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Scott Cross (film director)

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TNA Impact Episode 3 Rate the Show (Part 1) There will be a WQ Inside? by Q: -Show starts off with highlights from the last episode of Impact. -Backstage, a group of TNA wrestlers assemble outside the “Kings of Wrestling” locker room. D Ray 3000 knocks on the door, Scott Hall opens it, and AJ Styles gives Hall a punch of the face and then the TNA wrestlers run off. The NYC w/ Trinity vs. America’s Most Wanted When the smoke clears at the beginning, it’s Harris and Gilberti in the ring. The NYC gets the advantage back, and do a double clothesline to Harris. Gilberti executes his signature swinging neckbreaker. Swinger comes in the match. Swinger with a choke in the corner, followed by some punches and boots to the face. Gilberti comes back in, and the NYC executes a double Russian Side Legsweep. Swinger soon comes back in and does little offense before tagging back in Gilberti. Gilberti executes an atomic drop on Harris, but then Storm throws Gilberti’s neck across the ropes. Storm gets tagged in and clears house. Storm executes a German Suplex on Gilberti, then executes a cross body block on to the outside on top of Swinger. Storm then climbs the turnbuckle and executes a cross body on Gilberti back inside the ring for a near fall. Swinger trips up Storm from the outside, but then receives a clothesline from Harris. Storm regains the advantage in the ring, and then AMW execute the Death Sentence on Gilberti for the pinfall. Winners: America’s Most Wanted -Shane Douglas is backstage with Director of Authority Dusty Rhodes. Rhodes announces AJ Styles vs. Scott Hall for tonight’s main event. He then announces Monty Brown vs. Jeff Jarrett for the NWA World Heavyweight Title next week on Impact. -A video airs telling fans to log on to tnawrestling.com and vote whether they want TNA to relinquish the footage they recorded of the WWE wrestlers filming their commercial at Universal Studios, or if they want TNA to air the footage at Turning Point. Boy, I wonder what the results of that poll will be. --COMMERCIAL BREAK-- Michael Shane w/ Traci vs. Chris Sabin vs. Petey Williams w/ Scott D’Amore Williams and Shane team up against Sabin at the start of the match. Sabin fights back. He executes a couple backbreakers on Williams, and then gives Shane a clothesline in the corner. Williams comes in to splash Sabin from behind, but Sabin moves and Williams executes a splash in the corner on Shane. Sabin and Shane fith. Shane executes a legdrop on Sabin from the top rope across the back of Sabin’s neck, whom was leaning inside the ring between the ropes from the outside. Shane continues to work over Sabin in the ring, with Williams still on the outside. Sabin executes a enziguri on Shane, but then Williams gets back in the ring and executes a Russian Side Legsweep on Sabin. Williams and Sabin fight a little before Shane gets back in the mix. Sabin gives Williams, whom was sitting on the top turnbuckle, a hurricanrana. He then follows that up with a German Suplex on Shane out of the same corner. Shane executes a backbreaker on Sabin. Williams then clotheslines Shane out of the ring. Williams sets up the Canadian Destroyer, but Sabin reverses it yet again into his Cradle Shock finisher for the pinfall. Winner: Chris Sabin -Shane Douglas interviews Raven backstage. Raven still has that ridiculous helmet on. Raven tells Douglas that the history between he and DDP is none of Douglas’ business. --COMMERCIAL BREAK-- Raven vs. Vordell Walker Just barely after the match starts, DDP’s theme song (An almost identical replica of his old WCW “Smells Like Teen Spirit” rip off song) starts up, and DDP comes through the crowd. Raven and Walker both flee the ring. DDP talks about the old days when they used to train together with both having hopes of becoming world champion someday. DDP says he tasted it then 3 times. DDP talks about pinning Flair for the title. DDP talks about how he, Raven, and Kim partied that night. DDP says he’s here because Raven ran his mouth after DDP retired. DDP says Raven stabbed him in the back. Raven says this isn’t about Kim. Raven says lets talk about Erik Watts. Raven says he should have been the World Champion, not DDP. Raven says DDP needs to be saved. 2 hooded men attack DDP in the ring. Both receive Diamond Cutters, one off the top rope. --COMMERCIAL BREAK-- WQ: Matt Hardy or Kofi Kingston?

A: I really like how your show resembles the Original TNA from 2004/2005 Before all this Hogan BS Arrived in 2010. Best Match on Part 1: The NYC vs America's Most Wanted Best Promo on Part 1: The Opneing with the brawl between Hall and Styles. WQ: Matt Hardy

