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Saeed Anwar

India vs Pakistan: Unforgettable moments in ODI cricket
Saeed Anwar's record 194 at Chennai, Pepsi Independence Cup, May 21, 1997 Anwar always reserved his best against the old competitors and the 194 at Chennai bears testament to that fact. Viv Richards's remarkable knock of 189 not out was overhauled by ...

Warner's hundreds, and the Italian job
The first to enjoy such a purple patch was Zaheer Abbas, for Pakistan against India in 1982-83; another Pakistani, Saeed Anwar, did it against Sri Lanka and West Indies in Sharjah in 1993-94; Herschelle Gibbs achieved it in 2002-03; and AB de Villiers ...

Sachin Tendulkar scores his 100th hundred, Nasser Hussain
... the record for the highest individual score in a one-day international innings, hitting an unbeaten 200 in the ODI against South Africa to pass the previous mark of 194 not out set by Zimbabwe's Charles Coventry and 194 by Pakistan's Saeed Anwar.

KRL and United Bank to clash in final
Saeed Anwar was around to support Abbas till the end. The KRL bowlers had earlier restricted Lahore to 219 for 9. Lahore had a disastrous start when they lost their openers without a run scored. They continued to lose wickets and but for a patient 76 ...

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ulatpalat saeed anwar or amir sohail jesi batting kar k mahol loot lia zalim!

sawant RT @khurramar: well played Jamshed. You freshen up the memories of great innings b/w Amir Suhail and Saeed Anwar #PakCricket #PakVsInd

Fakhar_Ul_Islam My all time Favourite!... RT"@azeemdada: @anthonypermal Saeed Anwar used to write poetry with his bat. fantastic player"

kaushalvineet this match reminds me of the match when saeed anwar scored 194.

Ubedkhan RT @FaisalRahat: Nasir Jamshed = Finally a new Saeed Anwar for #Pakistan?! It's a possibility! #PakvsInd

FaisalRahat Nasir Jamshed = Finally a new Saeed Anwar for #Pakistan?! It's a possibility! #PakvsInd

khurramar well played #Jamshed.... you freshen up the memories of great innings b/w Amir Suhail and Saeed Anwar #PakCricket #PakVsInd #AsiaCup

yasirq @Hamster41 mere mu ki baat cheen li aapne dost. Saeed Anwar ke din indeed.

4li_Z RT @mojorojo: This match is giving one full Saeed Anwar 1997 India Cup vibe.

QareebiDost RT @Hamster41: Well Played Nasir. Saeed Anwar kay din yaad dila diye.

MubasherHasan PakVsInd..thx Nasir Jamshid for reliving Saeed Anwar to us. Well done boy.. keep it up.

Ammad_S Don't worry son! Your the next Saeed Anwar! #NasirJamshed #asiacup #PakvsInd #PakistanZindabad #TeamGreen

chullbulla RT @Hamster41: Well Played Nasir. Saeed Anwar kay din yaad dila diye.

Umar_M3 Well batted nasir! Next saeed anwar this guy! Boom boom time?

Rabiat141 RT @Hamster41: Well Played Nasir. Saeed Anwar kay din yaad dila diye.


How come Westerners give more recognition to Tendulkar, than compared to other Asian cricketers? by Q: Westerners in the sense English, Australian, South African commentators or cricketers when they discuss about players from the world about their records or achievements, they tend to focus on cricket players from western countries, but overlook Asian players - but with the exception of Tendulkar. For example when Gilchrist scored as massive century & they were comparing the records for the highest century ever in ODIs...they were saying like he is the second highest scoring Aussie batsman, and then looking through the list they said "good, but still less than Tendulkar's 186, top-class batsman in the world" But other than Tendulkar, do you know that Saeed Anwar made 194 & Jayasurya Ganguly & Viv Richards made 180+ also. How come they gave recognition to Tendulkar, but not much to Jayasurya or Anwar? I mean they are also top-class players right? But how come Tendulkar is like a common name, biut other Asian players name not that common? I can quote a few more examples too

A: Because he is the best. No contemporary cricketer in the world, or I should say no one ever except Sir don can be compared to him. BTW, Sir don can't be compared to anyone.

