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Saint Patrick's Day

Club hosts annual St. Patrick's Day brunch
By Isabel Adams The Burbank Civitan Club will hold its 41st annual St. Patrick's Day Champagne Brunch on Sunday, March 11, 2012 in the Starlight Room at the Castaway Restaurant, 1250 E. Harvard Road. Burbank. The buffet brunch will include corn beef ...

Rotary Club of Ledyard to celebrate 25th anniversary on St. Patrick's Day
By JAMES MOSHER The Rotary Club of Ledyard will celebrate its 25th anniversary with a dinner/dance on St. Patrick's Day, March 17. The event will begin at 6:30 pm at St. David's Episcopal Church in Gales Ferry. It is a fundraiser for the Wesley J.

Turning green for St Patrick's Day
... efforts of Tourism Ireland, world famous landmarks such as, the London Eye, Table Mountain, the Empire State Building, and the TV Tower in Berlin – and now for the first time, Niagara Falls – are to be “turned green” in honour of St Patrick's Day.

Events scheduled in run-up to Belmar's St. Patrick's Day Parade
Mary Frank/Staff Photographer Spectators watch Belmar's St. Patrick's Day Parade last year. Belmar Mayor Matthew Doherty said this year the borough will add some bleachers along Main Street for those in attendance / Mary Frank/Staff Photographer BELMAR ...

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kyleellenxo For lent I'm giving up blacking out. Don't tell me that's not a sacrifice when saint Patrick's day is right in the middle of lent.

SaintPatricksD RT @luizadrumond: Tô louca pro _Saint_ _Patrick_'s day chegarrrrrrr.

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AlienSense RT @pe_niss: É sério que 8.587 pessoas irão comparecer no Saint Patrick's Day? Não, muito obrigada rs

pe_niss É sério que 8.587 pessoas irão comparecer no Saint Patrick's Day? Não, muito obrigada rs

ciaoJackieG RT @aclockworkNadia: @ciaoJackieG "Dear saint patrick's day. You are on a saturday! And I love you. From, jackie" ----- S.O.S irish boys. the end

crbouck Speech about how to throw a saint Patrick's day party. #onlyatcmu

gaabi77 o cara falando sobre o Saint Patrick's Day: ''Quando alguém souber onde se compra a camisa-ingresso, coloquem aqui por favor.''

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luizadrumond Tô louca pro Saint Patrick's day chegarrrrrrr.

AndersThomson RT @a_bogs: words can't describe how excited I am for Saint Patrick's day

SaintPatricksD RT @SwaggerBand: Get your tickets for _Saint_ _Patrick_'s Day at the Depot now. Stay tuned for exciting festival news here and around the...

1ratoralado ir pro saint patrick's day de preto pras menina me beliscar, sim ou claro ? =D


What day is Saint Patrick's Day? by Q:

A: It's the same every year. March 17.

Why do people get pinched for not wearing green on Saint Patrick's day? by CookieMonsterInc Q:

A: Give me an exuse to pinch hot girls on the azz

What did you do for Saint Patrick's day? by Sengentaro Q: I cooked all day! Nothing better than a traditional Irish meal! Wow really? Look I didn't mean to offend anyone, Everyone is "Irish" on St. Patrick's day! :D Some people need to learn not to take life so seriously. FYI: You don't have to answer the question.

A: Hey, well I'm actually Irish but unfortunately I was working in US for the week so I couldnt be at home. :( Went to the parade in Chicago though and it was pretty amazing. Just going to make sure I'm home for Paddys next year :)

Why do we celebrate Saint Patrick's Day ? by Q: Can someone tell me why do we celebrate Saint Patrick's day ? Is it really necessary?

