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Savannah cat

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SmyDlx1sK1ng Savannah (Cat): http://t.co/Uv3ISIeO

swiftanie13 I have a hamster called John. If I ever get a cat, a female one, her name will be Savannah. Just because of the movie Dear John. love it.

IAteTheRamen Lol. Watching @GhostAdventures and Zak just got attacked by a random cat in Savannah. xD

thenamesLaurenB #IveAlwaysWantedTo have a savannah cat..those things are ballin.

hopeoliviafunke Had a great night with my girls cat, ellen, marlowe, savannah, letitia, elizabeth and julie :] #lovethemtopieces

Kolt27 I think the cat from Savannah, GA is going to be haunting @Zak_Bagans next

wickedbrush @Zak_Bagans Dude, I'm watching the GAC ep when you're in Savannah; LOVE the part when the cat scares the crap out of you! :)

EscortTools Looking for a Brunette haired / Brown eyed 34DD - 24 - 34 (All Natural) escort ? check out Savannah at http://t.co/l2jznHte

Maranda8907 @Zak_Bagans what did that cat feel like attacking you in Savannah?

AmberBatchie My house is like a mini savannah and my cat is a little cheetah! http://t.co/yCCPHDB3

Kentron_ftdub @robdyrdek Investing in a Savannah Cat.

AngelAnthonyzFL @DrizzyJake_1 tynaaa I been pullin the cat by the tail Since savannah came here lmao I hate getin up late lol

courtneyriot Bella and our new Savannah cat http://t.co/w8LSkhih (via @katieblackheart)

SomewhatClever Photo: rhamphotheca: I know someone who has a “Savannah Cat”, which is an F1 hybrid of a serval and a... http://t.co/qy1mkooP


My savannah cat loves to play she waits for my hubby? by pantaloin p Q: My savannah cat waits every night to play with my hubby. When he gets ready for bed she runs in there & waits for him to shower to play when he goes to bed how cute! She,s 8 months i,m getting another savannah cat do u think she will teach him to play to?

A: I'm starting to worry as to why you have so many questions about your cat. "My savannah cat this.. My savannah cat that..." Maybe you shouldn't have one? That would be a lot easier.

What states can you have a Savannah cat? by Meg H Q: In the future I want a Savannah cat. I have done my research but I still don't know where they are allowed. Anyone?

A: State wise they are legal in all states except New York, Massachusetts, Hawaii, Iowa, Alaska and Georgia, other states have restrictions for owning wild/domestic hybrids but they are not completely illegal. However many cities and counties also have laws with regard to keeping wild cat hybrids so though they may be legal in the state they are not legal in a particular city

How much is a Savannah cat? by heather Q: I know that there is different levels to the breed like F1-F6 and also SBT Savannah cats and I want to know about how much that the different levels cost so I can see just which level I can afford to buy. I've asked different people and looked on line but some of the prices are confusing because some are a little cheaper and some are why over the top expensive. But like I said I just want a somewhat accurate cost like an in general this cat cost this much kind of thing.

A: Savannahs are very expensive and I would be careful of prices that too low. Prices do vary and you should be prepared to pay at least $1,000.00 or quite a bit more for a good quality Savannah from a reputable breeder. Also please learn all you can about Savannahs before purchasing one, they can be difficult for those who are not knowledgeable about the breed. Many, but not all have litterbox problems and may not get along well with other pets. Savannahs also may require an outdoor run. http://www.absolutelycats.com/23Savannah.html

Is it legal to own a F1 Savannah Cat in Montreal, Quebec? by A Little Music Never Hurt Q: I would like to know if it is legal to own an F1 Savannah Cat in Montreal, Quebec. I know about the average price of these cats and I am more than willing to buy one if I am sure its legal to own them.

A: I tried google.ca a bunch & I couldn't find anything stating whether it was legal or not. I'm assuming your best bet would be to go to a vet or a pound and ask, maybe they'd know something on the matter. by the way: i didn't know what kind of cat that was before I used the internet, and they're beautiful, they look amazing. edit: i hope that you can get one, I like cats.. and like I said, they look gorgeous. It'd be a treat to own one.

is it legal to own a Savannah cat or other cats like that in Texas? by Ashley Q: I live in texas and i like the way the savannah cat looks. Is it legal to own cats like that in tarrant county? in Texas?

A: i live in texas too and havent heard anything about them :) heres something on them Laws governing ownership of Savannah cats in the United States vary according to state. Most notably, hybrid cats—defined as a domestic/wild species cross—such as the Savannah are illegal to own as pets in the state of New York as of 2005.[10] The majority of states, however, follow federal and United States Department of Agriculture code which define wild/domesticated hybrid crosses as domesticated. Other states known to have laws restricting hybrid cat ownership include but are not necessarily limited to: Alaska [11], Iowa, Hawaii, Massachusetts, and Georgia. Savannahs more than five generations from the Serval are allowed to be owned in New York state, but not in the city of New York. The Australian Federal government was investigating whether to ban the importation into Australia of the Savannah cat, as it could potentially threaten the country's native wildlife.[12] A government report into the proposed importation of the cats has warned the hybrid breed may introduce enhanced hunting skills into feral cat populations and put keystone native species at risk. The report states that the Savannah cats are not worth the risk.

