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Sandy Hook

Sandy Hook Elementary shooting leaves 28 dead, law enforcement sources say
The dead included the suspected gunman, whom law enforcement sources identified as Adam Lanza, 20. Police said that Lanza first apparently killed his mother, Nancy Lanza, at the home they shared in Newtown. Then he drove in her car to Sandy Hook ...

Nation's Pain Is Renewed, and Difficult Questions Are Asked Once More
But, she said, events like the Sandy Hook killings trigger fundamental fears. “When something like this happens,” she said, “everybody says it's an epidemic, and that's just not true.” Dylan Klebold, 17, and Eric Harris, 18, may have earned singular ...

Newtown school shooting: Sandy Hook Elementary
Twenty-seven are dead, including 20 children and several staff members, after a 20-year-old opened fire school at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., according to a law official with knowledge of the attack. The gunman has been ...

Sandy Hook principal's Twitter account showed educator dedicated to students
Hochsprung, who served at the helm of Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown for the past two years, was as dedicated to her young charges as she was beloved by them, according to those who knew her. "Everyone loved her. All the kids loved her." ...

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mkulo93 Hokie Hope for Sandy Hook: Hokie Hope: A call to action - hokiehopeforsandyhook: Friends and fellow Hokies,“W… http://t.co/uTz3ZkmZ

emilyalloyd23 RT @ZooeyDeschanel: I am filled with sadness in the wake of the sandy hook school tragedy. My thoughts and prayers are with all in Newtown, Connecticut.

YamkelaBrown Sandy Hook Elementary school , the whole world is feeling your pain. With the power of GOD we'll get through this.

FU_NRA RT @HuffingtonPost: Sandy Hook principal had implemented new security measures http://t.co/yyqWqaLf

SharaHabermanPR RT @page88: Spoke to Newtown Youth & Family Services earlier. A good place to donate. Provides emergency mental-health services. http://t.co/dQLsY2mv

oddfuture_28 RT @mcdiicks: Every single person who retweets this will get their UN writtendown on a card to go to Sandy Hook elementary in Connecticut.Please do this.

mariaaddelin @joromualdes ada penembajan massal di SD Sandy Hook..18 siswa usia 5-10 thn & 8 dewasa tewas..

Summerr_Love02 RT @kappie_4: heartbroken for the children, parents, and teachers of Sandy hook elementary.. crazy to think someone could do that. #prayersforCT #1nation

Vickky_Lovatica RT @ddlovato: My heart is absolutely broken after hearing about the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary school.. Wow.. So terrible. 😣

mamaier262 RT @jpfranchar: Sandy Hook Shootings: The Second Most Powerful Gun Lobby in the Country is Located in Newtown, Conn. - @Gawker http://t.co/cQRbLfpl

Forrest_Manning RT @Swimmstyle: Prayers go out to everyone affected by the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy in Connecticut. Taking a life, especially child's, is cruel.

TiffWhatNow RT @HuffingtonPost: Weapons used in #CTShooting were legally purchased, registered to suspect's mother: NBC http://t.co/IiSPFJz4

raine_alyssa26 RT @valeriemccarron: The school colors of Sandy Hook are blue&yellow, and I think we should all wear blue&yellow Monday to show we care since we can't be there

FinEdChat RT @DianeRavitch: Dawn Hochsprung, hero principal, of Sandy Hook: God bless you. Rest in peace.

ErikWemple RT @JeffElder: As shooting began in the office, someone thought to turn on the intercom alerting all of Sandy Hook School. We'll never know who. Thank you.


So how much did the right to bear arms help in defending Sandy Hook elementary school? by tomas g Q: Just saying, we all have the right to bear arms....what good does it do except for the minuscule instances when someone actually has the opportunity to defend themselves? I own a gun, a few rifles myself. I'm not against the right to bear arms...but it seems obvious to me that the right to bear arms to every citizen in this country needs to be changed. I think it is time to tighten gun controls, yes it means not every US citizen has the right to bear arms....the criteria does need to be modified in a fair manner to be determined..perhaps state by state.

