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Schwab website goes offline Tuesday afternoon - USA Today
The web site and mobile app for Charles Schwab & Co. went offline for more than an hour Tuesday because of a denial of service attack, according to the company. "Shortly before the stock market closed today, we experienced an exceptionally high volume ...

Emerging Market Flavors Taste Differently At Schwab, Vanguard, iShares
Look no further than the relative performance of VWO and the Schwab Emerging Markets Equity ETF (SCHE), the latter of which tracks a similar version of the FTSE Emerging Markets index. What's more, the performance of the iShares MSCI Emerging ...

A Guide to Scaling Social Innovation
For those who have been working in the field of social entrepreneurship for a decade or more, as we have at the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship, 2013 is starting to feel like a watershed year. Don't get me wrong: we still have enormous ...

Three Schwab Funds Recognized by Lipper for Best-in-Class Long-Term ...
For the fifth year in a row, the Schwab California Tax-Free Bond Fund (SWCAX) took top honors as Best Fund over 10 years out of 15 funds in the California Intermediate Municipal Debt Funds category. The Schwab Hedged Equity Fund (SWHEX) was named ...

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DennisKolz Schwab website goes offline Tuesday afternoon http://t.co/kgZ8YEzoEp

FrancisWalcot Schwab website goes offline Tuesday afternoon http://t.co/cTaAAkh4hB

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How do you choose among internet banks? by Sophra Q: I'm looking at INGDirect and Charles Schwab and am having a difficult time figuring out what I should be looking for in an account and what to avoid.

A: ING and HSBC are banks with long history in banking. ING is originally a German bank that expanded globally. It is like Bank of America in some European countries. HSBC is originally a British bank with a history in Europe, North Africa and some Asian countries. Both of them are very trustful banks. Charles Schwab is no where near those two giants. It is originally investing company more than a bank. I recommend ING cause their interest rates are pretty good. They pay 4%-5% on Savings and checking accounts.

How much to start a Roth IRA and how much monthly? by Rachel D Q: 50,000 income a year. Military with a tsp account that has 115 going into it monthly, a current balance of about 2800. Just turned 24 years old and am now looking to open a Roth IRA. Also should i go through Charles Schwab, or does anyone have any other recommendations?

A: I worked for the Fed too Open Roth IRA in Scottrade or Etrade, the fee is cheaper. But recently Schwab has trading free fee on the ETF. so it may a good option too. If you can, you could put maximum 5000 per year. so every pay period you could put 200. That's mean 25 pay period and you could stop the last pay period during Christmas time. That how I did it. You should put 15% of your pay toward TSP, you will not regret it later. As just for your information, I put 10% of my pay when I was 25, at 31 I put 15% of my pay. Right now, I am 37, My TSP is around 105,000.00. My Roth IRA is 22,000. My cash in the bank is 30,000.00. I am glad to put my retirement at early age. I think you are in the right direction.

where and how to purchase foreign stocks on the foreign exchange markets? Can I do it online? by JazzyBlu Q: I am specifically interested in developing market, especially China, India, and Brazil. (I PBR and APWR presently as stocks, but want to go direct in foreign markets) How about Scottrade or Schwab?

A: Etrade: https://us.etrade.com/e/t/investingandtrading/globaltrading Charles Schwabb: http://www.schwab.com/public/schwab/investment_products/stocks/global_investing?cmsid=P-981910&lvl1=investment_products&lvl2=stocks Interactive Brokers: http://individuals.interactivebrokers.com/en/main.php Noble Trading: http://www.nobletrading.com/worldwide.php

Does Charles Schwab charge you to withdraw money from your investment account? by m-cha Q: I'm looking at their pricing guide right now and under Account Activities there is something that says "Transfer (out) of assets: Full $50 per account, Partial $25 per account." Is that referring to like, say, withdrawing money from my Schwab account and putting it into my bank account, or is it referring to transferring them to another brokerage? Hopefully someone who uses Charles Schwab could answer. :)

