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Sara ramirez

Ariel Winter is 'Sofia The First'
But when her mom (Sara Ramirez) marries the king, she is whisked off to a glamorous, but sometimes confusing, castle world of royalty, pomp and new step-siblings, Amber and James. The animated series, debuting in 2013, will include appearances by Fauna ...

Sara Ramirez Hot Style Pictures: CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute 2011 Photos, Pics
Sara Ramirez Pictures: Sara Ramirez arrives at the 2011 edition of "CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute" held at the Shrine Auditorium on December 11, 2011 in Los Angeles, California. The top 10 — remarkable everyday people changing the world — were ...

Afternoon Delight: Meryl Streep covers "Vogue," a first look at HBO's "Girls"
Grey's Anatomy's Sara Ramirez is lending her voice to Disney's first kiddie princess show, Sofia the First. Modern Family's Ariel Winter stars a Sofia, Ramirez plays her mother Queen Miranda and Project Runway's Tim Gunn voices the Royal Steward named ...

Hot or Not: Sara Ramirez's All Magenta Look at the 2011 AMAs
While we can't help but wonder why Sara Ramirez (Callie Torres) of Grey's Anatomy would choose an all magenta gown and matching magenta snakeskin clutch, at least she looked age-appropriate and elegant. (Which couldn't really have been said about ...

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gabsjj the story - sara ramirez #np ♥

tatah_ca Ok, Sara Ramirez, pare de ser linda e cantar muito. Obrigada. http://t.co/SN40G6sK

NavoegG RT @bia_dempeo: véi, eu não consigo parar de ver http://t.co/JR5jVSAH amo Sara Ramirez e THE STORY.

bia_dempeo véi, eu não consigo parar de ver http://t.co/JR5jVSAH amo Sara Ramirez e THE STORY.

lientjuh4you My Top 2 #lastfm Artists: Sara Ramirez (1) & Grey's Anatomy Cast (1) http://t.co/Hh5ckDxp

annabirna Go away and just let me drown now, bring the rain for just one night. I need something to make me miss you.. - Sara Ramirez ~ Break My Heart

GreysisLovePage Pubblicità... Sara Ramirez Italian Fan Page Lexie e Mark StarBucks

igorpps @bringthecat E eu gostei demais da Callie. A Sara Ramirez tava muito boa, voltei duas cenas delas.

PhoebePenny7 #IveAlwaysWantedTo Be able to sing like Patti LuPone or Sara Ramirez..

onlyonekerald Watching you've got mail just so I could see Sara Ramirez in it, and I actually almost didn't recognise her! :/

kayesoob I'm listening to Sara Ramirez http://t.co/G4rWcX21 @GetGlue #SaraRamirez

McCalzonaLoveIT @shondarhimes yes it sara ramirez and it was so pretty and magically

McCalzonaLoveIT @celyla sara ramirez is so fabulous

Ehogan3 @JessicaCapshaw are you and Sara Ramirez friends in real life?

DaniJonesLocker ..Sara Ramirez


How much does Sara Ramirez (Grey's Anatomy) weigh? by john_e_gagnon Q: Plenty of pics here: http://www.tv.com/sara-ramirez/person/6248/photos.html Just curious as to what she weighs in at. I believe she is 5'9" if that helps

A: She def. does not weigh 200. I would say about 160-170, depending on how tall she is. I think she is beautiful, and it's good that an average sized-woman is in a popular show, and that men actually want her in the show *gasp* The media needs more women like her so little girls don't think that being skeletal is being beautiful.

Do you know what size Sara Ramirez (Callie on Grays) wears? by Esmeralda Q: I really love Sara Ramirez's figure (Callie on Grays Anatomy) does anybody have any idea what dress size she wears? I want to work on achieving it.....

A: As she quoted on "The View" she is a size 12.

ok I do have a ? for all of you Sara Ramirez(callie torres) fans out there? by Callie Q: Do you think in real life she is gay? I love her on Grey's Anatomy! I didn't know she had a beautiful singing voice and I must have missed the episode with her dancing in her underwear!

A: Hi, I've been wondering too. Not that I care either way thou. You should go to www.youtube.com and do a search on her name and you can hear her singing all kinds of songs from broadway. Definitely a gorgeous voice. Also check out www.sararamirez.com and go to the multimedia section and listen to some songs. I like the character on Grey's but I think maybe she should be singing on broadway.....

Did Sara Ramirez sing "The Colors of the Wind" from Pocahontas? by Anthony Q: I'm trying to do a paper on her for school and there's a little music player on her website with the song on there and I didn't know if she sang it or not.

A: No she didn't, that's probably a cover version. The original was sang by Vanessa Williams, better known as Wilhelmina Slater in Ugly Betty. :)

What are your thoughts on Sara Ramirez? by xJust_Ryanx Q: Hot/not? amazing/not? anythingg.

