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Ryder cup

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MunroC4Life Bruins are doing terrible this year considering they were Stanley Cup Champions last year.. Letting Ryder go was definitely a bad idea.

joshapiafi @jeremychapman3 @stevepalmer78 glad you can smile about iot through gritted teeth! The Jacobson / Ryder Cup place has to be on in 2012

musicblogzuk New post: Brookline '99 - The Official Story Of The Ryder Cup 1999 [DVD] http://t.co/nMZ2H9Pz

ashepphird Have arrived in Scotland and Gleneagles, which will host 2014 Ryder Cup. Downright gorgeous, I have to say. @VisitScotland @SportsTravelMag

mmagsport #golf Latest leading positions in the European Ryder Cup table after the WGC-HSBC... http://t.co/XT53C3m9

golflivechris Good to see 5 Europeans in the top 6 in Shanghai, Ryder Cup selection headache discussions to start soon?

dannypuerto1 @McIlroyRory ur number 2 behind me on tiger woods golf on the wii. Ur often my partner in the ryder cup too!!! Well done rory! Number1 soon!

IAmB_C Even the names of their trophies; masters, ryder cup...nothing mediocre.

illdoittomorrow Whats happening? RT @phillamylambert Well next years ryder cup team I shaping up nicely so massive names might not make it

phillamylambert Well next years ryder cup team I shaping up nicely so massive names might not make it

visionsportTV Why the Ryder Cup is a priceless jewel in the sporting calendar - [caption id="attachment_130" align="alignleft"... http://t.co/VfM9a0W2

CristoforoM54 Now he's #2 wonder if @McIlroyRory will be able to overtake @LukeDonald for #1 next year?! Looks good for Euro Ryder Cup Team #WGCHSBC

KillarneyGolf Ryder Cup fund provides 2856 free golf lessons in ... - European Tour http://t.co/scqGkHxw

johnhuggan have always been a jacobson fan...since he was royally shafted a few years ago when he should have been in the ryder cup team..#gofreddie

Rennamsn The Green: The Ryder Cup.A biennial tournament considered the premier event in the golfing world, pitting the tw... http://t.co/aNppcjV2


Why does Nick Faldo think the Ryder Cup is a major? by william_c_munny Q: Sorry Nick but the Majors are stroke play-the Ryder Cup is match play. Also The Majors are individual tourneys-the Ryder cup is a TEAM event. You would think someone of his experience would know better!

A: I'm sure that Nick Faldo knows that. If he has indeed put more emphasis on performance in the Majors than in lesser tournaments when making his picks, then he is not alone in thinking they are more important. The Ryder Cup points system awards more points for a 2nd place (for example) in a Major than it does for a regular tour event, so clearly the people in charge of the system think the same way as Faldo. Additionally, the qualification lists are based entirely on performance in strokeplay events. Both Casey & Poulter have decent records in matchplay. Not as good as Monty & Clarke, of course, but then they haven't been playing as long as Monty & Clarke. I daresay my father has driven more total miles in a car than I have, but then he has been driving for many more years than I have. That doesn't automatically make him a better driver at the moment. A look at recent comparative driving records would be needed to make an informed decision on that score. Well, Faldo has done a similar thing with his picks. And I, for one, believe he has done the right thing leaving Monty out. Poulter wouldn't have been my pick, but then I'm not captain and don't have to carry the can. It's easy in the cheap seats and I'm sure there will be plenty of potential Monday morning quarterbacks waiting on the sidelines.

Should Paul Azinger look to the Champions tour to fill The Ryder cup roster? by ixnaytim Q: Can He? Fred Funk, and Jay Haas have been tearing it up recently and i think they could be what the americans need. I don't like hearing no names in the ryder cup discussion. Who do you think the Captains picks should be?

A: The Champions have already been in the mix for candidacy in prior years. The Ryder Cup is for current players and the American team should come from that roster. Go by money earned or tournaments won but confine the choice to those on the regular tour. If they beat us, fine ! If we beat them, fine ! So long as when it is over , they shake hands, compliment the individuals for their play and break bread together.

