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San diego chargers

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1m_Peter CB Sam Shields moves past concussion: AP GREEN BAY, Wis. -- Green Bay cornerback Sam Shields expects to play Sun... http://t.co/6cHY60Kn

1965EPerez @Angie_Harmon Tomorrow tailgating @ Packers/Chargers game in San Diego. Will do.

staywithlivetv √!! Watch√!! Green Bay Packers vs San Diego Chargers Live NFL on Sunday, Week-9 http://t.co/XarufifU

lfbnfl http://t.co/6009S2E4 Week 9 NFL Schedule: AFC West Picks And Previews - SB Nation

staywithlivetv Green Bay Packers vs San Diego Chargers Live, Sunday, Nov 6, 2011!! http://t.co/eNDpV1pn

FantasyInsider Week 9 Fantasy Football Start 'Em, Sit 'Em: Mike Tolbert and RBs You Must Start: San Diego Chargers running back... http://t.co/vvCpzIjT

GoingGreenGone CB Sam Shields moves past concussion: AP GREEN BAY, Wis. -- Green Bay cornerback Sam Shields expects to play Sun... http://t.co/Dfayvyh5

SevenChildren CB Sam Shields moves past concussion: AP GREEN BAY, Wis. -- Green Bay cornerback Sam Shields expects to play Sun... http://t.co/QbMu1rG6

LabellaGreen CB Sam Shields moves past concussion: AP GREEN BAY, Wis. -- Green Bay cornerback Sam Shields expects to play Sun... http://t.co/sfRB3Wl1

VansJerry Anyone wanna buy my Oakland Raiders vs San Diego Chargers football tickets? This Thursday Night @ 5:20pm Nov. 10 in San Diego. $100 each.

PackersStuff CB Sam Shields moves past concussion: The second-year player was hurt when he intercepted a pass in the end zone... http://t.co/KTdjgUED

superscoutken NFL HOT OFF THE WIRE Chargers | Vincent Brown may have bigger role: San Diego Chargers WR Vincent Brown may rece... http://t.co/HDyrXh0T

bigleadsports per @kffl - Chargers | Vincent Brown may have bigger role - San Diego Chargers WR Vincent Brown may receive a heavy ... http://t.co/ZaXxVab1

hardreasiram Live stream Green Bay Packers v San Diego Chargers 06 November, 2011 http://t.co/UPc7nqst

ron49white CB Sam Shields moves past concussion: AP GREEN BAY, Wis. -- Green Bay cornerback Sam Shields expects to play Sun... http://t.co/8ojGCUMx


How much is my Drew Brees 2003 autograph card? This is when he was on the San Diego Chargers.? by Kevin Q: I was just wondering how much it would sell for. It is from his 2003 career When he was the San Diego Chargers starting Quarterback. That was the Year before The Chargers drafted Philip Rivers. Thanks for the help.

A: probably not a whole lot right now, but hold on to it until he is inducted in the hall of fame, then it will be Worth a pretty pennie

Will this year be the final offeseason for the Chargers in San Diego? by bresilhac Q: Will the San Diego Chargers relocate following the 2008 season? If so, where to? San Antonio or Los Angeles?


All i really want in life is a satin men's san diego chargers jacket. Is that too much to ask? by thenextman Q: It appears you can find anything on the internet. Apart from an old men's satin san diego chargers jacket. Not on ebay. Not anywhere. If anyone has any ideas about where i could get one i'd be most grateful. PS Thanks in advance to anyone telling me that i'm a massive woofter because i want a satin jacket / am a chargers fan.

A: If your a good boy, maybe Santa will help you out.

How are San Diego Chargers games like? How do I get there? by Daniel Q: In December ill be driving from San Francisco to San Diego for a weekend. My main goal is to catch the Niner and Chargers game that weekend. My question is how are the Chargers games like? I never been to a Charger game. Also how is the parking their? Or should I take public transit? Also Ill be staying in the downtown area, what are some things I can do at night for a few hours? any restaurant recommendations? (looking more on the cheap side, Im a college student now working part time lol) Any information will help! Thanks!

