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San diego weather

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Dyedave Aircraft hoops weather forecast: Cloudy, high of 62 degrees Friday (game day) in San Diego. But showers, 58/59 degrees, for Saturday/Sunday.

aboutsandiego Stay Cool: San Diego has a well-deserved reputation for its nearly perfect weather, but there are a few w... http://t.co/casXHqQw #about

SanDiego_CA_ Winter Weather Advisory issued for San Diego, CA http://t.co/RdNh2qOR

Annettdoa A Set of 4 NFL Universal Fit Front All-Weather Floor Mats and A Set of 2 Universal Fit Seat Covers - San Diego C... http://t.co/NONZ5DxT

FastWeather San Diego Weather: Today's High is 63 F - Get 5 Day Forecast: http://t.co/1op5fqV3

slytherinchick @Elzarynn But Northern VA is lovely! Most of my family lives there. :) I'm jealous of your weather. San Diego MIGHT have rain tomorrow. :P

Claircml Baby Genius - A Trip to the San Diego Zoo [VHS]: When drizzly weather keeps the toddlers indoors, A Trip to the ... http://t.co/mi0G7inB

SydneyWayans Weather Forecast - San Diego, CA - Local Long Range ... -

_ariannaM RT @katelyntarver: SAN DIEGO! Come seek shelter from this weather at the @ActionItemBand show tonight at 'The Epicentre'! Its nice and warm in here...

_KathrynW @MichaelStag plzzzzz come to san diego.... WHAOW?!?!?! I heard the weather is lovely this time of year.

aprilordonez On San Diego rain and why it reminds me of Scotland. But not really. http://t.co/Sz1tiXHo

1drgrl87 San Diego! I love your weather right now!!

ZoomTr Cold weather in San Diego. Stay war travel south!

AntPDX @roxymylove it's supposed to rain tomorrow in San Diego :( I brought PDX weather with me #notcool

adoramaused Happy wife = Happy life! Some lines of the To Do list are complete, now packing... What's the San Diego weather? #fb


What has the best weather san diego or los angeles? How is the weather different? by manwomen23 Q:

A: Step away from the crack pipe, Nana Sue... The weather is very similar, but I do think LA (northern) tends to get a little more rain... it's definitely a lot smoggier.... I'd pick SD over LA for anything...

how is the weather in san diego ? by ABC Q: i am coming for a vacation to san diego tomorrow. Please let me know how the weather is ? do we need light jackets for nights .. or sleaveless is fine?

A: Well, I live here in San Diego and inland it has been in the low to mid 90s during the day and cooling off at night but we still leave the air on all night. The coast has been in the 80s nice sunny and warm but I hear there is supposed to be marine layer in the morning this weekend. But come on out and enjoy the nice weather, bring lots of shorts and shirts, maybe a light sweatshirt if you get cold easily but you more than likely won't need it!

How is the weather in San Diego in October and November? by Allen D Q: I want to go on vacation this fall, probably in the October and November time frame. I don't want to do Florida because of the risk of hurricanes in the fall, so how are things in the San Diego area during the fall? Is San Diego a good city to vacation to?

A: October is one of the best times of the year. Hot days, cool nights, clear skies, low humidity. There is also a good chance of Santa Anna like conditions, which means hot air blowing in off the desert. IMO September-October are the best weather months of the year. November can be a bit tricky. Chance of rain increases and you could get a storm coming in from the north with cold winds. The seasons change here like a light switch. There will be a change in weather patterns and one day it's summer, the next it's fall-winter. This usually happens in November. San Diego is a great vacation spot: best Zoo in the world, the Wild Animal Park, dozens of museums in Balboa Park, Shedd Aquarium, Sea World, La Jolla, beaches, surfing, sailing, casinos, NFL Football. ML Baseball, etc. You are also close to Disneyland and L.A. Be aware that the ocean temperature is never warm here, It is a northern current and even in the summer, it almost never breaks 70 degrees.

What's the weather like in san diego during the first week in March? by L Yong Q: Hi, guys, could you please tell me what the weather is like in san diego around the first week in March? Is the sun strong enough to make sunglasses a must when traveling? I have no idea what to wear. A packing list would be great. Thanks a lot.