The Ultimate Survey: Can you answer every question? by theunbreakable88 Q: For every person who gives a complete and honest answer to each answer I will give them a thumbs up meaning they will have three points instead of two for this question. There are 45 mostly simple questions. Nothing here is that personal that you couldn't answer it. Honestly will be awarded whether your answers are like mine or not. Food & Drink: 1) What is your favorite fast food restaurent? 2) What is your favorite sit-down restaurent? 3) Ice Cream or Custard? 4) Subway or Quiznos? 5) McDolands or Burger King? 6) Bitter, sweet, or bittersweet? 7) What is your favorite flavor of ice cream? 8) What is your favorite candy bar? 9) Do you prefer drinking from a can, bottle, or glass? 10) Do you usually eat with chopsticks, spoon/fork/knife, or with your hands? 11) What is your favorite kind of cuisine? 12) What is your favorite home-made meal? 13) What is your favorite non-alcoholic drink? 14) What is your favorite alcoholic drink? 15) Would you rather eat fast food, sit-down food, or home-made food for the rest of your life? Entertainment: 1) What movies have you've seen in the theater this year? 2) Have you ever seen a film entirely in 3D? 3) Who is your favorite actor or actress? 4) Who is your favorite director? 5) What is your favorite film? 6) What albums have you listened to entirely this year which you haven't listened to before? 7) What music artist are you addicted to right now? 8) What music artist is your favorite? 9) What are your three favorite genres of music? 10) What are your three least favorite genres of music? 11) What TV shows are you watching this fall that have new episodes? 12) What is your favorite TV show? 13) What is your least favorite TV show? 14) What TV show do you think got canceled too soon? 15) If you could create a TV show, what would it be called and what would it entail? Technology: 1) Do you own (a) blu-ray player(s)? If so, what? 2) Do you own (a) video game system(s)? If so, what? 3) Do you own a desktop, laptop, or both? 4) How old is your newest computer? 5) What are your newest computer's specs? 6) What is the largest screen TV you have right now? 7) What size is the TV in your bedroom? 8) What is your next technology purchase going to be? 9) If you could choose one movie to watch on a huge screen plasma TV with blu-ray 1080p what would it be? 10) When do you think 3D televisions will out-sell normal TVs? 11) Do you listen or watch any technology podcasts or shows such as Revision3 or TWiT? 12) Do you own (a) MP3 player(s)? If so, what? 13) Do you own (a) cell phone(s)? If so, what? 14) How big was your first TV? 15) What do you think will be the most important technological advancement that the future has in store? I'll answer my own survey! Food & Drink 1) Kopps 2) The Packing House 3) Custard 4) Quiznos 5) McDolands 6) Sweet 7) Rocky road 8) Whatchamacallit 9) Glass 10) Spoon/fork/knife 11) American 12) Sloppy Joes and seasoned steak fries 13) Pepsi with lime 14) Zymphindale 15) Fast Food Entertainment 1) In order: The Social Network, Devil, Scott Pilgrim VS the World, Toy Story 3, and Youth in Revolt. Planning to see: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows part 1. 2) Yes, Toy Story 3 in 3D. 3) Probably Jim Carrey. 4) M. Night Shyamalan. 5) Definitely, Maybe (which ironically doesn't have Jim Carrey or Shyamalan in it). 6) All the Blur and Graham Coxon albums, pretty much. And every Poets of the Fall album (although I think that might be earlier than this year). 7) Blur/Graham Coxon! 8) Huey Lewis and the News 9) Not in order: Pop(ular) Alternative, Ragtime, and Baroque Pop. 10) Not in order: Hip-Hop, Horrorcore, and Emo. 11) The Office, How I Met Your Mother, Survivor, The Big Bang Theory, South Park, and Baggage. 12) How I Met Your Mother 13) Becker 14) Power of 10 15) I don't know, but it would be a cross-over of This Week in Tech, The Screen Savers, and Tekzilla Technology 1) Not yet, but I'm getting a PS3 this Christmas. 2) Hmmm I had a Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Dreamcast, Gamecube, PS2, Nintendo DS, and finally a Wii. Getting a PS3. 3) Both, but my laptop is much newer. 4) My laptop is a few months old. 5) I have a Gateway NV53: AMD Athlon II X2 M300, 500 GB HDD, 4 GB Memory, DVD-Super Multi DL drive, Webcam, and multi-in-1 card reader. 6) 65". 7) 20 or so inches. 8) Panasonic Viera TC-P42G25 42-inch 1080p Plasma HDTV for 786.01 dollars on Amazon. 9) Scott Pilgrim VS the World, which I am getting on blu-ray for Christmas. 10) 2015 11) Sometimes, but not often enough 12) My iPhone 4 32 GB. 13) My iPhone 4 32 GB. 14) 10" black and white TV (eek!). 15) Technological Singularity. I'm curious, so what?

A: Food and Drink: 1. Mcdonalds 2. Olive Garden 3. Ice Cream 4. Subway 5. Mcdonalds 6. Bittersweet 7. Choc. Chip cookie dough 8. Cookies and Cream (Hersheys) 9. Can 10. Depends were I'm eating 11. Um...Not sure, 12. Fried Chicken, Mashed potatoes, biscuits and gravy, 13. Dr. Pepper 14. I dont drink 15. Fast food Entertainment 1. I cant remeber 2. yep. 3. Kate Hudson, Or Katherine Heighle, Ashton Kutcher, or Leonardo Dicaprio. 4. Not sure. 5.Elizabethtown 6. Christina Auguliara - Bi-On-Ic 7. Boys Like Girls 8. Boys Like Girls 9. Pop, Rock, Punk Rock, 10. Classical, Metal, Country 11. Pretty Little Liars 12. Pretty Little Liars 13. Huge 14. 10 things I hate about you 15. Never really thought about it...lol Technology 1. Ya. My ps3 has one built in. 2. Ya. Wii, gamecube, Psp, Ps3, Xbox 3. Laptop 4. Not sure 5. Idk 6. Idk lol 7. Small... 8. Not sure 9. Eclipse. 10. Never 11. No 12. No just I-pod 13. Ya. Droid Arrius by Verizon 14. idk 15. Robots Have a great day! :-)

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