Will Australia become weaker if major players retire? by patriotism and politics dont mix Q: Many batsmen of Australia are in mid 30's or approaching late 30's, like Tendulkar of India and so I think retirement should not be very far away for them. Symonds, Gilchrist, Ponting, Breet Lee, Hayden etc etc are around mid 30's in age. So when such solid batsmen retire from Australian squad, would Australian team become weaker? I have noticed other teams become weaker when their major batsmen retired. Like for example I noticed that when Saeed Anwar of Pak (who has largest one day score) retired, the opening batsmen after his retirement could not quite deliver to the same degree as Anwar used to, and they lacked the kind of skill and score that Anwar used to put. Will India get weaker too, when Tendulkar and Ganguly retire?

A: they have another team which is as solid as the present team.. this happens if you have a strong domestic cricket system.. india will be the same without tendulkar or ganguly..

Can you guess ???? by KooKee :) makes MoB cry! :(( Q: What do Greame Gooch, Lasith Malinga and Saeed Anwar have in common ????? Lol no Gymnast but good guess :) Blingbang & ssa are both incorrect !!

A: edit: all 3 were out for 0 on their test debuts edit : in the world cup in six innings all 3 were out for a duck in five of them and scored just 1 in the last.

Opening problem for Pakistan.? by Dammn... Q: After the retirement of Saeed Anwar and Amir Sohail, pakistan never had a good opening pair. Many pairs had been tried and failed. what could be the reasons. And at present who should open for pak? @Night Angel<< but fawad Alam is middle order bat.

A: The problem is that board has the policy of favoritism.At present thy have talent such as fawad alam, hasan raza and many more who have performed extremely well in domestic circuit but they are never selected. Fawad Alam and Shahzab Hasan (made hundred against somerset) would make a great opening pair. Fawad Alam has opened in test and made 160+ on debut.So why not make him open in ODI's

HEY SRI LANKANS YOU WATCHING THE SLAUGHTERING??? hahaha? by Prashant Q: I think Australia is gonna absolutely obliterate Sri Lanka. Where the hell are some of you obnoxious Sri Lankan fans, can't hear you now Prolly runnin away with your tails between your legs juss like Sri Lankans in the match... so what if Hayden's out...he looked uncomfortable the whole time...anyways who thinks Gilchrist is gonna break the highest scored by a single player in an ODI record set by Saeed Anwar today? That is will GIlchrist reach 194 and possibly get to...200 runs himself?????

A: i am with you, i knew it Australia will crash srilanka and they are doin that, they will at least make 300 and today overs are less than 50 overs and to chase that big target in less than 50 overs is impossible for srilanka, Here the news u will hear: Australia won the world cup 2007 and made a hat-trick, srilanka white-washed against Australia in final and couldn't make more than 100 runs. Hayden failed to break Sachin record of scoring highest runs in world cup. Man of the Match Adam Gilchrist for his wonderful inning of 149. Man of the Series Glen Mcgrath, bowled very good in world cup and deserve that award.

take your pick ............................................................and explain why ? by Haneef Q: 1. Saeed Anwar or Matthew Hayden (as an opner ) 2. Stuart Broad or Morne Morkel (as a bowler) 3. Paul Collingwood or AB De villers (a a fielder ) 4. THE TOUGHEST ONE EVER VERY DIFFICULT TO ANSWER WHO,S A BETTER BATSMEN Sachin Tendulkar or Sir Viv Richards

A: 1) Saeed Anwar Vs Matthew Hayden as a batsman. Matches: Anwar - 55; Hayden - 102 (presently playing 103rd) Runs per Match: Anwar - 73.67; Hayden - 83.87 Runs per Innings: Anwar - 45.53; Hayden - 50.92 Percent share of runs in series played: Anwar - 6.99; Hayden - 7.53 My rating: Anwar - 80.75 marks; Hayden - 80.5 marks. Both are practically at the same level. But then, Hayden played more matches. Hence, I would think that Hayden is better than Anwar. 2) Stuart Broad Vs Morne Morkel as a bowler Matches: Broad - 10; Morkel - 14 (presently playing the 15th) Balls per Match: Broad - 217; Morkel - 172 Balls per Wicket: Broad - 83; Morkel - 52 Runs per Wicket: Broad - 45.23; Morkel - 32.50 Percent share of wicket in series played: Broad - 5.74; Morkel - 9.43 Wickets per match: Broad - 2.60; Morkel - 3.29 My rating: Broad - 50.82 marks; Morkel - 63.5 marks. Morne Morkel is better bowler than Stuart Broad. 3) Paul Collingwood Vs Abraham de Villiers as a fielder Matches: Collingwood - 41; de Villiers - 48 Catches per Match: Collingwood - 1.29; de Villiers - 1.42 percent share of catches in series played: Collingwood - 5.5; de Villiers - 6.83 My rating: Collingwood - 30.62 marks; de Villiers - 30.69 marks. Both are exactly at the same level. But de Villiers played more matches and hence should be considered a better fielder. 4) Sachin Tendulkar Vs Viv Richards as a batsman Matches: Tendulkar - 156; Richards - 121 Runs per Match: Tendulkar - 79.67; Richards - 70.58 Runs per Innings: Tendulkar - 54.3; Richards - 50.2 Percent share of runs in series played: Tendulkar - 7.65; Richards - 7.55 My rating: Tendulkar - 84.98 marks; Richards - 85.78 marks. Vivian Richards is slightly better than Sachin. But then, Sachin played more matches. Hence I feel Sachin is better than Richards.