How many demonic spirits were inside the mind of the Sandy Hook Elementary School gunman? by Jerome Q:

I want to go to the beach but the oil spill? by Someoneyoudontknow Q: hi, so I live in new jersey and I want to go to sandy hook :D Since the BP oil spill I dont know if this is a good idea. Did the oil reach as far as sandy hook yet? I hope not, please inform me!

A: No. The oil spill was in the gulf of Mexico, not quite the same as offshore New Jersey at Sandy Hook. Don't panic until you hear authoritatively that the oil has been carried North by the Gulf Stream and made a sideways jump to NJ beaches, especially Sandy Hook.

Why do religious people say demonic spirits caused the guy to cause the Sandy Hook Elementary School horror? by Jerome Q:

Most water heaters work without a power connection. Can a heating unit do this? by NIGHTHAWK620 Q: When Sandy hit the east coast, a lot of people lost heat for homes but had hot water. I would like to know if a home heating unit be set up to operate like a hot water heater? Gas water heaters use a (mlli-volt) something from the pliot on the lead? Can the principle be applied to a steam heating unit? If I have not asked the question correctly will try to re-submit later.

A: YES AND NO, There are some green energy systems that would work. They are kinda expensive to set up initially but would continue to work during a power outage. They use solar and wind energy to charge battery banks which would power your furnace. Only gas operated waters heaters work without an electrical connection. If you had a gas fired furnace the solar and wind turbine systems would power you fan blower and give your home heat without being hooked to the electric company's power grid.

Should I be worried about Hurricane Irene? by Erin Kelly Q: I live near the Jersey shore, about 40 min away from Sandy Hook, should my family and I b concerned? My parents aren't buying any supplies or acting worried, should we b? This is my first major hurricane... I live right in that little curve NJ has, right by the bay, 3 min away from South River and 7ish from South Amboy

A: If you are 40 minutes away from the shoreline you should be fine.But you do need to get supplies.Get water and non perishable foods.Also batteries flashlight candles. A battery operated radio.You need to run a tub full of water so you can flush you toilet if the lights go out.Also you can freeze baggies of water so that if the lights go out you can keep the food in the freezer cold.You really need to listen to your local news cast they can tell you what is going to happen better than anyone else.It's not a high level hurricane but it is a very large storm.If it keeps skirting the coast it can strengthen.If they tell you to leave then by all means leave.

Did the Devil cause the Sandy Hook shootings because children are not prevented from praying while at school? by Earth Needs Oil Q: . Bill: Absolutely. Taking my lead from Mike Huckabee on this one. He is placing blame at the feet of God. . . Pat: I just did. You one of my followers? .

A: Very bad taste... EARTH: I see. It figures that Huckabee would look to an invisible reason for this tragedy rather than a sick person with a vendetta and a death wish.

Why Do People Think Its Safe To Swim In The Hudson River? by abilicous m Q: It's not sanitary! And why do people swim in the beaches Sandy Hook and Coney Island and the NYC beaches?!?!? Gross!!

A: Lol I've always wondered this too.I'm from New Jersey pretty much near The Hudson River and see it all the time.It's really disgusting and I don't know what's on their minds.

Could Sandy Hook have been prevented if students were allowed to bring their guns to school? by Sleepy Conscience Q: At the very least the teachers should be armed.

How much does it cost to get into Sandy Hook,NJ? Including parking and the beach itself? Do they have a? by bomunch Q: boardwalk with rides and food, if not whats the closest place to go for a boardwalk. Thanks

A: Sandy Hook, NJ is run by the National Park Service. There is a $10.00 parking fee per car per day (if you arrive very early, I think before 8:00am, parking is free). Parking is very limited so come early (before 10:00 in any case) There are no other fees or charges. Actually, you can walk or bike in for free, but this probably is not practical. Sandy Hook is NOT the place to go if you want the usual NJ shore boardwalk, amusement park, food, etc. kind of experience. There are no boardwalks or any other amusments there, just beautiful beaches. One beach has a restuarant & snack bar, some others just a small snack bar. There is a clothing optional beach (both gay & straight sections), and also "regular" beachs. There's an amusment park in Keansburg, NJ (20 min w/out traffic).

