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School shootings

Deadly school shootings in the last 50 years
Deadly school shootings in the last 50 years. School mass shootings throughout U.S. history. The U.S. is no stranger to school shooting incidents. The most recent took place in an elementary school in Newton, Conn., where more than 20 people were killed.

Shootings in Newtown, Conn.
Rajarshi Roy, left, Meggin Rose and her son, Sam Rose Davidoff, 11, attend a candlelight vigil in Takoma Park to honor the victims of the Newtown, Conn., school massacre. Sarah L. Voisin / The Washington Post. Related Content. Partha Roy, 13, left and ...

Coverage of the Connecticut School Shooting
First video outside Sandy Hook Elementary School on Friday morning from The Newtown Bee, the small town's community newspaper since 1877. On Friday night, hundreds of people turned out for prayer vigils and services in Newtown, Conn. and across the ...

Dozens Killed in Conn. School Shooting
Dr. John Walkup, director of child and adolescent psychiatry at New York Presbyterian Hospital, discusses how children may be dealing with traumatic events such as the school shooting in Connecticut. Photo: AP. David Cullen, author of the book ...

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ToniaWilliams5 RT @RoushBr: There were 16 school shootings from 1927-1989 leading to the Gun free school zones act of 1990. Since, there have been 106 school shootings.

KeansMom RT @MMFlint: Too soon to speak out about a gun-crazy nation? No, too late. At least THIRTY-ONE school shootings since Columbine.

ArmandoPlatos Roger Ebert on the media's coverage of school shootings http://t.co/bvPkx3MA

curvedyelofruit I do not envy the medical examiner involved in the school shootings. Peace to him -- some how.

grimacia Why do we still allow people to buy machine guns in this country? Whose life has ever been saved by this? http://t.co/TKIAsja8

aw_bell RT @MMFlint: Too soon to speak out about a gun-crazy nation? No, too late. At least THIRTY-ONE school shootings since Columbine.

taylorleigh611 Seriously why isn't the government ever prepared for school shootings? #ijustdontgetpeople

Umm_Sulaim To all children. http://t.co/eOrBxyuC

CFredrikHolm RT @rob_swire: If you actually think that teachers carrying guns is the way to prevent school shootings, you are beyond help. Please never have children.

justin_yang Crazy how the media messed up so many details on the #newton shootings. The shooter's mother wasn't even a teacher at the school.

septomin @Prismatic seriously? "Your top stories about iPhone, Gun Control, and School Shootings and Violence"

itismedesu 10 ways to put brakes on school shootings (via @cnn) http://t.co/xpQIsQpt

SireOfSeth RT @bonafidechicken: One guy tries to use a shoe bomb = Everyone at the airport takes their shoes off. 31 school shootings since Columbine = no changes.

HowardGaskin RT @picardonhealth: Why does America allow the gun carnage to continue? http://t.co/sapQOehR via @nytimes @IrfanDhalla #guncontrol

livehereforever RT @JosephMorgan: Deepest sympathies to the families affected by the Connecticut shooting. Over 31 school shootings since Columbine. This needs to stop now.


what are the procedures for a school lockdown for a substitute teacher teaching a class ? by Kayla Q: I am a substitute teacher and I have seen on tv with all these school shootings I am in tennessee and wanting to know the procedures of a lockdown if I am teaching that day when they have a lockdown or a real emergency occurs

A: during a lock down, a teacher is responsible for a number of things that vary depending on the type of emergency. if an event were to occur near the school i believe it's called a "yellow lock-down" meaning lock your classroom door and do not let any student leave the classroom. then continue teaching. if a "red lock-down" were to occur, it means there is a danger in the school. lock your classroom door, turn off/dim the lights, and move the students away from the door.(or if there is a window on the door, out of view). do not let any student leave the room, and stop teaching. if you have any specific questions speak to the principle/dean or any other school official.

What kind of leniency do feminists want for this woman that shot up a school? by LB Q: A female biology professor went on a shooting spree at the University of Alabama. It's odd, since school shootings usually involve a student shooter. It's also odd because the shooters are usually male. Not this time. So, how long until feminists start making excuses for her, claiming she was lashing out at the "patriarchy" or claim that she must've been "abused" by a man, or some other way to scapegoat men? And then how many feminists hope she gets a slap on the wrist when sentenced? Story below: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/us_ala_university_shooting;_ylt=AulCXeFcR9v1EB8BaeBQO3KROrgF;_ylu=X3oDMTNmdmxkZmJzBGFzc2V0A2FwLzIwMTAwMjEzL3VzX2FsYV91bml2ZXJzaXR5X3Nob290aW5nBGNjb2RlA21vc3Rwb3B1bGFyBGNwb3MDMgRwb3MDMgRzZWMDeW5fdG9wX3N0b3JpZXMEc2xrA3Byb2ZpbmN1c3RvZA--

A: "Amy Bishop, a Harvard University-trained neuroscientist, was reportedly upset over being denied tenure." http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/35372168/ns/us_news-crime_and_courts/ Perhaps she was just trying to shoot her way through the glass ceiling? Given the continued popularity of the Society for Cutting Up Men http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SCUM_Manifesto I would like to hear the feminist perspective on this tactic. Should we be concerned that Hariet Harman is going to shoot up the UK government's department of statistics for contradicting her over the gender wage gap? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1225360/Humiliation-Harriet-Harman-statisticians-dismiss-claims-equal-pay.html

Why are so many ruthless school killings commited by Whites? by King Reality Q: I am black, and in the black community there are lots of murders. usually due to drugs,gangs. why are so many ruthless murders commited by whites that appear to have everything going for them. this is not a racial comment, im just trying to figure out why and how do this occur especially at Yale. from serial killings to mass school shootings what could be so bad in a country that is powered by whites. please do not assume that im racist, because im not. im just asking a question. thats all.

