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Science friday

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How do you make a 3-D volcano for a Science project it is due friday.? by faitha95 Q: I have to lable the parts

A: http://chemistry.about.com/cs/howtos/ht/buildavolcano.htm To build it. To label the parts try wikipedia for volcano.

I have a science project due this friday. Its about making a water heater. Can someone help me? by Kristine Q: We're not allowed to use fire or metal or solar or anything like that. Only by myself, anyone have any ideas? I'm thinking of using the sun? but I do not know how. The water should be hot in 3-7 minutes. Thank you for that! But I forgot to mention that we're not allowed to use any chemicals. Do you have any other ideas? We're supposted to use our body energy to heat the water. Thank you for that! But I forgot to mention that we're not allowed to use any chemicals. Do you have any other ideas? We're supposted to use our body energy to heat the water.

A: >We're not allowed to use fire or metal or solar or anything like that. >I'm thinking of using the sun? That's a solar solution : not allowed by definition. One option is chemical heating in glass/plastic -- find two substances that you can mix which produces an exothermic reaction that can release enough energy to heat/boil water but won't melt plastic (or break/melt glass.) If you go to a store that sells camping equipment, they might have examples of this -- they may sell food packages that make use of this chemical heating idea -- you either add water to an outer pouch and the water mixes with the chemical that produces the heat that boils the water and heats the inner pouch containing the food, or you squeeze a plastic pouch that contains three pouches, one containing the food and two plastic liner pouches that contain two different chemicals that, when mixed, produce the heat for cooking. The squeezing action breaks the plastic pouches containing the chemicals and helps mix the chemicals, but won't break the pouch containing the food or the outer pouch containing all the other pouches. The trick is to determine which chemicals to use and in what quantity, and whether or not your local government allows private citizens to get access to those chemicals (since the same chemicals can probably be used to make a bomb.) ====== Get an ice pack, a thermos bottle, two lengths of tube, a tube of silicone sealant, and a low flow inline aquarium/fountain pump. Drill two holes in the top of the ice pack. Run each length of tube through the holes: Pull one tube through so that it is long enough to reach the bottom of the ice pack. Run the other end of the tube so it ends near the top of the thermos (drill holes in the lid of the thermos bottle if necessary.) Pull the other tube through so that it end near the top of the ice pack (near the lid.) Run the other end of the tube down to the bottom of the thermos (drill holes in the lid of the thermos bottle if necessary.) Cut the line that ends near the bottom of the thermos (make the cut outside the thermos) and install the inline fountain pump so that it sucks water from the thermos and forces it into the ice pack. Use the silicone sealant to ensure a waterproof seal where the tube meets the lids of the thermos and the ice pack. Prime the pump and tubes, fill the ice pack and thermos with water. Take the ice pack and stuff it into your pants, between your legs. Activate the pump. As the water in the thermos reaches your body temperature, you can deactivate the pump, open the thermos, pour off some of the water (to another container), refill the thermos with new (cold) tap water, then reactivate the pump. If an electric pump is not allowed, consider a bulb pump (squeeze bulb and fluid flows in one direction.) if a manual bulb pump is not allowed, ensure the tube/thermos connection is water tight and place the thermos on its side above the level of the ice pack/your crotch -- this will utilize natural convection to circulate the water (warm water from the ice pack will rise as colder water from the thermos will fall.) If the water is not getting hot fast enough, consider masturbating to raise the temperature between your legs (and keep yourself entertained while waiting for the water to get hot.) The upper bound on the temperature is 37C without masturbation; about 40C with.

I have a science fair project due on friday can you give me some ideas i search the web still nothing? by Dawn56 Q: im 15 but in middle school and i really want some ideas im serious.

A: You could do it on the Stroop Effect. The effect of colors and words being processed in people's minds and why humans can pick up words faster than colors. Here is a website you can try. http://faculty.washington.edu/chudler/words.html Good luck!

I want to know how popular Science Friday is as a podcast? by Carl F Q: and how many downloads

A: i never heard of it

I need a cool science project due friday? by Kelley J Q: Can someone give me a few ideas on how I can start/complete a science project? What topic...where can I find ideas or where can I find someone to do the project for me? Thank you so much!

A: Kelley, You gotta do it yourself! :-) These sites have lots of ideas: http://www.usc.edu/CSSF/Resources/GettingStarted.html http://www.sciencebuddies.org/ http://www.all-science-fair-projects.com/category0.html http://www.ipl.org/div/projectguide/ http://school.discoveryeducation.com/sciencefaircentral/ http://www.picadome.fcps.net/lab/sci_fair/science_fair.htm http://www.scienceproject.com/ http://www.energyquest.ca.gov/projects/index.html http://www.freesciencefairproject.com/ http://scienceclub.org/scifair.html

Who knows what the difference of Meteorology and the Science of Meteorology is? Help me by friday, nov. 14th!? by chelz Q: I have this project due on friday the 14th of november and i am not entirely sure what the diff. is. I have to write a paper on The science of meteorology, meteorology and the instruments used in meteorology. plz help!!

A: Meteorology is the study of the atmosphere, the Science of Meteorology explains it. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meteorology

Am I the only one who likes to stay home and watch science tv shows on Friday nights? by crazyem my pretty Q:

A: I do that too. I also like to flip through my biology textbook, it's really interesting. Oh my god. I shouldn't have said that. Whatever.

I got my GCSE Science results back Friday, and I would like to know if these Grades will look bad on my CV? by Josh G Q: I got a C in my coursework and a C in biology, however I got a D+ in my Chemistry and Physics.

A: Not exactly impressive, are they? If you were not expecting to get _any_ passes at grade C, they are at least something.

Science Friday and books? by Jorge Q: IM the kinda of guy who listens to the science friday podcast and i love their topics, do u guys know of books that would interest me? or websites that would? im also interested in harry potter, so thats more info about me.

A: Dan Brown's Angels and Demons -- the theme of which is the controversy between science and religion. Pax-C

Conspiracy Theory Friday - science edition: Would you like to invent your own conspiracy? by Ryan G Q: Hey, I only do this once a week. If you would, invent a conspiracy with the following words and phrases. The most creative answer that includes all of the following words and phrases will be chosen as best answer: Schrödinger's Cat Albert Einstein Niels Bohr Palmyra Atoll Manhattan Project I mean only one day a week.

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