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Scientific method

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Sidewinder_A7X_ When taking a test, I prefer to use the "S.W.A.G" method: Scientific. Wild. Ass. Guess.

Katie_sykesTW RT @TheLittleQuote_: When taking a test, I prefer to use the "S.W.A.G" method: Scientific. Wild. Ass. Guess.

Hayley_Lyall RT @TheLittleQuote_: When taking a test, I prefer to use the "S.W.A.G" method: Scientific. Wild. Ass. Guess.

Torriemwb For and Against Method: Including Lakatos's Lectures on Scientific Method and the Lakatos-Feyerabend Corresponde... http://t.co/iIPp0pev

rebeccatw_ RT @TheLittleQuote_: When taking a test, I prefer to use the "S.W.A.G" method: Scientific. Wild. Ass. Guess.

TheLittleQuote_ When taking a test, I prefer to use the "S.W.A.G" method: Scientific. Wild. Ass. Guess.

Malvinahgo How to Find a Perfect Partner: The Original, Complete and Simplified Scientific Method for Comparing the Energie... http://t.co/9TGgK3eO

ybybakogu Scientific method worksheets and lesson plans http://t.co/tyxQU2vu

BibleAlsoSays @jmichaels20 But eventually, thanks to the scientific method, the bending stops and there is a final verdict.

xiiLSSE RT @TheQuoteWhore: When taking a test, I prefer to use the "S.W.A.G" method: Scientific. Wild. Ass. Guess.

iinaas Reading: scientific method http://t.co/q6Fyg7ut (via @AnswersDotCom)

153inu Scientists Patent the Scientific Method http://t.co/TVxEd7NU

Cmayx RT @TheQuoteWhore: When taking a test, I prefer to use the "S.W.A.G" method: Scientific. Wild. Ass. Guess.

Tanapruk The real purpose of scientific method is to make sure Nature hasn’t misled you into thinking you know something you actually don’t know.

Isaalisa Fackkk die scientific method is nog best veel...


How can I use the scientific method to make cotton candy in a Science Fair? by Kake Q: We have a science fair coming up and we need to use the scientific method in our project. My group wanted to make cotton candy so it would be a popular project. Have any ideas how to make it and how we can use the scientific method as well? Thanks for all the answers!

A: The scientific method is a process for testing ideas: 1) Ask a question 2) Do background research 3) Create a hypothesis 4) Design an experiment to test the hypothesis 5) Analyze the data you've collected and draw a conclusion 6) Communicate your results. What are you testing by creating cotton candy? What you could do is you could test something using cotton candy. You could start by asking the question, "Does everyone like cotton candy?" You could then do research on cotton candy, how the human tongue tastes things, and about why people have different opinions on the same things. From your research, you could create a hypothesis. An example could be "If I increase the sugar content of cotton candy, more people will like it." Then you design an experiment to test that hypothesis. How you do so is half the fun, so I'll leave that to you. Ask your teacher for help, but if you need more, visit sciencebuddies.org, Remember- science isn't just memorizing definitions. It's about asking questions and using the scientific method to find answers. It's how we know so much about the world- everything from atoms to germs was figured out using the scientific method. It's a very powerful tool!

Is there a scientific method for an individual to use to make good personal decisions? by Dr No Q: Recently, I made a bad decision, that seems to me, could have been avoided.This event in my life, only cost me about $300 and 24 hours of hard work. It raised my awareness of the mostly casual way I now make personal decisions. One home repair last year cost me $5000. I made a decision to do it, off the top of my head ,without any real decision making method used. I still do not know if there was a better/less expensive way to do the job. A long time ago, I made a series of personal decisions, with the most care possible, at the time. Cost = $250,000. The minimum amount, possibly much more in future income and related family and health problems. Now, we see that even our government is capable of huge mistakes, costing billions of dollars, and human life. If the government can't make good decisions, how does one person? I mean in everyday life, without many resources, other than intelligence and willingness to try. I would like to have proven, scientific methods. Do they exist for us?

A: There's no scientifically identified methodology of effective thinking. You can, however, learn a thing or two from the scientific method itself. The best way to make a decision is by gathering all of the information that you can on it, understanding all the variables involved and how they interact with each other, and weighing knowledge based on how reliable it is. The first step is to accept reality; try to look at the world around you as it is, rather than as you think it is or should be. That sounds simple, but it's not quite as easy as it seems; most people deceive themselves as to the basic facts of the universe around them, without even knowing it. Mostly, it takes the form of assumptions. The less you assume, the better your decisions will be. An assumption is anything that you think or believe without having evidence to support it; if you cannot prove a fact or an opinion, you should try to avoid using it in making decisions. Sometimes it's necessary to assume, though; most of the time, you won't be able to know everything that you need to know. So you have to weigh your assumptions - determine how probable it is that they are correct, and consider the different possible outcomes of your decisions based on the most reliable assumptions. It's basically a matter of educated guessing. The second step is actually making a decision based on the information you have, and your understanding of how it works. In order to do this, you need a very clear goal; if you aren't clear on your goal, you're going to have an understandably challenging time accomplishing it. Once you understand your goal, the decision becomes simple: how can you best accomplish that goal with as little effort as possible? Or, if you determine that accomplishing that goal is impossible (and this will happen sometimes), how close can you get to it, and is it worth getting that close? I think the most important part of the decision itself is costs and benefits; you always want to choose such that your benefits (in terms of accomplishing your goal) outweigh your costs. And that's not just in monetary terms, either; it also involves emotional costs/benefits, and such. You have to weigh it intuitively, more or less. If you know yourself, then you won't have any problem understanding what it is that will benefit you the most. But be realistic in your intuitive figuring; something that feels good now may not feel so great down the road, or something that seems good now may not be once you actually get to it. It probably sounds rather cut and dry, and also rather complicated in terms of actually making every-day, mundane decisions. But like anything, if you're disciplined in practicing that sort of methodological thinking, it eventually becomes instinctual.