A: St. Patrick's Day is Ireland's greatest National Holiday as well as a holy day. The date marks the anniversary of the death of the missionary who became the Patron Saint of Ireland.

why do we wear green on saint patrick's day ? by apple =) Q: well i want to know ... why do we wear green on saint patrick's day ?? and where did the idea of "pinching" someone who isn't wearing green come from ??? LOL

A: St. Patrick's Blue, not green, was the colour long-associated with St. Patrick. Green, the colour most widely associated with Ireland, with Irish people, and with St. Patrick's Day in modern times, may have gained its prominence through the phrase "the wearing of the green" meaning to wear a shamrock on one's clothing. At many times in Irish history, to do so was seen as a sign of Irish nationalism or loyalty to the Roman Catholic faith. St. Patrick used the shamrock, a three-leaved plant, to explain the Holy Trinity to the pre-Christian Irish. The wearing of and display of shamrocks and shamrock-inspired designs have become a ubiquitous feature of the saint's holiday. The change to Ireland's association with green rather than blue probably began around the 1750's Pinching those not wearing green on St. Patrick's Day is an American tradition, having really nothing to do with Ireland or St. Patrick. It's thought that the pinching started in the early 1700s, about the time that awareness of St. Patrick's as a holiday came to the fore, too, in Boston, in the Massachusetts colony. They thought if you wore green, it made you invisible to the Leprechauns, which was good because they would pinch anyone they could see. So the pinching is to warn and remind you about the Leprechauns.

What are your plans for Saint Patrick's Day 2010? by McCall Evans Q: What are your plans for Saint Patrick's Day 2010?

A: Tomorrow, i'll be at the Parade in town. On 17th, I'll wear green , drink Guinness, and make an Irish stew and soda bread. Might even dance a wee jig, ha ha

Saint Patrick's Day Irish travel question? by jk2007x Q: My wife and I are planning a trip to Ireland this March, probably to Dublin. We will only have about a week, and our window is March 6 - 13 or the 13th - 19th. Is it wise to travel to Ireland during the week of St. Patrick's Day? We aren't heavy partyers and aren't coming to Ireland soley to enjoy the pubs. Would it be best to come the week before?

A: That sounds like a great time to come to Ireland. I've never been to Dublin on Patrick's Day before, but I imagine there'll be a good atmosphere with the parade and everything. Patrick's day is only one day, everyone has work/school/college both the day before and the day after, and you don't have to go to pubs if it's not your thing. It is a public holiday, so the opening hours of some galleries/sights might be restricted, but you shouldn't have too much of a problem.

How do you celebrate Saint Patrick's Day? by Maria Gallercia Q: What is your family's tradition? How do you celebrate this holiday? My family always have corned beef and cabbage for St. Paddy's. Share with us how you view this holiday. Thank you in advance.

A: Corned beef and Cabbage. Awesome treat! Instead of getting drunk, I hang with sober friends.

Will it be a White Saint Patrick's Day where you live...? by marybuko Q: I live in Salt Lake City where we had a lot of snow yesterday, and my neighborhood looked so pretty with the fluffy, shimmering white snow. But by March 17th, all that pretty white stuff will probably all be gone since the temperatures are expected to be the 50's during the day. Schucks...No White Saint Patricks's Day here!

A: No. Here in Co. Cork, we get snow, but nothing too major. But I will say we get our fair share of rain.

What are you wearing for Saint Patrick's day? by Hannah C Q: I'm wearing green leggings with shorts and a green sweatshirt and a green bow headband maybe some green makeup.

A: Since my school is really strict I must remain in uniform... But I'm gonna wear a pair of green sunglasses and my green bracelet that has sparkles floating inside it :)

What day is Saint Patrick's Day on? by Abigail Q: What is date of Saint Partick's Day?

A: March 17th on the Gregorian Calender. On my Calender...EVERYDAY!!!!!

How are you spending your Saint Patrick's Day? by rainie.cowan Q: ok so best answer goes to the response that makes me laugh.

A: chasing leprechauns for their pot of gold.

