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Sarah Ferguson

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myriahdishong @S_TapDatAss sarah ferguson

David_C_Lewis @Steeephen_ It's premium in everything except strength, taste and brand. It's the Sarah Ferguson of the bottled lager world.

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davefield My all time Ferguson XI: Cathy, Darren, Rebecca, Massey, Barry, Sarah, Niall, Sir Samuel, Maynard, Duncan, Sir Alex.

kivahla As Sarah Ferguson exploded Garfield said "You are now explosion but you will always be woman to me."

kivahla "Yes interrogate me all night long." Said Sarah Ferguson. "I am going to bask you like thanksgiving turkey and stuff you." Garfield said.


How flexible would Sarah Ferguson be? by J. McFadyen Q: In her schedule, that is. How flexible would Ms. Ferguson be, say, if a wealthy businessman wanted to spend an hour or two with her, and this businessman happened to be carrying a attache case filled with cash? Of course, I am, by no means, suggesting anything untoward. This hypothetical man would likely be a television producer interested in making her the star of his next production. It might be called "Sarah Ferguson--The Golden Years."

A: It very much depends what this businessman would want to do for that hour, dear Jeanne but we shall not go into that. Now, one imagines that a television production entitled "Sarah Ferguson - The Golden Years" would last all of five minutes so presumably they would have to think of something else to do in order to fill the other fifty five minutes.

Does Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of Weighty Matters, have the markings of a hard life on her face? by J. McFadyen Q: I can't quite put my finger on what it is about her facial structure that looks radically different to me.

A: What on earth do you mean? There is no difference whatsoever!

Do you think Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew will ever remarry? by Ms. Minerva Q: Now that it is becoming more common for royals to keep little lower profile, these two might have a chance of making a go of a marriage. Do you think they'll try?

A: Well nobody else would want either so they are an ideal couple. I can see the headline now 'Duke and Duchess of Pork ride again'.

What was the infamous 'Toe Sucking' scandal involving Sarah Ferguson really about? by Michael Lambert Q: I know some 'toe sucking' was presumably involved, but what really happened, and why is this always mentioned when royals are being ridiculed, what happened? Just a media student, and would love to know.

A: http://lisawallerrogers.wordpress.com/2010/05/29/sarah-ferguson-fergies-toe-sucking-scandal/ The above link should answer your question!

Is Sarah Ferguson going to get so fat that she will eventually have her own post code? by Q: GO!

A: Yes indeed dear Jackie. However, the Knightsbridge postcode that she requested will not be granted to her person. She is most likely to be given one more akin to Brixton or Hackney.

Would Sarah Ferguson benefit from organic vegetables in her life? by J. McFadyen Q: Not necessarily in her diet. She might dress them up in little outfits and place them strategically around her living room. Strike a deal with an aubergine, bribe some kolrabe, offer a stalk of celery a glass of wine and then accept a cigarette from some French beans--promise to provide access to a certain ex-husband in order to suggest favors down the line....

A: Cucumbers I believe. Ingested per vaginam.

Why is Sarah Ferguson still referred to as Duchess of York? by Dredja Riva Q: Is she still allowed to use that title? Her twitter account, for example, is "Sarahtheduchess". Shouldn't she be called "the former Duchess of York"? What if Prince Andrew were to remarry? Would his new wife be called "Duchess of York" as well, or would some other title be chosen? And while we're on that tack, wouldn't Miranda Hart look great waving from the balcony? It is time the Rear Admiral stopped snubbing her and chose a girlfriend to provide a little comic relief after that depressing erstwhile Duchess Ms Ferguson.

A: Sarah hasn't remarried. She has, however, lost the HRH status and is currently known as 'Sarah, Duchess of York'. 15 October 1959 – 23 July 1986: Miss Sarah Margaret Ferguson 23 July 1986 – 30 May 1996: HRHThe Duchess of York (HRH The Princess Andrew Albert Christian Edward, Duchess of York, Countess of Inverness, Baroness Killyleagh) 30 May 1996 – 21 August 1996: HRH Sarah, Duchess of York 21 August 1996 – present: Sarah, Duchess of York (no HRH The) She was known, post-divorce, briefly as HRH. However, this was changed by the 1996 Letters Patent. Should Sarah remarry, she will take the style and title (if any) of her new husband. Should Andrew remarry, his new wife becomes HRH The Duchess of York.

Sarah Ferguson still lives with Prince Andrew? by LoVe_Is_LiKe_A_rOsE Q: I seen Sarah Ferguson's interview on Oprah today. She said that she still lives with Prince Andrew and their two daughters, Beatrice and Eugenie. She also said that the two of them get along really good. After trying to sell out Prince Andrew and everything else she did, I find it funny how they still live together and get along. Wouldn't the queen think it would be a bit strange?

A: No.The couple have been living together for a long time,since they divorced,actually. Sarah was having financial difficulties and Andrew thought that her sharing housing with him would not only solve financial concerns,it would let them co-parent more effectively.They started sharing housing at their old marital home,Sunninghill.When Andrew moved to Royal Lodge at Windsor,Sarah moved with him.Both the Duke and Duchess travel quite a bit,so they aren't getting in each other's way. Also to note is that Andrew really did not want to divorce Sarah,but he had to because of the Bryan affair.

where can I watch the whole hour interview online with sarah ferguson on Oprah? by pirate_0099 Q: There has been so much hype around sarah ferguson and the news of the world sting... and then america gets this interview with her... all 1 hour of it, and I'm curious to see it! And we (British people) don't even get to see it! And unlike the organsied UK... america doesnt even have a catch up service for Oprah! Rahh! Anyone know where I can view it online? thanks.

A: i've uploaded that file streaming here

What is your reaction to the story that Sarah Ferguson accepts cash for introducing people to Prince Andrew? by Macpark Q: Do Australians care about the royal family? It is quite embarrassing for Sarah, though!! http://www.newsoftheworld.co.uk/news/822206/Duchess-of-York-Sarah-Ferguson-plots-to-sell-access-to-Prince-Andrew.html

A: In these days where celebrities are paid just for turning up at events, why shouldn't we be surprised they might start charging for appointments with people as well? If I remember correctly Britain severely cut which royal family members receive payments from the civil list. Most of the family wealth is tied up in non-disposable assets. I guess even members of the royal family get short on cash these days. So long as these payments for Prince Andrews services are not to do with charities or public office then I don't have issue with it. In commercial circles in that situation he would be considered a consultant. If the Australian public purse is not paying their bills, then it is really not my affair. As for caring about the royal family, the only members that matter to Australians are those directly in line for the Australian throne (Charles, William and possibly Harry). Everyone else is Britain's problem not ours.

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