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Science fair projects

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Ivacvi More Simple Science Fair Projects: Grades 3-5 (Scientific American Winning Science Fair Projects): http://t.co/FrN8QKKI

PrettynPaid111 RT @Chinadoll141: [email protected]: #IfYouWentToEarhart youd hate Sydney (Dorsey) for winning the science fair every year -___-” Lmao his og did his projects. !

JuliannZeichnes http://t.co/6yfCFQRn #CHEAP Prize-Winning Science Fair Projects for Curious Kids ...

Delphineaeu The Complete Idiot's Guide to Science Fair Projects: Includes 50 project ideas! Offering one-stop shopping for a... http://t.co/JGg0ypCa

TinaShake Check out this great item: Winning Science Fair Projects Lot 3 Books Homeschool Instructions Plans http://t.co/sqJFicax

romeltsci Starbucks Science Fair Projects - Ideas for science fair projects using Starbucks cups.... http://t.co/nIHiPKBK #science #technology #kids

Carmendze Science Fair Projects Made Easy. http://t.co/IXaPrulG

Traceezgz Janice VanCleave's Guide to the Best Science Fair Projects: Let Janice VanCleave help you create your own winnin... http://t.co/1GbDLskX

Symphonic_genre I'm sooooo so happy to say I am finally DONE with science fair projects!!!

SeanWDevlin why do they make highschoolers do a science fair project?? then have big tests to study for and other projects do ALL on the day its due?!?

jizimuryxo Five COMPLETE Science Fair Project Guides with immediate online access. Easy projects use materials found in AmI... http://t.co/bmJuexaX

KaptUnderPantsX i still want to do a 3d volcanic eruption model. i should've did that sh-t for one of them lame ass middle school science fair projects.

angelinajulie33 Creative Science Fair Projects. This article shows unique science honest projects that are fantastic for children of... http://t.co/pfnRDdc2

BurberryCoats Teacher’s Guide to Science Fair Projects: Teacher’s Guide to Science Fair Projectstrainer’s information to techn... http://t.co/heRUuU5q

perstephanie_ I always think of great science fair projects now that I'm a grown up. Today: "why does coral form?"


What are some really fast science fair projects? by [Morbid Thought] [Goodbye Yahoo] Q: I read my science teachers papers wrong and the projects are due in to him next month while the project fair is due Weds. I really need some fast projects. 9th grade level please. I can't do anything too easy.

A: These sites have lots of science fair project ideas: http://www.usc.edu/CSSF/Resources/GettingStarted.html http://www.sciencebuddies.org/ http://www.all-science-fair-projects.com/category0.html http://www.ipl.org/div/projectguide/ http://school.discoveryeducation.com/sciencefaircentral/ http://www.picadome.fcps.net/lab/sci_fair/science_fair.htm http://www.scienceproject.com/ http://www.energyquest.ca.gov/projects/index.html http://www.freesciencefairproject.com/ http://www.hometrainingtools.com/articles/acat_science-projects.html

What are some really good science fair projects? by annie Q: i cant think of any science fair projects. i am a sophomore in high school. any subject is fine and i don't want to buy anything online or anything that i cant find at a local store. any suggestions?

A: You can do the effects of different shades of light on photosynthesis. For example have a couple plants set up, and expose some to full light (artificail) and some to different shades of light (can cover light with these shaders of different percentage) and maybe another in total darkness. Then compare. They all should grow, but they will look all totally different.

What science fair projects could I do on cancer? by Akumi B Q: I'm trying to see if I can get some cancer cell samples ( I probably won't) but what kind of interesting science fair projects could I do if I got some?

A: How about a topic that might educate other students... Explaining how sunburns and tanning booths can cause Melanoma. You get to learn and explain the biology of our skin. How the body protects against UV rays and how some cells become cancer cells.

What are some science fair projects that are easy and quick to do? by jadee.baee Q: What are some science fair projects that are easy and quick to do? um my science fair project is due todayy. ughh shud have started soonerr. but im all ears for you suggestions. thank you

A: my favorite one is that u can predict how many apple seeds will be in a certain type of apple. take 3 types of green and 3 types of red then average the totals together and guess how many seeds the 4th type of apple will have like green u could do Gayla Golden delicious and granny smith. and for red you could do red delicious Pink lady and the grocery store will have more. also you could explain y salt dissolves in water y oil does not mix with water, also an easy one explain diffusion take food coloring and 3 cups of water 1st place food coloring in water that is room temp. then boil water and see if it goes any faster. next chill water and see how long it takes for the color to disputes. the last one might be the easiest one to do just take some pics while it is disputing and u will b fine!