Where can i get instructions on how to make a Saint Patrick's day themed clip using Adobe Flash CS3? by supatroopa64 Q: If you could give me a website because im not really sure on how to make these clips thanks

A: Check if the site bellow helps http://www.metacafe.com/watch/1962892/animation_desige_manga_studio_debut_4_best

How did Saint Patrick's Day turn into a holiday to get drunk? by Kimmy K Q: My husband and I stay home on this holiday because of all the drunks leaving bars today and later tonight.

A: anything Irish has to involve drinking and fighting. and potatoes

Does anyone here wear orange on Saint Patrick's day ? by Phil A Q: I know it's traditional to wear the color green, but aparently I have been reading that some people of Irish Protestant background wear orange on the day too. Won't that cause trouble on a day which should be peaceful ? Or do you think Protestants have a right to wear orange on that day too ?

A: Sort of contradiction in terms. St Patrick was the patron saint of Ireland (Catholic) Orange is for the protestants under William of Orange (not Catholic). Irish protestants are sometimes called Orangemen. Wearing orange would probably cause some disturbance and it would be disrespectful.

Where can you get a hat for Saint Patrick's Day? by omgnowayyyy Q: Well on Tuesday at my school we are having a Saint Patrick's Day spirit day and i saw a top hat that was green with decked out SPARKLES! It was so fabulous! When i went back to get it, they said they were out weren't expecting any more until Wednesday. Does anyone know where i can get one. pics, links, stores, anything is helpful! Thanks so much! :]

A: Wal-Mart...they're all decked out for St. Paddy's Day!

Party! Saint Patrick's Day! I am invited to a Saint Patrick's Day party and I am too busy to cook.? by DARMADAKO Q: There will be 55 or more people at the Saint Patrick's Day party that I am invited to. So, that I don't have to cook, can you suggest anything that I may buy to take to the affair?

A: Major food stores (chains) will be selling St Paddy's day trays filled with all kinds of snack foods. Or you can special order one to your specifications. Happy St Patrick's day.

Why on Saint Patrick's Day do we wear green and if someone dosn't we pinch them? by live laugh love <3 Q: Why on Saint Patrick's Day do we wear green and if someone dosn't we pinch them? I want to know who started this and why??? lol :) Also why do we celebrate St. Patricks Day? Thanks star my question if your wearing or are going to be wearing green today! :D Happy St. Patricks Day!

A: Here are suggestions: •You get pinched because you're a nonconformist. •Pinching gives you a bruise so you can have some green on you. •The act of pinching on St. Patrick's day began in America with Irish settlers who tried to get their kids to behave by telling them that fairies would come pinch them. The Pinching being St. Patrick Here are suggestions: •You get pinched because you're a nonconformist. •Pinching gives you a bruise so you can have some green on you. •The act of pinching on St. Patrick's day began in America with Irish settlers who tried to get their kids to behave by telling them that fairies would come pinch them. And the answer ACTUALLY is: Pinching those not wearing green on St. Patrick's Day is an American tradition, having really nothing to do with Ireland or St. Patrick. It's thought that the pinching started in the early 1700s, about the time that awareness of St. Patrick's as a holiday came to the fore, too, in Boston, in the Massachusetts colony. They thought if you wore green, it made you invisible to the Leprechauns, which was good because they would pinch anyone they could see. So the pinching is to warn and remind you about the Leprechauns.

Saint Patrick's day is coming, what can I do to keep the leprechauns away? by Q: I ran out of leprechaun spray and leprechauns magic charms. What can I do to keep the Irish loafers away?

A: they are not real so just try some big ppl books like THE KENT FAMILY CHRONICLES by John Jakes...they are awesome...it is 8 volumes..

Are you Irish, how are going to celebrate today, why do others like Saint Patrick's Day? by ZORRROOOOO Q: Other cultures are happy drinkers, dancing and singing, good natured too. Why the Irish?

A: The Irish have a fun reputation, and a huge percentage of Americans have Irish heritage. And the Irish used to be the scapegoats in America, viewed by many as second class citizens. Now nearly everyone in America has some Irish blood, or they at least claim to. Traditional meal tonight: Corned beef, cabbage, and potatoes. And not to mention I'm wearing green! PS. I don't think people in Ireland even celebrate St. Patrick's Day the way we do.