Which one is great pk batsman? by dani Q: Miandad/zaheer abbas/saeed anwar/aamir sohail/Inzamam/ M.Yousaf/Younas or Misbah

A: Majid Khan..... The majestic Majid... They used to call him..... LLL

who got most number of great players in cricket team? india, pakistan, Australia? and tell players name too.? by dani Q: i think pakistan got most great players like: imran khan, wasim akram, saqlain mushtaq, saeed anwar, aamir sohail, waqar younis, shoaib akhtar, javed miandad, abdul razzaq. mohammed yousuf.

A: it can be pak.but it can also be australia and india australia cuz the had and have players like sharne warne,mc grath, ricky ponting,michale clarke, brett lee,steve waugh, adam gilchrist,hussey, mathew hayden,sir donald bradman, damien martyn,andrew symonds, etc and india has and had sunil gavaskar,sachin v.sehwag,r.dravid,m.dhoni, irfan pathan,anil kumble srinath,azharruddin,kapil dev, ganguly,yuvraj,kaif etc so it can b either pak. either india, or either australia

who scored the highest odi score in an innings? by tabrez_star Q: saeed anwar

A: You are absoltely right. Saeed Anwar caught Ganguly b. Tendulkar 194 (146 balls) 22 fours and 5 sixes. At Chennai (Independence Cup tournament in 1997). When he got out there were still 3 overs left. He could have scored a double hundred. Such was his domination that the second highest scorer made 39. Pakistan won the match by 35 runs.

THE MOST HUMILIATINGGGG DEFEAT IN CRICKETING HISTORY!GLORIOUS PaST HOLDER PAKISTAN LOST TO FIRST TIMER IRELAND by sCrUbs Q: Lost to First Timers IRELAND.............The legendary pakistan team.........pakistani team shud go bak to their country,shun cricket and shud concentrate on something else...atleast not cricket...their not worth it...IMRAN KHAN,WASEEM AKRAM,WAKAR YOUNIS,SAEED ANWAR,INZI,JAVEID MIANDAD.......SUCH LEGENDARY PAST...........All gone............seriously they shud change the whole team and the managment and shud bring completely new players..thats the only hope left for future.. by the way, ireland was excellent...best of luk ireland... cav don't worry about my grammer(If you have any problem regarding grammer,go and learn your english lessons) ...and might i remind you this question is in relevance to cricket and is in cricket category of yahoo answers...so if you have any personal issues with cricket,go and chat somewhere else...alternatively, if you have any answers or suggestions related to cricket,you are more than welcome to reply...and by the way,thanks to the other fellows who answered or gave suggestion in regard to this topic...by the way, someone here stated that the current pakistani team isn't actually a great tema...well you are right when you say that the present pakistani team isnt actually one of the best teams in this world cup but still it is suppose to be better than aleast half of the present teams in world cup...and besides we have seen before that pakistan is capable of beating the best of the best but the problem is that pakistani team is toooooooo unpredictalbe tino67, i do agree with you that the INZAMAM factor had a big role in pakistans failure...the problem is that INZAMAM is definetly one of the best batsmen of all time and hes a great person aswell..but he doesnt have that CAPTAIN attitude or nature which is very necessary for a captain to look aggressive or confident...in todays match,throughout irelands batting inzamams face was as if someone had died...these things really influence players of a particular team as players gather confident by body language or actions or words of their own captain.. zobi i do lik ur opportunistic approach......but dont u think that u were a bit more opportunistic when u considered pak and india best talented...the fact is bro that we do definetly hav gr8 talent in our country but the current team doesnot actually simulate this fact... and well inzamam no doubt is a legend but hes now more like ronaldo of football who has lost his magic and besides i think its time for inzi to leave captaincy.....hes a gr8 player but captaincy isnt something hes very good in.... Today i heard the one of the STRANGEST&SADEST news I have ever heard...Pakistani coach BOB WOOLMER died..........All I can say is that he was a great coach and a great person,may his soul rest in peace...