What age can I breed my F3 Savannah cat? by venasha Q: I have a 8 month old Savannah cat (wild cat) she is about 7 pounds and I was just wondering what age is healthy for her to get pregnant? Also is okay to breed her with a domestic cat?

A: Better check your papers. Most Savannah cats that are obtained from a breeder are fixed. A breeder does not want to have competition with an expensive purebred kitty. And if she has not gone into heat by now, she probably is spayed. But breeders do not breed their stock until around 18 months, to assure a smooth pregnancy and best survival for the litter. But in the rare case she was not spayed, it really becomes her decision about accepting the male. But any kittens, even if they are cute, will not command any decent price.

Which generations of Savannah cat do not need a DWA licence in the uk? by ...... Q: I live in the Uk, How much would it cost, I live in London, in the borough havering, I looked on the website but couldn't find a price for havering to own a savannah cat. Thanks !

A: F2 Savannah cat and so on are legal in 90% of the United States, not sure how they classify the generations in the UK but I can make a guess that it should be similar and after F2 it should be fine.

Where can I get a Savannah cat for under 400 dollars? by Steck Q: Looking for a Savannah or Jungle Cat, perferably a large breed. Near Michigan would be perferable, but am willing to travel. Thanks!

A: Hi there...if you contact various Savannah breeders you may be able to find a Savannah that's been retired to pet status for a reasonable price. Jungle cats however will be a bit more difficult since there are few breeders presently. Here's the list of breeders for Savannahs: http://www.breedlist.com/breeders/sav.html In Michigan: http://www.savannahcatclub.com/savannah%20cat%20breeders.htm#Westendorf,%20Ann Jungle Cat breeders: http://www.google.com/search?client=safari&rls=en&q=jungle+cat+breeders&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8

Savannah Cat? by textank76 Q: I had a stray kitty show up at my house. Her mother which was also a stray (ribbons) died. She was almost black in color or I guess you could say a very dark gray with stripped legs and a mixed stripped and spotted body. Her baby which I have now ( when I finally was able to tame her down and catch her was pregnant) is a sandy brown with a spotted tummy, stripped legs, ringed tail and lightly spotted on her back. These markings are light gray and black. Her name is Furby. This kitty is the most social cat I have ever seen in my life. When I walk in a room, she runs up to me and gives me like a hard head butt. She does a really strange noise like a high pitched bthrrrrp and then a meow when she wants my attention or is excited. She wakes me up at night rolling on my face and head and rubbing her head and face to mine. Her baby is a funny little girl too ( Diva 12weeks). She looks like her mom except the brown on her is gray and the markings are black. Do you think I have a Savannah?

A: Go to http://www.savannahcats.com and compare yours to the kitties in the gallery. If you think she is for sure, maybe you'd want to contact these people and tell them about your kitty!

Savannah cat? by dossows Q: Why does my cat papers say for the breed: NFoundation Savannah/FP/OS/BG/PB To me these are just mutt cats by thier many foundation outcrosses.. I did not know Pixiebob is breed to a savannah. breeder was a John Halverson of Santanas Savannah cattery. I thought I was buying Savannahs not mutts.. Buyer beware! What is going on with this breed? Does anyone know? Is this right for a savannah pedg.?

A: http://www.ticaeo.com/Content/Publications/Pages/SV.pdf http://www.savannahbreedsection.org/history.htm Savannahs are a man-made breed, produced by crossbreeding servals and domestic cats. It is a very new breed and so there is a lot of outcrossing to other pedigreed cats in every pedigree. Please ask the breeder to explain the pedigree to you. What follows comes from the minutes of the 2006 Semi Annual Meeting of TICA's Genetics Committee. The Savannah was used as an example of how complicated the registration system is for outcrossed breeds. http://www.tica.org/binary/pdf/eo/meetings/2006/minutes/semi_genetics_committee.html " A cat with a Serval parent is a hybrid between two species from a genetic point of view. However, if the outcross is one that is permitted, the resultant offspring may be registered as a Foundation Savannah. If the outcross is not permitted, the offspring will be registered as a Species x Breed Hybrid (supplying the appropriate species and breed names). " "A cat with a Serval in the pedigree and only permissible outcrosses would be a Foundation Savannah. The use of Foundation indicates that the cat is part of the Savannah program but has not yet achieved studbook status. But the breed name Savannah is allowed along with a designation indicating that the cat is registered in the Foundation Registry of the Association." "The S prefix is used as long as the Serval is within a three generation pedigree. After that the usual N and P are used." ----------- My Notes: Only cats with the prefix SB are entitled to be shown in championship. Domestics bred to wild cats are typically infertile. -------------- "The Foundation Generations program allows for foundation cats to be bred to reach the point of a fertile male. To be a Savannah, a cat must be registered in the stud book of the association as a domestic cat." "The breed name Savannah alone cannot be used unless both parents are Savannah or Foundation Savannah (ie, a Serval must be on both sides of the pedigree and the pedigree must be free of non-permissible outcross cats and unknowns."

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