A: I am a long time Schwab (and TD) Customer and I am not an employee of any brokerage firm. Transfer out assets means you do an institution to institution transfer of your assets (stock, bonds, Cash, money market, or other securties) from your schwab account to other brokerage accounts (e.g. from your schwab account to your TD Ameritrade account). To qualified to be charged by schwab, you need to fill out a "transfer of account" form ( people in the industry call it "TOA" form) to authorize the brokergae firm to request a direct transfer of asset from schwab to your account with their firm. This transfer will take about 2 to 4 weeks depending on the type of asset in the account. Such charge will also be incurred if you ask the counter broker to start a non-ACAT transfer which does not require a TOA form to be filled out. This type of transfer is usually referred as an express transfer service and will be completed in a few days. You can always make electronic money transfer (in or out) between your schwab account and your bank accounts (up to 6 different bank accounts, I think) without paying a penny thru schwab's "Money Link" service. Basically, the service links up your checking/savings bank accounts with your schwab brokerage account. You can use the transfer service page on schwab.com to do the transfer whenever you need to. The setup is free and it will take less than a week. You can just fillout the Money link form in your local schwab branch. In addition, you can always ask schwab to cut you a check from your account if you need. They can send it to you by mail or you can pick it up in any of their branches as long as you tell them which branch you are going to pick it up from when you make the check request. Usually it will take 24 hours for them to get the check ready and the service is free. If you need to rush it and need the check immediately, they will do it for a fee. When you set up account, You will be asked if you want to have the checking writing feature, which is called "schwab One check" . Basically, your cash is either receiving interest thru schwab bank interest or schwab money market rate depends on now much of cash you have. Either way, you can write check from the cash amount in your account. So, you can always write yourself a check from the schwab account and deposit that check to your bank. But since schwab's brokerage account checking feature is using the PNC bank in PA, your bank may treat your deposit as out of state deposit and will hold the check for 10 days before clearing (if you are not in PA)... So, you are recommended to do money link electronic transfer if you need the money in urgent. Money link cash transfer completes the same day if you make the transfer early in the day. If it's after the cutting time ( check with schwab, but I think it's 2:00pm ET), it will be done the next day. The charge you mentioned will only happen if you transfer your asset, cash, securities from schwab account to an acocunt with another brokerage firm. Hope this helps. :) Cheers, Sal

how long does it usually take for a Transfer agent to process a stock certificate? by Compooper Q: So i had this disney stock from the early 1900s in the form on a certificate. I went to a Broker branch (Schwab) and they took my certificates along with a copy of my birth certificate and told me that there will be a hold on the funds for a few days so i wont be able to sell. (they are set as non-negotiable) It's been three days and I still cannot sell the stocks! - how long does it usually take for a Transfer agent to process a stock certificate.

A: Routine transfer of the certificate you presented will take about three weeks depending on how Schwab requested process. Don't understand why you were told there would be a "hold on your funds" since you have not sold the stock as yet. The only time there is a hold of funds as in your case, if you sold the stock prior to sending it the the transfer agent. Actually Schwab can contract the agent to determine when they will free up the transfer so that you can sell it. Or have the agent deliver the stock to DTC, in book form for the account of Schwab. If you don't have a large quantity, nobody is going to push it for you. Sorry if yu don;t like my response but it's the real world

Can I take Schwab 401K to Vanguard or Fidelity IRA? then to Roth? by MsBiggum Q: I have a 401K with Schwab, but I do not like the fees associated with rolling it into a IRA. Can I take my 401K to Vanguard or Fidelity, and then roll it into a Roth IRA?

A: Assuming it is from a former employer (since you cannot move funds from current employer) you should do a direct trustee to trustee transfer. If they write a check to you instead, they would withhold 20% towards taxes and if you do not add the withheld amount back in from another source, the withholding would be taxed and penalized. Schwab will likely deduct $50 (not taxable) for transferring the account out of their system. You have to pay tax the year you convert an amount from IRA to Roth IRA. I cover that with a W-4 adjustment and specifically tell my broker not to withhold from the conversion, because any withholding from the conversion is subject to tax/penalty. There should be a special deal for anyone to do an IRA to Roth IRA conversion in 2010 and spread the tax over 2011 and 2012 (unless the current administration changes that).

Can I meet Reg T by transferring account from different Brokerage Firm? by fgalvan Q: Opened an account with Schwab with no money. Shorted $10,000 of a stock at $40 share, but didn't have any money to deposit, so I transferred another account from E trade that had stocks worth $1,000,000 and Debt of $650,000 into this Reg T Schwab account. Does that satisfy the Reg T Call?

A: Yes you can meet a REG T call by transferring securities and/or balances from one broker to another, BUT you may have a problem This is easiest way to explain this is, You have 1,000,000 in market value, the maximum loan value if 500,000, your debit exceeds the 500,000 since it is $650,000. (This is assuming all securities in the account are marginable and some are not restricted for margin purposes) You are at 35% equity which generates house calls at most member firms. You could have ETrade, transfer you SMA account to Schwab but not many firms want to accept a margin account that’s at 35% equity.

Whats a good online investing company to start with? by warriors Q: I am a 20 year old college student looking to get involved with mutual funds and maybe some stocks. I already have a roth ira and am looking for a good online investment company like Charles Schwab, Fidelity, and Ing Direct to start and play around. I am looking to investing a couple thousand for now since that is what I can afford. Any advice, pros and cons, and anything else you have to say would be appreciated. What is a good company to start with. We all have to start from somewhere.

A: Been happy with Schwab the last 12 years. Lots of good research available, access to many no-load and loaded funds (not all Schwab). And offices in many areas if you need to visit one. Good help desk if you have questions about the website or IRA question. Not full of poor english speaking foreigners, like other companies support staff.

Are Charles Schwab customer not allowed to short trade? by CasinoFan Q: Are Charles Schwab customer not allowed to short trade, which I hope means that you buy a stock and sell it a few days/weeks later at a higher price for a short term profit. I was thinking of doing this with my Schwab account but Im not sure if its allowed due to the economic uncertainty.

