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AngelaH00 FYI friends, Walmart def has Scentsy style 'bricks' for 2 bucks each and they are the exact same thing!! God I love being a #bargainshopper

LoLwithMichelle Good morning :) Getting ready for church, then to Jean's Scentsy partay!!!

magicsdscents It's Another Scentsational Day for Scentsy! http://t.co/QXcPsHwI

poetspod Why not hire me (free!) to come to your Xmas Party in Manchester/Salford and let me demonstrate how amazing #Scentsy is? DM me :-)

wicklessMS @scentsy no, do tell us! Mississippi state right

renniet Free: New Scentsy Bar - Festival of Trees * Christmas. Check it out - http://t.co/J2IG0IaA

CandleWickless @favoruwedfavors Thank you for following. If you need a unique gift for clients or friends, Scentsy has it. Visit: http://t.co/V8XLHyW3

innoscentfun YAY! What an awesome show! For sure have 4 Scentsy Buddies to give to the kids at HAVEN! Half way to my goal!... http://t.co/ljXoVzlK

arwnorris Scent Circles~GREAT STOCKING STUFFERS & smell so much cuter than any Auto Zone or gas station car hanger! $3 each... http://t.co/4K5MoEcz

Wattswarming NEEDED!!! November is the busiest month of the year and we need new consultants everywhere, but especially in... http://t.co/NSSt2siS

JRichardson09 There's some parties brewing.. Check out the specials. Get in and get your shopping on! http://t.co/kSuKxsr5

Wyaline @almostbatten i started festival of trees nov 1st...artifical tree this year for me since i have awesome scentsy

DfwWicklessGirl Scentsy plug-ins are perfect nightlights, traditional wick candles are not!!

taraburner #Scentsy scent circles- great to throw in car, gym bag, locker http://t.co/fK7SfMJH @thrivingcandle

CandleWickless Thx4RT @basketcase1993 Promote child well-being. Order the Charitable Scentsy Buddy! Proceeds to RonaldMcDonaldHouse. http://t.co/3fdQQjZB


What do you do with a scentsy bar once it has lost it's scent? by eros Q: Can you revive the scent or do you throw them away? They cost alot so I really don't want to throw them away. Scentsy consultant answerers preferred.

A: Hi! I am a Scentsy consultant and I have a customer that feels the same way that you do about not wanting to throw them out. What she does is mold them into shapes by using molds that she buys and craft stores. She then displays the molded shapes in basket or jars throughout her house. This looks really great when you have different colors together. Hope this helps!

What do you get for recruiting people to sell scentsy? by ~*~Ga Momma~*~ Q: Hello, I am thinking about selling scentsy and I was wondering what you got if you also recruited people to join your team? Thanks

A: If you have a Scentsy catalog, in the back of it, you will see the Compensation Plan. I love that we have it readily available. When I was researching which company to join, so many of them kept the information under lock and key until you signed up. Bad practice, in my opinion. Basically, the more people you have on your team, the higher your team sales, and the higher your income. That's really the basics of any of the at-home businesses. Good luck with your decision! I've been with Scentsy for almost two years and have built an amazing team. It's a great company and I don't regret a moment of it. Lisa **I wanted to add-- One of my team members is in Georgia! Lots of opportunities for Scentsy consultants there!

How many scented blocks can a mid size scentsy warmer hold? by Jessica Q: I would prefer to have someone answer that has some experience with Scentsy warmers and their products. My consultant is out of town right now and I am not sure how many blocks of a certain scent I can place in the mid-size warmer. Thanks in advance!

A: The mid size warmers can hold quite a few cubes. I've never tested it out, but at least 3 or 4, I'm sure. You really shouldn't need more than 3 cubes of most of the scents, though. Hope that helps! Lisa

How long does it take for a scentsy candle warmer to come in? by Lacey Q: I ordered my scentsy from a consultant at a party about 2 weeks ago. I'm really anxious to get it, and my friend ordered hers at the same time from a different consultant and has hers already. How long did it take to get yours? Any scents you'd recommend??