A: definitely hot, and her singing makes her amazing! the only complaint I have is that she is on such a... less than good show. (if I said what I really think of the show it would just be censored)

sara ramirez (callie torres in greys anatomy) gay? by lava_hotty1234 Q: is sara ramirez, the actress who played callie torres in grey's anatomy gay or bisexual? im just wondering, since she attends many gay pride and aids walk activities and is in many glaad and gay commercials...and also is really close with T.R knight (george) i simply love her and her voice... love sara <3 to death

A: Straight But does it really matter? she is just a great person and actress!

Is Sara Ramirez pregnant in real life or just on Grey's? by freedom fighter Q: I know they can make pregnancies look real but ultra sound looked pretty real as well as her belly. If you don't want to answer questions then why bother being snarky. i have hard time keeping up with my own menstrual cycle jack behind. I was just asking because it looks realistic on the show and was just wondering! Some people need to get lives for real. Obviously I can find out the answer myself but this IS yahoo answers, where people come to ask answers!

A: As far as I can find out is that she is not pregnant in real life.

Sara ramirez (callie torres in greys anatomy) gay? by lava_hotty1234 Q: is sara ramirez, the actress who played callie torres in grey's anatomy gay or bisexual? im just wondering, since she attends many gay pride and aids walk activities and is in many glaad and gay commercials...and also is really close with T.R knight (george) i simply love her and her voice... love sara <3 to death

A: She probably is just an LGBTQ supporter, but if she is Bi or Lesbian, someone get me her number.

What is the name of the song that Sara Ramirez sang on Grey's Anatomy Thursday night? by Absterbabe!!! Q: the song that she sang while right before she had the emergency c-section...its also the same song that played on the Season 2 finale when denny died and Meredith and Derek got it on in the on-call room...i can't find it anywhere...it goes like "Nothing comes easily"

A: Is it called Sara Ramirez-Grace

Does anyone know where I can catch Sara Ramirez on Regis? by laguera_nyc Q: I missed the interview with Sara Ramirez today March 29 on Regis, and yesterday on Good Morning America. Does anyone know of a website that is airing the interviews?

A: You might have to wait a few days to get it on-line but you can try the YouTube or their website RegisandKelly.com good luck ☺..=)

Sara Ramirez singing 'The Story' at The Grove in Los Angeles Sara Ramirez on Jimmy Kimmel Live PART 1 Sara Ramirez on Lopez Tonight 'How Could I Ever Know' (Sara Ramirez) Grey's Anatomy Cast (Sara Ramirez) - The Story Sara Ramirez singing on GMA! Sara Ramirez singing Find Your Grail @ 2005 Tony Awards Sara Ramirez singing 'The Story' Sara Ramirez on Ellen Grey's Anatomy 7x18 - 'The Story', Callie Sara Ramirez on The View Sara Ramirez on 'Grey's' Musical Episode Sara Ramirez on Rachael Ray.avi Spamalot - Diva's Lament Sara Ramirez on Regis and Kelly, March 29th Sara Ramirez - The Story - Good Morning America - Grey's Anatomy Sara Ramirez On Grey's Anatomy - The View Wedding Bells Ring on 'Grey's' - BTS footage of 'White Wedding'!!! Sara Ramirez on Good Morning America 3/30/11 Sara Ramirez Of Grey's Anatomy Sings 'The Story' At The Grove For Extra Sara Ramirez on Jimmy Kimmel Live PART 2 Grey's Anatomy Music Event - The Story Sara Ramirez Latina Magazine Photoshoot Sara Ramirez singing Break my heart 'Buenos Aires' (Sara Ramirez) [HD] Song 'The Story' by Sara Ramirez (Callie) - Grey's Anatomy S07E18 Grey's Anatomy 7x18 Callie - The Story Sara Ramirez, Patti Lupone - A Little Night Music Sara Ramirez-Chasing Cars Sara Ramirez on The Rosie Show 10/25/2011 Sara Ramirez - Break My Heart (Lyrics) Sara Ramirez on Extra 'The Story' Sara Ramirez Recording song for Grey's Anatomy Musical Episode Sara Ramirez singing 'The Story' Alternate version Callie & Arizona - The Story (by Sara Ramirez) Tony Award acceptance speech 'Colors of the wind' by Sara Ramirez Sara Ramirez and Jessica Capshaw talk about the Musical Episode The Story - Sara Ramirez Sara Ramirez/Callie Torres Interview Sara Ramirez on The View (April 22, 2011) Sara Ramirez e Jessica Capshaw Jessica Capshaw & Sara Ramirez Appreciation vid (Justthewayyouare) Sara Ramirez - And I Will Follow from The Last Ten Years: The Music of Jason Robert Brown Sara Ramirez THE STORY with LYRICS Grey's Anatomy Musical The Closer - Brenda/Sharon - Brenda's story (Sara Ramirez) Sara Ramirez - Accidentally in Love Jessica Capshaw and Sara Ramirez at work 9th August 2011! (Pic) Sara Ramírez and Pauley Perrette at AIDS Walk LA Grey's Anatomy Musical Event Sara Ramirez sings Kate Havnevik's 'Grace'
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