Is it a bad idea to hook up my playstation and 19" tv in my car? by Hugh G. Rection (Pawps) Q: I havent had electricity for a whole week due to sandy and I don't think it'll come back for another week or two. I need to play games so could i do that without damaging my car battery? I can use WiFi outside the library.

A: as long as you're not driving at the same time

How is the weather in Gunnison Beach (Sandy Hook) in August? Is it a good time to go? by Bicho Q: We're planning on going there a couple of days in mid-August.

A: August is usually the hottest month in New Jersey, so it stands to reason that the beach will be hot. Be sure you wear sandals or something, as the sand will be very hot. BTW, are you sure you know about this beach? Be entirely sure you obey the posted signs!

Will the Patriots have a moment of silence for the vitcims of the Sandy Hook shooting? by Mr. C - Green Revolution™ (Pats 10-3) Q: Conneticut is in New England and it seems like the right thing to do.

What's the best beach in New Jersey? by taylor Q: All I'm looking for is a nice place, not too crowded, where my boyfriend and I can go to tan and and swim. We also want to bring food onto the beach, just sandwiches and water in a little cooler. I've been looking at Asbury Park but I think that may be a little too crowded, as well as Sandy Hook, but I really have no idea. I've only ever been to Belmar and it's too crowded there.

A: Avon by the Sea is a very nice beach that's not too far from Belmar and Asbury Park. I highly recommend it.

Will there be a memorial service for the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School school shooting? by Maggie Q: If so, is there a specific address to send flowers to?

How can I get to Sandy Hook from Manhattan on May 22nd? NOTE: Daily ferry service doesn't start until the 23rd? by Liana Q:

A: a. Drive. Take the Holland Tunnel to the NJ Turnpike Extension to the NJ Turnpike to the Garden State Parkway to the road that runs east across Monmouth County. b. Take either PATH, NJ Transit or Amtrak to Newark. Then take the NJ Transit line that serves the towns along the shore (not sure of its name) to a train station near Sandy Hook. c. Swim.

Does anyone know of any pocket bike racetracks? by polini123 Q: Besides Sandy Hook Speedway and Raceway Park because I need more practice on my pocketbike in the race track.

A: McMinnville, Oregon. Fairgrounds has a Kart track where they race pockets.

Jersey Shore Today - Best beach to play in sand with child? by barbie7034 Q: So what's the best free access beach where i could take a child to play in the sand on the beach today and have a picnic? Its going to be about 70 so i thought it could be a fun thing to do today Someone said sandy hook... but is that a good family beach? Can someone tell me?

A: All beaches would be free until next week. Sandy Hook charges $10 for parking. Plus there is a clothing-optional beach there. Probably not a family friendly idea. Many of the beaches won't require beach tags until Memorial Day weekend, so you should have lots of options. I'd say try Point Pleasant Beach, there is a lot there for kids too. Just remember, it will cooler along the water and with a seabreeze it might be a little chilly.

What is the regular crowd at sandy hook nude beach like? by super nudist Q: Is it a good family beach or just a meeting spot for homos?

A: It's a VERY large crowd each weekend and a little less so during the week. It's along walk from where you park. There's a mix of people in all demographics. If you don't get there early, you won't find good parking. If you visit Gunnison Beach very often you should join Friends of Gunnison Beach (on Sandy Hook).

Neighbors have invited my wife an me to go to the CO beach at Sandy Hook today. Is it a good idea? by modeling guy Q: The weather is forecast today is perfect beach weather high 80s & sunny. My wife's concern, do we want to know our neighbors that well? We were thinking of going on our own now we get this invite if we say no and run into them they'll probably think we don't like them. We do like them but are a little afraid of socializing with them nude. Need some help here.

A: It would be fun to go to one f the regular beaches on Sandy Hook with your neighbors. Ask them to go to one of thoes instead. BTW, I used to live in NJ and miss the beaches, esp on Sandy Hook.