A: While it is shame for India and Pakistan to get defeated by such low ranked teams, it has again proved that cricket is a game of uncertainties.

Inshant Sharma has no wikipedia article. Why? by Q: Many cricketers have their own wikipedia article. Tendulkar, Kallis, Ponting, Wasim Akram, Saeed Anwar, etc etc all have wikipedia articles on them. I was trying to look for Inshant Sharma wikipedia column, and it doesn't exist. Why?

A: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ishant_Sharma you spelled his name wrong

who should be the opener of the pakistani team??? by ifti Q: there has many good pakistani openers but after saeed anwar there been no consistent opener in the pak team so i would like you opinion

A: Saching Tendulkar and Virendra Sehwag.................

Osama.. dead, Anwar al-Awlaki ...dead, Kadafi dead...Obama kick's [email protected]? by Q: You want the white house back con's........fogetabout it! if you cons would get out of his way and stop blocking everything in congress he WOULD have a similar impressive record on the economy.......so get out of the way mo fo's. look at this impressive Kill list! The list of senior terrorists killed during the Obama presidency is fairly extensive. There’s Osama bin Laden, of course, killed in May. Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) leader Anwar al-Awlaki as of today. Earlier this month officials confirmed that al Qaeda’s chief of Pakistan operations, Abu Hafs al-Shahri, was killed in Waziristan, Pakistan. In August, ‘Atiyah ‘Abd al-Rahman, the deputy leader of al Qaeda was killed. In June, one of the group’s most dangerous commanders, Ilyas Kashmiri, was killed in Pakistan. In Yemen that same month, AQAP senior operatives Ammar al-Wa’ili, Abu Ali al-Harithi, and Ali Saleh Farhan were killed. In Somalia, Al-Qa’ida in East Africa (AQEA) senior leader Harun Fazul was killed. Administration officials also herald the recent U.S./Pakistani joint arrest of Younis al-Mauritani in Quetta. Going back to August 2009, Tehrik e-Taliban Pakistan leader Baitullah Mahsud was killed in Pakistan. In September of that month, Jemayah Islamiya operational planner Noordin Muhammad Top was killed in Indonesia, and AQEA planner Saleh Ali Saleh Nabhan was killed in Somalia. Then in December 2009 in Pakistan, al Qaeda operational commanders Saleh al-Somali and ‘Abdallah Sa’id were killed. In February 2010, in Pakistan, Taliban deputy and military commander Abdul Ghani Beradar was captured; Haqqani network commander Muhammad Haqqani was killed; and Lashkar-e Jhangvi leader Qari Zafar was killed. In March 2010, al Qaeda operative Hussein al-Yemeni was killed in Pakistan, while senior Jemayah Islamiya operative Dulmatin - accused of being the mastermind behind the 2002 Bali bombings – was killed during a raid in Indonesia. In April 2010, al Qaeda in Iraq leaders Abu Ayyub al-Masri and Abu Omar al-Baghdadi were killed. In May, al Qaeda’s number three commander, Sheik Saeed al-Masri was killed. In June 2010 in Pakistan, al Qaeda commander Hamza al-Jawfi was killed. Remember when Rudy Giuliani warned that electing Barack Obama would mean that the U.S. played defense, not offense, against the terrorists? If this is defense, what does offense look like?

A: You forgot one, 2009 he killed America.

why did pakistan drop Yasir Hameed from its world cup squad? by Moomooson Q: In the past two years he has played in just four ODIs out of 45, and yet in those games he has run up scores of 41, 57, 71, and 41. Admittedly they have come a touch slowly by one-day standards, but Hameed is by nature an opener, and that department has been Pakistan's Achilles Heel since the retirement of Saeed Anwar

A: May be he was not performing good. But i think he was a good choice. And may be u r right that he can be a good opener. Actually Pakistani management has chosen a poor team. The combination is very bad. Injured and out of form players are included in team. They not even included Sami. I think Wolmer is not serious with this team any more. He wants to become coach of England team and he is trying to become England coach after World cup. You can expect his sympathy with England team. If Pakistan had to play against England in World Cup. He didn't even suceeded to bring good openers for Pakistani's. We can only pray for Pakistani's to win World cup. And Inshallah they will.

what is common in among these ? by ~~ Cool Manu ~~ Q: 1. sourav ganguly 2. saeed anwar 3. sanath jaisurya 4. mathew hayden 5. gautam gambhir. i dnt mind if u give STARS. thanx.