A: wow..by asking this question means you shouldnt be investing and i bet yer at least twice as old as i am..you can short any stock except whats on the list til the end of the month which is mainly financial stocks, how can you of not heard of the short band? its almost 300 stocks listed in there..all financials..if its a financial one..i dont know how it works with that..but anything else you can

What brokers have the best website and on-line service? by Blazer Q: We have accounts at Schwab and Fidelity. We find Schwab's website easy to use, but Fidelity's not so good. Thinking of moving from Fidelity, any recommendations for broker websites that are user-friendly / easy to use? We mostly invest in mutual funds, bonds and ETF's. We find Fidelity harder than Schwab for researching and buying mutual funds and bonds. Thanks.

A: I have three online brokerage accounts. I use fidelity, etrade and optionsxpress. If you are looking for advice before making trades, you may want to use Charles Schwab. Do not go for a full-line broker as trades and advice can cost you a fortune. If you are going to do your own research, any of these four online brokerages would work well. Although I have never used their site, TD Ameritrade is another example. Make sure you go to each site and compare fees and services before choosing. Good luck!

Should I go with the bank with the higher interest rate or better reputation? by Sophra Q: I want to open an interest-earning online checking account. I've heard nothing but good things about ING Direct but Charles Schwab is offering a higher interest rate. I'd like to hear from current customers about what you think of the banks' security, ease in transferring funds to and from your linked "regular" checking account, and customer service. Your advice is greatly appreciated! ING's interest rate is 3.5% and Charles Schwab is 4.25%.

A: Consider this.. What's the interest difference between the two online banks? ING = 3.50% APY Schwab = 4.25% APY Now lets say you have $10,000 average daily balance, so with ING you would earn $350, and with Schwab you would earn $425. Assuming you pay taxes at a nominal 28%, you would net $306 from Schwab and $252 from ING. A whopping $54 ! Both are well managed firms with little impact from subprime, and both have stellar reputations.But stil given that all these accounts are FDIC insured, I would not waste a second worrying about their financial stability. Good Luck ED PS. You might want to consider GMAC which has a 4.90%APY, where, after taxes, you would actually earn $353.. I have had accounts with GMAC for several years with absolutely no problems. Good Luck ED

Has service at Les Schwab Tires gone downhill? by Otto Q: I remember when Les Schwab used to be a good place to do business. Is it just me, or have they decided that the customer will always come back no matter how bad the service and treatment. I welcome comments on your experiences with any Les Schwab Tire Store.

A: Yeah I know! My grandmother and grandfather graduated from high school in Prineville with his kids, and we all knew him. He used to be a real strict manager; at the store in Prineville, if he walked by the window display and there was one little thing he didn't like, he made them take down everything and start over. And if a customer was dissatisfied, he dealt with it. Les was great at keeping the shops running efficiently. But once he passed away, the business seemed to go down hill. I went to the store in Woodburn in October to buy new tires because mine were old, had almost no tread, and some had leaks in them. I left my truck there and went to the coast. When I came back, the bright spark in charge said, "Hey, your tires are fine, they're just low on air." And I go, "No shit, Sherlock, that's because there's a leak in the tire!" And the guy goes, "Oh." So I found another guy in the store and he got me the tires I wanted, and put them on. Somebody needs to take over and get it back to the way it was when Mr. Schwab was alive.

What if Charles Schwab went bankrupt? by Nathan Gilbert Q: I have been buying mutual funds using Charles Schwab? If Schwab filed for bankruptcy -either chapter 11 reorganization or chapter 7 liquidation - what would be my exposure. One of the mutual funds that I own is a Schwab managed Index fund, but the rest are with mutual fund investment managers like Janus and Hennesey.

A: You wouldn't have any more exposure than you currently have to the market. Brokerages are required to keep investor funds separate from their own funds. Simple example - if you hold 100 shares of XYZ and Schwab goes belly up you still hold those 100 shares and could transfer them to another brokerage. The value of those 100 shares might go up or down depending on the market but you'd still own them. I don't know exactly how the Schwab-managed fund would be handled. It would probably either: A. Be liquidated at market value & you'd get market value in cash. B. Be taken over by another investment company to be managed and it would still retain its market value. You're also protected up to $500,000 in losses if somehow the company "steals" shares from you. Google SIPC insurance.

How to Open an Antique Schwab Safe? by Kevin Q: I have an old Schwab Safe. Its been in my house since before I moved in 10 yrs ago, and I'm trying to open it. I know the combination is 40-30-20-10 but I don't know how to turn the dial to make it work. Can anybody help me please. the old homeowner gave me the combination, but he passed away a few years ago and I have no way of opening the safe.

A: Most combination safes - commonly start the turning going to the right - so you turn your dial 2 full turns till you get to 40, then go left to 30 and right around to 20, and back left to 10. If that doesn't work - call a locksmith.

What penalties will I inquire cashing out a 401k for first home? by Shaun Stafford Q: I inherited a small 401k from my old man passing a few years ago. Its a charlws n schwab 401k. I already have a very good union pension and plan on cashingbthe 401k out for a downnpayment on my first house. The 401k currently holds around 36k. What kind of penalties will I be looking at when I cash it out for the down payment?