A: I noticed how others decided to go with college shootings only because they could blame that one incident on the Asian guy, but clearly the question stated school, plenty of them in high school and yes they are are white, which leads the pack in serial killers and child molestors. Personally, I rather be robbed that have my child killed in school or molested. And although they mourn and weep at 9/11 memorial every year, they do give the same recognition to the Oklahoma bombing done by white males that killed so many Americans and children (babies), as they had a day care center in that building. Notice they don't remember, weep or moan for those people which was a high death count than 9/11. Twisted, demented mind syndrome perhaps Snowie- I don't think so as US has yet to effectively defeat an Asian country, USA victims are based on bullying tactic and beating the same people over and over and calling themselves the home of the brave. They only won Japan because they dropped nuclear bombs and they dropped them because they were losing. Korean and Vietnam was not victourious neither. And I don't think shooting sprees of high schoolers and college students is a brave act. It is cowardly and nothing is more vicious and dangerous than a coward which is why these cases are mass murders, a cowardly act indeed.

What should I do if there is a school shooting on my campus? by -:-vInTaGe PaSsIon-:- Q: I know this may sound paranoid, but I go to a college where there are a lot of gangs, violence, etc. I noticed there have been many school shootings everywhere in the past year, and I'm becoming worried. How can I protect myself and not get injured if someone opens fire in my school? Thank you!

A: There are things that can be done before the school shooting to make sure you are at less risk. For example, when entering any classroom, look out the window ... in an emergency, like fire, school shooting, etc. could you get out of the building via the window? If there is no balcony, no fire escape, if the ground is a goodly distance down, is there anything in the room which could be used to fashion a secure rope to climb down? Is there furniture near the door that could easily be moved, to block the door to prevent shooter from getting in? Do an inspection of every room you frequently are in, so you know what to do in an emergency. This is like when you get on public transportation. In the event of an emergency, you know in advance where the emergency exits are. Same deal at home ... you should always know about 2-3 different ways out. If there is a fire in the hallway so you can't go out the front door ... can you get out a window ... do you have something handy to break the window if you in a hurry? There's things that make sense when the shooting is in progress, and there's things that sometimes other students and faculty do in a panic to put you at greater risk. You need to ask the Principal of the school about this subject, to make sure that whatever you are doing is not in violation of some silly rule, that can get you in trouble. For example, are students allowed to have cell phones with them in class. They would be turned off normally, so you don't get someone calling you when you are in class, but you can turn them on to call 911 in an emergency. Also ask the Principal if the school can offer a class on first aid, so that if there is a school shooting, classmates don't die because no one around them knows what to do. Is there Campus Security? Visit them and ask what they are doing about the gangs, and ask them the same question you asked here.

Theres these two kids at my school who are obsessed with death? by That Guy Q: There are these 2 kids, one is 13, one is 14, and they are obsessed with death, massacres, school shootings, murders, violent games, violent movies and violent books. They watch graphic videos. They often research these things on the library computers at lunch. Isn't this a little scary?

A: Sounds like those kids need therapy... Please I advise you to stay away from them and keep all the ones you love away from them or the whole world will become a swirling torrent of depression pain and misery. Hope I helped -Dehlilah :)

What do you think about public school officials being able to carry guns in school? by . Q: "Harrold Independent School District (State of Texas) approved a district policy change last October so employees can carry concealed firearms to deter and protect against school shootings." I say it's about time. What say you?

A: I carried guns, in the military and as a police officer. I've come to believe that everyone who wants a weapon should be allowed to have one for their defense against criminals. I also be live that all criminals convicted as such should be issued a weapons and sent to the rock. There they can kill each other. Last one standing should be shot or allowed to try to escape and shot. Then round them up and start over again, promoting a society that is criminal free.

Can we treat the recent school mass murders as a terrorist attack and do something about it? by Birthday Persinowitz! Q: Is there really any difference between the school shootings and a terrorist attack?

A: The first thing I'd do is to ban guns on campus. The second thing I'd do is ban students who own guns. I don't know if it would be constitutional but guns don't have a place in school, 2nd amendment or not. btw, don't tell the NRA about this, they'll arm all the students!

How come its only when a situation like Phoebe Prince happens that school official care? by Bo Q: In most cases of suicide or school shootings. the students were been bullied, the teachers did nothing to stop it.

A: It's a lot of things, but what it boils down to are: --Trust. A lot of the students who get bullied the worst are already painfully shy if not downright isolated from human contact as it is. In a big public school system that forces students to *work* to get any adult's attention at all, the people who act out and act stupid are *much MUCH* more likely to get an earful from officials than some shy, quiet person in the corner crying, sad to say. This can really lead to a student believing that nobody, peer or adult, that nobody in the world has their back on any issue at all. --After that, a lot of it is that teachers and principals would *much rather* listen to the adults in the situation: parents, PTA groups, and everyone's *Lawyers*. That's the thing you see. Nobody can actually be called out on it and called a "bully" any more, because parents will get upset and raise a stink and sue: "Nah, mah Johnny isn't a sociopathetic psychopath, naw, he just needs more Ritalin, it'll calm his nerves **hic**...." Really, if only parents would BE responsible and BE parents, and admit it when their spawn is violent and cruel, and do something responsible about it....maybe it wouldn't fall into the hands of public school officials to punish kids with one hand legally tied behind their backs. Paddlings did in fact serve a purpose once. They let teachers, at their discretion, make the BS stop. --Then there's the elephant in the living room: that these are public schools, and that they are often in middle-class to poor neighborhoods so *Funding* things is a struggle if not a matter of utter desperation. It's not easy to stop a bullying situation, or to even pay attention to one, if your school has problems, serious problems, affording books, and desks, and pencils. Likewise if the teachers aren't paid well, or aren't trained to be competent in the slightest, it really does contribute to the problem, as the recent YouTube video of a teacher physically attacking a student in Houston, Texas demonstrates. But nah, we can't actually be bothered to spend our precious pittance--our pennies on the tax dollar--on "other people's children", a codeword mostly white suburbanites use to lump children of color and poor people's "white trash kids" together in the same lump of lumpness. We can't be bothered to actually put our money where our mouths are and *FUND* public schools fully and HAVE competent teachers with strict codes of conduct. It's sad and hypocritical is what it is. But yeah. Do something about the bullies, actually, in a school with full funding and competent, *well-paid* personnel who actually *listen* to all the kids, not just the loudest miscreants, and yeah...things like this don't happen. Or at least they get taken care of well before death happens. Just my plug nickel. Not that anyone takes nickels lately, but hey...

