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Seal team 6

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JonnyCoombes @TSKeysandGray Utd classy? Are you having a laugh? A team of directors so stuck up their own arses Seal Team 6 would struggle to find them!

quite_frank_lee @Airman5000 yo can I get seal team 6 to off this shit rappers?

JBWentwaith My man Rio was scared to holla at this bad Asian joint I came in like Seal Team 6 and save the day. He owes me for that one

NoQueso I wanna hire navy seal team 6 to break into where all the drugs are kept! #random

jpmozart Discovery Channel: Secrets of Seal Team 6 [3/3] http://t.co/GtQz0NLG via @youtube

xsam1089x Hang gliding, pilots license, r Kelley, marathon running, parents week, sister, minor in legal studies, Barack Obama, seal team 6,

jpmozart Discovery Channel: Secrets of Seal Team 6 [2/3] http://t.co/tx1wxVok via @youtube

jpmozart Discovery Channel: Secrets of Seal Team 6 [1/3] http://t.co/xSaWr5BM via @youtube

TheRealRickDart Rex Burkhead is the only member of seal team 6 that took down Bin Laden. #factsaboutrex

xJoshee @EnvyTheProdigy seal team 6 is raiding your house in t-minus 12:56:17

erick_williams los Seal Team 6 de los CT son lo mas pene que exiteeee y encima verdes :B

rolandsmartin @amydbarnett Do I need to call Navy Seal Team 6 to find you? Don't bin Laden me. Get out of hiding and hit a bruh back! LOL

pecrossjr RT: @rcware3 "I cant wait to see Harvey Dent do the coin toss, Seal Team 6 sing the national anthem, and Amelia Earhart to do the flyover"

BrianMajestic Pretty cool. "DixieMaze in Shreveport, LA dedicated this year's corn maze to thanking SEAL Team 6." http://t.co/FFHil1A3

AbrahamsonNate Seal team 6!!! Doin work!!!! @TheRealMatt83


What was the Navy Seal Team 6 doing before they left for OBL? by sometimeago Q: My question is really about active duty Navy Seals. Are they in combat in any way prior to being assigned a mission? Or perpetually in training for a mission to be given them?

A: NO SUCH THING as Navy SEAL Team 6.

SEAL Team 6 gets more funding than entire Marine Corps? by Samantha Q: I was watching a special on SEAL Team 6 on the Discovery channel and Richard Marcinko(the guy in charge of Team 6) said he got more funding than the Marine Corps gets in a year. Does this mean the funding they get is separate from the Navy? And why would the government spend so much money on a few hundred men? Does Delta Force get the same treatment?

A: its DEVGRU now as far as we know not team 6 but yes they get there own funding separate from the navy branch because they are the best elite commandos we have they have the best equipment money can buy DELTA is similar but DEVGRU gets more and yes they both get more than the entire marine corps the marines dont have very much funding compared to the other branches

am i the only one that believes seal team 6 didnt kill osama? by Sean stevenson Q: it was a seal team but it was team 6. osama is dead but when he died isnt that day i find it hard to believe they couldnt blow up a helicopter completly if they are trained demolition experts what are your views on this

A: The issue with the botched destruction of the evidence, was in my opinion because they were on a time table, and they had to get in and get out. Plus because they weren't prepared to take care of a downed helicopter. The truth is we may never know, maybe they decided to shine light on SEAL Team 6 so as not let the real group get any notice. There is a lot of secrecy that goes on in the Military and Government.

Do 0bama and Libs still view our CIA and SEAL Team 6 as America's greatest enemies? by Bin Laden Dead thanks to Gitmo Q: 0bama was on a witch hunt in the CIA shortly after he got into our white house. Oldermann called SEAL Team 6 "Cheney's personal assassins". Olbermann said that violated a 1976 executive order by president Ford.

A: Citations please? And most liberals, including me, only knew very little about Team 6 until now.

Hi is it true that Disney Company wants to make artifacts & souvenirs of Seal Team 6? by Adam Loves Coca-Cola Q: Hi I heard it from my guess when I was serving my tables at work. I heard that Disney Co. is offering to make artifacts & souvenirs of Seal Team 6 because, will you know why. Is then their to make a Micky mouse dress as a frogmen or what? If is true, what is your opinion? Thank.

A: Well, they did try and trademark the name, so yes. from http://www.usatoday.com/money/media/2011-05-17-disney-seal-team-6_n.htm "Three applications filed May 3 — the day after the raid — with the U.S. Patent and Trademark office by Disney Enterprises state an intention to use the mark for a range of products, including entertainment and education services, clothing, toys, games and Christmas stockings."

Is Obama culpable for the recent deaths of Seal Team 6? by Sean Anderson Q: Obama announced that that it was Seal Team 6 who killed Bin Laden. That made them a target for Al Qaeda and the Taliban who wanted revenge. So is Obama at best, guilty of accessory to murder or at worst, guilty of treason? A definite reason the traitor should be impeached.

A: If he can take responsibility for the death of Bin Ladin...

What does the Army have that's equivalent to Seal Team 6? by ace Q: I know I asked this question kind of awkwardly but I didn't know how else to ask it. At first I thought DEVGRU was the Army's elite special forces and Seal team 6 was the Navy's elite force but I learned that I was wrong and their the same thing. So what does the Army have that is equivalent to Team 6?

