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San francisco 49ers

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How much is a 1978 signed game ball from the san francisco 49ers worth.? by David Q: it is a game ball signed by over 40 of the players from the 1978 san francisco 49ers including steve deberg's autograph in his rookie year with the 49ers and OJ Simpson's signature.

A: I wouldn't pay a cent for anything with that scumbag o.j on it.

What draft picks do the San Francisco 49ers have in the 2007 NFL Draft? by bencampopiano Q: I'm not looking for projected picks or potential players that could be drafted by the 49ers in 2007. I just want to know how many picks the San Francisco 49ers have in each round of the 2007 NFL Draft as of today (December 23, 2006). Also, if you have this info, how and where did you get it? I need a source. Thanks and go Niners!

A: we should have all our own regular picks. we probably would get a 3rd for julian peterson, 4th for andre carter, 4th for lloyd, 4th for barlow. and i think since anthony clement is playing well for the jets we would get something for him.

Did John Taylor of the San Francisco 49ers ever have "J" Taylor on the back of his jersey? by Robert Q: I'm looking to buy a John Taylor Jersey from the San Francisco 49ers. All of the jerseys I came across were just "Taylor" on the back and all the footage I've seen is the same. Now I've encountered a signed #82 Jersey with "J. Taylor" on the back. The owner claims it is original and has a certificate of authenticity. Does anyone know if Taylor ever had a J on his back?

A: don't buy it

Do the San Francisco 49ers have what it takes to win the NFC west this year? by trer Q: Offense has picked up some talented pieces and the defense is strong as well. Will this be a return to glory for the San Francisco 49ers?

A: Definitly The NFC West doesn't have many challenging opponents Seattle is pretty good but they had issues with injuries and i don't think they're the team to beat like they were last year. St. Louis just hasn't been the same since Martz left and Warner left Arizona might be the biggest challenge with that explosive young offense and that good defense i say the niners win the division 9-7 to10-6

Where is the stadium of San Francisco 49ers? by pb.fan Q: Where is the stadium of San Francisco 49ers? i know its in SF but i want specific location? please.

A: It's MonsterPark - originally Candlestick. Located at: 490 Jamestown Ave San Francisco, CA 94124 cross streets are Harney Way. *it gets foggy there so don't forget to take a jacket.

When do the San Francisco 49ers hold their practices in Santa Clara? by sfsandy2000 Q: I'm looking to go to a San Francisco 49ers practice in Santa Clara soon to try and get some autographs. I was wondering when (as in days and times) do they hold their team practices? Also, is it hard to get autographs from the players? Thank you =)

A: Not sure how their facility is structured. As for the Raiders training camp, the player's parking lot is gated off. So the only chance you can is if you can flag down or stand in front and stop their cars for an autograph....if they stop that is. Might be the same for 49ers facility. Though, try to find out where the players live and comes Halloween, you can "trick or autograph". I got a Tim Brown and Antawn Jamison autograph from this.

What are the needs that the San Francisco 49ers fill this offseason? by g-money Q: What are the needs that the San Francisco 49ers fill this offseason?

A: Obviously they could use a quarterback, but I would take one later in the draft. They need playmakers at wide receiver, at RT, OLB, and both a safety and a cornerback.

Do you think the San Francisco 49ers will be able to make the Superbowl this upcoming season? by Amanda B Q: The San Francisco 49ers have won the Superbowl five times. The last time was in 1995. That was over 13 years ago. Do you think that they will be able to win, this upcoming season?

A: wow, many of the responses are very ignorant. your opinions are purely based on your bais. i am i die hard niner fan and can be ralistic. right now every team has a shot including the niners. over the offseason they have improved drasitcally. i dont think they can make it to the super bowl though. they are not good enough yet but mabye in the next couple of years, they can easily make the playoffs though. for whoever said they have trouble within their own division, ignorant, the niners play well in their own division and could win it depending on how the season works out. most of you know nothing about the niners and respond with pure opinion and not fact. most of you are very stupid, i could go on but i wont.

How can I take a charter bus to the san francisco 49ers and dallas cowboys game from the central valley ca.? by me Q: I want to take a roundtrip charter bus to san francisco california for the 49ers vs dallas cowboys game from the central valley california. Does anyone know how I can go about getting this information and if there are any buses going out that way from either Bakersfield California or Fresno California area? Thanks

A: Charter buses are buses hired by a group of people to take them somewhere. When a football game is involved, generally it's a package deal - game tickets plus the bus ride. They're not going to have extra seats on the bus for other people, or hire a bus and take the chance that they'll find enough people to fill it and pay the cost of the bus.

How much do the San Francisco 49ers cost (like the cost to buy the team)? by Aquamarine Blue Beauty Q: How much do the San Francisco 49ers cost (like the cost to buy the team)

A: I'm sure more than you can afford

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