How do you get your school system to take gun violence more serious by resolving school conflicts? by sherri Q: It seems like this has become a serious issue with no ends and seems to get worse over the years according to all the school shootings that have taken place. I think they should have more security , but I dout that will ever happen in the near future.

A: I think schools do take gun violence seriously. But I don't know that its primarily their responsibility to "control" these children who bring guns to school. Where is the responsibility of the parent?? Why would a child believe it was okay to bring a weapon to school? Not because of anything the school taught them.

I have to create a lesson plan around crime and weapons in school, I needhelp? by Kelly Q: I am in the education program at school and need ideas on lesson plans. I wanted to use the weapons in school topioc to get into school shootings. I would like to show a video clip and am having trouble finding a good one. Can anyone (present or past teachers perferably) think of some ideas to incorporate into my lesson plan?

A: Talking about weapons and school shootings as a teacher could promote such a thing. I don't know if that is a good idea. Also what videos are not biased when it comes to gun control and school shootings? There are videos that promote self-defense and the carrying of arms at school to prevent school shootings and there are emotionally charged videos that blame inanimate objects for crime and murder. There isn't much middle ground on this subject.

Were can i find research on Media and School Shootings? by S┼£ƒ Q: Im doing a research paper and i need to find some GOOD sources (not google) were they talk about "media or video games or movies and how it can create school shootings" .

A: Well, the drugs is one take on it. The media is another, but check out the book "Rampage" where the author looks at 2 case studies of early school shootings and develops the necessary criteria for one to occur. She found that the most important factors were 1. marginalization in regards to peers, 2. Mental/familial issues, 3. Media influence/cultural script --all perps were males and by and large they were influenced by what media tells them is what a manly man will act like to get attention. 4. Under the radar 5. Access to guns

What are you ideas on improving school security? by Sparkles Q: I have school age children and am worried about their safety. I hear on the news constantly about school shootings or threats of it or they caught someone before they did it. What are your ideas to beef up security and punishments for these kids and the horrific things they do or try to do?

A: Good morning Sparkles!...I agree with you so heartedly! It's a scarey feeling when you hear about other students killing other students and also teachers that are sexually molesting our children. What happened to our school systems?!!! It makes a parent want to snatch our children out of our schools and give them "home schooling"! And I hate to say this, but realistically speaking, it may be the only solution in the near future if not already. I don't know what the answer here is, maybe more security cameras in our school classrms. Maybe more police activity or security guards, I'm really not sure. Screen more thoroughly on the teachers? What is the answer? Parents for one, that believe in guns or certain type of hunting equipment could secure their belongings better. But what does a parent do when their child get's the weapon off the street? Search their rms 24/7? That's an option. Parents may want to research their childs computor and see what they have downloaded. That's another option. The sad thing here though, is that a parent has to have some faith in their child/children or there won't be any type of communication. So.. I'm not sure what our options are here, but I'm about to pull my children out of the schools and have them taught at home, at least I know they are safe from others and not molested by their teachers! Have a blessed day!

Why is the Columbine High School shooting considered the most famous school shooting? by Scifichic92 Q: I remember when it happened, but I was only 7 so I didn't really get it or know a lot of details. But since it has happened there have been 100s of school shootings around the country. So why does the Columbine shooting remain the most famous and well known? Was it because more people died then any other?

A: Because it was the FIRST most people ever heard of, and it was aired live on TV (outside the school) as it happened. Previous to the 90s there wasn't the 24/7 cable news coverage that made Columbine notorious. Everything since is a copycat. Big ones like Virginia Tech still stick in people's heads. I think school shootings are a contagious meme, like suicide. In China they had this bizarre string of machete daycare attacks that were reminiscent of school shootings and seemed contagious.

What ideas to you have for schools to prevent / plan for shootings in the future? by fonzarelli_1999 Q: While I think it's not possible to prevent these type of school shootings, I think that there are some measures high schools and colleges could take to be better prepared if and event like the Virginia Tech shooting does occur. Inside locks on classroom doors, a rehearsed planned evacuation route, similar to fire drills, campus wide alert siren , separate from fire alarms that could warn of a thread, and increased security presence are the first things that come to mind. What ideas do you have?

A: I think that most schools already have lockdown plans the problem is it is not the same to practice a lockdown when no one is shooting at you. Also, I disagree with the whole armed guards at schools, personally i doubt the effectiveness of a Rent-a-Cop on campus. if anything it will scare students more than help. I suppose i am thinking more about high school students in this respect. I think what we need to focus on is more than just school security, i think this is a vastly soceital problem. we let guns be way to easy to get. we need to a way to stop guns getting to just anyone, if not just keep guns out of the hands of private citizens.

In light of all the school shootings, should every teacher in America be required to wear a Taser? by realchurchhistorian Q: Presidential Candidates should make this a plank on their platform. This is a key security issue, and it provides a non-lethal way to inhibit a shooter from harming a big group of people. If there was 1 taser per teacher, then school shootings would be greatly hindered, and maybe deterred. At the least, it would give people in schools a chance to defend themselves.

