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Sean avery

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BobsBlitz Rangers vs. Canadiens: Sean Avery Returns As New York Seeks Third Straight Win - SB Nation http://t.co/xkm20TVS

nway_news Everything about photos of Sean Avery at http://t.co/e4KTT5Sk ... All the truth

rfischh the return of sean avery is tonight!

OfficialHockey Avery practises, but won't play Thursday (The Canadian Press): GREENBURGH, N.Y. - Sean Avery's NHL return i... http://t.co/fAV2Z4yx #nhl

tastethegoodnes Rangers vs. Canadiens: Sean Avery Returns As New York Seeks Third Straight Win: Thus, New York needs to impose i... http://t.co/PQ1ty495

NYRBlueBulletin BB+, "Sean Avery Has Had An Interesting Month" bit.ly/t3sZEc #NYRangers #NYR

greglocke89 Says Sean Avery in the lineup tonight means 2 things the amount of offsides and offensive zone penalties will triple. #stillonlyhad3goals

ViciousVicki23 Omg is my man Sean Avery going to get to play his first game of the season tonight?! #NYR

tLc1011 Rangers at 7 tonight... Sean Avery making his comeback?! #CantWait #NYR

SBNationNY #Rangers vs. #Canadiens: Sean Avery Returns As New York Seeks Third Straight Win http://t.co/wQTi1gGo

BibieMissK8 Habs vs Rangers tonight with Sean Avery <3. No fight please! XD ( against sean)

Hockey_tracker Sean Avery is expected to be in the #NYR #Rangers game tonight

zachary_sweet I'm guaranteeing Sean Avery gets a Gordie Howe hat trick tonight

CathyCardinal Just occurred to me...Kyle Busch is like the Sean Avery of #Nascar. Considerable talent, but hard to see behind all that baggage.

LilianneDemers vs rangers toniight :) can't wait to see sean avery xd #habs


Why is everyone hating on what Sean Avery did against Tim Thomas? by Maya G Q: Of course it wasnt an accident so lets get passed that, but the Rangers were losing 1-0 and the Tim Thomas was shutting him out. I feel he wanted to stir up the team to score a goal. Like to fire them up. In the old days they used to do the same thing what Avery did. I think it was ok. IF YOU WERE A RANGERS FAN YOU WOULD LOVE HIM AND LOVE WHAT HE DID.

A: For me I hate unsportsmanlike crap no matter who is doing it. I know many Rangers fans and they are embarrassed. I would never want him on my team .

Should Sean Avery be suspended for is post whistle slash? by Brad Clark Q: Sean Avery Slash Mike Komisarek not once but twice be hide the ankle after the whistle all he got was 2 for slashing. Fair or Foul.

A: I don't think he should have been suspended because slashing is generally a minor penalty... But I do think Sean Avery is an idiot. The thing that makes me angry is that he's such a coward that when Komisarek started coming towards him he slashed him a SECOND time. Maybe he should have gotten a double minor or something, just because it wasn't really a heat of the moment thing, he checked to make sure the officials weren't watching him before he slashed him the first time, and the second one.. someone told me they thought Komisarek was faking it, but if you watch the youtube video, you can actually hear him hit his ankle. The Cammalleri thing was different because he didn't just slash the guy, he followed him around the whole shift and had his stick up near his face at one point. That's what the NHL said anyway.

Why is Sean Avery the most hated hockey player in hockey? by Jose R Q: I was watching Sportcenter and they kept saying that Sean Avery is the most hated hockey player in the NHL but they didn't say why

A: He is like school on Saturday.........No class! (Great line from Fat Albert)

Where do you think Sean Avery will end up? by meerkat~the original... Q: The Rangers put Sean Avery on waivers, who do you think will pick him up? I aksed this once and it it's in my activity but it didn't post so if it shows up twice I am sorry.

