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Same old song

Jews and 'Jingle Bells'
It's the same old song today, when a Kenny Vance -- whose parents knew him as Kenny Rosenberg -- records Mr. Santa. The same old song with a delicious old-is-new-again spin, that is: Vance's album incorporates the R&B and doo-wop that do this founding ...

Beyond White Christmas: New old Christmas songs you've never heard (Video)
Christmas would not be Christmas without the classic songs. (Okay, the Christ child may have something to do with it, too.) But switching some of the same old songs for some new old songs can shake things up a bit. After all, Jingle Bell Rock would not ...

Nickelback New Album Review: 'Here and Now' is Same Old Song and Dance
This is the band's seventh album and much to the disappoint of many, offers up the "same old song and dance" as past albums. They sing about booze, drugs, sex and rock-n-roll. A typical mainstay for the group throughout its 16-year career in the music ...

Same old song-and-dance from Giants' Jacobs after touchdown
By MIKE VACCARO Brandon Jacobs said it was a tribute to his roots, to the fact he was born in Napoleonville, La., which is 90 minutes west of here on I-10, and then another 90 minutes south on state road 3127. So that's why, with the Giants trailing ...

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JayWLC Same Old Song is the best song on Echoes Of Silence… I shall now continue with my life

Alex_Salinas94 #NowPlaying Same old song - The Weeknd ... @amandeeers I'm sure you'd do a great cover!! #echoesofsilence #angelvoice (:

AyeeJazzy RT @CristianRomance: So I've decided I really like XO/The Host, Same Old Song (cept for the end blew the shit outta me)but The Fall is my fav

iamsurfAD You're the same old song....

JordunLove Same Old Song.

DatDamn_JMezier RT @DeepLove_: The Weeknd- Same Old Song >>>>

thejosiah All around the world, it's the Same Old Song..

ChrisBreezy504 RT @teenswagster: "Dude that's the same old song "…."Well so is your mom….but you still listen to her."

samary101 Same Old Song I would`t mind it by He is we <3

Mitchell_Cr Dirty Diana , Echoes Of Silence , Same Old Song ALLL ON THE TT'S :'D The Weeknd is killin it ! OUF

AlexieVictoria Same old Song...

YoMeLlamoMari You're the same old song .

EiramAiekin You're the same old song.

CiscoRulz08 I feel old for saying this, but when I saw "Same old song" as TT, I immediately thought of "Same old song & dance" by Aerosmith


On pitbulls song, the beat is the same as an old song? by lava 19 Q: Its like techno...I remember hearing a song with the same beat a long time ago...does anyone know what song it is?

A: I KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOU MEAN ! okay so a long time ago i heard the song "the anthem" by pitbull and then in 2007 i heard the new techno song Calabria which is almost the same song except it has a spanish name. i think calabria sounds better haha.

Whats that old rap song with the same intro as Juveniles back that thang up? by Q: A girl sings it, i cant remember much of the lyrics except something about a diamond ring and a bunch of other expensive things. If anyone has any idea of what im talking about, please let me know!

A: No idea

artist that same old country song and lyrics where something like ...you know the lady is a lot like Reno? by Q: song I loved late 80's early 90's and that is part of the chorus....make not be exactly

A: that'd be "Reno" by Doug Supernaw

Tired of the same old song and dance? by Steel And Bone Q: I know I am. In my 13 years of record buying, I haven't really been through an exciting period in music, so usually, I dig into the past because any intelligent being knows that's where the best music is. But hey, check out Apocalyptica if you already haven't. They started out in the mid 90's with a debut album called "Plays Metallica By Four Cellos". That should give you an idea. Since then, they've covered other bands' music, and have written some originals. My favorite track is their original, "Toreador". They've gotten poppier over the last 3 records, but they're still great.

A: You're not looking in the right places. Music today is just as good as the old stuff, but today's good stuff is harder to find. This last 10 years has been incredibly good, musically. Seriously. People who can't find good music nowadays just aren't looking. For instance, there are a lot of people who go on about how there aren't any bands as good as Led Zeppelin, or anywhere near as good. I have friends like this. I showed them Black Mountain's new album the other day and they were pretty amazed. Apocalyptica is pretty good. When it comes to implementing non-traditional(in terms of modern music that is) instruments, I prefer beirut, but the two bands are on totally different planes of sound.