A: No, every teacher should not be required to wear a taser, or carry any other form of protection. However, they should be ALLOWED to carry their choice of protection, including tasers, pepper spray, handguns, etc... I agree that it would give students and other staff a chance to defend themselves. However, not all teachers would be qualified to carry a form of protection. Some do not have the personality to carry out the use of any type of protective action, therefore, should they actually present a taser or other form of protection and not execute the use, it merely provides another tool/weapon for the intruder. However, should someone choose to carry a form of protection, most likely they would have the intestinal fortitude to use it if necessary. Therefore, it should be by choice, not by requirement.

Want to know a sure fire way of preventing school shootings? by cooldude64one Q: The answer to this problem is staring us right in the face.If we want to stop school shootings get rid of the guns.NO GUNS NO SHOOTINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Lets just forget about the first amendment right that say all Americans should bear arms.because school shootings is what cause America to start charging kids as adults and maybe if we get rid of the guns they would abolish charging kids as adults.

A: Actually, it is the Second Amendment that allows the right to bear arms. Banning guns would only take them away from law abiding citizens. Criminals could still have access to them.

What do you think usually causes a school shooting? by Mocu Q: I've watched Bowling for Columbine and a Lifetime movie about school shootings. Along with the Degrassi episode on it. I'm just curious to what others think. Can video games honestly lead to a school shooting?

A: There are different kinds of school shootings. Most school shootings involve one person shooting one other person, when the two have already been conflict over something. That may be caused by gang culture or other life problems. Mass shootings like Columbine or Virginia tech are a different phenomenon. But again, there are two main categories; when the killer is sane, and when he is insane. By sane, I mean that the person understands the nature of his actions and knows that they are wrong. The Columbine killers are in this category. They reveled in the joy of killing. By insane, I mean the killer either doesn't understand the nature of his actions, or doesn't understand that they are wrong. I think the Virginia Tech killer was in this category. He believed that the whole world was conspiring to make him miserable, and that this bloodshed would have some kind of redemptive quality, like the death of Christ. That is crazy. Now as to video games. I don't believe they cause normal people to want to hurt anybody. However, an unbalanced person immersed in the intensity of virtual battle may be affected that way. On the other hand, he may get some catharsis out of the game and not feel the need to act it out in reality. The main danger with certain video games is that they are designed to help soldiers to increase their kill ratio in battle. People have an instinctive revulsion for killing other people, even when they have a good reason. Therefore in the past, many soldiers haven't even fired their guns in battle, or have shot over or to the side of the enemy. These games are designed to condition you to shoot effectively in a battle situation. This is fine for battle, and normal people know when they are in a battle and when they are not. However, somebody that simply wants to kill a lot of people, or who believes he is at war when he is not, may use these games to prepare for the massacre.

What is with all these SCHOOL SHOOTINGS lately? by newyorkrose9 Q: Ok, lately there have been a lot of school shootings within the past month: *the guy that opened fire on that college cafeteria in Canada *the shooting at the Colorado school *that shooting at Duquesne at the basketball players *the shooting of a principal last wk in Wisconsin *TODAY* a shooting at an Amish school in PA *TODAY* two Las Vegas schools were in lockdown as police tried to find teen gunman seen with a gun... What the hell is going on? Has anyone else noticed this?

A: Check out the article today on MSNBC by Bill Dedman on the subject. It is an eye-opener.

Why are there so many school shootings going on lately? by Lingling Q: I am in Middle school and i live in Memphis TN,i was just wondering,what is up with all these school shootings that have been going on lately in.I mean there were 3 shootings in our city and 2 guns were found and all this happend in the last 8-9 days.I was just wondering,why are all these shootings happening all back to back.And then i saw on the news some other person had brought a gun to a college?What the crap is going on?

A: Most schools are gay. Being surrounded by random people you don't know or like. And being confined to socializing with them. Befriended by only a small group or even just yourself. After a while or even from the beginning this can piss you off. Then the people you don't like become more annoying. Waking up becomes more annoying, pointless even. Teachers speak trash and trash endlessly. After a while you realize you really don't like the place. The school itself becomes your jail. The small things add up and start spinning and spinning in your head. I would say until one day but most people think about harming someone they don't like the first or second time the person offends them. Then the thought keeps spinning. And growing. Twisting, ever changing. Finally, until one day. Fuck it. Fuck these people. I didn't like them before. I don't like them now. Why not. I know i honestly don't care. And to some extent genuinely want to commit this monstrosity . So why not. Bang...

Parents, have you or do you plan to talk to your kids about the possibilities of school shootings? by Bravo Q: I'm curious if any parents out there make it a point to discuss school shootings and what you teach your children, if at all. I don't understand how my question is condescending at all when I'm asking a simple question out of curiosity. I have no opinion on whether or not a parent should or should not talk about it. I think you are being overly sensitive.

A: Are you kidding? They would be faking sick every day, instead of just Mondays. That, and they'de probably turn out as paranoid as me. I'm trying to prevent that, not encourage it.

What Do you think causes school shootings? by lt.carroll Q: I think its just the kids that mock and push around the student and just make him fell like shit till he just snaps and also i think teacher are to blame cuz the ones who see it going on just go..o well its a upperclassmen messing around with a freshmen....and they just forget about. what do you think is the reason or the cause of school shootings?

A: The way those students are being treated, there is only so much a person can take. It has nothing to do with religion at all.

I'm doing a project for english on school shootings, any creative ideas? by ♥ > Q: So basically what I have to do is create 3 panel board display with info, a pamphlet, bracelets/ribbons/necklaces/buttons (either one) and a game. My topic is on school shootings and teen gun violence. Any creative people have ideas for it? Thanks so much!