Christians, are you ready for Jesus' return on earth? by Fingers crossed Q: I look around at the world and my heart aches especially today. I am so emotional due to the shooting that happened at Sandy Hook Elementary school, CT. How could somebody kill an innocent child? Then I look at our economy and how bad it is. Recently I heard there is now a Queen James Homosexual bible, then we have all these natural disasters. People are blaspheming God on television etc. I can't stop crying for the People lost today, how sick and demonized are people getting. Is it me or are we getting signs all over?

Does anyone know the hours Sandy Hook Bay beach is open? by aboxofkix Q: I am going to go there around 4. I'll probably get there around 4:30/4:45. Am I going to be able to get in or does Sandy Hook close at a certain time and they won't let me in?

A: I'm sure they will be open then--i've eaten dinner on the beach loads of times. unless i'm mistaken they close at sunset. Also if you like like sea food i would recommend Barrs on the waterfront.

What is the adress for the Sandy Hook Lighthouse in New Jersey? by jojouto Q: Me and my friend are planning a trip to all the New Jersey lighthouses, and we are trying to figure out the travel time ahead of time. Thanks=]

A: If you use Bing Maps, you can type in Sandy Hook Lighthouse as a destination, without an actual address, and it will give you directions and an estimated time. http://www.bing.com/maps/#JnJ0cD0lN2UmcnRvcD0wJTdlMA== The lighthouse has no actual mailing or street address, but is located on Hudson Drive in Sandy Hook, NJ. The street is quite short, and the lighthouse is quite tall and there are good signs leading visitors to its location once you've reached Sandy Hook.

Why do we have the right to own guns? by Poffee Q: Ever since I heard about the shooting in Sandy Hook Elem this morning I was so heart broken and I thought to myself that this country has taken it too far with all these shootings. It feels like I'm hearing the same thing every month with a mad man going in public and shooting everyone. For example, the batman premiere and temple shooting. Also with all the children dying from playing with their parents in home guns. Why can't we make guns illegal? Besides we still have knifes and frying pans to kill an intruder.

where can I rent an ice cream cart in NJ for a party ?or find a caterer who'll set up an ice cream sundae bar? by lutonia333 Q: the location will be central/south jersey, near Sandy Hook.

A: Check your yellow pages for Ice Cream Manufacturers in your area.. they will even furnish the cart for you to use and all you have to do is buy the ice cream. Good Luck sew

What to fish for in New Jersey? by Q: I want to go fishing in Sandy hook bay/Shore (perhaps the Rip), but i don't know what species to fish for at this time of year. I have been a Fisherman for most of my life, but the only saltwater fish I've fished for is fluke. I want to surf-cast, so what are some good, fighting fish to fish for?

A: the fishing some of the back bays for stripers, fluke, bluefish and if you get really lucky, weakfish. you can find all these in raritan bay. look on google maps for places that look accessible to fishing. good plugs to use are bombers/redfins,needlefish, poppers, bucktails and flies

Do You Think the Second Amendment Should be Taken Out? by MewWinx96 Q: After what just happened in Sandy Hook, do you think the Second Amendment should be taken out of the constitution? I'm interested in hearing what other people have to say about this.

If a military base was opened after the civil war and closed in 1919, what was it used for? by Rosie Q: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sandy_Hook#Description The military base was opened "shorlte after the civil war and then closed in 1919" What was it used for then/ were there any wars during that time?

A: JHC can anyone read???????????? In your link it clearly states that it was the FIRST US Army Proving Ground. Now you can look up what Proving Ground is. Ft. Hancock was a SEPARATE facility. This was a common practice. If you take a look a the Golden Gate Nat. recreation Area you will find that it has the remains of Ft Baker and Ft. Barry on the north side of the Golden Gate and Presidio SF/Ft Point on the south side. In both cases they reside on the same plot of land!