Same old song and dance. Close friend, now wanting to be more than friends? by Christopher Q: Ok, So me and this girl have been friends for exactly 1 year (met last February). Well, over the last couple of months, I have been hanging out with her alot, almost every day. Latley she has been coming over late at night and hanging out until way late hours of the night (3 or 4am) and sometimes even coming over all night long. Everyday she calls 2 or 3 times, including once before going to sleep so she can say good night. Is she being a good friend? Or does she maybe like me as something more? She has tons of guys who are friends who like her as more and she doesn't like them that way. She always makes sure to tell me that I am NOTHING like them whenever they do something simular to stuff I do. In my head, I know that she is prob just a good friend, but part of me wishes that maybe she saw me as more. Im afraid to tell her how i feel because I REFUSE to be like those other guys. Should I be quiet and deal with it? Or say something? A little back story.. We met at my birthday party a year ago, Her best friend was dating my best friend at the time. They broke up 3 months later and I stayed friends with both, despite them both HATING him (He cheated). I now am very close with them both, I am even becoming friends with the other ones new boyfriend. The girl I like, she is single, claims to be thru looking for now. Im thinking about going to dinner or something with my friend (The one I like's best friend) and telling her how I feel about the other, and getting her opinion on if I should act on it, or forget about it. But Im not sure?

A: i think its a good idea to talk to her best friend, it might help u alot...but dont forget, she will definetly go and tell her friend what u discussed with her, unless u really beg and plead with her not to tell her anything until u decide what u will do, so thats one thing u gotta be aware of...but i think u have a chance...for a girl to be hanging out with u so much and so late, she's gotta either like u or she might think ur gay, so hopefully u didnt give her any reason to think ur gay. good luck! xoxo

Highschool Drama......same old song..? by Sam L Q: ok heres a scenerio..I just met this girl...shes goofy,cool..I want to make da first move how shood i start out...be reaL..don't say all dat be nice to her crap

A: no like hang out wit her and when u go to her house when its juss te right n=moment kiss her and then ask he out

Why does Slipknot keep playing the same old songs during live shows? by Viper Killer Q: like for e.g. spit it out,psychosocial,duality................. i've never seen them play vendetta,this cold black,gematria,opium of the people and some of the new songs from their album.

A: Clown said that he does not feel like he should be promoting the hell out of AHIG to get more sales ( something along those lines) They have more variety of the songs they can pick.

Does America Really have Talent? Or is it the same old song and dance? by cap3382 Q:

A: Its like politicians,they look great in the previews and tell you what you want to here.And when they win.Same old crap.

Who sings in their showers? The same old song over and over again, or always something new? by Q:

A: You know they took a survey once that said 76% of people sing while they are in the shower. The other 24% play with themselves. Do you know what song they sing? I didn't think so.

Same old song...Professional or interested? by I'mstillhere Q: When I go into a shop and the person working remembers me and asks me how my day was and other questions all of the time and remembers what I like and when he is working with others always makes a point to talk to me and give me attention do you think he is trying to be professional or that he may be interested? Also he is always putting effort into what he serves me and is telling me personal information....what do you think?

A: If you are interested in him, inquire further. The way you wrote your question, I assume you are a female. Guys dig it if women make a move or pass. Maybe his job will not let him ask out a customer, so he is trying to be subtle. He could either be a real good salesman or interested in you. Either way, you know if YOU are interested in him, so if you are, let him know by continuing the personal conversation/info and asking him to join you for a cup of coffee/drink after work...or some other time.

Simona, I guess its over, my memory plays our tune, same old Song? by Alexecution: Kickilution Q:

A: I' d call you up avery sunday night.....lovely song!

Do you ever grow tired of the Same Old Song And Dance? by Professor Riddle Q:

A: Not if it's AEROSMITH performing it. In fact, just a few days ago I'd listed it as in my Top 5 of theirs as per the Question as such.

Is that the same old song you've been singing for years? by Bubba Q:

A: Nope, today it's a fairly new song...Amarillo Sky by Jason Aldean

Same old song, are we all merely just dust in the wind? by Yvonne Q:

A: will be one day

After all of these years are you still singing the same old song? by NoLongerHere Q:

A: i recently bagan to sing a new song, goes a little something like, "i knew i loved you before i met you.............."