A: You could talk about the pressures teens deal with at school like: - discrimination - abuse - social classes - clicks - sterotypes You could talk about the "influence" of suggestive music from - marilyn manson - eminem Maybe do a few reflective pieces on what happened at Columbine, Virgina Tech, etc. and talk about the shooters and why choose to kill "innocent" students You could also maybe talk about how you have to be 18+ to purchase a gun or ammo and how teens living already complicated and stressful lives are kept distant from such weapons in order to prevent them from pursuing such cowardly and expressive actions.

Shouldn't teachers get paid more due to the increases in school shootings these days? by Growth vs Oil Q: Increasing school shootings means kids are not getting their need met at home.

A: If anything, a teacher should get their CCW and carry it in school. Security has no chance with their sticks when up against a person with a gun. And if someone knows that a school allows teachers to carry guns... would YOU choose that place to shoot up? I don't think so.

Statistics for people killed and injured in the past ten years in school shootings? by Sharon Doesnotexistinreallife Q: In the United States, how many people have been killed and injured in school shootings in the past ten years? I know the total death toll is 102, but I need to know about the injured as well. Thank you in advance. ♥

A: I trust that this will help. http://www.cdc.gov/ncipc/sch-shooting.htm

What is causing all the recent school shootings? by Kuraimizu Q: in the past years there have been 47 school shootings since Jan 1996, 43 of those have been in the last ten years. in the last five years there has been 15 school shootings, 5 of those happened last year. this year we have had 2. What is causing this out break of violence? is it the fault of the Parents? the Teachers? the Peers of the Shooter? is it caused by stress that is the fault of the School? the Government? what is the underlying cause of these Stand-Alone Complexes? lib/con - Violence has nothing to do with it. I have Been Bullied and been considered a Social outcast since my youth. also I enjoy many movies and video games that are violent. on the other hand I'm not violent at all. I alone prove you incorrect.

A: Unstable kids, unstable families, corrupt governments, poor police depts, media, and politicians... You can probably name a few more but bottom line this country has gotten out of hand. Take a walk down any street in any town in the usa.. All you see is kids trying to be thugs, drugs being sold openly, parents too busy to notice and step in, police turning their heads and handing out parking tickets, media giving some idiot fame, politicians too busy argueing over whos a dem and who a rep, sharpton and jackson making everything racial.. You know it didn't used to be this way.. but ofcourse no one sees whats happening.. It's the corruption of our nation, and everyone is too busy to look at the real problems.

Will Democrats be responsible for the next round of school shootings? by gwb_is_awesome Q: If it's anything the Virginia tech shootings taught us, it's that our children and teachers both must be armed in school in order to prevent school shootings. Sadly, this mantra has not been put into practice yet and America's students are still in immediate risk of being shot if we don't allow them to carry guns. If another school shooting happens, liberals should take the entire blame for this. Of course they will not admit fault, but it's obvious that their gun policies support more of these occurrences happening.

A: Yeah. We need guns in our nation's schools. Like kids aren't already killing one another there anyways. Why not make it legal for everyone to have them, so that more die in these situations? Your rationale is irrational. I don't get how you think that by having a gun, everyone is safer. The more guns in a situation, the more people that die. It is purely logical. If you want to have a gun in your home to protect it, that is fine by me - that is your right as an American. But allowing guns in our nation's schools is just asking to make the issue that is so huge much bigger. Just like guns don't kill people, guns don't protect them, either. I wish that more would realize that having a gun isn't necessarily the answer to everything. If it were, then it would have been done a long time ago. Only in your simplistic world are they the every-answer to every issue.

As a college student, with all the school shootings taking place will you think twice about where you sit? by Nobody Q: With all the school shootings taking place today, especially in the last week or so, do you think about where you sit in class? Does these shootings make you feel worried or unsafe in your own school?

A: I hate to say that I live in fear of a situation like this but I do. Yes I am careful when choosing my seat in class. For example for tonight's class I sit in the back row in the seat furthest away from the door with the window behind me (first floor) I know that it would probably make no difference if an incident like this takes place at my University however it makes my mind a little more peaceful.

I need help with my starting paragraph for school shootings and a conclusion paragraph. Help anyone? by Dani Q: I have a 1000 word paper about school shootings but can't see to come up with a good beginning paragraph and a conclusion, so if anyone could help that would be wonderful! 5-7 page paper that clearly defines the crime, notes any historical or statistical research about the crime, provides examples of specific cases

A: You need to give us a topic sentence first which contains the argument you'll use in your paper.

Are more guns the solution to the school shootings? by hichefheidi Q: Only answer I've received so far is that more guns is the solution to the recent school shootings. Any other suggestions? Since we can't make people accountable for children getting ahold of their parent's handguns, and we can't force safety classes or gun safes, is the solution for more unregulated people to have guns, and more children to have access to unprotected guns?

A: I think arming the teachers is the worst idea I've heard in a while. Personally, I'd like to know what's up with these kids? Are there any common denominators? Depression, aggression? Which may lead us back to the smaller classrooms. The actual relationship with students. Of course, some school shootings are perpetrated by adults, like that horrendous Amish crime. What can you do? I don't want my kids at a school that looks like a prison. Ultimately I think that would be more detrimental.

Why not we focus on the real cause of school shootings? by cooldude64one Q: Instead of blaming the media and lack of prayer lets focus on the real cause of school shootings and that's bullying.

A: i do think it's bullying. bullying in school especially from a young age seems to make people have very low self esteem and some people who are bullied seem to have a huge temper, presumably because they're tired of how people are making fun of them. the media has said that video games that involve killing can encourage school shootings, but i don't believe this. i only think that is possibly true when a person might already be mentally unstable enough to mix reality with fiction. i agree with you though, it's bullying.