A: The most common among theser players is that all are left handers. While Ganguly has been opener in ODI, rest of them have been openers in test as well as ODI.

Who are the most stylish batsmen you have watched? by Wiseguy Q: Mine are: Damian Martyn Brian Lara Rahul Dravid Saeed Anwar Mohammad Yusuf

A: Virat Kohli, Robin Uthappa, Ricky Ponting, Zaheer Khan.

Where can I watch Ind - NZ highlights of 2days game ? by dRAMACYDAL Q: ONLY HIGHTLIGHTS ? and plz can u tell me the official website for odi ranking of the icc. is saeed anwar still alive ?

A: you can watch it here.. also you can watch other past games highlights yes saeed anwar is alvie still

which is the best ever opening pair in cricket among these ? by ~~ Cool Manu ~~ Q: 1. sehvag and sachin 2. sachin and ganguly 3. gillchrist and clark 4. gillchrist and hayden 5. saeed anwar and amir sohail 6. salman butt and kamran akmal 7. jaisurya and sangakara 8. attapattu and jaisurya 9. gibbs and dipenear ( sorry for speeling mistake ) 10. gibbs and kallis

A: sachin and ganguly gilchrist & hayden

Which 5 batsmen are top 5 ODI batsmen of all time? by Q: 1-Sachin Tendulkar 2-Vivian Richards 3-Brain Lara 4-Michael Bevan 5-Ricky Pointing 6-Sourav Ganguly 7-Jacques Kallis 8-Saeed Anwar 9-Inzamam Ul Haq 10-Mark Waugh I think from these 10 5 batsmen deserve this.Select those five batsmen.You can give your own choice also.

A: 1-Sachin Tendulkar 2-Vivian Richards 3-Brain Lara 4-Michael Bevan 5-Jacques Kallis

Highest number of boundaries in an innings? by nikamahero Q: can you tell me who has scored highest number of fours and sixes in a oneday innings , i mean separate counting sixes and separately counting fours , somebody told me for sixes it is Shahid Afridi woh 11 sixes in an innings and for fours it is Saeed anwar with 25 in an innings ? is it true?

A: Most fours in an inning-ST Jayasuriya/Sri Lanka/24 Most sixes in an inning-XM Marshall/West Indies/12 Edit: Thanks RIP

Who is the best batsman ever in cricket? by Q: Inzamam or Saeed Anwar

A: Inzamam all the way. I thinnk he was more versatile

Nasir Jamshed makes impressive debut in one day for pakistan. would he turn out to be solid batsman? by Q: 18 year old Nasir Jamshed made debut for Pakistan today while playing against Zimbabwe. On debut he scored 61 runs in 48 balls with a strike rate of 127. He hit six 4's and three 6's. thats a very good debut. Does that mean he will turn out to be the afridi or saeed anwar of tomorrow?

A: yes ,..he will be so~

What is the specialty of these cricketers? by Raj Q: 1.Michael Bevan 2.Saeed Anwar 3.Stephen Fleming 4.Arvind de Silva 10+points for the best answer.

A: 1 - Brilliant fielder (compared to Jonty Rhodes) and high average middle order batsman 2 - hold Odi record for highest score (194) Also, he scored 2 or more successive hundreds on four separate occasions. ALso, 20 hundreds in Odis. 3 - Excellent captain; Most capped ODI Captain (218 matches) 4 - played in the 1996 World Cup Final against Australia, where he took 3 wickets for 42 runs (including Mark Taylor and Ricky Ponting), and then got 107 not out with the bat to help Sri Lanka beat Australia by 7 wickets, thereby clinching the World Cup.

Do you think that standard of cricket in Bangladesh and Zimbabwe have improved for last couple of years? by ♫Aѕнιѕн™♫ тнє ∂єѕι вσу Q: Two years ago Zimbabwe beaten Australia in the T20 world cup. Recently one of their player called Charles Coventry scored the world's highest ODI score(shared with Saeed Anwar). Bangladesh have also beaten India two years ago in ODI world cup two years ago. Recently they won ODI and test series against west indies. Do you think their cricket standard has improved?

A: I absolutely agree that the standard of cricket has improved for Bangladesh. They'd introduced some excellent cricketers like Tamim Iqbal and Shakib-Al-Hasan, so I feel that have a lot in store for the future. BUT I think that Zimbabwe hasn't improved but gotten worse. They didn't have proper replacements for legendary cricketers like Andy Flower, Grant Flower, Heath Streak, and I don't think they'll ever find replacements for them. Maybe Coventry has some potential, but at the same time, I doubt he can play the same way the Flower brothers played against those big teams like India and Australia.