Is it almost always the same old song and dance? by Becky: Caffiene Achiever Q:

A: Yep, Becky gets drunk, Becky gets naked, Becky dances on the table.

what is this old school rap song with same intro as candy shop by 50 cent? by Hugo AKA Kanye East Q: theres a song that has the same intro as "candy shop" by 50 cent. it seems like an old school rap song

A: Paid In Full by Eric B. & Rakim

Is it the same old song? by Q:

A: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gzdWPwVTWsI :D sorry. everything is reminding me of a song today...

How to avoid the same old song and dance? by icy Q: So i like this friend. I've known him for a while now, and in this time we have both had other relationships. Problem is I never like the other people i date and he doesn't seem to like the people he has dated either. We talk on a weekly basis even tho we don't go to the same school. He knows i like him, but says he's just not ready to be anything besides friends with me. Yet admits we're not just friends b/c he's more open with me then he is with others. So frankly this all sucks and I know I've been wasting my time and have tried moving on before...so now what do i do?

A: First of all, by saying you're more than just friends because he's so open to you, that just basically means you're best friends. Really close, he feels comfortable to tell you more than just his "friends" cause you're his "best" friend. He can trust you with more. If he says he's not ready to be anything more than friends with you, and he never says anything about being more, I'd say he's trying to let you down easy, and he doesn't see you as a girlfriend type for him. I was once in your shoes. I was home schooled and one of my best friends was this guy in public school. We had known each other for years (I met him when I went to the same school as him). We talked all the time, hung out all the time, went to each other's houses, and were as close as can be. I had feelings for him, and when I talked to him about it, he said he had feelings for me when we first met, but now just sees me as a friend. I asked if he wanted to try dating and he said no, he just wanted to be friends. I couldn't stand just being friends. It was too hard for me knowing he didn't feel the same as I did, and it was even worse when he got interested in other girls. So finally, I just had to cut communications with him. I told him I couldn't hang out with him anymore or talk to him, cause things were just too weird for me now and I wanted different things than him. I don't regret doing that. It really helped me to move on. That is what I recommend you doing. You are constantly being held back when you continue to talk to him and see him, because you're getting this continual reminder of what you want, and how things could be. But you have to realize that it's not going to happen, he doesn't feel the same, and things can't be forced. You're obviously meant for someone else. So I recommend you do what I did. You'll miss the friendship, but it's really what is best for you. You will be able to move on a lot faster. In fact, I'm not sure you'd be able to move on if you continued to be in contact with him. You know the saying "you want what you can't have", well being around him, you'll constantly be wanting him more and more cause you know you can't. Anyway, that's what I recommend you do.

whats the name of aerosmiths song " same old story same old song and dance my friend " it goes something like by jffry_arneson Q:

A: It's called "Same Old Song And Dance". Lyrics: Get yourself cooler Lay yourself low Coincidental murder With nothing to show With the judge's constipation Will go to his head And his wife's aggravation You'll soon end up dead It's the same old story Same old song and dance, my friend It's the same old story Same old song and dance, my friend Gotcha with the cocaine They found with your gun No smooth face laywer Could get ya undone Say love ain't the same On the south side of town You could look But you ain't gonna find it around It's the same old story Same old song and dance, my friend It's the same old story Same old story Same old song and dance Fate comes a-knockin' Doors start lockin' Your old time connection Change your direction You ain't gonna change it Can't rearrange it Can't stand the pain When it's all the same to you, my friend When you're low down and dirty From walkin' the street With your old hurdy gurdy No one to meet Said love ain't the same On the south side of town You could look But you ain't gonna find it around It's the same old story Same old song and dance, my friend It's the same old story Same old story Same old song and dance

Is Yahoo customer assistance just the same old song and dance? by niceguy Q:

A: They try but remember they have thousands of emails and problems to handle.