A: He's already been assigned to the AHL. I doubt he will willingly stay there, though. I can see him going to Europe. That is fine by me.

sean avery? by sshueman Q: anyone else thinks he's getting screwed by the rangers?

A: Not necessarily. The Rangers don't have much cap room, and they even had to trade Cullen to free some up. I admit, he is pretty hated in the league, but wouldn't you love him if he were on your team? I mean look at what he does: he drives opposing teams insane and he can bury the puck. Many people underestimate his scoring ability. You know you'd love a guy like that on your team.

How Many Times Has Sean Avery Been Suspended From The NHL? by Zachary H Q: I Know Sean Avery Got Suspended From The NHL Last Month, But I Also Know He Has Before. What I Don't Know, Is, How Many Times Has Sean Avery Been Suspended From The NHL?

A: ONCE. Amazingly. I hope I never see his face ever again.

Can anyone find a picture of Sean Avery somewhere when he is getting checked or punched in the face? by antonio32 Q: I need a good picture of Sean Avery getting rocked in some way by anyone. It would be best if it showed his back so i can see Avery on his jersey so people will know who it is. thanks if you can.

A: Try these. I love seeing him get what he deserves. http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2009/writers/jim_kelley/02/12/avery.fighting.mailbag/index.html http://sports.yahoo.com/nhl/players/2749/photos;_ylt=AlphbWxxEt6Icm_tFpjsWFJivLYF?slug=5ffdec0682f3843b3c8739bca9d6161a-getty-85974423lr014_new_york_rang

Did Sean Avery unintentionally revive attention in the NHL, and interest in him? by Barracuda Q: You have to admit, not many people knew who Sean Avery was last week. Now, he's infamous, and he's gotten attention for the NHL. Crazy, but did he actually do something positive for the NHL?

A: Sean Avery is scum. Anyone who supported an East Coast team knew of him. His lewd on ice behavior with New York last season MADE you know him. He has been hated in this house for a long while. We have been waiting for a suspension like this. A quote I found to sum up the scum: Don Cherry told Toronto radio station The FAN 590 on Avery's tactic, "I've known this kid since he was about 16 years old; Once a jerk, always a jerk. You can't blame the referee, because 'he couldn't believe what he was seeing.'" He was speaking of Avery's use of unsportsmanlike conduct in completely blocking Brodeur's view by screening him and waving his hands and stick in Brodeur's face. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ec_2oKWe2Gw There's a clip from youtube of Avery's Rule. Nice guy, huh? And somehow everyone forgets Avery's verbal assault on Jason Blake of the Toronto Maple Leafs, right after his diagnosis with chronic myelogenous leukemia. I can't even find record of it in any of the anti-Avery gossip pages. Avery made comments (I believe on ice, to Jason's face) that Jason deserved the cancer, or something to that effect. It was a big deal, I remember that. And the reasons Bettman has made a big deal out of Avery's newest disgusting remarks are #1 he is probably fed up with Avery making news of himself and making the NHL look bad and #2 Avery's remarks, if left unchecked, could cause another Bertuzzi incident. Personally, I wouldn't mind if someone slammed Avery's head into the ice and caused permanent painful damage to his spine and head. He is already a mental midget.

Sean avery.? by sidney2011crosby Q: Ok. I am a penguins fan.( GO PENS). Sorry to all you rangers fans about avery this is really bad and i hope to see him doing good next season but after all it is the stanley cup playoffs you cant expect anyone not to get hurt. Also i just want to ask that if anyone gets any info about avery to post it please. I hope avery gets better soon but i have to say i dont like the rangers but then again how could i because i love the penguins! YEAH GO PENGUINS!

A: No hard feelings here! He deserves everything he gets.

Sean Avery,? by Oilers Rock! Q: I haveent been following up with hockey a lot lately, and i havent found out what happened with S.Avery. Does anybody else know?

A: NYR asked for 1.3- Avery asked for 2.6. Abitrator awarded 1.9. NYR accepted.

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