Who makes the shirt the players wear in the Ryder Cup? by brittany g Q: My boyfriend commented that he liked a particular shirt he saw in the 2008 Ryder cup. It was a white polo with a purple argyle print down one side of the front. Please help, Thank you!

A: Nike made all the tops and hats for the US team. I don't believe they are available to the public, at least not yet. I've been interested in that shirt myself and have been checking Niketown. Nike was gracious enough to show restraint in putting their logos all over the place which they tend to do everything else and let the competition logos speak for themselves. Nike did a great job with the tops - they even went as far as working with the players to use the correct fabric (some players prefer more technical, dri-fit type of fabrics, vs cotton or cotton blends, as well as working with them on fit - more body-fitting vs loose cuts). This was discussed during the broadcast. You can get other Ryder Cup tops from pgatour.com's website, but those aren't available on there.

Are the final round single matches of the ryder cup going to be shown on television? by Oag25 Q: If the ryder cup is going to be shown what channel and at what time

A: Yes, at 4am EST on the USA network or on NBC sports.com. Go USA

How much does each winners of the Ryder Cup earn? by mystic_golfer Q: And is this amount added to their career total. Also, are the Ryder Cup team winners automatically invited to some PGA tournaments like the Sony Open in Hawaii?

A: The US players are not paid for participating in the Ryder Cup. The PGA of America covers their expenses (hotel, travel, food etc.) and donates money to the charity of each golfer's choice. But they receive no money for playing. I do not know the arrangements of the European team. Since the Ryder Cup team consists of the top players and money winners, they would all automatically be invited to every tour event and wouldn't need a special exemption.

What do the players get paid for playing in the Ryder Cup or what is the purse? by Mike Q: Would like to know how much money the golfers can earn by playing and or winning the Ryder Cup?

A: There was a time when there was no money involved, just expenses. I believe that there is now, in addition to expenses, a winner and loser pot which is equally divided among members of the teams.

What do the winners of the Ryder Cup get? by skwynt Q: I know there is no prize money, but what do the players get for winning the Ryder Cup? Do they get a replica of the trophy? Do they get a ring from Jostens? Is it just the satisfaction of stomping over the Euros?

A: The PGA of America makes a donation on their behalf to the charity of their choosing. The players also get to add "Ryder Cupper" to their resume/bio, and if you're looking for a financial side, it can't hurt them in terms of trying to get sponsors, corporate outings, etc. My guess is Anthony Kim, Hunter Mahan, etc. might have some bargaining power.

How much money do Ryder Cup players make? Does the winning team get more money or just a trophy? by Neal R Q: Curious because top golfers like Tiger woods value their time and I wonder what the attraction is to play the Ryder Cup.

A: They actually just had a big hoopla about this during the last few Ryder Cups where some of the players thought they should get money. They didn't want the money they wanted to be able to get the money for a charity of their choice. But the PGA said they give money to the charity of their choice. The players thought the winning team should have a choice of where the charity money goes. Other then that they dont get paid.

Ryder cup House Rental Accommodation. What is the best way to promote and advertise my house? by Shokme S Q: I want to rent out my house for the Ryder Cup. What is the best way to get a booking?

A: The Ryder Cup Accommodation company. www.rydercup-accommodation.com They advertise in golf magazines and have the highest natural ranking in the large search engines such as Google, MSN and Yahoo. They've also been in very large National and International newspapers; as well as on TV see there Ryder Cup 2006 page:

Ryder Cup? by golf123 Q: When does to the Ryder Cup come to Hazeltien (sp?) in the Minneapolis area and whe will you be able to buy tickets?

A: It isn't slated for Hazeltine until 2016. It is in Louisville Ky (at Valhalla) this year. I doubt that tickets for the 2016 event are available yet, but you can contact Hazeltine directly and ask. http://www.hngc.com/

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