A: Charles Schwab does NOT have a 401K. They have an IRA - inherited IRA account. Goodness. Haven't you ever read the statement? You will pay taxes and a penalty on that money, as you well already know. Regular taxes, plus 10% penalty. The large distribution can knock you into a higher tax bracket - easily. The people at Schwab will tell you (after they stop cringing at the thought). Enjoy counting on a pension for your retirement. I would stay awake at night if I had to do this. A company can go belly up any minute. My grandpa worked for Eastern Airlines. He got nothing. And if you are counting on the goverment, even worse.

What is the best online broker to use when trading primarily from a blackberry? by tanner_sorensen Q: I am looking for an online broker (TD Ameritrade, Charles Schwab, ect.) which offers low prices which is easily used on a Blackberry. What would be my best bet?

A: Schwab s the way to go.

I need the number for les schwab road side assistance.? by douglas_davis12 Q: I am stuck in Tualaton Oregon and I need the number for Les Schwab road side assistance please. I can't find the number anywhere either. Unfortunately they closed 3 hours ago.

A: Having trouble finding a specific 'roadside assistance' number but here are 3 Les Schwab stores near your location (according to google). Looks like the Lake Grove store is closest to the town you mentioned. (edit: I've been searching high and low for this number and it's pretty clear that this company doesn't want you to contact them--for roadside or for anything else. I'm pretty dang good with google and I can't find it anywhere. I'm not saying anything, I'm just saying....I wish you the best of luck) Also, I see mention of a mobile fleet service on several locations' sites but never any number. Not even an email. If you know anyone that has AAA I believe they can call for any vehicle, in case that helps. Maybe you can get help from someone else? KING CITY (503) 968-2155 15348 SW Pacific Hwy Tigard, OR 97224-3520 LAKE GROVE (503) 636-6848 17171 Boones Ferry Rd Lake Oswego, OR 97035-5213 SHERWOOD (503) 925-0570 15905 SW Tultn-Shrwd Hwy SHERWOOD, OR 97140 Okay, I'm not going to waste much more of your time with this but I have found a couple of forums online that have stories of people thinking they had 'roadside assistance' when what they really had is 'road damage repair'. They seemed to have been led-on by whoever they bought their tires from. Could have easily been unique cases and I'm sure you know what level of service you have. I could only find mention of Fleet or Commercial roadside assistance on their website or on other sites. Again, best of luck and I hope you get unstuck. Just in case you need it (though it doesn't help you now) here is their corporate headquarters number: 541-447-4136 Maybe while you are waiting you can call and leave nice messages about how hard it is to get help from them.

I am looking into opening a Schwab Bank High Yield Investor Checking account and not sure of the downsides? by orlanka Q: http://www.schwab.com/public/schwab/banking_lending/checking Two downsides I can see are that you have to open a Schwab One® brokerage account and the only way you can get money into the account is by direct deposit, mailing in a check or transfering from you brokerage account. Not really that bad if you ask me (which I know you did not). So what are the other downsides?

A: I switched from a local bank to Schwab about 8 months ago. Your top concern was my top concern too, and so far it is working for me. I find I do very few deposits to an account, as my payroll goes direct. A few checks a month mailed in seemed like it might be a burden, but so far i am happy. Schab gives you all the pre-addresses and paid envelopes you want. I used to drive around with deposits till it was convenient to go to the bank. Now I just have to wait a few days for the deposits to go through. I don't use a lot of cash, but from time to time I want to draw $1000 in cash, and with Schwab you can't do that, or at least I haven't tried hard enough to find out how. I go the the ATM 2 days in a row, now, although that is a hastle and only being able to get 20's is a hastle, but I get over it once I see my statement and enjoy the interest and completely free ATM's anywhere. Your call, but I am happy. I do use the Schwab one account and have built up some Money market savings which gets even better interest than the checking account. And you can move it back and forth no cost!

Quickest to wire funds or overnight check from schwab? by Karl Madsen Q: I started to transfer accounts for goldman to schwab two months ago. I'm supposed to get my funds this coming week. Depending on when the transfer is completed it will either be 1 day before, the day of or after I need them. I've been expecting these funds to be in my hands every week for 2 months now I'm fairly sure it will happen, but it could be too late. I need my money basically instantly or else I will have to go into some unfortunate debt. Once again which way is quicker, or do I have another option

A: A bank wire from an American transaction is usually available the same day, if it is completed before 2pm Eastern time, otherwise the funds will be in your bank account the next day. It has always been my understanding that wire transfers once received by your bank are funds that were available immediately, while even an overnighted cashiers check (or now often called an official check) may have a hold on it. However, some instructions I found on Interactive Brokers site seem to contradict this theory. Go to your bank and ask what their policy is. You may also ask the bank for their withdrawal policy on electronic funds transfer (EFT), which are instanteneous and are free vs. an about $30 wire transfer fee. http://www.interactivebrokers.com/en/p.php?f=funding

Am I dumb to use Charles Schwab as my online broker? by Swing trader Q: Commission per trade is like freaking 13 bucks minimum, sometimes 16 if you buy a lot.... See, the only reason I chose Schwab in the first place is because it's supposedly reliable. But everyone seems to be just fine with scottrade or what not....what's ur opinion?

