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Sammy Watkins

Clemson's Sammy Watkins arrested on drug-related charges
By Nicole Auerbach, USA TODAY Clemson wide receiver Sammy Watkins was arrested early Friday morning. According to the Clemson University Police, Watkins was charged with possession of a controlled substance and simple possession of marijuana, ...

Clemson football star Sammy Watkins was arrested Friday morning.- 12:06 pm
LaBelle got the hits. But the Cowboys couldn't turn them into runs. Or a win.- 11:58 pm The latest poll of registered Florida voters in this year's presidential race shows there's a hanging chad's difference between Republican Mitt Romney and incumbent ...

To 2013 and beyond: projecting NFL Draft's future No. 1 picks
Clemson ace wideout Sammy Watkins is in the running for that year's No. 1 pick in the NFL Draft. (AP Photo) Arkansas' Tyler Wilson is the second-best QB. A strong-armed quarterback who showed NFL-caliber passing skills during his breakout 2011 season, ...

CFT: Luck as new Stanford A.D.? 'No comment'
While the details are very scant at this point in time, WSPA-TV is reporting that Clemson star wide receiver Sammy Watkins was arrested by university police early Friday morning and booked into the City of Clemson's holding facility.

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DanKnowsSports RT @SolidVerbal: Sammy Watkins allegedly had Adderall on him, so give him credit for being super-focused on getting arrested.

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stevey1der RT @TK_Smith3: Sammy Watkins had adderal and vivance on him too....the homie is just tryna pass his finals!!!! Commend him for that at least

24_ballinMullin Notre Dames QB resisted arrest last week and Sammy Watkins got arrested for posession. No disrespect, you guys are supposed to b role models

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Sammy Watkins for Heisman? by Q: Hade a huge game last night and broke CJ Spiller's single game all-purpose yardage record. Your opinion on his possibility of winning the Heisman?

A: The kid is a beast, but Clemson is not quite legit this year. They will be legit by next year.

Which team has the best shot at winning the BCS National Championship next season? by Q: Alabama-Great offense returning except for Trent Richardson at running back and Marquis Maze at wide receiver. Young defense but Nick Saban knows what he's doing. Can they repeat? Georgia-Returning almost everyone. Key is to there offense is sophomore, Isiah Crowell, and veteran quarterback, Aaron Murray. Defense was good last season and they can only go up from here. If they stay healthy could the SEC East powerhouse rise back up to glory and win? USC-Returning Matt Barkely and could possibly have one of the best wide receiving cores in the nation. Defense is okay but they are gonna have to step up with all the fast-pace offenses in the PAC-12. Can Lane Kiffin lead the Southern California Trojans back to dominance and end the SEC National Championship streak? Nebraska-Returning quite a few good players all around. Under Bo Pelini the Cornhuskers have always had a great strong defense. But in the B1G you've got to step on offense because they don't play around. With the tough schedule can Nebraska overcome their disappointing season and continue to reign? Clemson-With Tahj Boyd, Sammy Watkins, and Andre Ellington nobody can stop their quick option read offense, right? We thought that in the Orange Bowl but were disappointed. Can Clemson comeback with another great season, but this time. Can they win it all? LSU-Returning almost EVERYONE except for Morris Claiborne can the Tigers and the Honey Badger get through the SEC without losing? With a tough SEC schedule that'd be pretty hard, but they'll have Alabama at home and that could be a major factor. Can preseason favorite LSU go to the 2013 Discover BCS National Championship and finish what couldn't be done last season? If I left out a team that you think should be there, comment and tell me why you think they could win.

A: Alabama all the way. Nick Saban is one of the greatest coaches alive and like you said they have a great offense returning and the have a good halfback coming in as a freshman that is similar to Trent. With Saban's guidance the young defense that they have will grow into a top caliber competitor and will represent the team and their coach in a great way. BAMA goes to the BCS and WINS.

Football: Clemson vs South Carolina who you got? by Q: I think Clemson will beat their inter-state rivals. With the Gamecoks not having Lattimore that's a huge loss. So, Carolina's defense will have to stop or slow down Sammy Watkins and get pressure on Taj Boyd. Of that doesn't happen, Clemson wins. If they do, they will have a good chance of winning. Alshon Jeffrey will have to get involved also. Clemson will probably blitz Shaw and force him ti make bad throws. Therefore, I think Clemson will win in a close one.

A: I believe that Clemson will break the jinx and win 35-28.

