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Saturday night live

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GossipCop Kim Kardashian's Divorce Parodied on "SNL" [WATCH here] ➙ http://t.co/PvMjF7fV

Julzkidd Saturday Night Live - Kardashian Divorce Special - Video - http://t.co/T12Y9ib5: http://t.co/v6HnVKjN via @AddThis

JasonJackFlash The Kardashian Divorce Special On @nbcsnl : http://t.co/FBUd23nb : #Epic #SNL - @eonline @ENews @RyanSeacrest

LucyKaramorik Ух свежий выпуск Saturday Night Live с Charlie Day очень жесткий и очень смешной! Рекомендую для солнечного воскресенья!

GeorgiaAG Kim Kardashian SNL Fairytale Divorce Video http://t.co/oT3yxALI via @zite. This is hysterical

DianneFerguson Uhhhh NO!! RT @nbcsnl: Are you going to watch the Kim Kardashian divorce special? http://t.co/1iDjQC7D

athos1237 RT @UnvirtuousAbbey: "It's great to be hosting Saturday Night Live!" #WhenJesusComesBack http://t.co/5e4Dd0ll

Marybellevsj Saturday Night Live-The Best Of-4 DVD Box Set: This is a 4 dvd box set which includes: The Best Of Chris Farley;... http://t.co/cRXrutRm

luvmybabyDoxies SOO FUNNY!!! Kardashian Divorce Special: http://t.co/j3txO3cK via @nbc

Robin_fierro Natalie from Facts of Life:) too good #snl http://t.co/Rg71355F

WillBing Video - Maroon 5 with Travie McCoy "Stereo Hearts" - Saturday Night Live 11/5/11 http://t.co/cAR8RMlS

PMDeaton Charlie Day on #SNL - i thought this was the best skit that he did far and away last night >>>>>Crime Scene: http://t.co/nYxKDhv7 via @nbc

AvaGacser Did you see #SNL skewer the Kardashians? LOVE! http://t.co/wp9sKZUz

faisalwiguna RT @gaddafDOTly: RT @faisalwiguna @justinbieber RT @Aini21: 'Saturday Night Live': Charlie Day Helps Skewer the... http://t.co/dckScC6V

moehurst RT @nbcsnl: Are you going to watch the Kim Kardashian divorce special? http://t.co/FaoRp1Q9


Does Saturday Night Live has a big role in influencing this election? by Sealove Q: I think Saturday Night Live has a big role in influencing this election. I think Obama should send a thank you note to Tina Fey. What do you think?

A: Most people's minds were made up long before the recent SNL shows. I haven't watched SNL in years anyway, it had no impact on my vote. They should thank the politicians for people actually paying attention to that lame show again.

How do i get on Saturday night live? by Larry Q: I am a 16 year old comedian and it is my goal to be a cast member on Saturday night live. My problem is that i don't know how you get on the show.

A: As mentioned, Second City has been frequent sources of both cast members as well as writers thru the years, especially as Lorne Micheals has had a long-time association with the troupe (paricularly the Toronto one.) Just some of the SNL imports: Brian Doyle-Murray Bill Murray John Belushi Gilda Radner Dan Ackroyd Jim Belushi Tim Kazurinsky Mary Gross Mike Myers Chris Farley Tim Meadows David Koechner Nancy Walls Rachel Dratch Adam McKay Tina Fey Amy Poehler Horatio Sanz John Lutz Robin Duke Tony Rosato Jerry C. Minor Jason Sudeikis The main troupes are in Toronto and Chicago, but there also now ones in Detroit (Novi), Las Vegas and Cleveland so if you're near any of those places, might try earning your chops there. If not, check your local area for comedy clubs...many have open-mike nights (altho chances are you'll have to be at least 18 or 21 depending on the local liquor laws) and if you're good enough you might even snag a regular gig. In particular, keep an eye out for local improv groups, as those are the think-on-your-feet types that SNL particularly favors.

What channel and what time is saturday night live on? by Newmoonluver Q: OK so i hav direct tv i live in michigan Grand Rapids and i wanna know the Channel and Time that saturday night live is on. April 10th, 2010 Bc justin biebers going to be on it :)

A: SNL is always on Saturday nights @ 11:30pm. (live or repeat) You can catch it on NBC in America and Global TV in Canada. I don't know what other channel it's on, though...

What are the chances of meeting the performer after saturday night live? by KRiSTEN =) Q: I'm going to be visiting saturday night live and i really want to try and meet the singer who performed after the show. Does anyone know my chances of that happening and/or where i should go to make this happen? Also, i dont have tickets yet but im going to wait on the stand-by line that morning. Are my chances greater if im actually in the audience? Thanks soooo much!

A: I've heard that you can wait outside the stage doors after the show. There was a story about it here http://www.starsinreallife.com I forget which celeb though

How can you tryout or get on saturday night live to do a skit or a show? by haribol2003 Q: I'm am good with impersonations and also am a good actor. If there are any tryouts of some kind or any method of attempting to be on a saturday night live show please let me know.

A: Many of the people on SNL come from Second City. Try to get involved with the Second City nearest you. http://www.secondcity.com/

What was the recent saturday night live skit with the kitchen product they were advertising? by JustCurious Q: Okay, recently [Late october/early november], there was a Saturday Night Live Skit. It was about this chick, who was using some sort of kitchen product that did not work, and the commercial was advertising a solution... a chain of terrible and ironic events happened all because she didn't have this one kitchen utensil... I don't remember exactly what it was, but it was HILARIOUS. Does anyone know what episode this might be? or better yet a link to the video? thanks.

A: It was some kind of jar grip glove? She was trying to open a jar and it slipped and killed her husband and then she had to clean up and bury the body and then got caught and arrested.

How do you feel about Saturday Night Live? by Douggie Q: Personally I feel that Saturday Night Live is a great show but got boring. All they talk about now is the world and politics. JUST POLITICS! It's old and boring. They need to go back to Waynes World and the 4 fat guys talking about sports and Chris Farley has a heart attack. Or making fun of celebrities like in the old days. Personally I feel Saturday Night Live lost it. They aren't even funny anymore. All their jokes are dry and boring. They lost it. How do you feel?

A: I'm with you, in the 90s and even 80s it was great, but I get exhausted trying to follow politics stuff, sometimes I just want ridiculous humor. Seems like when they get a funny person, that person moves on with their career.

What time does saturday night live start in the mountain time zone? by brentwal420 Q: I can not figure it out PLEASE help I just moved to salt lake and really wanna watch saturday night live.

A: 10:30 and its NOT on Channel 5, look on Channel 30 for it.

When is Saturday Night Live going to start up? by Muirgirl94 Q: I love watching Saturday Night Live! I look forward to it every Saturday night. For weeks, I have been waiting for the new season to start but I don't know when it will start. So does anyone know when the new Saturday Night Lives start up?

A: In the Fall- same as it has done for over 30 yrs the "traditional" usa tv season is sept- may and has been for over 50 yrs

Why is saturday night live played on sunday? by koolman Q: I don't get it if it is called saturday night live it should be played on saturday, but it is played on sunday live, i don't get it can anyone help me out plz, if it is called saturday night live why isn't played on saturday live, because it is always played sunday live.

A: lol i have no idea

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