What is causing all the recent school shootings? by Kuraimizu Q: in the past years there have been 47 school shootings since Jan 1996, 43 of those have been in the last ten years. in the last five years there has been 15 school shootings, 5 of those happened last year. this year we have had 2. What is causing this out break of violence? is it the fault of the Parents? the Teachers? the Peers of the Shooter? is it caused by stress that is the fault of the School? the Government? what is the underlying cause of these Stand-Alone Complexes?

A: I think it is a combination of the government, the parents, and peers. As a high school student, i know how much the government demands of us with all their testing and just course requirements becoming more and more demanding. Adding onto that stress is peer pressure, especially in guys about being "gay" and you have to act a certain way or else you are "gay" and then are teased, for girls (if there have been any women shooters?) are in constant stress to look like a pole and to dress in the newest trends...and i imagine that could be very overwhelming. Also, parents I feel are pushing their children to be great while being too busy with their work lives to spend time with them and to watch what they are doing with their friends. There are also the parents that just dont watch their kids at all then just end up doing bad things because they were never taught better. If you dont mind, I'd like to share a recent event in my school that could actually lead up to a violent event, such as a shooting. My friend, we will call him steve, went out for the wrestling team. Well, a couple weeks into the season, he was "tea bagged" by another boy on the team (forcefully held down by other players) 2 months later, Steve is under alot of stress from the remaining kids from that group that weren't expelled, he is very depressed and me and some of my other friends are worried that he might do something to either himself or to other people. Well, i guess im done now and thx to anyone who actually read that entire answer. =)

What is your theory on why school shootings occur and how would you reduce them? by Spyder Q: I want to know what types of programs you could implement that would reduce or possibly eliminate the occurance of school shootings, preferably within the high schools.

A: There's two ways of looking at this. These kids that engage in these attacks are usually outcasts, they are teased and picked on. If that was not the case, then they would not retaliate. Kids are mean, I know, I was there. It's hard when you have no friends and everyone treats you like crap. But murdering a bunch of people doesn't solve the problem for anyone, it just creates more problems. I guess some kind of sensitivity training for students might help, but I doubt they'd listen. You could also step up efforts to detect these problems before they happen and intervene to get help for students who might have a tendency to go on a rampage.

What do you think about all these 'school shootings' in our public schools? by Freedom Fighter Q: Recently a student was killed on the first day of school. Throughout the past 10 years, school shootings have increased. What are the solutions to addressing school violence? How can we keep our students safe while attending school? Students need a safe learning classroom, that is violence free.

A: I think the schools need to address this issue. There's a lot of bullying and outcasting that goes on and either the faculty doesn't see it, or they turn a blind eye to it. I think kids need to be taught that driving someone over the edge through bullying is dangerous. These kids will get their hands on guns or other weapons (there have even been cases of violence using pencils, repeated stabbing with a pen or pencil in the wrong places can inflict debilitating injuries). Perhaps it is invasion of privacy, but it might be a good idea to put in listening devices and have a computer record it, and I by NO means condone this in any other environment. The listening devices' recorded data should be stored, but not listened to (let's face it, who's going to go through all those hours of audio?). When a student makes a complaint that a certain individual is bullying him or her, the school can then go back, and given the time period, listen in on it. This can even be applied to rumor spreading. For example, if a student complains that someone may have spread a malicious rumor about them, the audio evidence can be used to track who started it, and discipline those persons. If the claim is true, that student should be suspended immediately. While many people say zero tolerance rules are harsh, they do work. This gives the victim of bullying leverage, so that instead of having to resort to violence. they can get those persons suspended. There is also a separate special case where the culture of the student makes him or her prone to violence in schools. In this case, the school must supply a competent individual who knows the student's culture and psychology (yes, the psychology of a student will vary depending on race and culture) inside out, especially how the families work. This will allow them to provide an environment where those kids do not feel uncomfortable. It is often the case also, that the counselors do not know how to deal with a student who is an outcast because they have never been one themselves. This makes these individuals very difficult to understand. What needs to be understood is that these people have good intentions, and others' lack of understanding turns them into monsters. It is unquestionably society's fault, all of our faults, that such incidents occur. We can only strive to understand and shed these kids in a GOOD light, for their hearts were good, but their environment turned them bad. Whether or not we knew them or their victims or if we were a victim ourselves, owe them all our apologies for not listening and understanding.

Should school teachers be allowed to carry guns at school to prevents future school shootings? by Florence Lafontaine Q: Should school teachers be allowed to carry guns at school to prevents future school shootings? What is your opinion on this?

A: Yes. Currently, schools are "gun free zones". This means that if somebody wants to shoot up the school, they will have free reign until the police arrive. By then, life will be lost and it will be too late. If teachers are armed: 1. A person would think twice before attacking. 2. If an attack did occur, the threat can be neutralized before many innocent lives would be lost.

Why are people so suprised about school shootings? by pooter Q: I'm actually suprised they don't happen more often. The way kids treat each other in schools is terrible and so is the way the teachers handle it. For all those who are in 'shock' over school shootings you are/were probably a popular hotshot back in the glory days making fun of people just because its cool. Yeah i'm obviously not a fuckin parent and you are/were obviously a hotshot during your school years. $20 when this guys identity comes out it is a distraught student who was outcasted by his peers.

A: You are obviously not a parent. My heart goes out to the parents of the dead Va. Tech students. My son is not far from there at VMI. He has friends who attend Tech. This is a sad day. All because some one of "Asian decent" couldn't handle the break up from his girlfriend... Have you considered some professional help to rid you of that school boy anger? No I wasn't a "hotshot" as you put it. 40 years ago, I was considered a "wall flower"...I hated my school years, but never had malice in my heart towards my classmates.