What are some good little Saint Patrick's day gifts? by Milo L Q: My name is Patrick, and I was thinking of getting all my friends little st. patrick's day presents. What are some cool little things i could get? they have to be fairly cheap so I could get like 20

A: I looked on ebay. See the attached link for St. Patrick's day buttons. You could get 20 for $6, if the bids don't rise. Another link showing shamrock necklaces 24 for $8. If this auction ends, there's many others similar. St. Patrick's Day Temporary Tattoos would also be a cheap option. The last link is how to make your own chocolate shamrocks with white chocolate and green dye. You can put them in baggies with the words "Patrick's Luck" written with a Sharpie.

What is the best Chicago Saint Patrick's Day celebration? by Shannon H Q: Which one is better, the festivities downtown or on the south side, and why?

A: South Side Irish! I love the St. Pat's parade downtown and dyeing the river green (well, more than it already is!), but nothing beats the festivites at the bars and festivals of the South Side. There are a ton of Irish people on the South Side, and they love to party!

recipe for saint patrick's day cookies? by Sammy Q: do you think all grocery stores will have cookie cut outs of clovers this time of year? What are some good st. patrick's day cookie recipes

A: Yes the grocery store will have the cookie cutters. Use a simple sugar cookie recipe or a shortbread sugar cookie dough is more the taste of the irish. Decorate with vanilla or green frosting, don't forget the sprinkles.

What is the song in the simpsons episode when there is a Saint Patrick's day parade? by johnnieboy Q: it is the episode when homer & Ned are 'hitmen' and when marge becomes an erotic baker i think it plays when the Irish people are fighting

A: Yeah, the episode is from the 20th season. it's called sex, pies and idiot scrapes. there are two songs that are in it that you might be thinking of, one of them is when lisa is trying to calm down the irish when they are fighting which is called "Too Ra Loo Ra Loo Ral". the other one is when there is like a montage of homer and ned hunting criminals called "Electric Avenue" which is an 80's song by Eddy Grant.

When can Saint Patrick's Day be renamed to March Holiday Season? by Q: Just like Christmas is renamed to "Winter Holiday Season"? I do not want to associate my secular celebrations with a Christian title.

A: When the days of the week are also secular.

Saint Patrick's Day Jokes- What's the Difference Between an Irish Wedding and an Irish Wake? by Ringo Fan (Over 40 in America) Q: Let's see who can come up with an answer. It's a traditional Irish joke so it shouldn't be too difficult. Have fun with it.

A: One less drinker or one less drunk

What did you wear for Saint Patrick's Day? by Q: I want to know what everyone had on. I actually forgot that it was Saint Patrick's Day, so I didn't wear green! -CRK

A: Green polo shirt Normal jean shorts Knee length green striped socks Gray converse :)

Saint Patrick Day fans please answer!!!!? by trouble_sum81 Q: Will you help make Saint Patrick's Day a NATIONAL holiday. There is a petition that will go before congress soon. Will you please sign the petition??? http://www.proposition317.com THANKS

A: nice....

How would I say "Happy Saint Patrick's Day" in Irish Gaelic? by Nic Q: I looked for an online translator that would do this, and couldn't find a single one.

A: La Fhéile Pádraig Shona Duit! (to one person) (Lah Hay-luh Pawd-rig Hunn-uh Gwitch) La Fhéile Pádraig Shona Daoibh (to two or more people). (Lah Hay-luh Pawd-rig Hunn-uh Jeev) Beannachtaí na Féile Pádraig! (The Blessings of Patrick's Feastday!) (Bann-uhck-tee nuh Fay-luh Pawd-rig) is the more traditional way to say it.

What is the purpose of pinching someone on Saint Patrick's Day? by Q: If they aren't wearing green that is.