What our good science fair projects for High School Students? by Herman Q: What are good science fair projects that aren't necessarily simple in topic but are easy to do? But not a physics or engineering one?

A: These science fair sites can help with ideas, though don't count on "easy": http://www.sciencebuddies.org/ http://www.usc.edu/CSSF/Resources/GettingStarted.html http://www.all-science-fair-projects.com/category0.html http://www.ipl.org/div/projectguide/ http://school.discoveryeducation.com/sciencefaircentral/ http://www.picadome.fcps.net/lab/sci_fair/science_fair.htm http://www.scienceproject.com/ http://www.energyquest.ca.gov/projects/index.html http://www.freesciencefairproject.com/ http://www.hometrainingtools.com/articles/acat_science-projects.html

What are some good science fair projects for eight graders? by SJAL Q: If you could provide me with science fair topics that can lead one to city or even state finals I'd appreciate it. This is for my brother, and we are searching for science fair projects with the potential to go far. Thank you.

A: I can direct you to a site that has lots of ideas and they give grade levels so that you can look through and pick something that is appropriate. There are probably over 500 ideas. For example: The first topic is, Aerodynamics & Hydrodynamics Project Ideas and it lists 27 science fair projects for grade 6-8. There are also ideas for both the higher and lower grade levels. When you click on the first topic 'Aerodynamics & Hydrodynamics ' at the top of the page there is a scale using little squares that shows grade levels and icons for 'show easier ideas' or 'show harder ideas'. There's lots for you to browse through. http://www.sciencebuddies.org/science-fair-projects/project_ideas.shtml?From=Tab

Where can I find science fair projects for high school teens grades 11 and 12? by livin*it*to*the*X-TREME Q: If you have any ideas for science fair projects, by all means please don't hesitate in posting some ideas. This is my first real science fair project and i really want to do a great job in this!

A: Your public library should have several books about science and science projects.

What are some good science fair projects? by NCISgirl Q: I'm in 7th grade and I'm looking for a good science fair project for school. I mostly like hands-on projects and I don't really like projects that deal with like weather. I was really hoping for a project I could build a model of some sort for but I really just want a good project that I can go all out for. Thank You and can you please give me various choices!

A: See the best answer at the reference.

What are some good 7th grade science fair projects that have to do with earth science or physical science? by livin` ☮ lovin` ♥ laughin` ツ Q: I have to do a science fair project on a topic in our curriculum and this is earth science as in rocks and minerals, weathering and erosion, fossils, plate tectonics, earthquakes/ volcanoes. Also physical science as in waves, sound, light. I wanted to do my science fair project on something else but every suggested topic I find on the internet is about other things. So what are some interesting science fair projects in this curriculum? Thanks! =)

A: This may be a little involved for a person of your age, ask your science teacher if a project in archeology would be ok. If he/she approves, then how about doing a mock up of what the city walls of Troy, Mycenae, or Tyrnes. A buddy and myself did a couple of these in High School and got A's. It takes awhile to build it but man does it look great after you get the walls in place. Made out of clay, plaster of paris, and bathroom tile (1"x1" brown). Get the Book "March of Archeology in your school library. I believe it is the one that contains a drawing of the different levels of Troy and its walls, as the same with the other two. Warning. Once you get into this Troy thing you may be hooked for life. The more you find out about those old cities and legends the more there is to find out. In other words it may become a lifetime project if you let it. Best Wishes for your project.

What Are Some Good Science Fair Projects That Aren't Too Common? by Your Angelic Vampyre Q: Okay, So I'm In 6th Grade, In Advanced Science. And Since It's Advanced, It's Mandatory To Have A Science Fair Project.. It's Not Due Until Around November Or Sometime Like That, But I Don't Like Putting Things Off At Last Minute, And I Would Like To Take My Time On The Project, And Make It Ahhmazing Or Something. So To Give Me An Idea, What Are Some Good Science Projects, That Aren't Too Common? And In Advance, Thank Youuu.

A: I did a really neat project in my science class. I built a hydro-electric generator that powered a lightbulb. It may seem hard, but its actually quite easy and there are many blueprints online. As far as materials, you're looking at some strong magnets, some plastic spoons, some copper wire, one of those mini lightbulbs I'm sure your science teacher has, and a tap. This project not only amazes because you are actually generating electricity yourself, and is extremely easy. Good luck!

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