddy_and_Jim

Sesame street ? by Victor C Q: where did the concept of a gigantic bird come up on sesame street i mean. didn't the creators or writers believe that a big bird would scare the kids watch the show at home

A: According to the book The Tipping Point, Sesame Street didn't originally have Big Bird and other muppets in the street scenes, to keep fantasy and reality separate, but at focus groups of preschoolers, the kids were losing interest in the non-muppet parts. They decided to add Big Bird, Oscar the Grouch, and Snuffaleupagus to keep the interest, and it obviously worked. Big Bird is much too sweet to be scary.

Sesame Street? by John Q: Which sesame street character is your favorite?

A: elmo

sesame street? by Albert Q: where can you find this street and what country is sesame street? can anybody tell me??

A: I think a kid may know better than me. Google Maps probably have not chartered the area yet. I believe it may also be a myth and exist in drug users minds. It may also be in hollywood. I wouldn't go there without a gun if i were you.

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