Why are so many cricket players left handed? by Xander Q: Wasim Akram, Saeed Anwar, Allan Border, Stephen Fleming, Matthew Hayden, Sanath Jayasuriya, Kumar Sangakkara, Garfield Sobers, Daniel Vettori, Chaminda Vaas, Brian Lara, Graeme Smith, plus I am sure many more are left handed. I am sure that at the top level of the game there is much more than the national average of 8-15% left handedness. Plus even more at the very top of the game are left handed! (Even though Tendulkar bats right handed he writes left handed). I know that people say that left handers are awkward and different and so get further in sport. But I don't think it can just be this. Why do you think it is?

A: I don't think you will get the proper answer for this question. Because no one talked about this until now.....

Why has there never been scored a double century in One day cricket? by patriotism and politics dont mix Q: In test match cricket several double centuries and even triple centuries have been scored. But why no double century in one day cricket ever? After researching i discovered that the highest score ever in one day was 194 runs by Saeed Anwar of Pakistan against India in 1997. When do you think that 194 score of Saeed Anwar will be broken, by whom will it be broken and when? Or do you feel the 194 record of Saeed Anwar will stay forever?

A: Well, test cricket goes on for 5 days....90 overs per day...if you do the maths, you can see how cricketers manage to score double or triple centuries with ease in these cases. On the other hand, with just 50 overs, it makes it harder to get a double century. I think someone will eventually break Anwar's record since cricket is definitely more a batsman's game. I remember Steve Waugh thought Gilly would be the first cricketer to score a double hundred and being an opening batsman, he does stand a chance. I know I"d love to see him do that, but somehow, I doubt he will because as exciting as he is...he falters before reaching that milestone. If I had to say from the present day cricketers, I'd say Gilly...but if not, I think it will be way into the future of the game that someone will score a double hundred. Just so you know though, a double hundred has been scored in women's ODI cricket by Belinda Clark...214 n.o.

If Sachin Tendulkar did not retire hurt on 163* would he have beaten his record or even Saeed Anwar's 194? by Elliot The Runescape Master Q: Yeh, we couldn't say I suppose, one false shot and it could be all over. But one thing we can't dispute was it was a very fine innings. I know he isn't interested in records, but surely when you get that close with 6 overs or so to go, you must be thinking about trying to just go on for a bit longer, the way he was going he could have retired after his double with an over to go! It's not that much of a hypothetical question, on 163* scoring like he was, he had a very good chance of making 200

A: Why ask hypothetical questions? Who knows what might or might not have happened? You might just as well ask whether Sehwag would have made 200 if he had not been dismissed for 3

Saeed Anwar or Gotham Gunbhir..who's the Legendary opener? by NALAKA Faiяly100% Q: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AvXI31iBNiK7W4fHbq6NYUvty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20090816160627AAxf6zg

A: Anwar is a Legend..... Gahmbir is not a legend!!!!! Anwar is the better batsmen with respect to technique and effectivenes.... astute mind~~~

What is your opinion about SAEED ANWAR...?? by FAISAL Q: Former Pakistan opener... The "194" man!! Would you rate him amongst the top ten batsmen of alltime......?

A: Yeah I remember that 194 knock very well....it was against India and I was so upset that day..almost started hating him :) Long time though....when you be nostalgic, Saeed Anwar was one of the highest run-scorers in ODI cricket in his times...By the way, where is he now? Don't hear much of him anymore. My favourite Pakistani batsmen (in that order) are: 1. Javed Miandad 2. Saeed Anwar 3. Aamir Sohail

highest score by saeed anwar in one day international? by devkinandan s Q:


who will break saeed anwar's highest individual world record? by dani Q:

A: hayden

against which worst team saeed anwar scored 194 runs? by One Men show Q:

A: Against Bharata (INDIA)

Which batsman was better GANGULY OR SAEED ANWAR? by Q:

A: This is the record of Anwar> http://www.espncricinfo.com/pakistan/content/player/42605.html This is the record of Gangu> http://www.espncricinfo.com/india/content/player/28779.html Both are equally talented. Both have learned to work with honor dignity and respect. Both had caught the bowlers off guard!

who is the best ODI left hand batsman, sanath jayasuriya or saeed anwar? by KING Q:

A: Yuviraj Singh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

do you think anyone will break saeed anwar's record of scoring 194 runs in oneday internationals? by Stanley J Q:

A: Of course Yes - Records are meant to be broken. On a given day a batsman on a complacent pitch can achieve this record. Any good batsman - typically like Hayden, Smith, Sehwag, Tendulkar, Dhoni, Afridi, Pieterson, Gayle, or anyone can achieve this. Only it is a matter of time.

