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Sandra fluke

Rush Limbaugh apologizes to Sandra Fluke
Nation Newsday > News > Nation Rush Limbaugh apologizes to Sandra Fluke Originally published: March 3, 2012 5:46 PM Updated: March 3, 2012 9:05 PM By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh apologized Saturday to a Georgetown ...

Sandra Fluke No Free Sex For You.
(ThyBlackMan.com) The Sandra Fluke contraception controversy is democrat inspired. It is yet another example of democrats promoting and trying to force all Americans to “fund” behavior many Americans would consider to be sinful.

Commentary: Sandra Fluke No More
A caller to my Friday radio show (a woman and libertarian) asked if Sandra Fluke was training for the law or work in a bordello. What's the difference? Without taxpayer funded contraception, Sandra Fluke no more. I'm told President Obama had no trouble ...

Rush Limbaugh, Sandra Fluke, Obama & ESPN: Stay Distracted Kids
The latest outrage on the left stems from Rush Limbaugh's comments regarding contraception coverage Queen and social wedge champion Sandra Fluke. Rush made the observation that if people are forced to pay for women to have sex and not get pregnant, ...

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Why are Americans required to indulge Sandra Fluke's nymphomanic endeavors? by Q:

A: It's just another tactic to make republicans look like cretins. Works well, too; look at all the feigned outrage at Limbaugh, and how "nicey nice" Obama looks. By making the Republicans look like they're trying to deny women their health rights, it bolsters support for Obamacare, in a roundabout way. 'Conveniently takes attention away from Obama's failed policies, too.

How about we meet half away on the Sandra Fluke issue and start buying batteries? lol? by Flying Above the Lotus Q: @Frogma: Evidently lesbians think so. lol

Is Rush Limbaugh correct in calling Sandra Fluke a prostitute? Should the government subsidize women's? by Q: contraceptives with tax dollars?

A: i don't like his approach, but no the government should not be subsidizing contraceptives under the guise of women's health

How is it that Sandra Fluke is more upset about not getting free birth control, than her $45,000 a yr tuition? by Lady Laissez Faire Q:

If Sandra Fluke was a lesbian, would birth control cost as much? by Q: jsp418. That would not be for birth control so the slutty can do what She wants. That would be medical. jayne savages husband, Are You Kenyan or Irish?

Should the Obama healthcare pay for women to buy contaceptives? A woman Sandra Fluke has so much sex that she? by Hand puppet pet Q: can not afford birth pills. President Obama has been reported to have called her and to praise her and her parents. My second question is will Bill Clinton be calling her anytime soon for another reason? Would he miss that opportunity?

A: Birth control pills can be bought for about $15/month. Apparently, Sandra thinks she will be in school for almost 17 years (which may turn out to be correct). And you can get them for little or nothing through various services. What is so special about contraceptives that they should be handed out for free? Won't Sandra's food bills be more than $3000? Isn't food more important than contraception? If so, shouldn't that be free, too? But the issue isn't contraception. Contraception is okey-dokey with me. The issue is about forcing churches to buy products that are against their moral principles. That is unconstitutional. Doesn't the government have better things to worry about, like that $17 trillion debt that they've laid on our kids and grandkids?

How early should i leave to pick up Sandra Fluke for our date,i hear there may be a line? by Q:

How much sеx will satisfy sеx-addicts like Sandra Fluke? Is sеx all they ever think about? by Q: Don't they know that there is more to life than just intercourse? Or is this the message they want to get across: people don't have intercourse to live, people live to have intercourse. pathetic

Is there any guy on the Georgetown campus that Ms Sandra Fluke has not done the nasty with yet? by Q: In the state?

Should someone offer to pay $100 a month to Sandra Fluke in exchange for intercourse? by Jim Bay Q: Why does she just give it away for free? She didn't say per year she said during the period it takes to get a law degree. Which is two years plus say 6 months to get a job so I got 30 months at $100 a mont is 3000 bucks

Does anyone know Sandra Fluke, I want to buy and use Her Birth Control stuff? by Q: But not the Aspirin.

A: Yes shes the whore that goes through 3K worth of condoms every 6 month and wants you to pay for it.

Did Sandra Fluke's testimony make you feel sad for college girls forced to pay for their own contraception? by Smart Guy Q: If there are any successful employers left after Obama leaves office, would you rather they be forced to provide free contraception to college girls or free chemo therapy for children with cancer?