Does any one know who sings this song? "Go away, its the same old same old song...go away..dont know the rest by datruthdoesntlie Q: It is a rock song..and the guy who sings it kinda has a low voice. i know one verse goes... "i cant breathe when u cry"

A: Cold - "Gone Away" Do you pray... In the night... Can you appreciate the wind? I won't care... I won't fight... I need you close to see it's the same beginning. Gone Away... It's the same old, same old song. Gone Away... It's my whole life in words. I can't breathe... When you cry... I'll be there to hold you tight. I would kill... I would fight... To keep you close I'll keep singing the same way. I won't live... If you died... If I can't feel you in the wind. This is me... It's my life... I need you close to see it's the same beginning. Gone Away... It's the same old, same old song. Gone Away... It's my whole life in words. Gone Away... It's the same old, same old song. Gone Away... It's my...whole life... I can't think... I don't know... I'll fall... I'll call... (Repeat Twice) Gone Away... It's the same old, same old song. Gone Away... It's my...Whole life.

is there a song called the same old song? by Q:

A: The four tops - It´s the same old song? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2wYoLQc-x5g

Have you grown tire of cons whining, moaning, and ranting to the same old song "Obama this, Obama that"? by p***s Q: Everyday I watch Hannity the subject of the night is " Obama, and why you and I should hate him, and the democrats". Beck one loony conspiracy after the other about Obama and the Democrats. I can't keep up with him any more. I'm waiting for the sky to fall now. Fox and Friends, same old " Some people say this about Obama" " Some people say that about Democrats". They should get a trademark for that line. O'Reilly same old " Liberal loon, and pin head attack" on everyone who disagrees with him, and the Republican party platform. Megyn Hell I don' know why she gives interviews, if she is going to do all the talking and driving an agenda, Why ask a question, unless you want to know the opinion of the person being interview. I have yet to see an interview where she doesn't go off defending the republican party. Can it get anymore obvious than that. Even when the facts are staring us all, she has the Guts to spin it. Etc.. etc.. etc.. I'm going to vote for a Libertarian, (non-republican next November). I going to put my vote into who I trust to do the Job, not who I trust to win. The more we vote for libertarians, the more viable they will become. If everyone voted for whom they wanted, and not who they were told had a chance at winning, a Libertarian would had been in the white house a long time ago. This November, do your country a favor and vote independent. Don't vote for Republicans. They are bought and sold for.

A: - Obama is the best president in the history of the united states of america...

which song has the lyrics "you change... the same old song"? by Q: it's a little metal-ish. dont know if its new or old though.

A: Same Old Song, by Pain?

who sings this song it goes "now its game over, i heard it all before and its the same old song boy"? by kk Q: who sings this song with these lyrics?

A: Kanye West

what does it mean when a guy says its the same old song and dance? by Q:

Same Old Song and Dance song parts? by Bananas Q: What would be the chorus, verse, etc...?

49ers fans....are the 49ers doing the same old song and dance? by D Q: Well, we passed on Aaron Rodgers to draft Alex Smith. This year, with Ryan Mallett available (arguably the QB with the best pro-set of skills in the draft), they take Colin Kaepernick. Nothing against Kaepernick, but Mallett has far more upside than him, and the potential to truly star with the 49ers and their multitude of receiving threats. I just can't help but feel we let another big time QB get away from us.

A: Yeah, I really don't know why the picked that guy over Mallet. Mallet is easily the better QB, it is probably a big mistake (not as bad as Minnesota though).

New theme for the same old song. Will it work for Republicans? by Olivia Q:

A: I don't know. I can't seem to find anyone that doesn't hate both parties. Well, other than the duuuuuh people on this site.

what are some metaphors similar to/have the same meaning as "same old song and dance"? by mia Q:

A: "a broken record"

What same old song do you like listening to? by Jennifer Rush~UK and Ireland Q: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2wYoLQc-x5g

A: smiles, coincidentally that song, by that title, by the 4 tops I think, is one I can enjoy any time. My music tastes are way eclectic and change with each breath of wind that blows, so country is my standard, but experimenting is my course. At this moment this is playing and I love it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PEOAmUE6AAs

Can I name a book the same as an old song title? by Q: My mom was named Madeline specifically after the song Paddling Madeline Home. It's a perfect title for the title of her biography. Can I use this? If not, how do I find out how to release the copyright without spending a fortune on lawyers?

A: Copyright Law explicitly does not protect titles, particularly across genres. I have used a couple musical titles on my science fiction, including a chapter in a novel (Time for Patriots) called A Little Night Music, and a short story that alludes to a Beatles tune, The Garden of the Octopus. Were you to use the title of an existing book, there might be a question if it could be charged you were trying to steal sales by the imitation.