A: its purely an American custom, its got nothing to do with Patricks day in Ireland! Maybe Americans might be able to explain how it came about, but every Irish person is bewildered by it. Hope you had a good Paddy's day, (while I'm at it, Patty is a woman's name in Ireland, its weird to see the name shortened like that)

What foods do people eat on Saint Patrick's Day? by Steph.L Q: What sort of foods do Irish people usually eat and drink on St Patrick's Day?

A: During my travels I have been always amazed by the perception that people have of the what Irish food is. I have had numerous conversations with people trying to tell me the foods that myself and my family eat which is completely contrary to what I know we eat. One of the biggest misconceptions is about “Corned Beef and Cabbage”, this is not a common dish in Ireland at all. In fact it is generally confined to the small restraints in tourist areas to cater for the hoards expecting everyone living on the island of Ireland to be tucking into this on a daily basis. We do however have a dish similar to this, it is not eat very regularly and certainly not eat on Saint Patrick’s Day or any other day of celebration. It is “Bacon and Cabbage”, not the type of bacon that is fried but more like a ham which is boiled. So what will Irish people in (living in Ireland) eat on Saint Patrick’s day. The day is more than likely going to start out with an “Irish Breakfast” this comprising of fresh eggs normally fried along with 2 sausage, 2 bacon, grilled tomatoes, black pudding, white pudding, mushrooms and Irish brown bread. Bacon in Ireland is back bacon and is meatier bacon than is sold in the United States, its closest equivalent being what is called Canadian bacon in the US. And then there are the puddings, sold in packages the size similar to a salami. Black pudding is really a blood sausage which is a staple across the European continent. The French call theirs ‘boudin noir,’ the Spanish ‘morcilla,’ the Germans ‘blutwurst,’ and the Italians ’sanguinaccio.’ Irish brown bread is sometimes made with oatmeal, but its unique taste comes from using the finest milled wheat. This will see you right through the day giving you all the energy required to survive the hustle and bustle generated by the parades that spring up in all the towns and cities. After this and maybe a few pint of Guinness it’s back home for dinner. Not what you imagine no corned beef and no cabbage, Saint Patrick’s Day meal is generally a join of lamb roasted in the oven with rosemary and garlic. Recipe: Ingredients lamb trimmings and chopped bones from butcher 1 head of garlic, halved horizontally 1 leg of lamb bone in, approx 2kg/4½lb 6 garlic cloves, halved 1 bunch fresh rosemary 15g/½oz softened butter salt and freshly ground black pepper seasoned vegetables, to serve Method 1. Preheat the oven to 220C/425F/Gas 7. 2. In the bottom of a roasting tin scatter the chopped bones, trimmings and garlic head. 3. Make 2.5cm/1in deep incisions in the lamb, into each incision insert the garlic cloves and rosemary sprigs. 4. Rub the butter over the lamb and place the leg on top of the bones, season and place in the oven for 1-1½ hours (15 minutes per 450g/1lb for rare and 20 minutes for medium) turning over half way through. 5. Remove the lamb from the oven, season again and transfer to a tray to rest. 6. To make the gravy: place the roasting pan over a moderate heat to caramelise the lamb juices, this will take 2-3 minutes. Strain of any excess fat. Pour in 350ml/12fl oz cold water, reduce heat and simmer gently for 5 minutes. Strain through a sieve. Serve the lamb with the gravy and seasonal vegetables. Served with creamed potatoes, roasted vegetable (that includes potatoes, carrots and parsnips) with peas and broccoli. The dessert is normal hot apple tart served with custard and cream. Recipe: Ingredients For the apple compote 80g/3oz unsalted butter 600g/1lb 5oz Granny Smith apples, peeled, cored and chopped 80g/3oz caster sugar 1 vanilla pod, split lengthways, seeds scraped out For the tart flour, for dusting 250g/9oz puff pastry, thawed overnight in the fridge if frozen 6 Cox apples, peeled and cored squeeze lemon juice caster sugar, for sprinkling Custard and whipped cream to serve Later that evening, if you still have room, it will be Irish brown bread with cream cheese and Irish Smoked Salmon. So there you have it, it’s Lamb instead of Corned Beef and leave the cabbage out.