Is Playboy going to go to Georgetown U. to do a photo shoot of the Sandra Fluke types? by Q: I am glad that all You libs are proud of the whore. blinding Force. I looked at the site. i wonder now, if She ever tried cigars before. Not to smoke, that would be dangerous.

A: Have you seen her? She would have to hang a pork chop around her neck to get a dog interested in her.

How long will Sandra Fluke enjoy left-wing-idiot poster girl status? by Q:

A: Perhaps she should walk her stupid self over to the New Freedman's Clinic and pick up some birth control and condoms, for free. There are 10 free clinics within 10 miles of Georgetown and all of them will provide free condoms and birth control pills.

How long will Sandra Fluke enjoy left-wing-idiot poster skank status? by Q:

A: as you can see from the first answer, some members of the left are already regretting this line of attack, however, the hard core members of "The One"'s inner sanctum will run with this until they start to see the backlash in the polls

Was Obama pandering to white promiscuous women when he called Sandra Fluke? by Q: At what other time has he pretended to care for whites?

Should Sandra Fluke sue Limbaugh for slander and defamation of character? by Q:

A: yes, as should all women with brains in their heads Rush was married three times, but he has no children, which means one of three things the man is impotent the man is gay the woman used birth control which one do you think is most likely? (besides all three, of course)

Is Sandra Fluke a right wing parasite sent to destroy the left from within? by Q:

do you think sandra fluke appreciates all the attention she is getting from message boards like yahoo politics? by Q: do you think she likes feeling more famous, even though it is bad attention?

Conservatives: Would you sleep with Sandra Fluke if given the chance? by Q: You wouldn't have to pay anything. The government would pay for the cost. It's socialistic prostitution.

Does it surprise anyone that the conservative attacks on Sandra Fluke are escalating now that Rush apologized? by Q:

Did any Limbaugh fans think Sandra Fluke was slut before Limbaugh called her that? by Q: BQ: Did any Limbaugh fans think Sandra Fluke was slut before Limbaugh called her that? Since no one seems to even come close to answering the first question. It's really Yes, or No, and if you'd like elaborate feel free. Otherwise, it can be assumed that none of you CAN answer the question.

A: No. But I hope that girl can get some police protection because there are at least a thousand mentally unstable and sexually starved men who are very aware of who Sandra Fluke is and Rush Limbaugh has told them what kind of a woman he thinks she is. I am not nor ever will be a limbaugh fan.

When will Bill Clinton weigh in on the Sandra Fluke issue? by Atheist Chuck Q: I am seriously waiting for his opinion. Is she White House worthy?

What are the odds Sandra Fluke was raised in a fatherless household? by Q:

When Limbaugh apologized to Sandra Fluke, did he mean it? Or did he apologize due to losing advertisement $$? by Q: Don't come between a Con and his money. A Conservative would drive around with an "Obama 2012" bumper sticker if it meant he could make a profit doing so. Just as Limbaugh who NEVER apologizes about anything, will be the first to apologize if he learns that he's losing money.

How many professors does Sandra Fluke have to sleep with to keep her C average? by Q:

what position are you taking on Sandra Fluke? by Q: i heard that any position with the girl on top has the least chance of pregnancy for the nice lady. so maybe cowgirl position? or reverse cowgirl?

How, exactly, is Sandra Fluke a "slut"? by Q: What defines a slut, anyway? On that note, how is Bristol Palin a slut? How does getting pregnant out of wedlock make someone a slut?

Why do conservatives want to be in Sandra Fluke's bedroom? by Q: I thought the sex police were so yesterday. And don't go there with the "I am paying for her contraception" BS. We all pay and should be. If unwanted pregnancies ever come back to America the Conservatives will be blamed so much it will cause them to dissapear.

Why doesn't Sandra Fluke try to make money the old fashion way she is obviously good at it? lol? by Flying Above the Lotus Q: Isn't premarital sex a heath risk and shouldn't her premiums go up? @Frogma: You got an odor.

How come people are turning this whole Sandra Fluke thing into a Gender Issue when? by Q: the issue at hand is whether or not the American people should be subsidizing other peoples' contraception? I don't get how she can afford to go to Georgetown, but can't afford to buy her own protection. If you can't afford it, then maybe it's a good idea to keep your legs closed.

How long before Sarah Palin shows up on Fox News denouncing Sandra Fluke as a "slut"? by Q: Think she'll put in a call to Glenn Rice right after she's off the air?

