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Saggy pants ban

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pants65 Ban on Sagging Pants in Brundidge?: Hundreds have signed a petition wanting saggy pants outlawed. Brundidge resi... http://t.co/xvXNvdru

KatieDo #TTPTP I'd ban those horrific, saggy, baggy, pants that can barely stay up abour those sorry a@@ behinds they're exposing...uuuuggggghhhhhh!

sailingbear77 @SwagBucks #TTPTP I wish they would ban the "saggy pants" where you can see guys underwear. Does anybody really think that's attractive?

POSTMASTER9001 Saggy pants ban is a 9. year old woman from Kentucky just replied to

Rhinest Saggy Pants Ban in America, Now, Can They? - http://t.co/5Iqti4sb


Do you think they should ban saggy pants? ? by SmithJ Q: Explain your argument in-depth: - Why the position you are advocating is more convincing to you than the differing - How your position on the issue is related to your more general values and beliefs.

Should cities be allowed to ban "saggy pants?"? by Musica Q: A Florida judge declared the law unconstitutional but at least 50 cities across the US have such laws. What do you think? http://news.yahoo.com/s/afp/20080916/od_afp/usfashionjusticeoffbeat

A: No. There should be no such law as to dictate what people can and cannot wear in public. Personally, I find it unconstitutional that nude beaches are illegal in a lot of areas and that a woman can be arrested for going topless when men are allowed. Are humans so animalistic that the sight of "Boobies" can just turn them from humans to chimps in heat? Uniforms in private businesses and schools? A’ok… But in public? No, that isn’t constitutional. (Though people should have more respect for themselves then to wear such stupid outfits.)

What do you think about the proposal to ban saggy pants in some areas? by ILovePizza Q: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20070916/ap_on_re_us/saggy_britches

A: I hate baggy pants. No one wants to see your drawers!

Do you think nationwide that the government should ban saggy pants? by commentua Q: I do because I really don't need to know what kind of boxers/underwear a guy is wearing.

A: maybe not the government, but i think communities should say something about it...i dont know why guys do it cuz it's definitely not sexy to anyone and only makes you look immature and stupid, like a little dumb boy

Whats with the Saggy Pants Ban? by blackrainbow Q: i personaly dont like saggy pants(i dont wear them),but this is taking it to far. it is taking away our freedom of speech this might be the first step in taking away more of our individual rights can somebodey that has time petition this law(im only 13)and people who can do something by the way this is in southern california they are already banning so many things on tv also taking away freedom of speech-the fcc is the problem

A: it f-ck'n looks stupid.

Saggy Pants Ban in a Free Country????? by BRUCE Q: In a Free Country should we be making laws to enforce a "dress code"???? And if you really think about it why didn't they try to ban Young Girl's wear low-riding jeans and having their thong underwear hanging out????? Same thing right??? One is showing their underwear and the other is too right??? So where was the outrage to ban showing your thong and bra underwear in public? Why just target sagging? "They'll mess with our freedom. Pretty soon they're going to ban dreadlocks, too," said Cory Shelby about the saggy pants ban. Shelby, 29, recently was told to pull up his pants before boarding, even though he said his black cargo shorts were not drooping enough to be distasteful. "They told me I had to pull up my pants," he said, "And my boxers weren't even showing." City Councilman Frank Moss has said the saggy-pants look hurts the ability of young people to land jobs.--------What?!?!?!? We are talking about ppl in public sagging on their own free time!!! Not going to a Job interview!! Violators in some parishes face up to six months in jail coupled with a $500 fine for underwear exposure. What happened to our First Amendment right to freedom of speech and expression? It’s unconstitutional to dictate a fashion battle. Just for the recorded i do not sag or like sagging......Its not my thing. However I do not believe the Government Should be outlawing a Fashion Fad. What say You????? http://www.foxnews.com/us/2011/06/01/saggy-pants-riders-banned-fort-worth-texas-buses/ http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,295715,00.html http://www.mlive.com/news/flint/index.ssf/2008/09/courts_strike_down_saggy_pants.html

A: wow now america has a dress code???? If you don't like sagging then don't do it No one is making you look it either. i dont like the Confederate flag but im not saying lets outlaw it

Is this the dumbest law ever, or is their a worse one? Saggy pants ban.? by shortstop42000 Q: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20070829/ap_on_re_us/odd_saggy_pants The saggy pants ban is in Shreveport, LA. A person sagging more than 3 inches below the waist line is subject to a $100 fine. Is this the dumbest law you have ever seen? Is it really enforcable? Does it target young black men? Would a cop really waste their time on enforcing this law?

A: I think the law is appropriate when you have kids from all walks of life running around and tripping over themselves while exposing the butts to the general public. Maybe it's a statement from the youth...but I can say that seeing the crack of someones rear or undergarments is pretty pathetic! Would a cop enforce this law....you bet I would because I'm tired of citizens complaining about the indecent exposure!

what are some reasons to not ban saggy pants? by Angel C Q: Hi im doing an essay on not banning saggy pants and i need 3 reasons and 3 defending details for each reson! Please help =]

A: Defense 1) What people wear is their business 2) Subjective standards - where does loose fitting become baggy 3) Use of resources - nothing more important to do than worry over someone's clothes? Against: 1) It is one thing to look like you have a disability when you really do, but why pretend? 2) self respect - wear clothes that fit 3) got something to hide?

What do you think about the saggy pants ban? by Nagitar™ Q: A town in Louisiana is just about to pass a ban on saggy pants. Offenders could face up to 6 months in jail and a $500 fine...........What do you think? A little excessive maybe?

A: who is passing this? is this a Louisiana mandated statute? seems like another infringement of the government. i think it should be fought. neither me nor my children wear saggy pants, but if we wanted to, that's our right.

How saggy is too saggy? Trenton, NJ proposing to ban saggy pants with a 500$/6 mo in jail, is this fair? by T F Q: Trenton, NJ proposing to ban saggy pants with a 500$ or up to 6 months in jail if boxers or bare bottoms are shown, is this fair? What's your insight?

A: I'd reduce it to a 50 dollar fine and no jail time.. but only if the butt is completely exposed.. but 6 months for something like that is ridiculous!

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