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Khachaturian RT @Macky5277: 『101歳からiPSできた!寿命の細胞も若返る』(読売新聞) http://t.co/gtYWyJAZ

historycanada RT @LukeSciCom: 1st Canadian women settlers were more fertile: http://t.co/G85sYaWx #cdnhistory

CHANGEBE Huge iceberg forms in Antarctica http://t.co/0NrA7nGA

Macky5277 『101歳からiPSできた!寿命の細胞も若返る』(読売新聞) http://t.co/gtYWyJAZ

Sofia_Onthelaw Hur mycket väger en E-bok? http://t.co/V10U9YK9

hannahsiancrew RT @NatGeo: Fireballs expected from this weekend's Taurid meteor shower: http://t.co/L9N1okbW

STONE_K ターミネーターが 人工知能に受験の試練…10年後の東大合格目標 : 科学 : YOMIURI ONLINE(読売新聞) http://t.co/zfjMw1og

Eucalyptus8282 RT @hii1969: へ~~! RT @magix247: この発見はすごい!:【カブトムシ】さなぎはノックで存在知らせる…東大など発見 http://t.co/DCn2R4Hf

BIBSONSAMB Une TV qui se commande par des gestes http://t.co/SZutFk6E

GaryDumisansev http://t.co/FgBKgyF4 Asteroid longer than aircraft to whiz past earth

premiergreenpro EU Biofuels Are As Carbon Intensive As Petrol http://t.co/XRHOVDeD

shin_UST 101歳からiPSできた!寿命の細胞も若返る : 科学 : YOMIURI ONLINE(読売新聞) http://t.co/cOyBBjPd

T_O_P_Life RT @SustMeme: Diary dates rethink: Brazil plans eco-summit move over Jubilee clash http://t.co/SQuyMz9z #in

Koichi_Mouri なんかおかしい.「コンピューターである人工知能は、膨大なデータを暗記したり、計算したりするのは得意だが、自然言語と呼ばれる人間が日常的に使う文章や、紙に描かれた立体図形などを理解するのが苦手だ。」読売オンラインより http://t.co/8EvYzo00

magokorobancho ひとつふたつならともかく、10年間もばれないよ[email protected]: http://t.co/vEuPtVVQ #ニュース #news オランダの有名な社会心理学者、長期間にわたるデータねつ造を認める


Where do you find science news articles? by Mary Q: We have to read science articles for my chemistry class and I am having a difficult time finding articles that are interesting and worth the time of the teacher to read them. Do you have any ideas of where to find good articles? Websites, magazines, etc...

A: New Scientist is a publication that I personally enjoy, but there are heaps more online. Most of them have at least a few things you should find interesting. Enjoy :)

Why does Fox News report on science news but not pseudoscience news? I thought they were fair and balanced? by Edward Q: I am sick of the bleeding heart radical liberal elite media only presenting one side of the story when it comes to unproven THEORIES like gravity, electromagnetism, chemistry, and mathematics. Why doesn't Fox News, the only news source to exemplify true journalistic integrity, present both sides of the issue? I do not want my children to be subjected to the mindless indoctrination of the left. Let's allow the controversy to be heard and make our own decisions.

A: I do not believe that anyone in here noticed the reverse psychology of your question or the humor in referring to Gravity as an unproven Theory.

What is a good place to find science-related news, without having to pay a subscription? by Clodflopper Q: I am looking for a good news source for science-related topics. Specfically related to natural science and biology. I have browsed a few of the 'well-know' magazine sites, however a subscription is required to view all of their content.

A: Personalise your home page, you can add topics there, and you get automatic updates. You can also use sites such as this (National Geographic) for free. http://www.nationalgeographic.com/index.html http://www.earth.ox.ac.uk/

Can you suggest me a good web science news portal, which tells about really important things.? by garb1881 Q: I want to follow the essential and really important scientific news, for example, I want to learn deeply about the oldest human body found recently, or why nanotechnology is important now. And also learn the basics of earth sciences.

A: try this http://www.howstuffworks.com/

I have to do a science project and i need to do an experiment on breaking science news? by John Q: i really need to find some breaking news in the field of science that can benefit mankind. Any Ideas?? I need to have experimental procedures and sources on where to find the materials. ---Thanks---

A: The sites below might help:

Where can I get the latest science news online? by penguin Q: Where can I get the latest science news online? I don't want to be lagged behind/ Please tell me where I can find them.

A: Science daily.com

How could I find the latest technology news on IT or Science? by Bahrawi Q: I am journal columnist in IT and Science news, so please tell the best website I can find.

A: http://www.sciencedaily.com/

How Would I Go About Becoming a Freelance Writer For Science News? by mao Q: I am interested in becoming a freelance writer for the Science News Magazine and I have been looking everywhere to see where I could submit my work for them to consider me for a position. I would like to know if anybody out there would know how to apply.

A: Simple, really. Find the name of the chief editor or managing editor of Science News and write him/her a letter telling him you would like to become a freelancer and explain that you have a passion for science writing.. You should include samples of any articles you have written and a resume, showing your academic and work background. Hopefully, they have some science connection. Good luck!

What is the best website for acquiring up to date news specifically regarding science? by Tom Q: I used to navigate through CNN's page, but they have recently removed the 'science' news tab from their main page. What's going on? Science is too important to leave out! I need a reliable source for science news coverage.

A: usatoday thats were i go to do engineering research

Science News? by **L!Z R0oXx'z** Q: Where can I get the latest news on science??? help me please thank you

A: www.sciencedaily.com

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