Is this the same old song and dance by republicans when they have to back step what they stand for? by mike Q: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/1010/43261.html

A: Republicans "stand for" very little - 'tax cuts for the Billionaires' comes to mind. All the rest are just sleazy, stupid right wing lies to get them back into power.

Faron Young sings, "Honky tonk all night long honky tonk same old song"...What is your favorite "honky tonk"? by ♫ Cheyenne ♫ (VDC Incognito) Q: Song? Faron Young Honky Tonk Song (link unavailable)

A: Honky Tonk Amnesia by Moe Bandy Honky Tonk Moon by Randy Travis Honky Tonk by Jamey Johnson

What same old song do you like to listen to again and again and again? by Jennifer Rush~UK and Ireland Q: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2wYoLQc-x5g

A: I listen to this one every morning ~ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UHUxogmXob4 and this one often too ~ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lKFdS3PgF7s

"you still sing the same old song you used to"? by meh4554 Q: ive had that verse stuck in my head all day, but when i tried searching for it online it didn't come up with anything. it's an alternative or rock song.. and i really appreciate if someone could help me!

A: A1 - Same Old Brand New You ?

Name of this song (Not same old song and dance by aerosmith)? by CHICAGO SPAWN Q: ok i don't know alot about this song i heard it at a skate rink so i'm going to give as much info as i can ok this song sounded from the 70s to 90s era or maybe even 60s it's a rock song and eveytime before the chourus started Same old idon't remember much after that if you can help with this little information then plz do they also said something about partys in the song numerous times plz help if you can and I am 100% positive that it is not same old song and dance by aerosmith

A: Same Old Situation by Motley Crue??? Thats the only one that comes to mind. I think it's on the Dr. Feelgood album

Have you been walking the streets for long? Singing the same old song? by GEM Q: I've been walkin' these streets so long Singin' the same old song I know every crack in these dirty sidewalks of Broadway Where hustle's the name of the game And nice guys get washed away like the snow and the rain There's been a load of compromisin' On the road to my horizon But I'm gonna be where the lights are shinin' on me ~Peace~

A: OK .. so this was probably my VERY favorite song when I was little. I remember doing my first ever family "performance" to this song when I was about 8 years old. I can still see that old 70's living room (mustard yellow, avocado green, and burnt orange everywhere! lol) and me singing my heart out and doing my dance moves for my smiling parents and totally annoyed little brother! =) I had no clue I'd ever grow up to be such a huge country music fan (guess this shoulda been a foretelling, huh?) and that I would one day actually sing country music. I even got to meet Mr. Glen Campbell himself a couple of years ago. Now THAT was cool ... "Like a rhinestone cowboy, Riding out on a horse in a star-spangled rodeo. Like a Rhinestone cowboy, Gettin' cards and letters from people I don't even know ... And offers comin' over the phone ..." Only ... I'm still waitin' for the offers ... lol Peace friend ... ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Same old same old: What Song Are You Listening To Right Now? by Q: Myself: Deadmau5's Some Chords. BQ: Who Makes The Best Fries? BQ: Boardwalk Fries are delicious!

A: Ellie Goulding - Starry Eyed (Jakwob Remix) ^_^ really good dubstep I love Norms Restaurant fries only in Southern California(:

what are some similar song to Same Old Lang Syne by Dan Fogelberg and Taxi by Harry Chapin? ? by Alina! Q: My english teacher makes us do lyrical analysis and i need to find a song that has the same themes and tones as the two songs listed above.


IPOD: Why when shuffling songs, the songs that play randomly seem the same old songs? by ** * Q: I have over 5000 songs, but some never get played, and it's always the same old songs over and over again. All my songs imported through iTunes are included in the shuffle and have no priority settings. They have no record number, only artist name and song name is listed. How do I get equal chance that every song will get picked to lay on my iPOD? it's like my iPOD has favorites. Weird. I use shuffle songs everyday, and the same songs get repeated. why?