A: FYI the Charger vs 49er game is a Thursday Night game with a 5:20 kickoff. The best way to get to the stadium is by trolley. It leaves you right at the stadium gate. This is especially true for a Thursday night game during XMAS shopping season. Stores will be open late. There are lots of malls on Friars Road and in the vicinity of the stadium. That combined with the normal rush hour commute will make driving insane. I expect the stadium parking lot to be almost full by noon. On game day they sell all day trolley passes for $5. Parking at the stadium is $20 and, if you're not familiar with traffic patterns, it takes hours to get in and out of the place by car. http://www.sdmts.com/trolley/trolley.asp As far as resturants, from downtown, you'll need to transfer at Old Town Transit Center to a different trolley line. One block away is one of the best pizza and Italian food resturants in town. Pizza Bella features home made Italian food made from Mama Bella's recipies. During the day their courtyard is open for outdoor dining. It's one block from the Old Town trolley stop. My suggestion is have a late lunch at Pizza Bella and head to the game around 3:00 PM. Gates open 2 hours before kickoff. http://www.yelp.com/biz/pizza-bella-san-diego Another great downtown place to eat is Kansas City BBQ. It's where they filmed the bar scene in Top Gun. It's right next to the Seaport Village trolley stop. Inexpensive and great food. Their beef brisket sandwich plate is one of my favorites. http://www.kcbbq.net/

Where can I find pictures of Lou Buell when he played for San Diego Chargers? by Boss Lady Q: Lou Buell was a running back for the San Diego Chargers. The quarterback when he was playing was D. Fouts at the time. Looking for pictures of Lou Buell.

A: you can't

Are the San Diego Chargers a good team to root for? by Nick Walker Q: I live outside the US and I'm new to NFL and have found a team in the San Diego Chargers so far, I just wanted to know if it would be a good idea to support them. Any suggestions?

A: Chargers fans are fair weather fans, so stay away from that team. Go with a team that has a solid fan base, good owners and has a tradition of winning. Steelers , Cowboys , 49ers , Raiders all have great traditions and fantastic fans plus are multiple Super Bowl winners.

Why do the San Diego Chargers always choke in the playoffs? why do they always choke in the most important? by introvertedguy06 Q: games? seriously, why is it that the Chargers are able to do great in the regular-season but come up short in the post-season? Is it the San Diego Sports Curse or what? Seriously, what is wrong with the Chargers or San Diego Sports teams in general? Because the San Diego Padres have never won a World Series, just like the Chargers have never won a Super Bowl. Maybe God or Jesus hates the city of San Diego?

A: The reason I'd say is more that they get too impatient. They were just at the point of going far in the play-offs then they fire Schottenheimer. Turner gets them close to that point again and the fans want him fired. The GM did the right thing in keeping Turner. You have to have consistency. At the end of 2005/beginning of 2006 I remember a lot of Colts fans wanted to see Dungy hit the door because they thought he couldn't win the big one. Then later in 2006 he wins it. Sooner or later after you make the play-offs enough times you are going to win it. If I have a team and coaching staff that gets me to the play-offs year after year I'm going to stick with them because they'll eventually win it. The Chargers did the same thing with Brees. They had a great quarterback and got rid of him because he didnt' win soon enough for them. Now look at where he's taken the Saints. The Giants were ready to do the same thing with Eli at the beginning of 2007. They talked about getting rid of Eli. Then later that year he wins the Super Bowl. When you get close and you spend all that time developing talent and getting the team to gel, don't break it up. Keep developing it and let it finally win.

Would the San Diego Chargers or Baltimore Ravens have home-field if they met in the AFC Championship game ? by Sid Q: This is hypothetical of course, because each team would have to win its next playoff game. The San Diego Chargers (8-8) have a better seed (4), but the Ravens (6 seed) have the better record (11-5). Can someone clarify and provide sources if possible? Thanks.

A: Chargers because they won their division and the Ravens are a wildcard team.

How does paying for NFL San Diego Chargers Playoff tickets work? by E T Q: I am a season ticket holder of the San Diego Chargers and they offered playoff tickets for season ticket holders. The amount came to $520 for two seats. Is this cost for 1 game or ALL the playoffs?

A: I'm not sure but that price sounds decent enough for one game in the playoffs but I'm not 100% sure Go Chargers!

How many more San Diego Chargers do the Jets need to beat the Colts in the playoffs? by Drew Blood Q: It's a FACT that the Colts are 0-2 against the San Diego Chargers when facing them in the playoffs. So is that the strategy that the New York Jets have? Sign as many San Diego players as they can? First Antonio Cromarte and now LADAINIAN TOMLINSON?

A: Its a FACT that the Colts have been to the Superbowl twice as many times as the Chargers have. Jk i really do hope the Colts play the Chargers for the AFC Championship for two reasons A) so people can stop talking about us losing to you B) I believe were the two best AFC teams

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