A: Charles Schwab is great for the new trader or the experianced trader looking for fundemental research.... New traders save $100's of dollars just because they can ask someone a question.... 24 hours a day... before they make a typical newbie mistake. Scottrade is fine for the average trader with more than 3 years experiance. Not much in tools. Although some of their technical analysis is better than some. Nothing outstanding.... just simple pricing. I've used both. For a new trader... I'd suggest Charles Schwab.... hands down. I currently use; ThinkOrSwim Interactive Brokers GFT

How do i sue les schwab tires? by pimpofda century Q: How do i sue les schwab tires? i bought a tire for my semi truck. 2 days later the tire poped and made major damage to my rig, also i had to stop the vehicle because of safety concerns i couldent work without it. three weeks later after fileing a clame with them they let me no that they looked at the tire and that they were not paying for any damages because ther was not enough of the tire to say it was there fault. need a lawyer help please!

A: soooo... get a lawyer... Don't you ever see those "been hurt in a car accident?" commercials?

Studded snow tire Lawsuit at Les Schwab about 10 years ago? by Mrs. Lucky Q: There was a lawsuit against Les Schwab Tires about 10 years ago in Washington state because they put 2 studded snow tires on a front wheel drive vehicle. The driver of the vehicle signed a waiver for liability, and unfortunately was in an accident. Although the driver signed a waiver, the person in the other vehicle involved in the accident sued Les Schwab and won a multi million dollar lawsuit, which is why you can't get 2 studded snow tires put on a vehicle anymore. Does anyone know where I can find the article about this???

A: It is the recommendation of all tire manufacturers and the Rubber Manufacturers Association that winter tires only be applied as matched sets of four. The only exception is if winter tires are applied to the rear axle of a RWD vehicle but even then 4 matched tires is recommended. Those have been the recommendations for many years. I'm not familiar with the details of the alleged lawsuit mentioned above but just within the last few weeks Michelin Tire Co. lost a $35-million lawsuit because a tire store (not even a Michelin dealer so far as I could tell) installed 2 new tires on a FWD car (Mitsu 3000GT) and placed them on the FRONT axle. During a light rain storm the rear axle lost traction, the vehicle spun and in the resulting accident a passenger was seriously and permanently injured. It has been standard industry policy for a number of years that when only 2 tires are being replaced they be installed on the rear axle precisely to prevent this sort of thing. Even though Michelin has a 3-minute video explaining why on their web site http://www.michelinman.com/tire-care/tire-saving-tips/replacement-questions/#install-tires the tire store claimed Michelin never trained them properly and Michelin has deeper pockets so.... If the specifics regarding this Les Schwab lawsuit are essentially correct the reason they would have lost would likely be for not following standard industry guidelines in the proper application of tires on a vehicle. By having the customer sign a waiver Les Schwab essentially admitted they were doing something that was potentially unsafe but did it anyway. No waiver can protect you from that level of intentional incompetence.

Does Schwab look at my credit score when opening an account? by Average Joe Q: A few years ago I tried to open a Schwab account and was denied. I found out a few days later that my bank had me in chexsystems for being overdrawn. Is that what got me denied with Schwab? Or was it my credit score? This was a Schwab Brokerage/Checking Account. Would I be able to open one up now since I'm not in chexsystems anymore? Thanks.

A: Yes, I'm fairly sure they do. I had a friend with a 401 ...and at one point they allowed participants to transfer some portion of funds to trading/brokerage status ( individual stocks and ETF's besides the " listed mutual funds" )......but this friend was denied that option because of some other financial matters/ problems. ... try on- line apps to Scottrade, Fidelity, or Vanguard.....???

How would you rate the following discount brokers: Vanguard, Fidelity, Schwab? by in4thelongterm Q: I'm also interested in learning if you've used a full service broker and then changed to a discount broker, and the primary reason why you made the change. I'm considering making a change to Fidelity or Vanguard or Schwab and appreciate any insight existing customers can give.

A: It very much depends on what you want. If all you plan to do, is trade listed US stocks, the best and cheapest broker is probably Brown & Co. For more diversified investing, Fidelity and Schwab are a close tie. Both have an amazing selection of no-fee mutual funds, if you are interested, and both are well-equipped to service high-volume traders. I personally chose Schwab because of their efficient and fast funds transfer system (linked to your bank account) and the fact that they have many services normally offered by banks. If you want to go all-out and trade on multiple continents and exchanges, call TD Waterhouse. They have discount brokerages in at least 5 countries and, if you have a reasonable amount of money to invest, they can help you out. This way, you can trade stocks not even available in the US. They are also a full-service bank and will work with you if you want more, than just brokerage services.

Opening a Schwab checking account.. will they do a hard pull on my credit? by The Great Poomba Q: I wanted to open a Schwab checking account since they give such good interest rates on it but I I wanted to know if they will do a hard pull on my credit report even though I already have a brokerage account through them. If they do, how much will this affect my credit score? Thanks!