Is it wrong to blame someone for a crime if they are mentally unstable? by drummer girl Q: Words cannot describe how tragic the shooting of Sandy Hook Elementary School is. All over twitter and Facebook, people are saying that this man deserves to go to hell or die in some cruel way. While I agree he deserved to be punished in a civil manor, was it even his fault if he was mentally ill? Just wondering. (And no I'm not saying he was mentally ill, that hasn't been announced...just hypothetically speaking)

Winter flounder in sandy hook bay? by Q: I was just wondering if I could snag some winter flounder is sandy hook bay for April 3rd, 2010 weekend. If so, any good baits to use here? Thanks!

A: Swim baits (3", 4" even 5" ) all white or blue or black backs on a white belly. Deep diving Bomber Long A's clear with mylar reflector, blue back, black back, bleeding mackerel pattern and orange belly crankbaits will all work (fish everything in a bay the same direction the water current is moving) white feather jigs tipped with thin strips of squid. I don't know about there but here all bay species slam 12"red shad colored worms (bass baits) they think they are eels I'm sure, I would try those using a lead head to get them down and I would use them often.

Whats the best saltwater fishing pier in nj? by NewYorkSports Q: I need a good pier somewhere between Atlantic city and sandy hook. Im looking to do some fishing on the surf to catch some stripers. Ive never seriously fished for stripers before. Also what pier sees the most action with any fish in general? thanks.

A: I'm not sure about piers but the jetty at 8th st. in Avalon is a really good place to catch fish... and right now stripers. Call the bait & tackle shops down there and they can hook you up with more places to try along with the baits and lures that are working. Don't forget the bug spray! Take some white bucktails & your favorite topwater plugs on an incoming tide.

why do tides along the same coast occur at different times? by Harold Q: In a prediction of the high and low tides of the Atlantic Ocean for New York City, Sandy Hook, NJ and Atlantic City, NJ both high and low tides occur the earliest in the more southern parts of the ocean (Atlantic City) and gradually occur later when travelling northward toward New York. Why is this so? Thank you.

A: It is because of the way the moon bulges the ocean closer to the equator. As the Earth rotates, continents move into the bulge, those in lower latitudes (closer to the equator) will enter the higher tidal zone first. As the earth continues to rotate the edges of the tidal bulge spreads out moving north and south giving the effect of a time lag the further north/south you move away from the equator. This is why the tropics generally have bigger tides than higher latitudes Its a bit hard to explain without the use of diagrams.

Is it true that god cures cancer and other diseases? by Anna Atheist Q: Yet didn't protect all those precious children killed in Sandy Hook today? Couldn't god surely have caused the gunman(men) to have heart attacks, or jammed the weapons? I suppose christians will say 'it's god's plan". Who would choose to follow a god who couldn't intervene to prevent the deaths of 28 (possibly more) of his alleged children?

A: When people get sick, why don't they just pray to god instead of getting medication or going to hospital? Because they know deep inside that its just bullshit.

Cheapest ferry to sandy hook from NYC? by Mike Q: Want to go to Sandy hook or the highlands which is right near by. I really don't care which since going there is for a biking trip. Does anybody know the cheapest ferry to get there and what the price might be?

A: Rockaway Beach Ferry is $15 one way ($25 r/t) plus $5 for a bike http://www.newyorkbeachferry.com/rockaway_beach_ferry_schedule_from_Pier_11_NYC.htm SeaStreak is $43 r/t plus $5 for a bike and goes to Sandy Hook itself http://www.seastreak.com/faresandschedules.aspx

Is it any coincidence that the US has some of the most lenient gun laws and some of the highest murder rates? by R. Salido Q: I live in Bridgeport CT, just a few miles away from the shooting at Sandy Hook. I'm extremely distraught right now after hearing the news because just a year ago my little cousin attended that school, and one of the victims could have very well been her. Do you agree with America's gun laws? Should America make it harder for people to obtain and maintain a concealed carry permit?

Where can I find Piers Morgan interview with 2 psychologist? by Brendan Q: Concerning the unfortunate the tragedy at Sandy Hook, Piers Morgan had an interview with 2 psychologists. At the end, one of the physiologists made a very valid point and I was wondering where I could rewatch the interview.

