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BeckyxBeatdown I just took 150mg of seroquel xr, and I'm hoping to get ridiculous amounts of sleep considering I barely got any last night, and I'm bleh.

BeckyxBeatdown Whole bottle of 150mg Seroquel xr in my mom's room. It got filled, then Nicky was put on 400mg of regular Seroquel a day.


What are the effects of Seroquel and does it really work? by jackiee07 Q: What are the effects of seroquel and does it really work?

A: may cause drowsiness, dizzyness, constipation or dry mouth. it also may raise blood sugar if diabetes is a concern. they use it to control manic phases of bipolar or delusions, among other things. but it works for me. i've been on it for over 2 years and i think it's the best thing i've ever taken.

Is it normal for seroquel to cause restless leg syndrome? by Ferret Face Q: I've been taking seroquel for about 2 months to help me sleep, and since I started taking 200mg instead of 100mg I've developed really bad restless leg syndrome, and it also occurs in my left arm. It's extremely uncomfortable. Is this normal, or could something else be causing it?

How long does Seroquel stay in your system after stopping use? by Caitlin Q: I was on Seroquel for about 7 days to treat my Borderline Personality Disorder. I woke up everyday depressed and suicidal, and it got worse as the days went on. I stopped taking it, and today I feel a lot better. I've only been off of it for one day now. I want to know when it will be completely out of my system. Is it still affecting me at all? I was on it for such a short period of time, I am unsure.

A: Seroquel has a short half life and will be completely out of your system in a couple days. When I was on Olanzapine it made me very depressed and I tried to commit suicide.

How long does Seroquel take to wear off? by Audee Q: I just got the script today and started to have feeling of worthlessness kept thinking about hurting myself, as in taking the entire bottle of pills. I only took 25 mg of the Seroquel( i am prescribed 200mg) .And now I am really tired and dopey. How long should I expect to be feeling this way?

A: I've been on Seroquel for over a year now. It takes a while to get used to it. My doc started me on 25 mg/day at first and adjusted it slowly. Whatever you do, don't abruptly stop taking it. I felt real sedated at first, and even now I wake up a bit groggy for the first hour or so. Talk to your doctor right away about your feelings. The med's are supposed to help, but your doctor needs to know how you are feeling. There are dozens of medications because some work well for some people but not for others.

How long does Seroquel stay in your body? by Jen Q: I was on dosages of 25-75mg of Seroquel for about a month and then on 125 for a little less than a week before quitting cold turkey because it was making me so tired that I could not function. It's almost been a week since I quit and I still feel like some of the effects are lingering. Is this possible?

A: Seroquel is also prescribed for insomnia and is taken up to 3 times a day because it has such a short half life of 6 hours, which means it is completely out of your body within 24 hours. It's a disabling drug, designed to block dopamine and serotonin in your brain, so your being unable to function while on it isn't surprising. Just take it easy, it isn't as if the effects are still lingering, they're not, that's just you. The daily dosages you were taking weren't high at all, and it isn't a withdrawal reaction, because that would be the complete opposite reaction to the drug, such as insomnia, etc.

What does anybody know about seroquel and paranoia? by Honey Q: I know someone that has just started taking seroquel and they are keeping all of the shades drawn and seem to be under some sort of lockdown. Does seroquel cause increased paranoia with it's use in the first stages? She is taking 300 mg per day at bedtime.

A: The short answer is possibly. Seroquel is an anti-psychotic. The underlying condition could also be causing the paranoia. It sounds like you are the caregiver for this person. You need to speak to a pharmacist of doctor. Also, make certain you mention the dosage. Hang in there.

How long does it take for Seroquel to get out of your system? by Jerry Q: I have really really bad insomnia, sleep all day, awake all night, when I do try and sleep at night, I just can't! So my cousin gets Seroquel prescribed to him and he said he will give me a few. I was wondering how long does it take to get out of your system? Say I were to get drug tested the day after I took it, will I be clean or not?

A: I'm sorry to hear that! I hope you get better, seroquel has a half-life of 6 hours, meaning that every six hours, half of the original amount of serouel remains in your system.

What do I expect when I start seroquel for insomnia? by Mike Q: I was just switched from trazodone 150 mg to seroquel. Trazodone didn't help and my doctor started me on 25 mg of seroquel and I can go up to 75mg and 100mg if I really need it. So what is the deal with it? Will it help? What do you feel on it? Does it produce a "high"? I am starting it tonight and kind of nervous so please give me answers.

A: I take 350mg Seroquel at night, and have done so for 15 years (have actually cut back from 425mg) and have had no ill effects from it. It does knock me out about 1/2 hour after I take it, but I sleep like a log and wake up feeling fine. I know several people who have not tolerated even 25mg, so everyone reacts differently. I certainly wouldn't call it a "high"-- you'd never stay awake long enough.

seroquel??? by mommyto5 Q: i have been diagnosed with major depressive disorder and i'm taking clonazepan for anxiety paxil for depression a nd seroquel to stop my through of suicide but right after i'm take it i feel like and i'm in anothe planet my suicidal throught increase and i feel phycotic and like im going crazy i'm taking 100 mg i call my doctor and nobody is listenning to me!!! i have been on seroquel for a little more than a week!!

A: I understand, truly I do. I was put on Seroquel once too and it wasn't a good drug for me....I was then taken off it completely. The important thing is that you talk immediately to a professional...either your doctor or visit the local emergency room of a hospital. Of course, these things always happen on a weekend, as this has....but help is there and it doesn't mean you'll end up in a Psyc ward either. If you're admitted for a day or two at the hospital, till they can find your doctor, consider it a rest and enjoy the food. I'll be praying for you.

Seroquel.....? by ♫amazing♫ Q: Does Seroquel cause your skin to break out? I started taking it in January. I took 25 mg every night. I have realized that when I started taking it, my face started breaking out. I quit taking Seroquel a few days ago and I have noticed that my skin is starting to clear up. Does seroquel cause your skin to break out?

A: I obtained these side effects from the website, but anything is possible. Check with your doctor AS SOON AS POSSIBLE if you experience diarrhea, vomiting, unsteadiness, difficulty walking, or unusual muscle weakness. This medicine can cause the following side effects: contipation dizziness drowsiness dry mouth headache weight gain restlessness mild thirst frequent urination drowsiness fine hand tremor mild nausea This medicine may increase blood sugar (hyperglycemia). Diabetic patients should be cautious of this and regularly check their blood sugar.

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