Has Saeed Anwar record 194 broken or just equalized ? by nikamahero Q:

A: Well, to analyze the scoresheet.. Saeed Anwar scored 194 in fewer balls and was dismissed in the end by Kumble while Covertry scored playing more balls but stood there in the end. But to be honest, in my opinion, Saeed stays on the top because 1. He was playing on away ground and the opposition was at its own soil 2. Playing against India is a very big deal for any Pakistani. We can't even imagine the pressure on Saeed. Even Coventry can't!

why it took almost 13 years for Saeed Anwar 194 to be broken? how long it'll take for sachin 200 to be broken? by Q:

A: I reckon that it will be broken in 2010. It's like the score of 400 in ODI's that had not been achieved until Australia got 434, but then the next innings South Africa got 438 and every few months since a team has got very close to 400 or more. It is the way T20 cricket is making ODI go. David Warner got a 50 off 18 balls the other night. At that rate he'd get a double century off 72 balls!

Will Saeed Anwar's cricket world record high score stand forever? by patriotism and politics dont mix Q: Saeed Anwar of Pakistan scored 194 from 146 balls against India in May of 1997. He hit 22 fours and 5 sixes in that knock. That was one of the largest number of total boundaries by an individual batsman in one day. Unfortunately even after almost 10 and a half years, the 194 record still stands. In that same year of 1997, he won the wisden cricketer of the year award. I feel 194 will stand forever, because the score is just too huge for any batsman to beat. You agree?

A: No man It will soon be broken. Strike rates of most new batsman are pretty impressive. There are already many scores in 180s. So reaching 200 is seeming possible. Even the growth of 20-20 Cricket will make batsmen more aggressive. So i guess it ll be broken

Do You Agree with Saeed Anwar When He says 'Tendulkar is the greatest of Modern Era' and class apart? by Wall Stands Tall Q: Anwar heaps praise on Master Blaster Karachi: Former Pakistan captain Saeed Anwar on Thursday described Sachin Tendulkar as the greatest batsman of the modern era and hailed the Indian maestro for becoming the only player to smash a double century in the one-day Internationals. Anwar said he was not surprised that Tendulkar became the first batsman to reach the 200-run mark. "In the last one and half decade there were players like Brian Lara, Ricky Pointing, Shahid Afridi and Virender Sehwag who could have gone past the 200-run mark. But I think Tendulkar did it because he is the greatest of modern era and a class apart," Anwar said. "Honestly speaking Lara seemed to be the most likely batsman but he retired without doing it. But he set his records in Test and first class cricket," said Anwar, who had scored 194 against India in Chennai in May 1997. In August 2009, Zimbabwean Charles Coventry hit an unbeaten 194 against Bangladesh in Bulayawo. http://www.telegraphindia.com/1100226/jsp/sports/story_12152374.jsp

A: Waugh once said when ever Tendulkar takes the stance before wicket he could actually feel 1 billion people sitting on his shoulder hoping for him to play BIG.... Lara or Pointing or Afridi or even Sehwag never feel that pressure. Bradman was greatest in test no doubt but he never faced that pressure. He never played that amount of cricket. More importantly he never played games like one-day n twenty20 which take more toil on the body. So to sustain that hunger n continuously deliver for over 20 yrs .... makes him not just greatest of modern era but greatest of all time in my eyes. One biggest yardstick is Bradman himself only chose Tendulkar to compare..... He was the only one who was compared to Bradman even in test not Lara or Pointing.

why did Saeed Anwar decided to become islamic preacher after retiring from cricket? by patriotism and politics dont mix Q: Saeed Anwar of pakistan who holds the record of scoring 194 runs in one day cricket retired around late 2003. But after that he decided to become something similar to a mullah where he started keeping huge beards, and wearing strange customes and talking islamic fundamentalism in mosques and similar. I understand there's nothing wrong in doing that and its his personal choice, but having looked at a video of Saeed in youtube.com i could hardly recognize that this is the same Saeed Anwar who played high quality cricket. Can you even believe that in this link below -- this is the same saeed anwar. I was shocked. Is this really the same person in this link below?-- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DKknpsSs2wA