Why do so many of these school shootings seem to happen in places where gun regulation is heaviest? by Dan W Q: In Arizona and New Mexico, for example, where gun regulation is fairly relaxed compared to many other areas, you never hear about school shootings. Does this seem kinda backward? Why do you figure this is? Travolta - I see no correlation between heavy gun regulation and the fact that they're "red states." My point is that we have the most lax gun laws in the country and yet we have yet to see a school shooting.

A: Because the gun men are not morons. In gun control areas they face less chance of being stopped. Why else would the media suppress facts? That guns are more often used to stop a crime than commit one.

Do you want school shootings to stop and to stop bullying and cyberbulling? by Gotham Joker Q: Bullying and cyberbulling cause people to commit suicide and go on school shootings. It needs to stop. We need to stop this crap. We need to end this, Do you agree? @Cosmas: Yeah, or their going to go on a shooting spree at their school

A: talk is cheap. do something about it.

What do you think about school shootings? by moonguardianluna Q: My professor has assigned me an essay in which I must persuade my reader that television violence leads to aggressive and violent tendencies and behavior in today’s youth. To support my thesis I have decided to make mention about recent school shootings, as many “experts” blame the media for teenagers’ decisions to carry and use guns to resolve their problems. However, I do not desire to make it seem that the media is the only reason that today’s youth is evolving such behavior, I want to know what other people think about the whole thing. Do you agree that the media is to blame or do you think and believe that there is some other factor that has yet to be explored?

A: Parents seem to have less of a clue about what their children are doing. They are totally "separated" from them though they live in the same house. They don't know their friends and the childs room is a self supporting island (phone, TV, Computer, fridge) with no other family interaction. Everyone doing his own thing.

What can we do to put an end to school shootings? by GoBuckeyes! Q: Ever since 1999 with the unfortunate Columbine shooting, school shootings seem to be a common thing these days. Every time I hear of one happening on the news its sad that I'm not even surprised anymore. So people, what can this country do to help prevent these type of events from happening? What do you think?

A: The government needs to make it illegal for a regular civilian to have a gun. If they wont do that then make it harder for people/civilians to get guns. Have stiffer penalties for people who have a gun illegally. good question! Serious topic that needs to be addressed!

where can i find statistics for a possible link between school shootings and dating violence? by fearlessnessny Q: I am working on research project as a volunteer opportunity to study whether school shootings have had any links to dating violence. Does anyone have any good sites that could prove/disprove this?

A: FBI .. .. .. And the public library .. . .. ..

What do you think about school shootings? by moonguardianluna Q: My professor has assigned me an essay in which I must persuade my reader that television violence leads to aggressive and violent tendencies and behavior in today’s youth. To support my thesis I have decided to make mention about recent school shootings, as many “experts” blame the media for teenagers’ decisions to carry and use guns to resolve their problems. However, I do not desire to make it seem that the media is the only reason that today’s youth is evolving such behavior, I want to know what other people think about the whole thing. Do you agree that the media is to blame or do you think and believe that there is some other factor that has yet to be explored?

A: I think people in school are mean and cruel to each other. people pick and tease others . they call people names and teachers do nothing about it. the kids that shoot people are on their last straw or nerve. they want the abuse to stop and think that is the only way to shut the abuse up. if the students would be taught to act nicer or punished for abusive actions, there would be less shooting. we need justice!!! students need to grow up and quit being so mean to others and then cause them to try to stop the abuse. I hope someone teaches help someday.

A good title for a paper about bullying and school shootings? by Marissa E Q: I'm writing a college essay about if bullying is the main cause of school shootings. My professor is giving about ten points for a creative title and I'm awful at making titles. So does anyone have an suggestions for a title that involves bullying and school shootings?

Do you think the media's coverage of school shootings is causing troubled people to copy them? by Dr. Ernest J Folk Q: The media is sure focusing on school shootings recently. Do you think that publicizing this is allowing others to be copycat killers as well? People with mental issues, that want the attention. I used to work for a news network and we had a policy of not covering stories of people that commited suicide. This only gives them the attention they wanted. But is it right report the story even if the gunman's intention was suicide? What is your opinion?

A: I think the media is a group of vultures period and covering these stories is just exploitation. But I don't think that it particularly encourages anyone to do the same. People who are not of sound mind are usually the ones who commit these horrible acts.

With all the school shootings going on are you a little scared to send your children to school? by Hannah,Abagail & Miley's Mom Q: My oldest child is in the 6th grade and my 4 year old is going to headstart. There has been so much talk on the news latley about school shootings i'm a little scared just to send my kids to school.Do any of you feel like this?! School is supposed to be a safe place where you can send you kids to school without worrying about them being shot or stabbed. What do you think? Sorry it's been a hard day i ment my 3 year old is. sorry my hand must have slipped or something! We don't live in a dangerous community. I try to teach my oldest to report any werid actings. I just hope she would do the right thing.

A: Yes you hear a lot about school shootings, but in reality school shootings are rare, less than a 1% chance of happening. With that said all we can hope as parents is to educate, educate, educate. Teach our children about the saftey and the enviroment around them. We have to hope the school has a really good saftey plan for our children. Other than that our only other option is to home school.

What do you think causes school shootings? by Demonic intensions Q: What do you think are causes of school shootings? Do you think it is movies, music, video games, etc. Please elaborate why you think that.

A: music and video games i think is the reason. there's no problem with buying your kid grand theft auto or a song about lady humps and stuff but being a parent you should know what kind of game it is or song and you should make it that your kid is aware that guns and stealing or being the high school slut is wrong and they should have nothing to do with it

Why did school shootings just start this past decade? by Bride2Be Q: When My 30 year old brother went to college, there were no school shootings. Now its beginning to be where every week someone in the schools is shooting someone else. Columbine,Virgina tech, Where is going to end? Im moving to Australia. I hear nothing bad about them.