Does the Sandra Fluke non-issue show how desperate the Democrats are? by Q: Rush Limbaugh called someone a whore. That is the best that you have? Normally the president wouldn't even bother getting involved with such a non issue, but I guess when your record is one failed policy after another you will take anything you can get to draw attention elsewhere.

Who do you side with - Sandra Fluke, or Rush Limbaugh? by Q: Sandra Fluke is the woman that testified in Washington over the support of contraception. Rush Limbaugh called her a "s l u t", a "prostitute", and demanded that she show everyone her sex videos. I'd like to see how the Cons defend Rush. Then again, many Cons share the same sick mindset as him, so then again it wouldn't be that hard for Cons to defend him.

A: If he can call that young woman a "slut," without knowing her or having met her, then I am perfectly justified in calling him a pedophile - there were reports that he was diddling young boys in Central America. I have never sided with Limbaugh on anything of significance. Unlike him, I think about things before I start shooting my mouth off.

What was Sandra Fluke's EXACT Statement on Contraception? by Q: Been looking online for her EXACT statement on what she deems moral when it comes to the issue, but could only come up with Limbaugh's slurs or the college's statement of support(?). What is her EXACT statement? Please site a website reference.

If Sandra Fluke expects free birth control, should she also be provided with a paper bag for her head? by Q: So the poor dude can't see what she looks like?

Was Sandra Fluke on her back facing the ceiling in Capitol Hill while making her testimony? by Q: Or did she actually refrain from her hourly pounding from random dudes long enough to address the Democrats with her undivided attention? Mr. Wolf - Actually, I only do this to irritate you libtards. And it works like a charm. Nothing personal really. It's just entertaining to me.

What do you guys think about Bill Clinton offering an internship position to Georgetown student Sandra Fluke? by Mark Q: It should be a great opportunity for her to give a head; sorry, I meant get ahead... and Bill will cover the cost of her birth control.

Who has worse morals: Sandra Fluke or a tijuana ho•ker? by Q: At least if i paid the tj hkr, i'd get something in return. Sandra is just flat out stealing from me.

A: Fluke. At least the hooker does real work.

Can we all chip in and buy Sandra Fluke a Battery Operated Boyfriend and be done with it? by Flying Above the Lotus Q: lol @Mercuri: Well whatever he did he sure didn't ask me to pay for it. I agree with you No chance without Jesus but that is between them and God. However what I am concerned with is that we are having to pay for it and in a way take part in those perversions.

Should modern day heroes like Sandra Fluke have any legal recourse against Conservatives? by Q: Other than lose the election, the GOP can call Fluke a slut all they want. It is her CHOICE to live the lifestyle SHE wants too. This attack on women is relentless and terrible. I am very happy the catholic priests and pope got served with Obama's important stand on women's birth control. Obama is getting further ahead in the polls over this kind of garbage.

A: Obama wins in 2012. Rush needs to go bye bye along with the GOP Tea Party RepubliCONs.

Why don't people like Sandra Fluke just get free condoms at Planned Parenthood? by WuzUp? Q: Fluke testified that without insurance coverage, contraception can cost a woman as much as $3,000 during law school". I'm willing as a tax payer to buy condoms for free distribution to the public, but why should I be forced to pay for other much more expensive forms of birth control for anyone that wants them? BTW, Limbaugh calling her a "slut/prostitute " just showed what an uncouth idiot he is.

A: saying Limbaugh is "uncouth" is an understatement!

Should Obama have sunk so low as to call Sandra Fluke? by Q: And I thought Obama was supposed to be non-partisan. It's Obvious Sandra Fluke is just a liberal plant.

Did you know Sandra Fluke supplements her income by selling crack to school children? by Skull Cleaner Q: It's all true. I have it on tape and I'm going to publish it soon.

A: She needs to sell crack to pay for her rubbers... It makes sense for a liberal...

Do you think Sandra Fluke is a sad and misguided woman since she is spending 3000 a year on contraceptives? by Flying Above the Lotus Q: Why are the Democratic party using such a disturbed young lady? They are obviously taking advantage of her.

Why would Sandra Fluke open herself up to be probed by Congress and the public? by trbl Q: Why expose such a private area of you life for everyone to examine? Do most women prefer to be a little more discreet about the hole thing?

What do you think of Sandra Fluke challenging the top 25 college football teams? by Q: Do you think she can make it through ALL of them? That's about 2,500 guys, so we should have bought her enough condoms with perhaps a day or two to spare.

A: that b*tch is ugly as hell i wouldn't touch her with a 10ft pole

How much education does Sandra Fluke have compared to rush limpaugh? by Q: I've got that at 6 years of college to 1 pathetic semester, is that right?