A: I don't believe so. They would have to get your signature to do a "hard pull" or full credit report. So, you would be aware if they were doing so.

What happens if Schwab goes belly up? by Brettson Q: If I decide to put all my investments ie Vanguard, Janus etc. under Schwab or the like, and Scwab goes like Enron do i lose them all? Or do I still own my stuff. Is it best to do this? Thanks.

A: Those funds are each held by different companies. Your investment is quite safe. SIPC (Security Investor Protection Corp) insures against broker account failure. So, INVEST!

Is it better to fund the IRA's, or keep the money in Charles Schwab? by Old Gamer 56 Q: I'm 60. My wife and I both have IRA's. I have been operating with the assumption for several years, that it was best to take my money out of Schwab (where it's invested kind of vanilla conservative) and fund these 2 IRA's to the max, $6000 each annually. My wife is thinking that it might be better to leave the money in Schwab. Return on the IRA's was very meager. I'm probably not supplying enough info, but I was hoping someone might be able to point me in the right direction. Thank you.

A: You can invest money in an IRA account in nearly any kind of investment. I don't see why you can't invest the money in your IRA account in the same investments you have made in your Schwab account. Perhaps you have an IRA with a bank and you can only invest in CDs? If that is the case, then move your IRA account to Schwab!

What other investment portfolios are similar to Schwab's MarketTrack All Equity? by Ashley E Q: I started with $100 and it was split: Schwab Inst Select S+P 500 43.12% Schwab International Indx Sel 29.74% Schwab Small Cap Indx Sel 25.97% United States Treas Bills 0.01% 0.14% Charles Schwab didn't work out and I want to move to another broker who can offer the same aggressive portfolio for as little as $100.

A: No broker is going to be interested in you & your 100 bucks. Anything under their minimum's of $2500, or $3000 is a money loser for them. Put your $100 in a savings account down at the bank. Then add another $100 every month for 10 months. Then buy Vanguard's Star fund VGSTX. It is a balance fund, with a $1,000 minimum.

will les schwab honor warranty for optima without original receipt? by Scott Q: I have a red top optima that is less than 3 years old that I bought at les schwab. I don't have the receipt and I saw on optima's website that they require an original receipt to confirm the original purchase date, but les schwab should have that on there records right? Also, I bought it on a les schwab account.

Les Schwab is going to charge me 330 bucks for new front brakes and a new rotor!!? by calhoun_mooney Q: I had my left front bearing replaced at les schwab and when I called to see if it was done they said I needed 2 new front brakes and a new rotor. I drive a 95 honda accord and it would be an additional 330 dollars for that, making my total $609! Does that seem reasonable??? I told them I would call on friday with a decision about my brakes. What should I do? Take it somewhere else?

A: that's a little high for just front pads and one new rotor,but compared to some shops that would be cheap,its up to you on it,but you may not find a cheaper price on it,that may be the best deal you,ll get on it for now,good luck.

how do I download trade proceed and cost data from charles schwab to turbotax? by Fredric MD boy Q: autodownload only gives sale data not date of purchase and cost. I can see all data in charles schwab on line but can't figure out how to get it electronically to turbo tax

A: I certainly can understand your frustration. I had a similar problem with Scottrade last year. You need to contact either the tax department or accounting department of Charles Schwab. You need to find out whether the software they use to generate Schedule D information has a "bridge" into Turbotax. If they do, they will direct you through their utility menu to download it. If they do not have a bridge, dont fret. It is not a problem. Just ask them to print what they have - Proceeds first, Cost second, Gain or Loss third on a spreadsheet. Then just attach the spreadsheets to the back of the return. On Schedule D on the first line for short-term and the first line of long-term indicate "Schedules Attached" - make sure though that the total of your proceeds match the 1099-B.

Can you make deposits into a Schwab Checking Account at a Schwab Branch or only by mail? by shifty101easy Q: I want to start using my schwab checking account more often but want to know if I can just go make deposits at my local brokerage branch or if its only possible to mail your checks away to make deposits? It would be annoying to have to wait until they received the checks in the mail and credited my account to be able to use the money...So I just want to know if its possible to bypass that since a new schwab place opened up near me.

A: Schwab offers money link. Easy to transfer money back and forth. Look for the tab that says transfers. Money link will allow you to transfer money from your checking directly to your account and in reverse. No fee for this service. Your local bank treats it as a regular transaction so you wont get feed by them either. /

What will happen to my dad's charles schwab account? by Jezza Q: So my dad passed away about a week ago and I'm trying to tie all of the loose ends that i can. I found a letter that said he opened a brokerage account with charles schwab in 2009, and I just called them and they did nothing for me. They basically said there is nothing to claim, and they wouldnt tell me anything about the account. WTF?

A: You didn't submit the correct documents (death certificate, letters of probate, etc...) to them proving that he died or that you had the right to even ask any questions about the account. However, it seems like they were trying to be nice to you so you didnt waste your time. Just because he opened an account, it does not mean he ever put funds (money) into it. He also could have used the account and then closed it. By saying "there's nothing to claim" it sounds like they were trying to tell you that theres no point in sending the documents because the account he had is currently empty (no money in it).