Can the scientific method be applied to historical analysis? by Ty J Q: Can the scientific method be applied to historical analysis? This is a debate me and a fellow co-worker were having. Do you believe that the scientific method can be applied to historical analysis. I was not sure and want to get some other opinions.

A: Not well. You have no control over the variables and cannot run experiments. However, you can sometimes compare similar civilizations that (you hope) differ in only one aspect and guess whether the difference in that aspect had an effect. Testing technology is somewhat easier in that you can build an item and test it. Read up on Kon-Tiki for an example.

What are the benefits of using the scientific method? by Mrs. JET Q: What are the benefits of using the scientific method? What are the dangers of not using the scientific method? When is the scientific method inappropriate?

A: You use the scientific method in order to get unbiased, accurate results. You don't use the scientific method if you want to delude yourself and others.

What scientific method would be appropriately used to test global warming? by linlyons Q: I hear this all the time. "Compelling arguments are made on both sides, but very little real scientific method is utilized while producing these arguments." old doc. What would be appropriate? Double blind studies? Measurement of complete climate varying factors individually? Increasing, then decreasing the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere? Given the size and complexity of the atmosphere, the geography, and the oceans, with the ocean currents, what scientific method(s) would be appropriate? Also, how many days, months, years, decades, would be appropriate for such tests? "we could plant trees and wait 10 years". Exxon loves you yes they do, and they love their profits too, folks like you are oh so sweet, proping up their balance sheet. "I think we need at least another 60-90 years worth of satellite temperature data." Oh my, exxon likes you even better. "hey, it was hot a thousand years ago." of course, (A) there weren't millions of us to feed, and, when populations died off, (Greenland) it wasn't a big deal.

A: People who make that statement either don't understand the scientific method, don't understand how climate science research is performed or both. "To be termed scientific, a method of inquiry must be based on gathering observable, empirical and measurable evidence subject to specific principles of reasoning. A scientific method consists of the collection of data through observation and experimentation, and the formulation and testing of hypotheses." http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scientific_method Climate science research quite clearly meets those criteria. The theory makes testable predictions which have been verified through empirical observations. http://www.skepticalscience.com/its-not-us-advanced.htm

Scientific METHOD??.....? by Danichka Q: omg quick question, please help! How can you prove that something is a living thing using the scientific method?? Help =[ 10 POINTS!

A: You can't. You never "prove" anything in science. You can collect evidence to support your hypothesis. So, you hypothesize that something is living. You must then collect evidence that it is made of cells, metabolizes, reproduces, moves, responds to stimuli, can evolve.

SCIENTIFIC METHOD!!!????...? by Danichka Q: omg quick question, please help! How can you prove that something is a living thing using the scientific method?? Help =[ 10 POINTS! omg, i love u guys!!

A: write a hypothesis write down a procedure write your observations and then your conclusion! i hope this helped! and could you please help me by answering my question! because i don't understand it and if i dont hand it in tomorrow i fail the class

Scientific method? by smiley Q: I am helping with an exsperiment . We have to put a dash of salt and a dash of sugar in diffirent glasses of water and see why they are diffirent .We have to use the scientific method for this and i just need a little of information on how to help him in this .. He is in 6th grade i know what the scientific method is i just need a little help on how to explain some details on each step any websites on how they are diffirent

A: Your "scientific method" is to ensure you are controlling the variables. In this case, the amount of water should be the same, and the amount of salt/sugar should be the same. These are your controlling variables. The responding variables is the differences. In this experiment, it could be salinity, temperature, or viscosity.

scientific method? by punkboarder Q: can someone explain exactly what scientific method is with all the steps and stuff.

A: Scientific method consists of testing each hypothesis three times with a test and parallel control experiment, with results the same each time. If a test does not agree with the other two, it must be discarded and redone. If two tests disagree, the whole process must begin anew.

Scientific Method? by beautiful angel 12 Q: I really need help on the steps of the scientific method. I need you to tell me the steps and how they work. Please I need help in Science Class.

A: Step 1. Define the problem. Make sure only one problem is being studied. Step 2. Research the problem. Use all available resources to collect data on the subject being covered. Libraries, Internet, books, magazines, personal interviews, etc. Step 3. Develop a hypothesis ( educated guess ). Make it a short definitive statement. It should be an "if" then" statement. The if part will become the hypothesis and the then part should be the results received at the end of the controlled experiment. Remember your hypothesis can be changed it is not formed in concrete. Step 4. Develop a controlled experiment. A controlled experiment is an experiment that contains only one experimental variable. An experimental variable is the thing being tested. Everything else in the experiment or all other variables, must be the same. These variables are also called the controlled variables. Keeping these variables the same allows the experimenter to show that it was the experimental variable that caused the results. Step 5. Analyze the data and come up with a conclusion. The conclusion may or may not support the hypothesis. Additional experimentation must then take place to build documentation concerning the problem. If the hypothesis is proven wrong, change the hypothesis, not the data.

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