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SanDiegoWatch Sex Crimes Accuser Sharply Questioned http://t.co/ArXKOYY2

UnionTwibune Portraits of the Occupy San Diego movement: On Monday, the Occupy San Diego movement will mark an annivers... http://t.co/5ibrhHFR #twib

UnionTwibune Convention center financing riles some hoteliers: Hotel operators in north San Diego plan to craft an alte... http://t.co/O5VAdMfd #twib

UnionTribune Portraits of the Occupy San Diego movement http://t.co/EH7xS2Qr [U-T latest]

sara_h RT @jonathanheller: Interesting insights. [email protected]: Seven portraits of the #occupysd movement http://t.co/9rDXMWKG

realestate_2 #SanDiego #RealEstate: 555 Front #1701, San Diego, CA. 92101 http://t.co/nCAsmY7g #news

sdutSanDiego Portraits of the Occupy San Diego movement http://t.co/yXdI5fBh #sdut

PublicityNews Bridgepoint Education Announces November and December Conference Schedule: SAN DIEGO, Nov. 4, 2011 /PRNewswi... http://t.co/qRl3oUAw #pr

PublicityNews Beacons to Preview New Leucadia Homes and Kick-off Sales: SAN DIEGO, Nov. 1, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Beacons, a... http://t.co/DNeFUG5X #pr

Martin_Gibson2 KUSI News Weather Sports San Diego Fed foresees far weaker growth than it had ... http://t.co/Vf0FOnaZ

caavadesign San Diego Creatives : Tim Butler http://t.co/h0baM55g via @sezio

AthensMarketSD RB News: North San Diego Farmers Market Starts New Hours Sunday http://t.co/IuAJBosI

MondoF84 #NFL Update >> Chargers RB Brinkley will play vs. Pack (AP) - San Diego Chargers backup running back Curtis Brinkley... http://t.co/xhtKIYOe

aboutjer #NFL Update >> Chargers RB Brinkley will play vs. Pack (AP) - San Diego Chargers backup running back Curtis Brinkley... http://t.co/CBODG35H

JuniorTheatre R.I.P. Leonard Stone. Thank you for supporting San Diego Junior Theatre. http://t.co/HZrCty3u


What does The CW stand for (San Diego news)? by jiminyjimbo Q: CW?

A: CBS-Warner Brothers, owners of the network.

what happend to san diego news fox 6 anchor angela chee? by johnny14r Q:

A: January 12, 2008 Angela Chee: another one bites the dust... The increasingly pregnant Angela Chee, Fox 6 News' weekday morning show co-anchor, left the show on Friday. At first, I thought she was just going on maternity leave, but as the anchors started to get all misty-eyed and touchy-feely, it became apparent she was gone, baby, gone. Chee joined the station last January after Desiree Carvajal left.

Where do I enter the codes for the San Diego 6 news? (couch potato?)? by connie Q: The San Diego 6 news channel has these codes that you can enter on the website and earn points to win things, but I dont know where to enter these codes? Can anyone help me?

A: http://www.sd6rewards.com/viewer/home.htm;jsessionid=00C07B4C320EF0B8030DF3353C5D8DA8

what are the best websites for lgbt news in San Diego, California, and then the United States, in that order? by Andrew Q: I want to hear more about things that are happening in gay and lesbian rights and culture on a local, state, and national level. So any websites that fit those criteria would be a huge help. Thanks!

A: usatoday.com lgbtnews.com GayNZ.com and there's one i use on facebook. i'll edit that in tomorrow. edit: so this is the one i personally use. www.lgbtnation.com

What is the top rated google result for "party news san diego"? by Liam Q:

A: News, then http://www.sddemocrats.org/

Does anyone know where I can find archived san diego news articles from 1984 online? by tams Q:

A: In San Diego, most major libraries have the San Diego Union / Tribune on microfilm. I know for a fact that the Chula Vista main library at 4th and F Street does.

Is Chrissy Russo of Fox 5 News San Diego single? by ericjamesharlow Q: Now, first let me state I knowwwwwww this sounds creepy. However, being that she's a 33 year old hottie that surfs, rides bikes and rides a Harley, I had to find out. Does she have a husband? I looked everywhere and couldn't find anything.

A: check Tiger wood's website

What time in the morning does San Diego 6 news come on? by Q: For those people who live in San Diego of course, or know.

A: 6 a.m.

If John Coleman is such a great "climatologist," why does he work at a local San Diego news station? by Richard the Physicist Q: San Diego, one of the easiest places on earth, besides the Sahara (hot and sunny), to predict weather.

A: He's not climatologist, he claims to be a meteorologist and with a lack any information relating to his academic history provided on the internet, including his own web site, I have my personal doubts about his qualifications as a meteorologist. He apparently attended the University of Illinois, but there is no indication that he ever completed anything relating to atmospheric science. Wikipedia was the only place I could find that lists him as completing an unknown degree in 1957. If you look at the way he is presented as #37 of list of usual suspects in climate denial “The Manhattan Declaration”, he is in fact not even presented as a meteorologist, a climatologist or possessing any degree from undergraduate to post graduate. Others on this list provide who and what they are, but Coleman is simply listed as “Founder, The Weather Channel, Weather Anchor, KUSI-TV, San Diego”. That's it! Coleman's only obvious connection to weather and climate is as a TV weather reporter and simply being the “founder of the Weather Channel” and when it comes to climate science being a reporter of weather really means nothing. If the man had anything of value to add to climate information one might think he would tell his actual qualifications, if he indeed had any.

how do I sue the combined San Diego news industrial complex for failure to report a Dangerous Situation? by tony Q: We are a newly forming grass roots group of concernd citizens of San Diego Ca. Who are trying to end a a dangeorus situation of sex offenders being deined entry into homless shelters. which is a dangerous situation! every major city on the west coast manadated that shelters accpet them as a public saftey issue- San Diego will not please see the our report at www.lawsuit.tk

A: Good luck with that, not likely.

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