A: Try not shuffling them. Play them in order it might get it working again. Don't change the settings to shuffle back in a day. Keep it off for a while.

the same old song name question Latin Very Popular? by Raven Q: This was a very popular song that came up in the early millenium its either spanish or italian ///techno or pop kind of/ Ninyo Ninyo Na nA na De Neee roo Nova nova nova bambinooo Weem Pan yo O niiiiiinooo this is just how it sounds & dontt know the lyrics

A: is this it?? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mAp9_UH1zio

When life's singing the same old song, how do you twist the words in a different way? by sixbucksdown Q:

A: Spin around in circles until you fall down and try to sing it again

Are you sick and tired of living your life singing the same old song? by ξℓ Çђαηφσ Q:

A: Sometimes, but then: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c5IIXeR5OUI =*) It's a wonderful world, El Chango, and you make it that much more wonderful. Omega

What is the same old song you keep hearing? by Windel!!! Q:

A: Baby. MAKE IT STOP!!!!!

Can't Get the 'Same Old Song and Dance" achievement on Guitar Hero : Aerosmith? by amywinehousefan1300 Q: I beat every song on Career Mode and the bonus songs (Vault Songs), but I didn't get the achievement. Does anybody know why NOTE : I skipped one encore on Career, but it says I beat 31 out of 31 songs. PLEASE HELP.

A: guitar hero aerosmith has a lot of ach. glitches, and if you go on google you will even see that it has a lot. gamertag:Darkevents

Is there a song with the lyrics, "This is my same old song, the one where i do it all wrong."? by Q: Is there a song that has the lyrics, "This is the same old song, the one where i do it all wrong. And i will try, with all that i am, to get it right, so here i am once again..." If so, what is it? I tried looking it up, but nothing came up. :P

A: It's Kids In The Way - Scars That Save http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zLaOQZDYVlQ

who plays sax in Aerosmiths Same old song and Dance ? by Aerosmith Fan Q: who plays sax in Aerosmiths Same old song and Dance ive wondered since the 1st time i heard the song

A: Michael Brecker and Stan Bronstein

What are the bass chords for the song same old song and dance- aerosmith? by Seth S Q: I dont know what to do i havnt been able to find it anywhere.

A: http://lmgtfy.com/?q=same+old+song+and+dance+bass+tabs&l=1 Really? Is it that hard?

Pain - Same old Song The four tops - It´s the same old song Four Tops - It's The Same Old Song (1966) HQ Aerosmith - Same Old Song And Dance (Lyrics) Rod Stewart - It's the same old song (NEW ALBUM: Soulbook) + MP3 download link Four Tops - It's The Same Old Song It's The Same Old Song - The Supremes Pussycat - same old song Boyz II Men - It's the same old song Aerosmith - Same Old Song and Dance Mighty Mike - Use the same old song Singing legend Rod Stewart performs the soul classic 'It's The Same Old Song' on GMTV Rod Stewart - It's The Same Old Song Four Tops - Medley: Same old song / Walk away Renee (live) The Four Tops - It's The Same Old Song. Kings Of Leon Mix Dj Serious feat. D-Sisive - Same Old Song Pain - Same old song ( lyrics & edit ) Aerosmith - Same Old Song And Dance [2004] Same Old Song And Dance (Frank Sinatra - with Lyrics) sev - Same Old Song - Promo Only Candian Modern Rock Rod Stewart - It's The Same Old Song (Full) (Rehearsal) Boyz II Men - It's the Same Old Song / Reach Out I'll Be There (live) Jason Mraz -Same Old Song (live) 'On Connaît la Chanson' (Same Old Song) - Alain Resnais (1997) - Trailer Boy - Same Old Song - FIFA06 Soundtrack Rod Stewart One night only-Part 2-Same old song-Higher & Higher .avi Pain - Same old song (lyrics) The same old song.wmv Pain - Same Old Song (Live Porto 2008) It's the same old song - Delroy Wilson Sasuke - Same Old Song it's the same old song - four tops cover Pussycat - The Same Old Song (Four Tops) (1978) PAIN - Same old song (STALKER - game) Laurel Aitken & The Skatalites - Same Old Song PAIN-01-SAME OLD SONG-Eleanor Rigby New Song - The Who Matt Cusson N Javier Same Old Song Pain - Same Old Song Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here Clapton - Knopfler - Same old blues Same Old, Same Old Waylon Jennings - Are you sure Hank done it this way Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here Eric Clapton - Mark Knopfler - Phil Collins - 'Same old blues' - Live - HQ The Cranberries - Zombie Kansas - Dust in the Wind Kansas - Dust In The Wind Pink Floyd-Wish You Were Here Joan Jett & The Blackhearts - I love Rock`n`roll
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