How do Irish people feel about Saint Patrick's Day? by Blue Rain Q: Do they get annoyed with the whole world saying they are Irish? I know lots of people are of Irish decent but you don't go around saying your Scottish too.

A: It doesn't bug me when people say they're of Irish descent but when they say they're Irish it does irritate me. Mainly because whenever I say I am Irish on here I have to point out that I live in the Republic of Ireland or they think I'm American.

Is it sinful for Protestants to celebrate Saint Patrick's Day? by Dapper Dan, Fisherman Q: I think it is very hypocritical of us to criticize the Catholics for worshipping the saints, while we ask Saint Patrick to intercede for us. I find it disturbing how many Christians fall into this trap.

A: Yes, I think it is very hypocritical of Protestants to criticize Catholics for honoring saints and then celebrate St. Patrick's Day and St. Valentine's Day.

Can I get pregnant if I have sex on Saint Patrick's Day? by Carlos Q: My boyfriend says it doesn't count if you do it on Saint Patrick's Day. Is it true?

A: Your boyfriend is lying to you - nuff said

How can I decorate for a saint Patrick's day dance? by farmgirl Q: I have a dance that needs decorations. Anybody have any ideas.

A: Shamrocks, derbys, buckle shoes, leprechauns, shilelaghs, pots of gold at the end of rainbows, lots of green.

Why is Saint Patrick's day part of hockey? by HelpMeICantSwim Q: Whenever I go looking around different teams websites, I always see old time hockey apparel and such, some with with relationship to saint Patrick's day. Why is Saint Patrick's day an important part of hockey. Ive done a fair bit of reading about hockey but I cant find the answer anywhere, any of you guys know?

A: Well, the Maple Leafs used to be called the St. Patricks back in the '20s. They were named that because the people who bought them from the Arena Company were largely the people who ran the St. Patricks amateur team in the OHA (which was so named because the team was made up of Irish-Canadians). So it's part of our history. I don't know what other teams' excuses are.

Why is Saint Patrick's day so important, hence Saint Patrick? by Kory Q: What was the importance of Saint Patrick and what did he do in his life to be remembered for? Why does this mean that people should wear green on that day, what does it represent? I know that he supposedly banished snakes from Ireland but I figured that there must be more to it. To all those people that believe in Saints: What role do you think Saints have in the afterlife?

A: Great two part question. The importance of Saint Patrick for Ireland is, he changed the course of our history. When you say he "banished the snakes from Ireland", that's an analogy. It means he drove the evil from Ireland by spreading and sharing the word/work of God, Christ and the Holy Spirit. And it's actually "serpents" that he drove from Ireland. By bringing Christianity to Ireland, is how he changed the course of history. Prior to Saint Patrick, the Irish practiced (mostly) druidism. Had Saint Patrick not changed history, and we were still practicing Druidism, where would we be now? Obviously no one knows. Also, did you know that Saint Patrick's "color" is actually blue, not green? As far as the Saints go. This is something that I believe, or feel is open to personal interpretation. For me, I feel the Saints are a conduit, and a specialist to God. I feel they help to pass on information to God that is deemed necessary. Also by praying to certain Saints for their specialty, such as your pet's health. I hope this made some sense to you, and that your day goes well.

Any ideas for my Saint Patrick's Day dirt cake? by Survey Q: I love making goodies and taking them into work. For Saint Patrick's day, I'm going to bring in a dirt cake but I'm not sure how to decorate it. I was thinking about getting some foil wrapped chocolate coins or skittles or candy shamrocks but I don't know how to decorate it without making it look like a scattered, cluttered mess. Any ideas?

A: -Simply ice the cake with light green icing - go to wal-mart and find some cute plastic irish themed decorations to put on the cake.