A: it's going to be sunny but a bit cold

Will the weather in San Diego, Ca be hot or cool at the end of October? by Becca Q: Will the weather in San Diego, Ca be hot or cool at the end of October? The reason being is that I want to buy my Halloween costume now and I have 2 in mind so I need to know which would be the best choice for the weather.

A: Averages in San Diego CA in October: High: 74 F Low : 61 F .44 In of rain Record high of 111 F Record Low of 51 F

Are there any reasonable cost of living places near San Diego where weather is always nice? by JP Q: Have heard San Diego too expensive.....any other areas in Cali that fit the description above?

A: What exactly do you consider reasonable, and what size living space are you looking for?? I live in a VERY nice complex, and we pay $1600 for a 2 bedroom, 2 bath unit. There are one bedroom units down the street from us that are going for about $900. We live in Point Loma. If you go south to Chula Vista (the East & West sides are not that horrible -- having lived there I know), you can find decent places for about $1000, and if you head south to Imperial Beach you can find fairly priced places as well (I've lived there too...used to pay $600 for a 2 BR 1 Bath about 7 years ago -- although I'm sure the rents have gone up considerably since then). It will also depend on where you plan to work and how much commuting you want to do. Gas is a bit more expensive out here, and 20 miles doesn't seem like much to commute, but when you're crawling along at 10 mph it can take a LONG time to get to/from work. So you have to decide whether you want to commute & spend 1/3 of your life in traffic, or pay a bit more for rent. Your question is far too ambiguous to give an accurate, useful or concise answer. I suggest you use some apartment finder services (apartments.com for example) and see if there's anything that you'd be interested in.

Where are other places in the world with similar weather to San Diego, CA? by aug_girl_diane Q: I would like to relocate to another location with similar weather to San Diego, but where housing is more affordable.

A: dont listen to first person. east coast is way tooo humid. nothing like san diego. italy/greece is about the only other place that would work. or the coast above SF. its a hard climate to duplicate and its one of the best in the world.

san diego weather late september what clothes? by taragoesmoo Q: okay so i'm from england and used to the cold. i'm going to san diego in late september this year. i've been once before when i was about 6, so don't really remember it. What will the weather be like? WIll it rain? Can i wear shorts? What clothes and shoes e.tc... should i take? thankyou! xxxx

Lajolla San Diego weather? also where is the doomsday going to occur in california, where else.? by West Q: Lajolla San Diego weather?

A: The climate of La Jolla California - near San Diego is heavily moderated by the cool Pacific Ocean just to the west. Normal yearly rainfall is only 10 inches, but from April until October, normally there is no rain at all. The sun is out over 70% of the time, but we do have the May Gray June Gloom - which in the mornings is a low deck of clouds, which burns off in the late morning hours. Normal highs are in the 60's in January, which is the wettest month of the year, averaging 2 inches. Snowfall is as frequent here as it is in Miami - both have seen snow once. The last measurable snow in La Jolla was in 1949, and it was well under an inch. Temperatures rarely go below 40 in the winter, and the last time it went below freezing was over 20 years ago. In the summer, it is always sunny, and it never rains - our record rainfall for July is like .2 of an inch. Normal highs are in the 70's on the coast, but rapidly rise into the 90's and 100's just a few miles inland. Temperatures, with an east wind can reach 100 degrees even on the water, with the Santa Ana winds, but this is a rare occassion. However, there will be several days every year - usually in late summer when you will have a few abnormally hot days in the mid 90's or higher even on the water.

What is San Diego weather like during the months of Janurary thru March? by Alex Q: im wondering about the temperture, humidity, and how sunny it is.

A: January is one of our top rainy months. You are looking at highs of 55-63 and lows around 41-50. There can be some really cold temps if we get freaky weather. I've scraped ice off of my windshield when living right along Mission Bay. Humidity is really nothing to be concerned about in January. I'd put it around 50% unless it rains then it's 100% February is usually the wettest month of the year. Temps are like January. March is weird. It's a transition month like October is. Very unpredictable weather conditions. It could rain for two weeks or high pressure could settle in and it will be in the high 60s and lower 70s. One thing I have noticed about March is that the way it starts is opposite of the way it ends. If it starts out cold it will end up warm. If it starts out dry it will end up wet. You will have more sunny days than May and June.

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