A: Hi Lacey! The timeframe is going to depend on when the consultant placed your order. Many times I'll take an order from a customer and in order to give them free shipping, I will add their order to my next party order. Of course, I'd let them know up front if that's acceptable. Usually, people appreciate the free shipping and are happy to do that, but if not, I'll place the order right away. I would never hold an order without letting the customer know, though. Scentsy's shipping policy is to have it shipped within ten business days of placing the order. I'd contact the consultant and ask about the status of your order. In the future, if you're concerned about the timeframe, you can order online from any consultant's website and have it shipped right to you. Recommended scents?? Depends on what you like. I love Lucky in Love and Ocean-- especially mixed together! Honey Pear Cider, Vanilla Suede, and Berry Blush are a couple more of my favorites. The new catalog is coming soon and I can't wait to see what new scents will be offered! I hope you get your order soon. I know the wait can seem forever! :) Lisa

What is best way to remove Scentsy wax from a painted wall? by TeeGee Q: I bumped my Scentsy candle and spilled melted wax down the wall. It is painted panelling, so I had to sand, strip, sand, prime X2, paint X3. So when I started scraping wax the paint came off as well. It has run down in the crevices and also all down in the base board and trim... Big mess, all will have to be painted, but paint won't stick where the wax has been scraped off. Can someone please help me?

A: Put a folded (double) page of newspaper on the wax and put a medium hot iron on the newspaper. You'll have to keep using different parts of the newspaper, but this should lift the wax off nicely.

How do I sign in to scentsy.com after not being active for a few months? by newmel2507 Q: I sell Scentsy but I haven't been selling in a few months. When I went to sign in on the website where the consultants sign in at, it wouldn't let me sign in. My consultant ID wouldn't work, says its inactive or something. What do I do now? I have three orders to make online.

A: Oh no! Looks like maybe three months have passed and you haven't been active? I'm disappointed that your sponsor didn't notify you. I work so hard to support my team and hate seeing someone neglect their team like that. Start with your sponsor and if that doesn't work, call Scentsy support. It's possible they may re-activate you if you can provide maybe a reason that you were inactive. If not, then you'll have to wait six months before signing up again. If you're not able to get reactivated, you could place your orders through a local consultant and earn the hostess rewards from it. :) Good luck! I'm sorry you're having to deal with that. Lisa

Scentsy users, Does the small plug-in unit work as well as the larger ones? by Its me Tya Q: I just ordered my new scentsy warmer, but do not have it in my budget at this time to get one of the larger ones. I wanted to know if the small plug-in warmers work as well as the larger units. I know they get hotter then the larger ones, but do they fill a room with the scent as well as the others?

A: Yep! They work just as well. The Plug-Ins will only hold one Scentsy wax cube at a time while the larger ones can hold many cubes. If you get a nice strong scent, then one cube is plenty. Some of the stronger scents are Cinnamon Bear, Sunkissed Citrus, Spruce & Citrus, Cinnamint, Simply Irrestible, Ocean or Sugar Cookie. I do encourage people to find a higher outlet to put the Plug Ins in to keep little fingers or whiskers out of them! The wax is warm so it won't burn but my kids like dipping their fingers in my wax because it feels funny. LOL Hope that helps! Lisa

How long does it take to receive a Scentsy candle? by Kyrie Q: I ordered my Scentsy almost 2 months ago from a consultant and have yet to receive it. Is this typical? Thanks! Where could I order online?

A: OMG.......Unless the warmer your ordered was on backorder, you should have received your Scentsy by now. Never the less, your consultant should keep you updated on your order status. Have you tried to contact your consultant? I am sorry this is the experience you have had. You can order online from any consultant website. I sure hope you get your items soon! Scentsy is such a great product!

How long should it take for a big Scentsy order to be shipped? by Amy R Q: I am a Scentsy consultant. I am about to put my first order through. I'm trying to determine how long it will take it to get here. My workstation is down right now so I can't look it up.

A: Scentsy has up to 2 weeks to ship an item and it could take up to 2 weeks to get to you. So worse case scenario, it could take 4 weeks. However, that has NEVER been the case for me. I've been a Scentsy consultant for almost 1 year now. It's never taken more than 2 weeks to get an order. The usual amount of time it takes is about a week and a half for me. (including weekends.)

Scentsy consultants do you buy your business cards from Scentsy or make your own? by Sarah V Q: I recently became a consultant and i noticed to buy business cards from Scentsy its alot more expensive than buying them from say vista print so I was wondering where you get yours from. if you have pics of your business cards that would be awesome too just so i can get an idea of what to put on it. Thanks

A: Hi Sarah! I got mine on Ebay. Some of the printers on there will develop the business card for you. You can let them know what you'd like on it and maybe let them know some of Scentsy's requirements, such as having "Independent Consultant" on the card. They will then send it to you for you approval. You can submit that to Scentsy for approval. Approval usually comes through quickly. Once approved, you can give the printer the go-ahead and they'll print and ship. I believe there are also business card templates in the back office you can use. I think Scentsy Success also has templates. Hope that helps! Congrats on your new business. Lisa

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