I am thinking about investing in Charles schwabs index funds? by Dave Q: The reason I am picking them over vanguard currently is because the the minimum you have to have and with vanguard it's $3000 and with schwab its $100. I wanted to start of investing $250. I was just wondering if they are good and also which funds to invest in and how much percent to each. Because I know diversification is very important.

If Schwab will no longer give me a managed account at under $50K, what are my options? by Old Gamer 56 Q: I'm 60. I have a couple ot accounts at Schwab. I was just told that the account I usually draw money from was about to drop below $50K, and that I would no longer be able to have a managed account if that happened. I always liked knowing that the investing was being handled by experts. What are my options? I realize that this is a pretty broad question. I was just hoping to get pointed in the right direction. Thank you.

A: Option- manage it yourself. Most people do this anyway.

Does Charles Schwab hire employees with a DUI felony? by Njbrown113 Q: I have a job interview with Charles Schwab as a Stock Broker, curious if anybody has worked there with a felony (DUI while in college)? It has been dropped to a misdemeanor, but was wondering if that would stop the hiring process.

A: A felony will prevent you from getting registered, but a misdemeanor will not. I don't know Schwab's policies, but a misdemeanor traffic charge will not prevent you from getting registered.

If I buy no-load funds from Schwab online for my Roth IRA, do I have to pay anything on the back end? by aaronbarr123 Q: I'm thinking of dumping my Edward Jones broker and going with a Schwab online no-load fund. I'd prefer to do the research myself and I think the amount of time my broker has ever spent on me is very minimal. Is it tough to transfer the money from my Roth IRA (managed by Ed Jones) to Schwab? Any other words of advice would be helpful.

A: Most online brokers make it very easy to transfer funds. Gather your Edward Jones papers together, call Schwab, and ask for an IRA rep. It's pretty simple. If you have specific funds in mind, ask your questions then. Ignore the answer about the 'maturity date' of your IRA. Unless you have a CD in your IRA (not a good investment), there's no penalty for direct transfers between funds.

Can I make a deposit in my Charles Schwab invest/stock account then just transfer it into my Schwab Checking? by shifty101easy Q: I have a Schwab nearby me but you can't do banking transactions there, its only investment stuff. I want a way to deposit money without having to mail checks/money orders, direct deposit (which my work wont do) or transferring from another bank...Is this possible to do? If you have actually done this, is it just like making a deposit in a bank account or more complicated and not worth the hassle?

A: You can do this, it doesn't trigger a trade if you move from CASH (called "deposit accounts" on your statement), not money markets, in your CS investment account to your CS bank account. The accounts are tied together so you can move money from one to the other online. I've done this, but I didn't want my accounts tied so no one "finding" one of my CS checks couldn't also access my investment account. The "linking" is automatic, so I had to call and tell them to unlink. You want linking, which is the default. One reason I did this was that CS Bank was listed as one of the 5 best (strongest) banks in the US last Fall when the whole economy was falling apart.

If Charles Schwab is now giving out commission-free ETF trades, then how do they make money? by Lois Griffin Q: Seems like investors can just take advantage of their commission-free ETF trades.... and not ever have to buy a single stock. So how does Schwab make money off their customers? There are plenty of well-diviersified ETFs out there.... what incentive would there be for someone to make an investment that would require commissions?

A: I'm with "Jerry" Schwab DOES NOT make money from their customers from such transactions. The one of the primary reason any firm will not charge commissions on an agency trade is "order flow". Scwab, like most firms, probably does not receive compensation but they do receive benefits from providing the floor or other brokers with order flows, the issuer may repay Schwab with orders or advertising materials. this is very common on the street, my floor people generated income from services we provided to fund companies as well as other b/d's Commission is not and should not be the primary incentive in making certain investments. I-75 – No firm is permitted to loan out fully paid for customer securities without a loan consent from that customer, doing so violates SEC rules also, according to the same SEC, no firm can benefit from customer's free credit balances. “Go with the flow” is totally off the wall. And even “CB” is taking a wild guess which does not relate to the real world of securities trading and or, clearing.

Can i deposit checks to my Schwab One Account at a Schwab office? by James R Q: I need to deposit money in to my Charles Schwab One Account. Can i take the check to the Schwab Branch location or do i have to mail it?

A: Yes. You can.

Who is the guy on the schwab commerical trying to fool when he says the market is going up and down? by Fritter Q: From what I see, its mainly going down and right now is not a good time to invest in stock IMO. Does anyone here plan on doing business with schwab in this economic recession?

A: There is no point in buying now. The buy-low argument fools some people, but why buy low when you can wait and buy still lower?

Would it be horrible to get just brake pads when Les Schwab suggests I also get new rotors? by turbointhailand Q: Les Schwab suggests I get new brake pads and rotors rather than sanding them down, I am a student and for the time being to allow my self to have stopping power, would it be terrible to just opt for the pads, i think the rotors are fine, they just want $$$... So would pads at least help? or what would be the consequences in doing such?