What are your plans for Saint Patrick's Day? by Spook Q: I plan to bake a loaf of soda bread, and possibly something else. What about you?

A: rn't u suppose to get drunk?

Is saint patrick's day fun? What can i do (NYC)? by loveridonthaveto Q: me and my friend are planning to go to NYC on saint patrick's day, we want to have a good time and drink. Is there going to be other people drinking too ? Is there open parties during the DAY? like bars and all that... maybe like the village? anything going on..

A: Well, yes, on St. Patricks Day in New York City there are literally thousands of young people, mostly guys, drinking 'til they puke, and they're everywhere, so, don't worry about it, just head on over to the parade, and when the parade is over, just follow the crowds to the bars. Good luck!... :-D

Are there going to be any Saint Patrick's Day Parades in NYC suitable for kids and adults? by Q: I know the holiday is on a Wednesday, But I want to go to the parade(if there is one). I always do boring things, And this time I just want to live a little and skip school for the day and go to the parade? Any ideas?? Pleasssseee hellllppp. :) P.S. I want to go somewhere where you don't have to drink beer to go.

A: If there is one? LOL, NYC probably has the most famous St. Patrick's Day parade in the country (although I think Chicago and Boston have them, too.) You don't have to "go" anywhere specific, just Fifth Avenue. Jillions of kids cut school every year and infest the city on St. Paddy's day.

What the hell is up with saint Patrick's day it makes no sense? help me with this 1 (read on for more details) by joshneilly Q: i dont know about other countrys but in ireland the country were its based around saint patricks day is mainly celebrated by the catholics if not only. But for those who didnt actually know this... ... saint patrick was actually a british anti-catholic protestant brought\forced into ireland only for slavory and yet only really catholics celebrate it whats up with that. The catholics are celebrating someone that was completley against them and whom he actually dis beleived in. if anything only protestants should celebrate him. and even if catholics celebrate saints why celebrate what in theory is an enemy. Whats your views. sources: saint patrick centre (down patrick*were he was suposidly buried ) I am born bred and raised in ireland done a lot of studying on the topic. a few more details to help some answers - the official termology of protestant hadnt been formed but its still what youd refer to people who reject the pope and his influence on the bible etc (belevied what the protestants beleived) And whats with all theese americans saying there irish :p geeze oh and i say mainly only catholics celebrate it as its just the way it is if you are actually irish and live here youll see its mainly a catholic thing protestants stay indoors. and the protestant equivelent to "independance day" is the 12th of july

A: As an atheist, I plan on having some Irish stew (yum!) and having some beer... it is a secular tradition, for me.

saint patrick's day question? by bust_it_babiiee<3 Q: does anyone think that its strange that when there is saint patrick's day EVERYONE, even non-irish/european people is celebrate, but when there are other cultural days, or months, people ask 'how come there isn't a white history month?' or similar questions. i don't feel i should celebrate saint patricks day. i don't hate it, irish people can do whatever they please, but i don't feel i should be celebrating the 3 percent of me that was produced by rape/slavery. what do you think? (not intended to be 'racist' which anyone with any sort of reasonable brain compacity could understand) no, im not trying to bring up slavery, im trying to make a point that the way that i have that small amount of irish in me is in a disgraceful, unfortunate and embarrasing way. its not like im saying "im not celebrateing saint patricks day because of slavery!" im saying "im not celebrating saint patricks day because they tiny amount of irish in me i refuse to aknowledg and don't fell i should be expected to."

A: Nobody said you had to celebrate it. Why does everything have to involve slavery? For goodness sake MOVE ON

What is there to do in NYC for Saint Patrick's Day ifn your under 21? by Q: me and a few friends want to go into NYC for Saint Patrick's Day, but we're under only 19 and don't drink. Besides the parade does anyone have any other ideas on what to do for the rest of the day? (without spending a huge amount of money)

A: Clubbing ( http://clubcemetery.com ) is what most will do. Lots of teen parties going on.