A: DEVGRU or SEAL team 6 falls into the category of tier one teams. These are teams that opperate outside of the typical chain of command and sometimes outside the law. There are two teams (that are known to the public) that most resemble DEVGRU from the Army. The first is the well known SFOD-D (Special Forces Operational Detachment- Delta) aka Delta Force. The second is a group only known as "The Activity". There are teams from Army Rangers and Special Forces though that take on tier one missions.

What's the diffrence if any, between navy seal team 6 and the navy seal? by SWAY Q: What's the diffrence if any, between navy seal team 6 and the navy seal?

A: Top Tier. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_Navy_SEALS

Because the identities of Seal Team 6 are secrete, can they not be awarded the congressional medal of honor? by Philip Augustus Q: Because the identities of Seal Team 6 are secrete, can they not be awarded the congressional medal of honor?

A: Yes, Navy SEALS have been awarded the medal in the past: http://www.cmohs.org/medal-history.php

Does the Seal Team 6 wear military uniforms or not? by bd Q: My question involves Seal Team 6. Do they wear uniforms? I know that Delta Force usually is in civilian clothes or have uniforms without names or rank. Why would they be so secrective, but Seal team 6 wouldn't? If they are both counter-terrorist units, wouldn't they both go without standard unifroms so they could blen in with their surroundings better?

A: it all depends on the operation, different special forces each have their own operating standards, Delta is known for their customization of military uniforms but they do not always wear the same thing it is all mission dependent. the four types I have encountered are in full tactical military gear w/o helmets, tactical civilian gear ie they look like contract security, civilian clothing so that they blend in, or a mis match of all of those. notahero http://www.homebuilderwholesale.com/faucets

Discovery Channel: Secrets of Seal Team 6 [1/3] Seal Team 6 Part 2 Sources: Seal Team 6 Was Murdered Deaths of SEAL Team 6 Exposed! SEAL Team 6 - Trailer The iron will of Seal Team 6 *TARGET: BIN LADEN* REAL CIA SEAL TEAM 6 GERINOMO E-KIA FOOTAGE LEAKED SEAL TEAM 6 HELMET CAM FOOTAGE CIA OPERATIVE SHOOTING OSAMA BIN LADEN IN THE HEAD *GRAPHIC* SEAL Team 6 Pistol Standards Seal Team 6 Crash Was An Inside Job! Real Deal: Superheroes of Navy SEAL Team Six DEVGRU/SEAL operators Colonel Sixx: SEAL Team 6 Family Members, Bin Laden Raid Was Staged!! 1/2 SEAL TEAM 6 - INVESTIGATE THE WHITE HOUSE Seal Team 6 - 5 pm Discovery Channel: Secrets of Seal Team 6 [2/3] SEAL TEAM 6 Assassinated-WhistleBlower Talks! Navy SEALs Killed (some SEAL TEAM 6) Chinook Helicopter Crash-Afghanistan www.RightFace.us PJTV: From Sparta to SEAL Team 6: The Evolution of the Warrior Ethos 'SEAL Team 6' assasinated Infowars Ireland Predicted SEAL Team 6 Demise in May, 2011 SEAL Team 6 - NEW MOVIE TRAILER (HQ) Epic Vindication (SEAL team 6 tribute) HOW US NAVY SEALS TEAM 6 KILLED BIN LADEN CCTV News Pentagon Caught Lying About SEAL Team 6 Being On a Rescue Mission (08/09/2011) Alex Talks to Colonel 6 About Navy SEAL Team Crash in Afghanistan SEAL Team 6 Pistol Standards.wmv Discovery Channel: Secrets of Seal Team 6 [3/3] Secrets Of Seal Team 6 Obama Assassinated SEAL Team 6? Osama Bin Laden Dead: Inside Navy SEALs Team Six, Training NAVY SEAL TEAM SIX [tribute] 31 US NAVY SEALS KILLED (SEAL TEAM SIX) August 2011 Targeting Bin Laden - Seal Team 6 - Operation Geronimo The Movie (Remembering 9/11) Disney Withdraws 'Seal Team Six' Trademark Request Brian Stann Reveals that Seal Team 6 Was In Attendance at UFC 130 - MMA Weekly News US Navy SEAL Team 6 Tribute SEAL TEAM 6 Propaganda, Lies Never End - Justice Coin - In Commemoration of May 1, 2011 Phony Navy SEAL. SEAL Team SIX. Fake Fraud Phony Military Impostor SEAL TEAM 6 LEAKED VIDEO - bin LADEN'S FINAL MINUTES US Navy Seal team 6 and 10 tribute. Operation Redwings, BUDs, DEVGRU, NAVSPECWARCOM Seal Team 6 Part 1 SEAL TEAM 6 HELMET CAM AKIMBO DUAL WIELDING SIG P226 SHOOTING OSAMA BIN LADEN The Day I Got Over on SEAL Team 6 WIKILEAK Osama Bin Laden Dead- SEAL TEAM 6 HELMET CAM FOOTAGE OF OSAMA Seal Team 6 Special Ops Dog pulls a Man out of a Moving Van!!! Awesome!! Tool Time: Disney Backs Off 'Seal Team 6' SEAL Team 6 Movie Trailer (HD) TWIB: Super MariObama, Olbermann Exposes Seal Team 6 & There's a Pole Dancing Championship? Secrets of SEAL Team Six. Part 1..wmv Secrets of SEAL Team Six. Part 2..wmv
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