A: If the rotors really are damaged, then your brake pads wont last as long. But you will definitely notice an improvement by replacing the pads.

Charles Schwab brokers - How much is the starting salary? by Jennifer Anthony Q: A resume client I am working with is curious about working for Charles Schwab by joining the broker training program. What can one expect to earn (in salary) once they are licensed and out of the training program?

A: Probably not more than about $ 40,000 since they do not get commissions.

How much more expensive is it to trade at Fidelity than at Schwab? by HomeSweetSiliconValley Q: For folks who have used both: How do Schwab and Fidelity compare on transaction and advise fees? What about service - how do they compare?

A: I've been happy with Fidelity for years. I disagree with the answer that said you needed 60 stocks to be diversified. You can't know what you need to know about each company if you have more than a dozen. I've abandoned regular mutual funds in favor of index funds. Over time, MOST mutual funds will underperform a broad index fund. I also own about ten individual stocks. One, Goldman Sachs, has gone up over 30% since I bought it earlier this year.

How to return the unopened snow chain at les schwab? by Chokka L Q: Hi, I bought a snow chain at les schwab tire store. When I bought it, the lady @ the counter told, I can return the item only in April 2009, even it's unopened. I feel this is atrocious. Is there a way to return it before April 2009. The thing is I dont need them anymore. I didnt even open the pack. I couldn't understand why they make all this hassles to return something which is unopened.

A: turn it in whan u can

What are some competitors of Charles Schwab financial? by wi_guy Q: I'm looking for a good place to put money away in CDs or Money Market Funds. Schwab has been recommended to me by many because they have a really great website that makes it easy to transfer money around. What are some other good companies? I want to make the best decision in order to save up to purchase a house when the market comes back down in a few years. Thanks!

A: Try www.etrade.com, I like them. There's also Ameritrade and ING if you want CD's. You should definitely save up, and buying a house is a great idea. However, I wouldn't count on the market coming back down much. It seems like real estate is always going up. But saving while you're looking is a great idea and I applaud you.

Calculating capital gain on sale of Schwab bond funds? by Born in Bost Q: I do my elderly mother in laws taxes each year. She barely makes enough to require a return. This year, I discovered that she sold about $60,000 in Schwab bond funds that she purchased 5 yrs ago. I don't think the gains are enough to impose taxes, but I have to file a return. Question: exactly how do I calcuate her basis in these funds? All dividends have been reinvested each year. Thanks.

A: Hopefully, Schwab can give you the average cost basis, which makes it easy. Just multiply the average cost per share by the number of shares redeemed. If she bought the bond fund shares five years ago, she may well have a gain but bond funds don't tend to be as volatile as some stock funds so the tax (if any) should be relatively small. You are right that the redemption must be reported on Sch. D.

How can I learn more about a penny stock I have in my schwab account? by Taylor J Q: I am somewhat of a novice investor, but I purchased a penny stock and I'm trying to understand why yahoo! will only show 5 days of trading history when I have clearly owned the stock for 5 weeks. Google won't even recognize the ticker symbol, and schwab shows limited history as well. I tried asking this once and it got deleted, someone please help!

A: Penny stocks, or pink sheet stocks, are so thinly traded, that they are not tracked by schwab, thestreet.com, bloomberg, etc. so you can't get the information as readily as you can larger, more established companies. You can call Schwab and ask your broker for an update. You can also go on the company website and see if there is any investor information. Before you buy a stock, you should look at the financials of the company. If you do not have that information, ask the company for it. Tell them you are an investor, and you want the company financials, quarterlies, updates,etc.-to be added to their mailing list. On some company websites, you can actually sign up to receive investor information by email. If it is a very new, small company, that may not be available to you via email. Good luck! Hope you have a winner. Those penny stocks are very difficult-- it's not like buying Google- where you can find everything at your fingertips!

How late in the day can you trade mutual funds at Schwab? by Born in Bost Q: My 401K account is at Schwab. When I rebalance (mostly selling stock funds to buy bond funds these days) I prefer to wait until almost 4:00. Reason: a few times I've traded early in the day, and been stung by a big sell-off. Can I wait until literally 3:59 before pushing the button on a sale and expecting it to be executed that day?

A: I would ask Schwab about this. Many stock trades are executed immediately. Mutual funds are traded at the day's closing price, so even if you put in your order early in the day, it's not going to be executed until after the markets close.

What would be a reason to open a Charles Schwab account instead of a Vanguard account? by Marcello Q: My parents swear by Schwab but when I asked them why those chose Schwab over something like Vanguard (which has lower costing funds available) the best they could tell me was that they had other services with Schwab. So I am wondering, strictly from an investing point of view (if I want to buy just the indexes) is there any reason to choose Schwab over Vanguard?

A: If all you want is an index fund, go with the fund that has the lowest operating expense. If you want a financial advisory firm that can offer you some advice and other 'packaged' services all under one roof, then go with someone like Charles Schwab. BTW, Vanguard's index fund has .15% expense ratio, Fidelity's S&P has an expense ratio of only .09%. I hope that helps.

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