A: yup rush is an uneducated moron

When you think of Sandra Fluke's comments, what is the first thing you think? by Purge DC! Q: When you think of Sandra Fluke and her comments about contraceptives, what do you is the first thing you think? I think that democrats have to stop asking what can the country do for me or we are DOOMED!

A: Another entitlement baby getting her 15 minutes of fame.

Do people like Sandra Fluke know that birth control doesn't cure the underlying problem of PCOS? by Q: Sandra Fluke wants birth control to be handed out freely by everyone no matter how much it costs any employer or institution because it can also help combat PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) by regulating menstrual cycles. However, it doesn't redress the root cause of insulin resistance which causes PCOS. It just ignores it. It is like addressing obesity by getting liposuctions.

Rush Limbaugh Calls a Female Georgetown Student, Sandra Fluke, a 'Slut' Rush Limbaugh - Sandra Fluke - I'm Going Broke Having Sex Sandra Fluke Gets A Call From Obama, 3/2/12 Shields, Brooks on Limbaugh's Fluke Comments, 100 point game Sandra Fluke Opening Statement (C-SPAN) The Testimony Chairman Issa Doesn't Want You to Hear Sandra Fluke Speaks: The Republican War on Women's Health I Have a Say: Sandra Fluke Rush Limbaugh VS Sandra Fluke, crossed the line in his radio broadcast. Leftist Sandra Fluke testifies, 'Birth Control Is a Medicine... Religious Schools Should Pay' Sandra Fluke gets Pwned by Drew Pickles Rush Limbaugh Gives You The Reason Sandra Fluke Is Going To A Catholic College Glenn Beck Reacts to Sandra Fluke's Contraception Testimony Rush Lmbaugh Calls 'Sandra Fluke' a 'Slut'. Is Limbaugh Right? Mark Levin on Sandra Fluke How Religious Exemptions Cost One Woman an Ovary Rush Limbaugh on Sandra Fluke, brought to you by ClearChannel Rush Limbaugh Apologizes to Sandra Fluke - NBC's Shomari Stone Cummings & Sandra Fluke on Contraception Rush Limbaugh Calls Sandra Fluke a 'SLUT' Reaction If Obama Treated Everyone Fairly He Would Not Just Call Sandra Fluke Rush Limbaugh | Sandra Fluke Gets Apology After Social Media Pressure Rush Limbaugh - Snerdley Would Agree We Will Happily Buy Sandra Fluke All The Aspirin She Needs Rush Limbaugh Lays Down The Skinny On Sandra Fluke After Mike Brings Up John Boehner Sandra Fluke: Having so much sex, I can't afford to buy birth control Rush Limbaugh's strawman against Sandra Fluke Episode 3: Sandra Fluke... SANDRA FLUKE CONTROCEPTIVE CONTROVERSY Sandra fluke Slut the Susan G Komen Foundation & Planned Parenthood Rush Limbaugh and Sandra Fluke rush limbaugh sandra fluke Dems hold mock hearing on women's health, contraception Limbaugh Sandra Fluke Dragging Women Back To 1950's [Real Audio & Video] Rush Limbaugh Calls Sandra Fluke a 'SLUT' Law Student Sandra Fluke Wants You To Pay For Her To Have Sex Rush Limbaugh Calls Georgetown Coed Sandra Fluke a Slut, Apologizes, Obama Calls to Offer Support Rush Limbaugh - Can You Imagine Your Her Parents How Proud Of Sandra Fluke You Would Be Sandra Fluke Rush Limbaugh you slut COMMENTARY Rush Limbaugh Calls Sandra Fluke A Slut, Mitt Romney Ducks - Boycott Rush Rush Limbaugh calls Sandra Fluke a SLUT Sandra Fluke Filleted on Jay McNally's Show with Darrin Moore Rush Limbaugh Apologizes To Sandra Fluke For Calling Her A 'Slut' Limbaugh apologizes to Sandra Fluke! Is the Damage Already Done? Rush Limbaugh slur of law student Sandra Fluke draws Obama into fray Sandra Fluke's Controversial Birth Control Testimony Here Is The Rush Limbaugh Pill About Sandra Fluke That Was Hard For The Democrats To Swallow Rush Limbaugh Apology Sandra Fluke Bill O'Reilly -- Contraception Conundrum Rush Limbaugh's Letter Apologizing to Sandra Fluke Rush Limbaugh Apologizes to Sandra Fluke
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