When is the 2009 Saint Patrick's Day parade being held in Southie (South Boston, MA)? by :-) Q: The Southie parade website and the saint patricks day parade website still show the old dates from 2008. I know the parade would definitely be on a weekend. I'm trying to book a hotel early so that I can get a better rate. :-) The parade is never held on a weekday, so there's no way that it's being held on March 17 because that's a Tuesday.

A: Sunday, March 15, 2009 Parade starts at 1:00pm Location: Broadway, South Boston, MA Parade starts at 1:00 pm. and will feature marching bands and pipe bands from throughout North America. The parade travels through South Boston - Boston's most Irish neighborhood. http://www.bostoncentral.com/events/parade/p1130.php

What are the proper ways in which a Jew can celebrate Saint Patrick's Day? by Eddi Q: I have already purchased my green Yarmulke and am planning to serve green bagels for the holiday How else may a Jew celebrate St. Patrick's Day? I just found this. Did anyone ever know the Jews introduced Corned Beef to the Irish? Corned Beef and Cabbage Corned beef and cabbage is the traditional meal enjoyed by many on St. Patrick's Day, but only half of it is truly Irish. Cabbage has long been a staple of the Irish diet, but it was traditionally served with Irish bacon, not corned beef. The corned beef was substituted for bacon by Irish immigrants to the Americas around the turn of the century who could not afford the real thing. They learned about the cheaper alternative from their Jewish neighbors. http://www.religionfacts.com/christianity/holidays/st_patricks_day.htm\ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Corned_beef

A: I think corned beef and cabbage and green beer are Kosher.

What Happens If You Wear Green On Saint Patrick's Day And Somebody Pinches You? by Q: One nonfiction website that tells about St. Patrick's Day says that you can pinch 10 times back. Another says that you can only pinch them once back. How many times are you officially allowed to do it? St. Patrick's Day makes me jumpy. Uh, I'm a girl, not a male. Thx guys, but the 3 answers so far (by Jay, Erica, and Bob) are kinda gay.

A: lightly punch them or pinch them

Why Do You Have To Wear The Color Green On Saint Patrick's Day? by Q: My mom told my dad something and mentioned Saint Patrick's Day, and it got me thinking. I was wondering if there was like a back story, you know like Valentine's Day?

A: Saint Patrick is most known for driving the snakes from Ireland. It is true there are no snakes in Ireland, but there probably never have been - the island was separated from the rest of the continent at the end of the Ice Age. As in many old pagan religions, serpent symbols were common and often worshipped. Driving the snakes from Ireland was probably symbolic of putting an end to that pagan practice. While not the first to bring christianity to Ireland, it is Patrick who is said to have encountered the Druids at Tara and abolished their pagan rites. The story holds that he converted the warrior chiefs and princes, baptizing them and thousands of their subjects in the "Holy Wells" that still bear this name. more.... http://www.st-patricks-day.com/about_saintpatrick.html

How extensively is Saint Patrick's Day celebrated where you live? by Jonny B Q: I live in Connecticut and it is huge here. As kids we celebrated at school by wearing green and the teachers would always have a tiny party for us. As an adult, nearly every restaurant has corned beef and cabbage, and now that people are more educated about it most restaurants will have several authentic Irish dishes. Most bars will have Irish singers for the week(s) leading up to St Patrick's Day. I realize that it is because we have a large Irish descent population, but how about other parts of the country?

A: It used to be a protest march many years back. Now it's just an excuse to sell Guinness. Another commercialised holiday. Next there will be Ramadan cards and Yom Kippus gift packs

Question about Saint Patrick's Day parade? by Peace, Love, Volleyball Q: We want to go to the saint patricks day parade but we are not sure if it will be too crowded. is it so crowded that you can hardly see or what? Also about what time does it end? because we are planning on doing something else later that day. By the way we are in saint louis Anyway what has your experience been like? Thanks:)

A: I would suggest to get there early but yes it would be usually crowded The parade would last a half hour to a hour Answer Mine? http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20100315174638AAIiyF5

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