A: he is a god in my village.

saeed anwar as a batting coach for pakistan? by chaha k Q: i just read on cricinfo that pcb approach saeed anwer for coaching pak team.what do you think about it? it will good or bad

A: Cool. He was a very fine batsman for Pakistan. He can really help the Pakistani batsmen. They are playing 'POORLY' to be blunt

Why does Saeed Anwar shine above all Pakistan openers? by NALAKA Faiяly100% Q:

A: His innings of 194 of just 146 balls was by far the best innings ever played by any batsman in world cricket in ODI's. He was also a well behaved guy on the field and was the backbone of the Pakistani in the 90's. His style of playing shots was marvelous. The way he used to time the ball was impeccable. His cover drives were flawless. He was technically a very sound batsman. One of my favorite Pakistani players along with Inzamam Ul Haq.

who was better batsman -- saeed anwar or tendulkar? by joe Q: both of them played high quality cricket and anwar scored 194, while tendulkar scored 200. So in comparison who is better batsman?

A: Both have played amazing cricket for their respective teams... However, Sachin would defntly be well ahead of Saeed in terms of comparison for the fact that he is truly dominating the cricketing arena in all forms of the game quite non-chalantly - be it the Tests or the ODIs - the records speak for itself! And dont forget that Sachin was the only batsman whose batting strokeplay reminded the GREAT Don Bradman..reminded himself of his days! NEED I SAY MORE - final verdict - Sachin is truly an awesome sportsperson

How tall is wasim akram, saeed anwar, inzamaul haq, shoaib malik? by cheeda_kulfie Q: damn these niggaz are tall! except for Saeed but what he lacked in height he made up in batting, AWESOME BATSMAN

A: wasim is 6'3 Imran is 6'1 MAlik is 5'9 Saeed is 5'6

what pakistani users congratulate tendulker for breaking saeed anwar record? by SaMeer Q:

A: Ya my long desire cam true. Heartily congrats to Sachin. Really a supreme knock by supreme batsman ! http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AmYCDf.6QeVNoAe1.3tesfT7DH1G;_ylv=3?qid=20100224054323AAn2DGP http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=Av5qaaueMbguJ2hX5dyejv4jzKIX;_ylv=3?qid=20091105093812AApIykZ http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=Am.XFgrHFT.GMZkWHy0IuXXty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20100102035818AAiu0kA

How many 300+ totals were scored before Saeed Anwar's 194 ? by Aq Q: How many of them were before the 15 over fielding restriction rule was introduced ?

A: 49 matches http://stats.cricinfo.com/ci/engine/stats/index.html?class=2;filter=advanced;orderby=start;runsmin1=300;runsval1=runs;size=200;template=results;type=team;view=innings answer this http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AhQAL.12cWqFQG8qjDbh2hbty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20100228130722AAE1I1W

What is Saeed Anwar's reaction after Sachin broke his record? by Rocky Q: What would be Anwar's reaction after sachin broke his 194 record, Whether he was happy to see sachin broke his record or not happy? and one more thing what anwar is doing now [coz all cricket players are coming to commentry or coach after their retirement]

A: "In the last one and half decade there were players like Brian Lara, Ricky Pointing, Shahid Afridi and Virender Sehwag who could have gone past the 200-run mark. But I think Tendulkar did it because he is the greatest of modern era and a class apart," Anwar

why no 1 brake saeed anwar recrd of 194? by Inzamam Ul Haq Q: why is no team brake record now? is becos pakistan is best team ever? why no ausie pleyer brake saeed anwar record when they nomber 1?

A: why is no team brake record now? Take it easy Inzi,you guys just lost the top spot in the most ODI wickets. is becos pakistan is best team ever? Riiiiiight and Shoaib Akhtar is the fittest player ever.

who is the best of the best. Saeed anwar or Sachin tendulkar? by dani Q: according to me Saeed anwar because he was always match winner. when india needs sachin. then sachin doesn't play good.

A: yes doni, To Me, It's Saeed anwar, simply because he was always the match winner4 Pakis. when India needs sachin. ? aint do nothing,...almost. Better to watch is... Saeed anwar. we miss him in the cricket field ,honestly

Did Saeed Anwar get mad and very angry when Tendulkar broke his record of 194? by joe Q: Saeed Anwar said in an interview that his 194 will never be beaten by anyone. He was very confident. So is he now very frustrated and furious?

A: yes! he was very angry and mad! he just hitting his family members very madly when sachin (master blaster) made 200! he is now on mental hospital!

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