A: i'm not sure it ever will end... the US is going down fast - and no one is doing anything about it :( there really isn't any real reason why its happening but that we are loosing our ground that was founded be our forfathers... hope i was some help :)

What can we do to prevent school shootings and outcasting which can lead to school shooting? by love.wicca Q: First off I'd like to dedicate this question to the Virginia tech students who were recently killed. What can we do to stop school shootings and other violent crimes often caused by outcasting? It is to my own personal realization and self-advice that we remember kindness, because if a person feels they have it least one person to talk to, they are not an outcast.

A: While I understand what you are saying, I believe that there were too many signs that were ignored with this boy. He never gave his name and when he had to sign in to a new class he just put a question mark. His writings in his creative writing class were so scary that the teacher said he should start seeing a counselor. There were plenty of times when other students would try to great him and say hello but he never responded. And one of his classmates was quoted as saying that he was a prime candidate to commit a school shooting. As a matter of fact, several student laughed about it and often said that if there ever was a shooting at VT they knew that he would be behind it. Yet they were shocked today when they learned that it was him indeed that had committed the crime. This student was not ignored. He was only an outcast because he chose to be one, not because the other students chose not to acknowledge him. So while your question sounds good in theory, I don't believe it would have made a difference in this case.

What are the best ways to prevent school shootings and other violence in schools? by julie j Q: School shootings & other violence at schools have really been in the news lately. Why has this been happening? How should this be dealt with? What are some good possible ways to prevent it? Do you have any other thoughts on this topic? Thank you

A: Only the State should have the so-called monopoly of violence. Abolish the right to bear arms if you don´t need them (for instance, if you want to become a hunter and need a license). In a civilized society you should be able to rely on police protection and not just on the right of self defense.

What is causing all the recent school shootings? by Kuraimizu Q: in the past years there have been 47 school shootings since Jan 1996, 43 of those have been in the last ten years. in the last five years there has been 15 school shootings, 5 of those happened last year. this year we have had 2. What is causing this out break of violence? is it the fault of the Parents? the Teachers? the Peers of the Shooter? is it caused by stress that is the fault of the School? the Government? what is the underlying cause of these Stand-Alone Complexes? Ed M - Violence has nothing to do with it. I have Been Bullied and been considered a Social outcast since my youth. also I enjoy many movies and video games that are violent. on the other hand I'm not violent at all. My actions alone prove you incorrect.

A: I feel that the lack of compassion in our schools has lead to alot of the school shootings. And this is not just the schools fault this is the parents faults to. Currently our school has started giving detention for children touching each other, and I dont mean inappropriate touch I mean putting you're hand on someones arm to get attention ,or on thier shoulder. Two girls recently gave each other a hug because they were excited over an achievement in sports and these girls got detention. If we teach our children not to care about each other why do we find it surprising to see them shooting each other and not careing. Enough is enough parents need to start taking a stand I am Im challeging the no touch rule at the school board meeting this Thursday. Do we want non caring robots or do we want to raise compasionate careing child its our choice. Its not the gun laws its what we are teaching the children

How many more school shootings will it take to put an end to social outcasting? by ChildOfGod_1982 Q: When will people get it through their thick skulls that the reason behind the school shootings is that. instead of social outcasts who are constantly picked on getting the psychological help that they need, they are picked on all the more and told by school authorities to turn the other cheek instead of punishing the people who thoughtlessly provoke them to such extreme anger and frustration that they snap?

A: I would suggest that you research this matter deeper before coming to the conclusion that one is "pressured" to "react violently" in school shootings. It also may not be anger or frustration. The fact of the matter is, no one knows at this time, since those that actually did the acts left us only limited "clues" to what actually motivated them to act as they did. Social outcasting is an interesting description and may describe a small part of the problem and it probably is not the only answer. If you were to view it internationally and over a longer period of time, you will find that it is and was occuring all over the world for many generations. Much of what we see as killing are and were labeled as "suicides" or "gang related" or "drug related". It's only now with the media coverage and apparent frequency of occurance that we are led to think about it more. If you think globally, what we call "terroists" are very similar to school shootings. Primarily for "economic" reasons and using "religious" (meaning -isms, -ity, etc.) causes as excuses or rationalization, there are those much too jeolous and impatient and without sufficient worldly awareness, knowledge and experience that are willing to "sacrifice themselves and others" for immediate change. In the USA , Europe and much of the highly develped countries, "idealism" and "free and open thinking" is allowed in schools. That is both a beneficial thing as well as a dangerous one. If idealism allowed to float without the practical foundation (foot on the ground - reality), it can lead to unpredictable action such as shootings, lynching, etc. If it is alowed to be nurtured in the practical world (reality), then we have geniuses that can find cures for cancer. The frequency of school shootings today may be a reflection of our educational system (not necessarily the subject matter) having lost touch with reality. Most probably a lot can be attributed to social and political "idealism" that has lost touch with reality and a legal system that works on "legality" and not what is "legal" or moral or ethical. (Bascially the attorneys and judges who interpret and force changes based upon "legality" is allowing that to happen.) So anyone in that kind of environment can be confused... about almost everything... If you had a thinker (academic) and not a doer (worker, sportsman, etc.) they can easily go to the "extreme"... either way. And it appears from the data given in the news media, that in many of the cases, those students that did commit shootings, were "thinkers". So in a sense you are correct... we need to change.... and that is everyone of us... not just schools... It has to start with our government . That means we must get the "right" politicians in to office and make sure they do "right". They must not be allowed to "escape" responsibility by quoting "legality". They must first enforce and make sure every thing is "legal". The laws we have are fair (too fair for some) and mostly "just" (unless politicians and laweyers have not played "legality" games with it). We also must empower those that uphold our laws. (Look at France the police get fired at and can't even fire back. If a group of people regardless of adult or child, fire guns at police officers, they are criminals that have an intent to kill, and can be fired at. Would any one argue with that? Can you see how "legality" has become a problem in France?)

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