What is your take on Clemson as far as how good of a football team they really are? by Sasquatch Q: The Clemson Tigers shocked the nation this year with a 8-0 start for the first time in eleven years, and were once ranked #5 in the nation before losing to Georgia Tech. Since then, they have lost to NC State and South Carolina due to a lack of confidence that was non-existent at the beginning of the year. And I know that everyone is calling Clemson overrated and saying that they didn't deserve to be ranked so highly, but I disagree. We have one of the best freshman recievers in the country with Sammy Watkins, not to mention a great passing QB in Tajh Boyd, and many other young but truly exceptional players. I do think this was the year we realized our potential as a BCS contender, and I have all the faith in the world that we could be looking a national championship within the next few years. Our recruiting game is pretty good for next year also. The only problem to solve is retrieving our confidence on the offensive side of the ball, which I think will be done. What is your take on the Clemson Tigers and their current BCS ranking of #20? overrated or underrated? A talented team or just early season luck? Please give a candid answer. Thank you.

A: i love Clemson i think there a great team. but yes there overrated how do you get DESTROYED by a N.C State team?? after getting destroyed by SC i really lost confidence in them so i predict V. Tech wins 42-17

Its a small world dont you agree? by Q: Im asking because im watching alot of people that went to my highschool now playing college football or NFL. deion sanders, nate allen(eagles), noel devine(wv star running back), jaylen watkins, spencer boyd, sammy watkins (clemson running back jaylens brother). its amazing how all of these people went to my highschool and came from my city are now professional also ive met plies the rapper before he was famous and the guy from twilight and shark boys grandma goes to my church I also have a friend who used to model with cece from shake it up, have you ever went to highschool with someone famous or met someone famous? why are you guys so annoying? lets grow up people you arnt funny. "Its a small world" is just a saying dont take it seriously and the world is techincally small compared to the rest of space so gf?

A: Yes! Leland Melvin went to my high school, way before I was born but he lived here in Lynchburg and became an astronaut! He's the whole city's inspiration! I met him once before at school, when he came back for a visit...it was pretty cool!

top 5 college football recievers next year? by Q: robert woods keenan allen sammy watkins darick rogers tavon austin

A: Show some love for Jared Abbrederris...only a junior and he's a beast Plus he's white

Who would go higher in next years draft? by Q: Andrew Luck vs RG3 Lamar Miller vs LaMichael James Justin Blackmon vs Sammy Watkins I just chose the people who are talked about the most

A: luck james blackmon

WATKINS vs BLACK MAMBA? by Answers Q: Sammy Watkins WR CLEMSON - 64 rec 978 yards 10 TD. 22 rushes for 133 yards. 5 punt returns - 12 yards. 21 kick returns - 588 yards 1 TD. DeAnthony Thomas WR/RB OREGON AKA BLACK MAMBA 25 rec 382 yrads 6 TD , 40 rushes for 340 yards (8.2) 4 TD 3 punt returns - 52 yards 20 kick returns - 488 yards 1 TD. both TRUE FRESHMAN! whos better? Thomas is under the radar, keep an watch for him.

A: im pretty sure kobe is the black mamba... anyways, id pick watkins

Sammy Watkins for Heisman? by Q: Watkins was by far the best Freshman last year, does he have the opportunity to win the Heisman in future years? (I say yes, but that is my biased oppinion.)

A: I think so. He might have also been pick high in the 1st round in this years first round draft if he declared for it

how many heismans will sammy watkins win? by Q: he is so good he might win multiple heismans if he stays healthy

A: Zero, he plays at Clemson and Clemson has never had a heisman winner despite having candidates such as CJ Spiller, who had better numbers his senior year -than Reggie Bush did the year Bush won the heisman. The problem is Clemson never contends for a national title and always loses to punk teams like NC State.

Sammy Watkins from Clemson U? by Goose63095 Q: Does anyone else think Sammy Watkins is a bit overrated at Clemson? How do you think he'll perform this weekend against VT when probably matched up against Jayron Hosley (just a guess)?

A: Credit dabo with saving his ace til it mattered, ie auburn & fsu. Future opponents will adjust & watkins will have greater challenges.

Where would you rank Sammy Watkins among Div. 1 Wide Receivers? by Q: I'd say he's definitely top 5.

A: With Justin Blackmon leaving college early, I believe that Sammy Watkins has the potential to become the #1-ranked wide receiver in all of Division 1 College Football for the next 2-3 seasons.

Who is better Sammy Watkins or Alshon jeffery? by Q: Clemson is playing the Gamecocks tomorrow and i wanted someone elses opinion.

A: sammy watkins is far more explosive then jeffrey..altho jeffrey is more nfl material with his 6' 4" frame.

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