Why Do We See Massive Shootings In Suburb Schools? by Anthony D Q: From Columbine to Sandy Hook. Why do we see this in good income suburb schools then in urban schools in the big cites?. Better security?

Why Do We See Massive Shootings In Suburb Schools? by Anthony D Q: From Columbine to Sandy Hook. Why do we see this in good income suburb schools then in urban schools in the big cites?. Better security?

A: It's just another Liberal plot to take away the rights of Americans. Liberals place deranged individuals in these situations, under hypnosis, to commit all sorts of hideous acts of violence. Then when triggered, the actor offs himself to eliminate any chance of their plot being uncovered.

What are people views on family and recreational nudism? by PROUDJEW Q: We are recreational and at home nudists and have been since our daughter was very young. We believe it is a very normal and healthy way to raise a child. Since she grew up like that she is still very comfortable being nude around us and still joins us at a nude beach every now and then (she's not around much these days as she is much older). One great place is a beach in NJ (very popular). It is in Sandy Hook and the beach is called Gunnison.

A: I think family nudism is fine, provided of course there is no sexual contact. All of my family have seen me nude (and I don't mean when I was a baby - I am 16). I sleep nude, and often go from my room to the bathroom and back of a morning without bothering to put anything on. I have met my Mum, Dad and brother in the hall at various times. The first time was a little bit awkward but now we just go about what we are doing. Mum and Dad are OK with it so long as I at least put pants on before coming down stairs. I have seen my brother nude on a number of occasions, mostly passing each other in the bathroom. Again it was awkward the first time but after that it was cool. And I guess every kid has walked in on their parents while they are getting changed. In our house now we all can walk in on each other at any time and no one cares. Which is really cool.

What is the craziest/dumbest thing that happened to you when lifeguarding? by ocean swimracer ray Q: At a Federal park(Gateway Nat'l Park-Sandy Hook) we were on the end lifeguard stand on north side where there was a mile walk to next beach....when this middle aged woman in a two piece suimsuit said to us guards that she was going to go up into the dunes and roll around in the poison ivy!!! & she did! we called the park rangers because we had too many people in the ocean on a hot day in July in front of us.

A: Some blue kid got me fired. Just kidding of course. I did get to rescue a young boy who had swam into a nest of mating water mocassins when I worked at a spring fed pool in Wacissa Florida. That was freaky. Noone was bitten, but we were intertwined with about 30 snakes.

What kinds of tubes can go airborn when towed behind a ski boat? by ocean swimracer ray Q: Just when tubing for the first time on a Viper II in the salt water tidal Sandy Hook Bay, off of the NJ State Dock in Middletown, NJ We had a blast!!! We found a tube on the internet that is coast guard approved that has an 11 foot wing span that can be towed behind a ski boat. Anybody know about this? It is saying to wear a crash helmet.....

A: I'm not sure exactly what your local laws are but most indicate that a crash helmet is required when using a "kite" tube. Regardless it's toally worth it... those tubes are AWESOME!

what is the age requirement in new jersey to get a boating license? by Jake Leppig Q: i have driven my dads boat a few times to sandy hook and he said when i take a boating test and pass i can take my friends out on the boat when ever i want, but neither of us know how old you have to be to take the test, and we don't know where to take it. please help, thank you.

A: Here you go man... In New Jersey... A person less than 13 years of age may not operate a motorized vessel. A person under the age of 16 may not operate a PWC. A person 13 through 15 years of age may operate a vessel powered by an electric motor or vessels 12 feet or longer and powered by a motor less than 10 horsepower only if he or she has successfully passed a boating safety education course approved by the New Jersey State Police. A person 16 years old or older, may operate a motorized vessel if they have successfully completed an approved boating safety course. Link below has more information as well as study material for your boat safety course & license. Happy & Safe Boating, John

How can I persuade my wife to go naked on a nude beach? by kennya14635b9x Q: We're visiting friends next weekend at Sandy Hook. They live near there and often go to the nudist beach. My wife knows that I love going and she comes with me, but always keeps her suit on. I know she'll have a much better time if she joins us, but she says she doesn't want to see our friends naked, and might not even come. She's really OK with my nudity, as I am a life drawing model, too.

A: Your situation is pretty common. My wife is the same way. She comes along and knows that everyone is fine with her not being nude. She has gradually become more desensitized and recently at a nude beach in the Caribbean, she did spend a few hours there nude. It is her nature to be more self-conscious about it than it is for me, so I just accept her visiting on her on terms, and she seems to be fine with her hubby being naked with the others.

What can we do to end mass shootings forever? by Ellis Q: As you might now there was a shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. Mass shootings keep happening. I feel that we need to do more than be sad for the victims and outraged towards shooters. Feelings aren't enough. We need to act on them. We need to channel our sympathy and outrage into meaningful action. How do we do that?

What can be done to avoid the erosion of barrier islands? by Alanna Q: Sandy Hook is a barrier island. The barrier island is currently eroding. I want to know what to do to avoid the erosion of Sandy Hook.

A: A barrier island is sand not rock. That sand is going to be moved by waves, wind, and storms. It can't be stopped but it can be slowed by allowing beach plants to grow. (This is why so many beaches ban ATVs.) They help hold the sand in place. Boulders also provide a temporary delay.

What are the best beaches in northern new jersey? by Quixotic Q: I live in Bergen county in northern NJ and I'm planning to hit up some beaches in a few weeks. The only beach I've ever went to here is Sandy Hook, which is fine but I was wondering if there are any better beaches I am missing out on? I'd like a beach with a minimum of spiky shells or rocks and things, not TOO cold (although all NJ beaches are cold!) and some fun things to do in the area, like a boardwalk with nice restaurants and shops.

A: I live a little more south and can tell you Sandy Hook is only good because it is closest. If you hit up the parkway South the next best beach is Seaside heights (exit 82) where they have a boardwalk and OK waters but a lot of high school kids. If you really wanna get crazy you can go to Long beach Island where is probably the only place in Jersey u can surf since waves are best there or at least attempt to. nice area though and older crowd. btw Atlantic city is about 20 min away from there. I Personally like Wildwood (exit 3 Parkway South). I've always had a good time there, the people are nicer and there is a humongous boardwalk with lots of activities and three piers of like rides and games, the beach is good with plenty waves and sand is extremely soft (espically compared to Sandy hook) shoppin here isnt huge unless u want a shirt that says.."party all night, Sleep all day"

How fast does Sandy Hook (NJ) completely fill up on the weekends? by Frozen M Q: Hi everyone! I plan to go to Sandy Hook, NJ tomorrow, but I am unsure when to go by. Last time I went by around 1-2 PM, and it was closed due to too many people. Does anyone happen to know what time I should go by in order to get in without being locked out again? Thank you!

A: Early in the AM. Like 9-10

what are some colleges near sandy hook nj? by Michael Q: I live in the Pocono's, PA but I want to start a new life in Jersey. Is there any colleges somewhat around Sandy Hook, NJ?

A: Brookdale community college Rutgers University Monmouth University

Where is the surf spot known as The Cove at Sandy Hook New Jersey? by snowb72 Q: I am looking for a surf spot in Sandy Hook New Jersey. I have heard people refer to it as The Cove. But exactly where is it and how do I get to it once I am in the park?

A: http://www.surf-forecast.com/breaks/TheCove-SandyHook.shtml HAVE FUN SURFINNNNN!

What is the best surf fishing rig for striped bass at Sandy Hook, nj? by darkshadow07054 Q: I will be going early early morning about like 3 am to Sandy Hook. Any advice for catching Striped bass? What rig should i get? i will be trying to get powerpro about 30lb to 40lb test for my 9ft pole. I will have 17lb monofilament line on my 8ft pole for lures. Any secrets on catching striped bass?

A: try a fishfinder rig with clams or bunker. for lures try poppers, swimmers, and bombers

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